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    As soon as you come to us with your dreams, leave the rest to us as our innovative team will overhaul the appearance of the application as well as the web panel by displaying your brand logo and brand name everywhere in the system.

  • healthcare app Licensed Source Code Licensed Source Code Delivery

    We offer you with a 100% licensed source code that is in compliance with ethical app development so that you can customize and modify the application in the future as per your requirements as well as the changing needs of your customers.

  • INTEGRATION OF LANGUAGES AND CURRENCIES OF YOUR CHOICE Integration of Languages and Currencies of Your Choice

    As soon as you come to us with your dreams, we shall give you nothing but the best which includes the integration of the languages and currencies of your choice. This shall help you in running your application from any corner of the world.

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    We shall make sure that your application gets submitted to the iTunes App Store and gets approved without any kind of hassle whatsoever.

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    We hold a good amount of experience in developing applications for Android and thus as soon as your application gets completed, we shall make sure that it gets approved and submitted without any problems.

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    Any kind of bugs on your application leads you to getting into a fully panicky situation. To help avoid this situation to the maximum, we offer free bug support for 365 days to make your application run without any hussle.

All In One - Doctor App

One App that you need for your all healthcare needs. Your most convenient way to get healthcare.

  • Book an Appointment / Service
  • Video Consultation
  • More Services
Online Video Consultation Online Video Consultation Online Video Consultation
Online Video Consultation
  • Pharmacy Pharmacy
  • Ambulance/Taxi Ambulance/Taxi
  • Vet Vet
KingX Pro

Key Visuals of All In One Medical App

User App
Medical Expert
Store App
  • user app
  • service category
  • select your vehicle
  • video consultation
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • payment summary
  • store item
  • store order
  • order confirm and reject
  • track order
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Learn About Medical App through this Video

Have a look into this video to see the overall functioning of the Medical App as well the services it offers. Also, take a glance at its operations on the patient, the medical expert and the store app as well as the admin panel and our offerings to support you in building a successful on demand medical service industry.

how app works

How does it work?

You can easily get in touch with premium medical professionals through this app without wasting your valuable time. This captivating app offers a private meet with a professional doctor, psychologist, nurse etc. from the comfort of your home.

Easy steps to use this wonderful app-
  • Download the app from the iOS store or Android play store.
  • Provide your email address, contact number or any social media platform like LinkedIn or Facebook to complete your registration.
  • Select the category of the service that you want to get such as Dentists, ambulance, nurses, vets etc. These categories can be easily customised through the admin panel.
  • Confirm the service that you have chosen.
  • An instant notification will appear on your screen about the booked service.
  • Without wasting your time, you will receive a fantastic service form the application’s end in a short duration of time.

On-Demand Medical Services
App clone script

On-Demand medical services app is established on our best-selling taxi app which specifically is pre-authorised by the Apple stores and Google play stores. The medical support website, web panels for the patients and the doctors are also 100% impressionable, which will undoubtedly appear on all the peculiar digital devices like iPads, iPhones, smartphones, PC browsers etc.

The entire package is stuffed with the following implausible subsystems and applications authorising the site owner to handle and manage the system correctly.

medical app script
healthcare app script

On-Demand Healthcare App Solution Package

As technology advances the need for Medical Healthcare Apps is only going to increase.

Medical All in One App for On-Demand Doctors, Ambulance Services, and Pharmacy delivery offering wide encompassing healthcare services under a single app. Available for Android and IOS solutions with Unique Features that make it a comprehensive solution. Today, users can access medical services remotely using an Medical App like Uber saving them both money and travel time. They can easily connect with the different doctors in their proximity, call Ambulance, Get medicines delivered at the doorstep, connect with numerous dieticians, physiotherapists, vets, and more through this app.

Our digital expertise and willingness to create something unique, and better for the entrepreneurs make us the most preferred choice when it comes to developing On-Demand Medical Apps in the healthcare domain. Below is the pricing plan package offered at unbelievable prices. The timing can’t be right to buy our White-labeled Medical All in App and launch it in a matter of days.

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Choose from a Wide Array of Payment Gateways

Money has an outlandish attribute! No matter what currency you want or what payment gateway, we have covered it all for you! We have had a job with all the payment gateways which are mentioned below, so select one of them and let us know!

  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment Gateway
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • m-pesa
  • Payment Gateway
  • More Payment Gateway

Whatever Technology You Need, We Have It

Our app is developed using the advanced and the best technology which allows the users to use the app ideally. Our app is stuffed with the best features which make this app unique from others.

  • Swift
  • ios
  • Java
  • Android
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Linux
  • Node
  • Socket Cluster