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Why Grab Clone?

Some of our clients who we had the privilege to work with in the past asked us if it was possible to merge two to three of our already existent apps into one single solution so that they could successfully generate more revenues, as they realized that customers usually operate a solution that has all the attributes combined into one, rather than downloading multiple solutions for the same.

Also it is worth knowing that Uber recently merged Uber Eats (Food Delivery), Uber Moto and Uber Delivery all into their single solution so as to never lose out on business. Thus, keeping in sync with the changing business needs, we bring to you the powerful Super App Clone that shall take your Taxi Industry towards new heights of glory as well as profits.

5 Major Components

All these components offer the same features of the original Grab application but with better UI, UX to leave the space for further addition of customization and local integrations

  • Taxi Taxi Booking

    This app allows your customers to book/rent their vehicles for ride hailing purposes.

  • Food Delivery Food Delivery

    This app allows your customers to order food from restaurants and other food outlets.

  • Grocery Delivery Grocery Delivery

    This app allows your customers to order groceries and other essentials for daily needs.

  • Pharmacy Delivery Pharmacy Delivery

    This app allows your customers to get medicines from local pharmacies via uploading prescriptions.

  • Parcel Delivery Parcel Delivery

    The app allows your customers to send small packages, parcels or important documents with speed tracking.

eSiteWorld Your Developers For Life

Actions speak louder than words! Why don’t you browse through our 100+ Video Testimonials of our Global Clientele to see for yourself that we strive for Perfection and that we take immense pride in Delivering Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Functional Apps in record 7 days!

We are grateful to each of them for showering us with their Love and Soulful Compliments! V3Cube delivers what it promises and that too without violating the Deadline! They’ll be seen speaking highly of our Technical Project Managers for their Remarkable Work-Ethic and Competent Professionalism!

Did you know that most of them have already started their Second or Third Projects with us!! We are indebted to our Clients for believing in us and giving us an opportunity to serve them!

Major Services Offered

    Major Services Offered through Grab Clone

App Flow and Major Components

The Super App clone has some unique features that will help your users in living their daily life in a convenient and easy manner and perform their daily tasks in a smooth manner. Some of the services offered in Apps include: Taxi Ride, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery, Courier Delivery, Moto Ride, Corporate Rides/Business Rides, etc

  • Food order

    Food Delivery: From this section you can place order of the meals you need from nearby restaurant selected by you and thereafter have it delivered at your doorstep.

  • Grocery Delivery

    Grocery Delivery: As soon as you have selected the Grocery items you need from nearby Stores of your choice you can order from this section and have it delivered to your doorstep.

  • delivery service

    Parcel Delivery: Simply add the details of your Parcel and we will deliver it to your loved ones from one location to other.

  • Main Landing Screen: Main Landing/Home Page of the App. It will show all the Services available in the App.

  • corporate ride book

    Taxi Booking: Whether you want a corporate ride or you want a ride for any purpose, simply provide your ride details and reach your destination in the shortest possible time. User can book Taxi and Moto both.

  • Pharmacy Delivery

    Pharmacy Delivery: As soon as you have selected the Pharmacy items you need from nearby Stores of your choice you can order from this section and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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Our Package Includes

Once you purchase the App like Grab package from us, you can be assured to be taking the first step towards a successful service industry. Here’s what you get in the package.

user app

user app

Driver apps

Driver apps

store apps

store apps

website & admin panel

website & admin panel

supporting panels

supporting panels

Winner In The Category Of Best Startup Apps!

Using one of the many features of our Grab clone app, our client from Angola won the 1st Prize in the country’s biggest startup competition with its on-demand Taxi booking app. The digital startup competition reviewed many top emerging applications as well other game changers for the country growth from the digital standpoint and decided to name our client’s ride hailing on-demand app as the best overall. This achievement not only strengthens our ties to our client understanding and needs but also proves our capability to create a platform that improves the lives of millions of people in a different culture altogether.
* Above detail is posted with client's Approval.

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Super App Clone Flow

Transport yourself towards this interactive video to take a view of how the Uber Clone works and the way it shall promise to transform your on-demand service industry and take it towards exceptionally new heights altogether.

super app demo video


  • 2005Founded
  • 60+Employees
  • 2Apps Launched Everyday
  • 1520App Launched
  • 99%Repeat Clients
  • 100%Customer Satisfaction
  • 100+Countries
  • 60+Products
  • 100+Client Video Reviews
  • 100%Guarantee of Successful App launch
  • 100%Successful Products

Finances You Need for Super App Development

First and foremost, you need to understand that if you plan to get a Super app clone developed from scratch, the approximate cost for the same would be more than 200,000 USD approximately and would take you the time duration of over two years or even more, to say the least. However, we at eSiteWorld have spent over a period of twelve months in developing, polishing as well as enhancing the solutions that we have made available for you on this page.

We implemented over a hundred different types of optimization iterations on our solution and normalizations on the DB, on a whole, so that the solution becomes optimized, matured as well as fast. You may be however thinking or may want to ask us how are we different from the rest? Well, the solution that we provide to you is polished, user-friendly, thoroughly tested, Built in with the latest state-of-the-art technology integrations and operated by over a hundred taxi companies, and you know, what is the icing on the cake? The solution comes with free upgrades and a unique sales support to help you whenever you need us.

Super app development

User App

With features of ordering food and groceries, your customers can have smooth raid hailing experiences along with a reliable courier delivery all from User’s app minimalistic and robust design. The Super app clone is developed ultra user friendly by keeping the fact in mind that the Users of such Apps are simple people who will not be techno savvy. And they must easily be able to use the Apps easily and order as much day to day services as possible so you as App owner would make quick & easy money.

  • user app
  • user registration
  • user login
  • user booking (Taxi)
  • user booking (Common delivery)
  • taxi booking
  • Taxi Rental
  • Taxi Rental
  • Food store choice
  • ride booking
  • delivery option
  • bike taxi booking
  • restaurant choice
  • Food store choice
  • Grocery store choice
  • user requesting to driver
  • driver accept & arrived at location
  • driver trip completed notification
  • Enroute map
  • Trip Completed
  • trip rating
  • user app menu
  • Book A Taxi / MotoBook A Taxi / Moto
  • Order FoodOrder Food
  • Order GroceryOrder Grocery
  • Order PharmacyOrder Pharmacy
  • Send a ParcelSend a Parcel
  • Access Multiple ServicesAccess Multiple Services
  • Email/Phone LoginEmail/Phone Login
  • Register using social mediaRegister using Facebook & Google
  • OTP VerificationOTP Verification
  • Schedule BookingSchedule Booking
  • Vehicle OptionsVehicle Options
  • Corporate Rides RIDESCorporate Rides RIDES
  • Estimated Time of ArrivalEstimated Time of Arrival
  • Fare EstimationFare Estimation
  • Track Driver LocationTrack Driver Location
  • Taxi PoolTaxi Pool
  • Hail Moto / TaxiHail Moto / Taxi
  • Taxi RentalsTaxi Rentals
  • Moto RentalsMoto Rentals
  • Geo FencingGeo Fencing
  • X tO Y LocationX tO Y Location
  • Internal Text ChatInternal Text Chat
  • Call MaskingCall Masking
  • Favorite DriverFavorite Driver
  • Favorite RestaurantFavorite Restaurant
  • Stop Over PointsStop Over Points (In Taxi and Moto)
  • Wallet, Credit Card & Cash PaymentsWallet, Credit Card & Cash Payments
  • Handicap AccessibilityHandicap Accessibility
  • Gender Based PreferenceGender Based Preference
  • Add Destination LaterAdd Destination Later
  • Delivery Confirmation by unique codeDelivery Confirmation by unique code
  • Tracing Ride by Family/FriendsTracing Ride by Family/Friends
  • Advertisement BannersAdvertisement Banners
  • Airport Rides/SurchargeAirport Rides/Surcharge
  • Child Seat PreferenceChild Seat Preference
  • Book Ride for someone elseBook Ride for someone else
  • Wallet to Wallet Money TransferWallet to Wallet Money Transfer
  • Multiple Addresses ManagementMultiple Addresses Management
  • Tips to DriverTips to Driver
  • Filter Restaurants / StoresFilter Restaurants / Stores
  • Add to CartAdd To Cart
    (Food / Grocery / Pharmacy Delivery)
  • Cancel Ride / DeliveryCancel Ride / Delivery
  • Toll CalculationToll Calculation
  • Promo CodePromo Code
  • Emergency Panic buttonSOS / Emergency Panic button
  • Manage Emergency ContactsManage Emergency Contacts
  • In-App NotificationsIn-App Notifications
  • Booking HistoryBooking History
  • Email NotificationsSMS/Email Notifications
  • Invite friends and referral systemInvite friends and referral system
  • Reviews and RatingsReviews and Ratings
  • Manage ProfileManage Profile

Driver App

With the Driver app, the Taxi Drivers will get Ride and Delivery Request from the users. A Taxi Driver will be doing Rides and when he isn’t getting enough rides can also do Food, Grocery, Pharmacy and Parcel Deliveries. Driver’s will prefer to use your Apps as they will not need to install 5 independent Apps but just one. And you make 5x times more commission.

The Driver Apps are have super rich features that will assist Driver’s in delivering good experience to the Users.

  • driver app
  • driver app register
  • driver app login
  • driver gets online
  • driver app menu
  • driver accept or decline ride request
  • driver arrived
  • driver arrival confirmation notification
  • driver slide to begin trip
  • driver slide to end trip
  • driver collect payment
  • Email or Phone LoginEmail / Phone Login
  • register using google or FacebookRegister using Facebook & Google
  • OTP VerificationOTP Verification
  • Availability OptionsAvailability Options
  • Set Service RadiusSet Service Radius
  • Offer Multiple ServicesOffer Multiple Services
  • Alerts on RequestsAlerts on Requests
  • Membership Subscription PlanMembership Subscription Plan
  • Manage DocumentsManage Documents
  • Manage Vehicle OptionsManage Vehicle Options
  • Waybill IntegrationWaybill Integration
  • Call / Message UserCall / Message User
  • Map NavigationMap Navigation
  • Earning HistoryEarning History
  • Cancel TripCancel Trip
  • Wallet IntegrationWallet Integration
  • Wallet to Wallet Money TransferWallet to Wallet Money Transfer
  • Accept/Reject Scheduled BookingsAccept/Reject Scheduled Bookings
  • Heat ViewHeat View
  • SOS / Emergency Panic buttonSOS / Emergency Panic button
  • Manage Emergency ContactsManage Emergency Contacts
  • Manage ProfileManage Profile
  • User FeedbackUser Feedback
  • Manage Bank DetailsManage Bank Details
  • Booking HistoryBooking History
  • Invite friends and referral systemInvite friends and referral system

Store / Restaurant App

This is a special & independent App for Grocery Store / Pharmacy / Restaurant Owners. They will be able to manage their Orders instantly through App. And accept new Orders while dispatch prepared Orders in single click.

  • restaurant or store app
  • restaurant app registration
  • restaurant app login
  • new order list
  • order confirm or decline
  • restaurant assign to delivery driver
  • delivery driver confirmation
  • restaurant order statistics
  • restaurant bank details
  • restaurant menu items
  • restaurant details
  • Manage OrdersManage Orders
  • Dispatch OrderDispatch Order
  • Allot DriverAllot Driver
  • Manage Items (Food/Grocery/Pharmacy)Manage Items (Food/Grocery/Pharmacy)
  • Manage Store DetailsManage Store Details
  • Minimum Order AmountMinimum Order Amount
  • Invite friends and referral systemInvite friends and referral system

Kiosk App

With the Grab Clone Package, you get Kiosk App for Android.
You can set KIOSK in all Hotel’s of your city from where Tourists and Users can book a Taxi without entering much detail. Hotel owners welcome Kiosk Apps Concept as they also make commission along with App owner on every Ride that is booked via a Kisok of their Hotel. Kiosk comes in multiple Languages so that Hotel’s Tourists can find it easy to use.

  • kiosk app
  • select destination
  • User Details
  • vehicle selection
  • book a taxi
  • send request by kiosk
  • Taxi Booking Confirmed
  • Book Taxi from Hotel ReceptionBook Taxi from Hotel Reception
  • Choose Your TaxiChoose Your Taxi
  • Send RequestSend Request
  • Track DriverTrack Driver
  • Invoice SummaryInvoice Summary
Food kiosk app

Food Ordering Kiosk App

With the Grab App Clone Package, you get Food Ordering Kiosk App. An Android-based Food Kiosk is physically stationed in Restaurants to enable contactless dining experience. All that the customer has to do is walk into one such Restaurant and self-order a Grilled Chicken Burger with no onions and one large coke through this Food Kiosk. The order details gets automatically sent to the Chef thereby eliminating any human-induced communication error. Further, a Kiosk app demands minimal maintenance requirements. KIOSK Apps have taken the workload off of waiters and have enabled people to order food at restaurants seamlessly. Once the order is ready, then the customer can decide to either dine-in or take-away the food parcel.

  • Thank you
  • Order Food Order Food using Kiosk
  • Add your Food items in the Cart Add your Food items in the Cart
  • Dine In or Take Away Options Dine In or Take Away Options
  • Restaurant Reception Pay at the Restaurant Reception

Website - Front End

We provide attractive website too that you can use for marketing purpose. The Website also allows them to manage their profiles and see their reports. Plus Track orders and check order booking history. You can set Information Pages like Terms & Conditions, Privacy, etc on Website.

  • web front panel home page
  • Choose Your Language
  • Book a Taxi by panel
  • Order Your Food by panel
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • How It Works
  • FAQ

Web Booking

Users can register on the App and can book the Services like Taxi, Moto, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery.

  • Login
  • Register
  • Choose Taxi Types
  • Choose Moto Types
  • Ordering Food
  • List Of Restaurants
  • Choose Food Items
  • List Of Grocery Stores
  • Choose Grocery Items

Manage Account

There will be Separate Web Panel for each User.

  • Login
  • Register
  • My profile
  • My trips
  • My orders
  • My wallet
  • Driver profile
  • My Taxi's
  • Driver Trips
  • Driver Earnings
  • Driver wallet
  • Company Profile
  • Food Categories
  • Processing Orders
  • Bulk Import Items
  • Restaurant Settings
  • Organization Profile
  • Organization Users
  • Organization User Trips
  • Organization Trip Report

Administrator Panel

Powerful Administrator Panel / Back End that allows you to manage the entire System including Users, Drivers, Trips, Deliveries, Earnings, Settings, etc.

  • Dashboard
  • Site Statistics
  • Admin Groups Management
  • Users Management
  • Manage Drivers<
  • Companies Management
  • Hotels
  • Store
  • Taxi Category
  • Parcel Category
  • Store Service Category
  • Manual Booking
  • Geo Fence Locations

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatcher Admin can manually Book the Taxi, Moto, Food Delivery and other Services on User's behalf.

  • Manual Booking
  • Ride/Job Later Booking

Billing Panel

  • All Orders
  • Trip/Jobs
  • Payment Report (Trip/Jobs)

Detailed Overview Of All Features

  • Free White Labelled Solution Free White Labelled Solution

    We’ll White label the Apps by setting your Name and Logo on it. And set a color theme that matches with your Logo on all 6 Apps and main Website to give them a personalized look.
    The Apps will no where have our name or link to our website.

  • Free Licensed Source Code Free Licensed Source Code

    You will be provided with Licensed Source Code of Website, Apps and DB. So you can have full control over the Apps for your domain. And be free to modify the code based on your custom business requirements or the needs of your customers.

  • 365 Days Free Bug Support 365 Days Free Bug Support

    If in case your app gets stuck along the way, don’t fret! With our 365 days of free bug support, you can be assured that you will be getting a perfect assistance.

  • Free Language & Currency Integration Free Language Integration

    You get 25 Languages for FREE in the Apps along with English to ensure that you can run your business living in any corner of the world. You can choose any language you like even Arabic.
    Choose languages of your Target Countries and go international.

  • Free Currency Integration

    You get 25 Currencies for FREE in the Apps along with USD to give personalized experience to your users. Users can see fares in their preferred currency. Best option when you are running App in Tourist Location or in many countries at a time.

  • Free Localization Free Localization

    The Apps are fully dynamic. You can Set Vehicle Type, it's Rates and Surcharge as per the City and Country.
    This way you can launch super app clone in many locations/countries at a time that have different Vehicles and Rates.

  • Free Installation Free Installation on Google Play Store/iOS App Store

    We shall do thorough QA & install the Super app clone on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store respectively.
    We take guarantee to get the Apps approved on Play Stores and not get rejected for any Technical reason.

  • LAUNCH OF WEBSITE Launch of Website And Admin Panel on Your Server

    Just having an app will not help. It is also important that you maintain a website so that you can assist those not having the application to receive the services of your solution and with the attractive admin panel, you can manage the overall operation of your solution, keep track of its progress, know the activities of your customers and service providers and your commissions, etc.,

  • Unlimited Users, Drivers and Rides Unlimited Users, Drivers and Rides

    Our solution shall ensure that you can successfully hail a successful business for yourself.
    Thus, with our solution, you can be assured that you will be successful in attracting unlimited users, riders and drivers for your industry.
    There is no limit in system nor you need to pay us subscription fees for any number of Users and Drivers for your industry.

  • color theme Changing the color theme of Web & Apps as per your Logo

    We believe the business is your brainchild and thus you are the sole owner of your dream. Thus, when you buy the solution from us, you can be assured that we shall change the color theme of the web and apps as per your logo. After all, it is your dream, make it large!

  • Free Upgradation Free Upgradation

    You get free upgrade in next year from us. You can be assured that you will always have best and latest Technology Code.

  • Free SMS gateway Integration Free SMS gateway Integration

    With the free SMS Gateway Integration, you can provide notifications, updates, etc., to your users.

  • Support System Dedicated Support via Support System, Skype, Phone Calls, Whatsapp & Email

    Nobody likes to feel lost. Thus with our dedicated support system available via Ticket Support System, Skype, Phone Calls, Whatsapp & Email, you shall never feel lost along the way. We are there to help you when you need us!

  • ios store Android Store and iOS Store Designer Screens

    With the android store and iOS store designer screen, you can choose the best designs for your solution that shall be successful in garnering huge user-attraction.

  • payment gateway 13 Payment Gateway's Pre-Integrated

    We have 13 pre-integrated Payment Gateway's including the most famous and secure gateways like Stripe Payment Gateway, Omise Payment Gateway, etc. Contact us if you look for Local Payment Gateway.

  • advanced marketing Advanced Marketing & SEO support at discounted rates for 1 Year

    Marketing is an integral body of a business. Our advanced marketing and SEO support that is available at discounted rates for a year will help you understand the best way to market your solution.

  • privacy Privacy

    Your privacy is our guarantee. We follow a strong non-disclosure agreement policy thus ensuring that your competitors will never know that you did business with us and also ensure that your competitors can never find out about the work you did with us.

  • kiosk booking KiOSK Booking App

    With this feature, users can book a ride through the hotel reception from the KIOSK booking app thus helping the hotel to earn a commission through every ride that gets booked from the app.

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Excited? Contact us for the demo of this magnificent system and get ready to get amazed with this solution that will help you in establishing and launching a highly profitable business.

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Attractive Pricing

Our Package comes with some of the most outstanding and unique features which are sure to take your business towards the pinnacle of success at the most market-friendly rates.

General features
Application Flow Features and Pricing

Unique Algorithms that We Use

There are Two algorithms that we usually use when we allot the rides to the respective drivers. From all the two, you can select the one that you want directly from the Admin Panel and manage the super app clone. There are Two unique ways by which the request for the ride can be sent to the drivers. As soon as the rider places the request for the ride by providing the ride details, the details of the same get automatically sent to the driver.

  • Nearest First Competitive Algorithm

    When a Rider requests a Ride within X km/mile range, All nearby Drivers receive the request. The Driver who accepts first gets the Ride and Proceeds to Pick Up the Rider.

  • Nearest First Nearest First

    The driver who is nearest to the rider will receive the ride request first. In case the Driver 1 declines the request, the ride request gets sent to Driver 2 and so on and so forth until a driver does not accept the ride request. It is, however, important to remember that the ride request will be sent only to those drivers who are within X km/mile range radius of the rider.


    The driver who remains idle for a long period of time would receive the ride request first from the rider and when they decline it, the ride request gets sent to the next driver. FIFO is First In, First Out, i.e., the one who comes first receives the first preference.

Facts and Details

Listed below are some facts and details that you should know so that you can better understand how we stand out amongst others in terms of delivering Advanced Features, Facilities as well as Support.

on time payment
test apps before purchase
licensed source code
app delivery in 1 week
24/7 support

Come and Visit Us - We Await Your Presence

The photographs that our clients take with us show the smile on their face that they project and prove testimony to the genuineness of the services that we deliver them. Have a look at these photographs and do visit us soon, we wish to serve you!

Our Team

An age-old saying goes that Rome was not built in a day. It is the same that applies for our solution as well. The solution was developed by a strong force of 16 Developers / Designers / Architects / DB Analyst/ System Analyst / QA and 2 Project Managers built this Super app clone in just a matter of a year. Also, worth mentioning is the fact that the Design & Development Process also took place under one single roof by our full-time dedicated as well as hardworking team whom we are extremely proud of. Take a glance through our About Us page to meet and know our team more precisely who went the extra mile to make this System a reality.

Our team

Commitment to Perfection Proven through
Client Reviews

We believe in being honest to the work that we do which gets reflected through the client reviews that our clients have shared. Watch these videos to see how we make sure to deliver honest and genuine services always!