Free Features of Our Advanced All in One Health App

  • White-labeling

    We will incorporate your brand name and logo, match the app's color theme to your branding, add your preferred languages and currencies, and much more without costing you anything extra!

  • In-app video calling

    Users can consult their preferred doctors online through video calls.

  • Payment via credit card

    Users can pay for the services they booked on the app via their credit card. Also, they can use their credit cards to top up their in-app wallet to make payments.

  • Real-time tracking

    Users can track the ambulance, medicine package, or doctors booked for at-home appointments on the map in real-time.

  • Bug support

    We also provide bug support for a year and ensure to fix all the technical bugs that may arise in our source code.

  • Annual upgrades

    We send the updated code for the apps and other modules depending on the package you purchase from us after a year.

On-demand Doctor App Development

Launch an innovative and futuristic one-stop medical solution for your users in just 1-2 weeks!

  • Book an Appointment / Service
  • Video Consultation
  • More Services
Online Video Consultation
Let users book appointments/at-home visits online

The app makes it easy for your users to book in-person appointments with the doctor, be it a general physician, psychologist, physiotherapist, etc. Users can choose the "at provider's location" option when they want to visit the clinic/hospital to meet the doctor. On the other hand, users can select "at user's location" to book an at-home doctor's visit. With just a few taps on the screen, they can browse through the entire list of doctors available nearby, compare their profiles, view their ratings and reviews, charges, distance from their current location, and much more. As the app owner, you can add up to 10 categories to this component.

  • General Physician General Physician
  • Physiotherapist Physiotherapist
  • Nurse Nurse
  • Psychologists Psychologists
  • Neurologist Neurologist
  • Cardiologist Cardiologist
  • Orthopedic Orthopedic
  • Paediatricians Paediatrician
  • Dieticians Dietitian
  • more icon categories
Online Video Consultation
Users can consult their preferred doctors through a video call

With our all-in-one doctor's app, your users can choose an orthopedic, general physician, psychologist, etc., of their choice and book an online video consultation with them. This service is best for users who want to quickly find a medical professional and get their consultation without the hassle of visiting clinics/hospitals. When booking the video consultation session, users can easily compare profiles of all the doctors (from the chosen categories), see their charges, availability, distance from their current location, and much more! You, as the app owner, can choose and add any 10 categories of your choice in this component.

  • General Physician General Physician
  • Physiotherapist Physiotherapist
  • Neurologist Neurologist
  • Cardiologist Cardiologist
  • Orthopedic Orthopedic
  • Paediatricians Paediatricians
  • Dieticians Dieticians
  • Psychologists Psychologists
  • more icon categories
Online Video Consultation
Book multiple on-demand medical services with one app

Your users can book several medical services on-demand with this single application. Apart from booking appointments and video consultations, they can order medicines from nearby pharmacies, book an ambulance, and book an appointment with a nearby vet. Every on-demand service comes with the ease of offline and online payment options, real-time tracking, ratings & reviews, in-app calling/messaging, and more. As the app owner, you make commissions on each of the services booked via your application.

  • Pharmacy Pharmacy
  • Ambulance/Taxi Ambulance
  • Vet Vet
Medical App Medical App

All-in-one Medical App Screen Flow

User App
Medical Expert
Store App
  • User App
  • Service Category
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Video Consultation
  • Delivery Driver App
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Delivery Driver Profile
  • Payment Summary
  • Store Item
  • Store Order
  • Order Confirm and Reject
  • Track Order
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See our On-demand Doctor App in Action!

Watch the video to see how our on-demand medical application works, what advanced features it integrates, and how the interface looks. Learn how easily your users can book a medical service they need on-demand with only a few taps!

All in One Health App

Workflow of Our All-in-one Medical Service App?

  • Signup/Signin: Users need to log into the app using their Face ID/Fingerprint or register if they don't have an account!
  • Select the services: Once the user logs into the application, they can easily select the on-demand medical services they need.
  • Find the service provider: After selecting the service, they can now go on to search for a nearby doctor. If it's a medicine delivery service, they can find pharmacies near them, or if the user's booking an ambulance, they can see all the ambulance options available closest to their location.
  • Book the service: Users can now go ahead and tap on the BOOK NOW button to send the service request to the doctor, pharmacy, or ambulance driver.
  • Get service confirmation: Once the service provider accepts the request, the user receives the confirmation on their application or through push notifications.
  • Live tracking: Users can now track their service provider, ambulance, or medicine delivery on the map.
  • Payment: Once the service is marked as complete, the invoice is generated, and the payment is processed from the user's end.
  • Rating & Review: Users and service providers can now rate and review one another based on their experience.

On Demand Healthcare App Script Package

Do you want to launch your doctor on-demand application easily, quickly, and without spending all your hard-earned money? Invest in our pre-built solution that incorporates everything that you may need to kickstart your online business. The script package includes iOS and Android applications, a website, an admin panel, and several other supporting panels to ensure that your business operates in a super smooth and seamless manner. Take a look at the list of everything you get with the purchase of our professionally developed package!

Medical App Script
Healthcare App Script

Our Robust on-Demand Medical Service Website and Admin Panel

Our pre-built package makes it quick and easy to start your online medical business. Your users, service providers, and pharmacy store owners can use the feature-rich website to view their orders, explore services, manage their profiles, and much more. Furthermore, with our robust admin panel, you, as the app owner, can manage your earning reports, manage user and provider accounts, set commissions, create coupons, etc. Launch a profitable online business with our ready-made solutions and make profits from day one. Explore important pages of our website to see how it works in real-time.

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Healthcare Website

How Much Does It Cost to Build an On-demand Healthcare App?

The need for on-demand medical service apps is skyrocketing! This is the right time for entrepreneurs like you to enter the healthcare market. But it costs a fortune to build an app and launch it. Well, not with our pre-built solution! We offer an affordable and quick to launch application, using which you can take your business to the next level in just 1-2 weeks. Take a look at our pricing page to learn about our app’s futuristic features and its cost.

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