Unique Paid Addons

  • Smart Login
  • Driver Reward
  • New UI/UX of Signin
  • Back-to-back Trips
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Multiple credit card
  • Video Call
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • business profile
    Corporate Rides

    Sometimes Riders travel for business puirposes and have to submit bills later. With this feature, in case a user chooses "business profile" the payment will be made automatically by the company. The user simply needs to mark the trip as for Business.

  • ride share
    Taxi Pool / Ride Share

    Get more booking per ride with the Taxi Pooling feature. for a single trip more number of users will be loggin in and booking through your app. the Taxi Pooling feature will allow many different people riding to destinations along a same route share the cost of the ride, thereby spending much less, while you earn on every single booking made.

  • call mask
    VOIP based Call masking

    Call masking is a very important feature to ensure the privacy of your clients. It ensures that the driver or the rider cant see each other's personal numbers. With this feature, now the calls can be made over the internet using VOIP thereby ensuring call masking!

  • kiosk
    KIOSK Booking App

    If the user is traveling to your region and doesnt use your app, they can stillbook a ride using your app on a kiosk. these kiosks can be placed at different hotel lobbies or popular destinations in the area. It is an excellent feature for the tourists to be able to book rides on your app easily.

  • hotel panel
    Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel

    In case a tourist is traveling from a different location, they can request the Hotel Reception to book a ride for them usin gthe Hotel panel they will simply inform the hotel of the drop location. the pick up point will remain as the hotel. with this feature you, as well as the Hotel can earn a commission.

  • dispatch panel
    Company Dispatch Panel

    Riders who do not use smartphones too can make a booking on your app by placng a call to the company admin. they need to inform the company admin of the pick up and the drop location and the company admin will manually make the booking on their behalf. The Rider will get the details of the trip along wit driver details as well as the Taxi details over an SMS.

  • rights & roles
    Admin Rights & Roles

    You can control the entire app by being the uper admin and give restricted rights to all your employees. Provide sub admins with selective rles and limited rights to view and edit various things on the app. The sub admin rights can be restricted to particular roles. For example, the legal subadmin cant view accounts reports and so on and so forth.

  • trace ride
    Tracing Ride by Family/Friends

    Ensure that your users always feel safe while using your app to ride. The ""third party trace"" feature is one that the rider can use to share their live location . This third contact can track their entire trip thereby making the rider feel safe.

  • ad banner
    Advertisement Banners

    Want to share promotional content with your users? make use of the first screen of the app. The Home screen of the applicatin can now be used to advertise or promote different features of the application. You can also make money from this advertisement space.

  • support chat
    Realtime Chat with Support Team

    The app also features a Chat with the admin feature. This feature allows the user to chat with the admin directly in case they need direct support, wish to report an issue or file a complaint regarding the driver or the ride. This feature is very important for the user to feel that they can contact the admin at any time that they want.

  • remove fraud
    Block Fraud Riders/Drivers

    The admin will be able to monitor how a User or Driver cancels or declines the rides. If a user requests rides and cancels them too often the admin can block their profile to prevent them from continuing such activity. The admin can do the same for the drivers that decline rides too often.

  • stop
    Shop/Stop/Eat while Riding

    This is a very important and unique feature which enables a user to stop multiple times during their journey. Say, a user needs to stop to buy medicines, then stop again to buy sme other supplies along their journey to a fixed destination, the driver can "pause" these rides. The invoice will now reflect the ride charges and waiting charges separately.

  • linkedin login
    Linkedin Login

    For everyone that uses LinkedIn, the app will allow them to log in using their existing LinkedIn profiles. it is a very useful feature for people who already have profiles on LinkedIn. It enables quick and easy log in. It ensures that the rider or the driver doesnt have to undertake thewhole process of registration.

  • currency rates
    Real time Currency Rates

    The admin will no longer be required to enter the currency exchange rates manually in the application. this new feature will do all the calculations automatically. It will also ensrue that there is no need for the admin to check everytime the currency rates change. The app is fully automated and therefore doesnt have any need for a manual checking or entry.

  • surcharge
    Airport Rides/Surcharge

    A special surcharge can be charged for rides that are booked for the airport or are coming from the airport. The admin can set up a perimeter around the desired area of the airport and therefore make an automatic surcharge to belevied on any kind of ride coming or going to the airport. this is a very important feature where thenumber of rides from airports is high. It helps in quick additional income.

  • seat preference
    Child Seat Preference

    This is an option that is extremely useful for people who are traveling with children. they can particularly request rides for Taxis that have a child seat in them. The driver can mention that they are offering a ride in a Taxi with a child seat. So, when a rider requests for a ride with this option only Taxis with this feature get a request. The rider can choose this option by clicking on the "Preferences" button.

  • book for someone
    Book Ride for someone else

    In case a passenger wishes to book a ride but does not have your application, someone else who has the app can book it for them. A user of the app simply has to select the "booking for someone else" option and fill in the name and number of the passenger and the ride details will directly go to the passenger via the message. A great feature to have for people who dont want to download the app.

  • reskinning

    custom design

  • payment gateway

    local payment

  • licenses

    additional licenses

  • Newsletter Subscribe
    Newsletter Subscribe

    This is a great option for the people who are looking for the database of the users. The admin can get a whole list of the people who subscribe to their newsletters. What's more, they can export this data sheet and send it across to any third party to assist them with bulk emails as well as bulk messages.

  • News Feed
    News Feed

    Your users can now enjoy access to all kinds of promotional news information and other notifications right from the app. They can click on the notifications section to check out all the notices sent to them. There is also a newsfeed section that can be used by the admin to send promotional content and other important messages about the application.

  • Favorite Driver
    Favorite Driver

    The process of ranking a driver as their favourite is an altogether easy process. As soon as the ride gets completed, the rider can mark the driver as their favourite. This in turn enables the rider on his next trip. On his/her next trip, as soon as the rider places the request of being chauffered by their favourite driver, the favourite drvier in turn gets notified of the same and if in case they are within the same vicinity as the rider, they reach their location and drop them to their desired point.

  • End of the Day Trip
    End of the Day Trip

    The end of the day feature is an altogether innovative and empowering step taken specially for the drivers. As soon as a rider books a ride for themselves, the driver if in case requires to attend to an emergency can do so by deciding the trip as per their discretion. On acceptance of the ride, the rider can avail the ride and is dropped to the desired drop location while the driver also gets to take the benefits of the ride.

  • Stop over Points
    Stop over Points

    The process of stop over points is a very easy process. As soon as the rider enters the application, they can book the ride stating their pickup location and choose multiple stop points and choose the vehicle of their choice along with the mode of payment - cash, card or wallet. After successful completion of this task, the drivers within the vicinity of the rider gets notified of the same and can accept or deny the trip as per their discretion. If the driver accepts the ride, the rider in turn gets notified of the same and on arrival as well they are notified. On successful completion of the trip, the driver marks the ride as completed and the rider gets notified of the same.

Customize the Uber app script for your unique venture

The world of Uber has opened a whole new avenue of on-demand services; services that you may not even have imagined. Everyone wants an Uber that does this or that does that. The does this and that could be anything from on-demand taxi rides to pizza deliveries, from tea to sandwiches and from doctors to plumbers, all available now thanks to the Uber App Clone Script.

New channels opened through Uber app clone customization

Gone are the days when you logged onto the internet to check out where the nearest pizzeria was. Nowadays we are living in the world of on-demand pizzas.

  • Are you looking for a tutor? Uber like tutor app will find you one in no time.
  • Require a baby sitter at short notice? Get the on-demand Uber baby sitting app.

The Uber App Script Customisation has opened the world of Uber beyond on-demand taxis. From plumbers to child minders, from removal vans to cafeterias, from Car Wash to Dog Walking are now all possible, due to Uber like apps. These apps are 100% scalable, and there is no end to the services that it can be used for, making it the perfect tool for anyone wanting to venture into the business of Ubering Apps. Customise it to your specifications and away you go.

On-demand products: Uber-like apps shaping your future

Made from the concept of the original Uber app, these Uber like mobile applications are bigger and better than the original.

The boundaries of how far your Uber like app can be customized are limitless. Just let us know what concept you want your product to have and we will design it accordingly. The app will be customized in such a way that you will get maximum returns for a minimal investment. Yes, that is right. You will not have to worry about a thing as we do it all for you. Once we have finished our job, your own Uber like customized app will take over and start giving you returns.

Listed below are a few of the services that can be "Uberised" for your venture.

  • Masseuse
  • Doctors
  • Plumbers
  • Tutors
  • Child minders
  • Vegetable delivery
  • Milk delivery
  • Dog walkers
  • Florists
  • Car wash

The above list is not exhaustive. If you have an idea that you want uberised, just talk to us and we will do the rest.

Having the best features of any on-demand app, your job is make totally effortless, because the app does it all for you.

  • A fully automated system, allowing seamless synchronization between user and service provider
  • No operational costs or overheads – a complete working tool
  • Can be adapted to any type of business venture and will allow you to control the whole operation.

The perfect business venture for you. Be the boss of your own Uber like app, customized to your specifications, and watch the returns coming in.