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View our Uber Clone Real & Livedemo Video

Here is the real Video that demonstrates the
Driver and Rider App Flow & Features. The flow starts from
Registration/Login till the end of Ride.

Uber Clone Demo VideoClick to view Video

Advanced features

As said, our Standard App are complete and will not need any ADDON or customization for you to go in market. We have spend thousands of man hours and added every feature of the Uber App Clone that you may need to go live and start your business. We know what you as our clients will want from us. Every minute detail has been taken care of so you wont have to spend additional on our product. Eg. If you are from France, you will for sure need French Language and EURO as currency.

There is no point in selling you your local currency with additional cost. And since you are buying uber clone from us, you also get licensed source code so you wont be dependent on us. We think practically what client will need, thus you get everything you will need to go live with our App without spending more that what we quoted. However, if you have any advanced customizations & unique ideas that you want to be developed in your copy, we'll be happy to sign NDA and discuss them with you and get them done at Hourly Rate of 10 USD.

Licensed Sourced Code Licensed Sourced Code - FREE

We'll provide you with Licensed Source Code for your 1 Domain/Brand. So your team can modify the code as they want to

12 Months Support 12 Months Support - FREE

Get 12 months support for bugs. Although our Taxi App is Bug-free & thoroughly tested, it's good to be covered under support.

Upgrades Upgrades - FREE

We give you 1 upgrade free. Ask us for free upgrade whenever you want, and we'll send you the updated code.

White Labeling White Labeling - FREE

The Apps & Web Panel's will have your Logo & Brand Name everywhere and our company's name will be removed. No one will know that we are original Developers of your Apps.

Color Theme as per your LOGO Color Theme as per your LOGO - FREE

So your logo is in blue & while color but the other company wants you to buy their uber clone Apps with default color theme that is Red & white? And wants extra $$$ for making your Apps in your color theme? Well, we do this for free.

NDA & Privacy Policy NDA & Privacy Policy - FREE

We will NOT showcase your Apps in our portfolio. This way, your competitor will never know that you purchased Apps from us. And will thus not come to us to buy apps same as yours.

Language of your Choice Language of your Choice - FREE

So, if you want to launch Apps in France, you ask us for French as Language and we integrate it for FREE. Let us know the 1 language you will need along with English. Arabic (with RTL-R2L), Spanish, Portuguese, Persian, etc.

Currency of your choice Currency of your choice - FREE

If you want to launch Apps in France, you ask us for EURO as Currency and we integrate it for FREE. Let us know the 1 currency you will need along with USD. GBP, CAD, AUD, MXN, NGN, AED, etc.

Localization Feature Addon Localization Feature Addon - FREE

Using this Addon on your Single App, you can execute your business across many Countries and Cities. Set different Cars, Rates/Fares, Documents, Rules, Surcharges, Units (KM/Mile), etc for each country/city you want to Target.

Website Installation & Launch Website Installation & Launch - FREE

We'll upload and launch the Website, Driver, Rider & Company's Web Panel's & Administrator Panel on your Web Server.

iOS Apps Submission to iTunes App Store iOS Apps Submission to iTunes App Store - FREE

We'll submit the iOS Apps of Driver & Rider on your iTunes Account. We'll also guide you regarding their rules so that the Apps get approved easily.

Android Apps Submission to Google Play Store Android Apps Submission to Google Play Store - FREE

We'll submit the Android Apps of Driver & Rider on your Play Store Account. Also, We'll guide you regarding their rules so that the Apps are easily approved.

Internal Text ChatInternal Text Chat - FREE

This is again one of the major feature for which our competitors will charge you heavily. Our internal Chat will allow your Riders & Drivers to Text Chat with each other without revealing each other their REAL NUMBER. Mostly used when Riders don't want to get disturbed by calls but want to communicate in simple way via text chat.

Manual Taxi Dispatch Panel Manual Taxi Dispatch Panel - FREE

Do you also accept Ride request via Phone Calls or have a Call Center? Riders can some time want to simply call you & book a taxi without using your Apps. (Eg. Sr. Citizens or Users who don't have iPhone or Android Phone) Use this Module to see all Drivers near that User & dispatch the nearest available Taxi to Pickup the Rider.

Accounts Web Panel Accounts Web Panel - FREE

Have a special Panel that your accountants can use to view finances generated through the uber clone App. There is no need to give access of App's Settings, Ride's Settings, Users Private Data, etc to accounts who just want to see Accounts. Give them dedicated Accountant Panel to see what matters to them.

Taxi Company Web Panel Taxi Company Web Panel - FREE

Let Small Taxi Companies register in your Apps and manage their Fleet of Taxi's & Drivers using their Taxi Company Account. You simply earn commission on every Ride that happens via their Taxi. And they get to manage their Taxi & Drivers all the time without investing in a Uber Like App.

iOS App Rejection Support iOS App Rejection Support ?

We launch a Taxi App every day so are aware of all rules of iTunes. We'll make sure that your App never gets rejected for any Technical Reason. And if there is any other reason, we'll ethically guide you to bypass them.

Android App Rejection Support Android App Rejection Support ?

Having launched hundreds of Taxi Apps on Play Stores, we know the rules and regulations of Play Stores. If the Apps get rejected for any technical reason, we'll get it approved. In-case, for the non-technical reason, we'll guide you how to proceed ahead.

Wallet, Credit Card & Cash Wallet, Credit Card & Cash

Options already integrated Our Apps has Stripe Payment Gateway pre-integrated that will allow you to instantly go live and start to accept Payment Via Credit Cards. We have an advanced flow to manage & adjust Cash that Driver will receive. And an integrated internal Wallet for both Drivers & Riders.

Delivery Time and Guaranteed Delivery

We'll be making uber clone Apps ready with all above features in just 3 days. And not months or weeks as many of our competitors would do.

(Most of the competitors wont even have the apps or maybe they are still developing the Apps. And will thus ask for more time maybe more than 1-2 Weeks for the Setup & launch)

On 4th day, you check and review the Apps. Let us know your feedback. Upon your confirmation, we make Apps live on your Play Stores.

How Our AdvancedFeatures Look, Feel And Flow

The most critical aspect of making a taxi app - making it easy for the passengers to register.

Forget about all app related worries when you buy Uber clone from us. Our experts design the apps with utmost care and attention towards the end users. Beginning with the login and register feature, let us show you some our most advanced features which set us apart from the rest.

The simple fact of logging in on any app is that if the process is hassle free, it will earn you thousands of users, and if there is even a little trouble here, it will cost you the same number of users! This is why in our app, users can simply log in using any of their pre existing accounts like Email, Face book, Twitter, Phone numbers or Google. This makes the registration as easy as a breeze.

More power to you: You can choose from 3 algorithms

for calling taxis from the Uber App Clone
  • A _ The simplest format is where all the drivers within a preset distance from the rider/passenger will get a request, and whoever chooses it first gets the job.
  • B _ This algorithm uses time waited to send request. So, the driver who has been waiting in the region since the longest time gets the request first. In case he turns it down, the other drivers get the notification. If the next one doesn't accept then it further goes to the next and so on and so forth. This method of preference is known as the FIFO.
  • C _ This algorithm is similar to the second one except for the fact that it uses distance in place of time used. So, whoever is the closest gets the request first. If he doesn't accept it, it goes to the next person and so on and so forth.
Uber clone algorithm

Apps Customizations

Our team of expert app developers will modify the app to your exact specification. Although, if it is your wish to have your own internal team to work on it, we will simply zip up and send to you our Uber Clone Source Code. Things couldn't get any simpler!

Taxi App Customization
Uber clone source code

Reviews and Ratings, Invoices and Receipts

Getting an invoice is very important to be able to summarise all the details of the trip. So, once you apprise us of the VAT and other tax rules, we will incorporate them into the code and on trip completion you will be able to view a complete invoice with all these details. Our app will allow both parties, the driver and the rider, to rate and review each other. This will help you ensure the safety of your riders and drivers as well as to ensure that your clients always have a good experience with your services.

Application Reviews and Ratings
Riding Invoices and Receipts
Taxi Booking Software

A Complete Packagefor your Company

  • Main Website - where your users can see detail of your company, find fare estimate, know who you are, view privacy policies, terms and conditions, FAQ, etc.
  • Rider Apps - for iOS/iPhone/iPad Phones
  • Rider Apps - for Android Phones
  • Rider Web Panel - Allows rider to manage profile & view reports, etc.
  • Driver Apps - for iOS/iPhone/iPad Phones
  • Driver Apps - for Android Phones
  • Driver Web Panel - Allows Driver to manage profile, finances & view reports, etc.
  • Taxi Companies Web Panel - Small companies can manage their fleet of Taxi's from within their Panel.
  • Manual Taxi Dispatcher Web Panel - Allows App Administrator to book a Taxi by Phone call.
  • Billing Admin Web Panel - that allows Accountants to view and manage revenue & money related detail.
  • Administrator Web Panel - Allows App owner to manage Apps, Commission, Vehicles, driver, Riders, Information Pages, Email Templates, Language Labels, Currency Rates, Payments, Reports, etc.

How are we different

from other Companies & why is our Setup, Installation & Launch Process better that our competitors? What makes us deliver atleast 1 Taxi App every day ? And why we are number one & best sellers of Uber App Clone since more than 2 Years ?

Uber App Clone Video

Are you looking for best Uber like Taxi App for your Taxi Booking business ? And probably are confused by looking at all those Uber Taxi App Clone available on the market? Look no further, you have now came to the company that is EXPERT in Uber Clone and launches atleast one Taxi App on average every day for its clients around the world.

Our process is most suitable for non-technical clients as we take care of everything from starting till the launch of the Apps. And this process is much easy if you are a technical person.

Having launched hundreds of Taxi Apps, we know what you (owner of a Taxi Company) would expect from us & our Apps. We have listened to all our existing and new client's suggestions about how our Apps could be made better to function well in practical real world. Almost all their suggestions were developed and integrated into our Apps and thus our final product (what you see now) is perfect, advanced & bug free. You simply get to give us your Logo and couple of more information related to servers, etc and your dedicated manager will take care of whole process. If you don't have any server, the technical manager will recommend you one and assist you in its purchase too. In just 3 days, we make the Apps ready with your Logo, Logo's Color Theme, your preferred Language & currency. And then you get to review the Apps before they go online. As soon as you have reviewed the Apps, we launch the Apps for you on your Play Stores. It's not over yet, you get 1 year free support and updates too.

We claim that our uber clone App are one of the best, most optimized, user friendly and advanced Apps available in whole market. And there are no Hidden Fees. You pay us one time for lifetime license and never pay us again. So you don't pay us if you want a Additional Language, Additional Currency, Color Theme as per your Logo, for Submission of your Apps to Play Stores, One Time Free Upgrade, Licensed Source Code, White-labeling, Advanced Features listed as in below page.

Let's get started. Contact us and we'll setup Demo Apps for you.

Our golden advice, try our Apps once in real on road in your city and we are sure you will definitely like them.
In-case, you are in hurry, have a look at our Demo Video. It lists all our major features.

uber clone script demo
web paneldemo main website admin panel

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Client interaction is very important for the success of our company. All our products are authentic and they make fortunes for all our clients. Sometimes clients visit us and enjoy our hospitality whilst at other times we visit them.
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In his career span of 16 years, he has assisted and established many online businesses for hundreds of clients. He will extend the same courtesy to you too and help you set up your business.

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