Complete Rebranding of Your App in 1-2 Weeks

Our Reputation Precedes us. We have Launched more than Thousands of Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized Apps for our Global Clientele in the Past Couple of Years Itself! We have Rebranded our Base App for our Clients inside out in Record 1-2 Weeks! We’ll first Start Off with White-Labeling our KingX Pro Super App with your Company’s Name and Logo. Then, we’ll change the Color-Theme of your Apps and Website to Match with the Color of your Company’s Logo. We’ll Integrate your Preferred Language, Currency and Payment Gateway. And there is so much more!

You have Questions, Right? Then we are here to Assist you in every way Possible!

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multiservice App development

What does our Gojek Clone App Package Include?

  • ride booking
  • store delivery
  • send anything
  • Delivery Genie
  • online video consultation
  • Bid for services
  • On demand services

Latest 7 Components - KingX Pro Apps

  • buy sell and rent property
  • buy sell and rent car
  • buy sell and rent geenral items
  • Carpool
  • medical services
  • track family and employees
  • near by business

The Bundle You Get with Multiservice App Development

To help you understand the way this app works and what are the various components associated with it that you get when you purchase it, we have put down an elaborate list of everything you can expect. This is not just a gojek clone app but a bundle of different apps put together just for you.

user app User Apps user app
service provider apps Driver / Service Provider Apps driver/provider app
store apps Store Apps store app
website & admin panel Website & Admin Panel web panel
supporting panels Supporting Panels support panel

Gojek Clone App Work Flow

User App
Driver / Service Provider App
Store App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details

Why Choose Our Gojek Clone App?

While there are other mobile applications that claim to offer multiple services, they all require multiple log ins and downloads. Ours is a powerful app that only expects users to download and log in once. This means that the user does not have to log in each time someone wants to hire a professional.

Apart from this, our team of expert professionals has specifically designed the multiservice app to be such that it offers a clean navigational experience. With an intuitive landing page that enables people to select the type of service that they want from taxi booking, to parcel delivery, to food or grocery delivery or hiring service professionals.

Each service has internal categories that make the process of booking service a lot more convenient and informed. Gone are the days of haggling over price! Everything in the gojek clone app script makes it more transparent and empowers service providers to earn safely while also ensuring that you keep rowing your own bank balance!

The single most important thing when making a decision about which app you are going to purchase for your business is ‘value for money’. Instead of thinking ‘how inexpensive can my app be?’, it is time to think ‘how much more can I get for the money that I spend?’ That is exactly what our team offers to do for you.

With the sole aim of ensuring that once you purchase app from us, your journey towards achieving your entrepreneurial dreams is absolutely smooth, our team works towards creating holistic yet specific packages that will suit your business requirements both in terms of features as well as budget.

We understand that getting more value at the initial stages of business is key to finding profitability soon. This is why; we have put together different packages that you can select from to ensure that you can forget about your budget worries and only focus on paying for things that you truly need for your business.

Need more clarity about the app and our deliverables? Well, what are you waiting for! Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with all the replies to your questions!

What Do We Offer With Our Gojek Clone App Script?

White Labeling Services

White labeling is the process with which we completely remove all signs of our logo and brand name from the app and add yours as per your specifications. We also re skin the color scheme of the apps designs based on your company logos on request. Since the app belongs to you, we make sure that it looks like it is yours!

What to Expect When you buy an App from us?

We believe in being your white label on demand mobile app development partners rather than just a company who sells you a product and then hides in oblivion. We make sure that our project manager stands side by side with you to understand you exact requirements form the on demand business and then even launch the app for you. Take a look at what to expect when you purchase the app from us:

  • Free Skype Chat Support
  • Free Support Over Calls
  • Free Licenced Source Code
  • Free Bug Support for 365 days

Licensed Source Code of the Application

Unlike other players in the market, we don’t charge you separately for the licensed copy of the source code of the app. Once you purchase the app from us, we believe that it is only fair for us to furnish you with the gojek clone source code so that it belongs to you in its entirety.

One Update to your App

Apps keep getting updated because of the ever changing and evolving technology behind it. To keep you abreast with the app and to make sure that you are in sync with the developments in technology, our team offers you one update for your app to be redeemed within the year of purchase absolutely FREE!

The purpose of our team to provide you with this app is not just to close a sale, but to walk with you in the initial stages towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial aspirations. To meet this end, we work closely with our research analysts and business studies team to create a flawless product that is a practical market solution having been create after careful analysis of consumer patterns and requirements.

Our commitment towards making your business and absolute success is pure and therefore, we offer you the following absolutely free!

An Inside Look of Gojek Clone App

An app so complicated can be intimidating. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! This is a video from the core experts of the Gojek Clone Script development team that break everything down to simple and understandable multi services business practices. Here, you will find out all there is about the app, its scope, the business model and much more. Dive right in and explore NOW!

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Feel Your App Before You Buy It

Why should you dump all your money in a place where you have no idea what to expect? We have built a reputation for ourselves in the market based on the fact that we always put our customer’s needs ahead of us. That is why; we empower you to take a live demo of the app that you plan to do your business before spending even a single dime on it. What’s more, this demo can be taken on multiple devices across different platforms and for as long as you want. Buy only if you like after trying it even 100 times!


Pricing and Features

Adaptive to fit your business needs, KingX Pro has a set of Unique Features and improved Functionality to increase visibility and make it even more attractive. Get The Live Demo of Our All in One Super App's New Features and remove the guesswork. KingX Pro is designed to assist global businesses by offering 101+ On-Demand Services to the customers, proliferating your profits. Our pricing package won't break the bank, regardless of whether you're a start-up or an established company. Our App is loved by entrepreneurs globally. Purchase Our White-label Gojek Clone Script at the price you can't resist. Below you will find our pricing details.

Gojek clone Pricing
Check Features and Pricing

Aspects of KingX Pro App

To learn more about the major features of the KingX Pro App, watch the videos below. A video in the center summarizes the overall flow of all seven major components, while videos on the left and right explains them in detail. Subtitles are provided in each video so you can easily understand them.

KingX Base 7 Components
KingX Pro
KingX Pro Apps Multi-Billion Dollar Business
KingX Pro Newly Available Paid 7 Components

Watch this Video to Believe in Our Genuineness

Meet Adam, who wants to build his on demand multi service app industry but had difficulty finding the support he needed and watching his journey towards finding us and taking our help in making a successful Gojek Clone App for him combined with the booming on-demand service industry for him.

gojek clone demo
kingx Pro demo

Gojek Clone App FAQ'S

  • What is the Gojek Clone App?

    The Gojek Clone is one of the largest service provider apps having an incorporation of over 101+ on demand services and on demand deliveries which includes food delivery, grocery delivery, beautician on demand service, massage on demand service, taxi booking service, moto on demand service, etc, to name a few. This app allows the user to book services and order deliveries for themselves and enables the driver/delivery driver and service provider to earn along the way.

  • Where can i get the Product demo?

    Kindly send us a mail on [email protected] and we will assist you with the same.

  • Why should I purchase the multi services app?

    The Gojek Clone App is a prototype of the Gojek App, offering a combination of services like taxi, rental, delivery and over 101+ services like beautician, massage, etc. It is one of our best selling product that is ready to be launched on the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store, is fully working, fully customized and white-labeled and tested, thus making the price of the same a one-time investment. The icing on the cake is that the app is delivered to you in a matter of 5 working days only! So if you want to be a titan in the race of successful on demand service businesses, the multi services app is what you should choose.

  • How many services are provided in the Multi Services App?

    The Multi Services App is one of the biggest and one of the largest service provider app which promises to take the on demand service industry of budding entrepreneurs and those looking to digitize their business towards great heights altogether. It contains the following on demand services like taxi ride service, moto ride, car rental, moto rental, standard deliveries, babysitting service, beauty service, carpenter service, etc. along with other 101+ on demand services.

  • Can i have a specific number of services in the App?

    Yes. The services that are offered by the Gojek Clone app are dynamic, which means that they can be modified or removed as per the choice of the business owner and thus if you want to have limited services in your App you can. All you have to do is send us a mail at [email protected] and let us know the services you wish to provide your customers and we will add/modify the benefits for you.

  • Do you launch the On demand App for me?

    Yes. Holding over a long term experience in launching apps for the Android and iOS Playstore and App Store respectively, we will make sure that as soon as you come to us with the idea of having a Multi Service App for your business, we get it launched for you on both these stores upon receiving your server details as well as your credentials for the respective stores (iOS and Android).

  • Will you provide licenced source code on purchase of Gojek clone script?

    Yes, with all purchases of App we will provide licenced source code. For more details about "licenced gojek clone source code", please discuss with our Sales team.

  • Will you do a complete white labeling for my multiservice app?

    If you purchase a Gojek clone script, we will provide a complete white labeling solution.

  • Do you have any gojek clone source code repository available on github?

    No, we do not provide our source code through github due to security reasons. We provide licenced source code on purchase of On demand app. Delivery team will provide you licenced source code after successful delivery of the project.

Latest Stories

Gojek Clone Script: The Top Choice Of Entreprenuers

Gojek Clone App: The Ultimate On-Demand Solution

Starting a business from the beginning may appear to be an overwhelming undertaking, but with eSiteWorld, this challenging path will become quick and uncomplicated.

Every entrepreneur in the on-demand services market faces the difficult problem of deciding between two diametrically opposed possibilities. He or she is at a crossroads between using ready-to-use on-demand applications or designing one from the ground up.

We understand your situation, therefore we give you with a full breakdown of the benefits and downsides of both tales. With a quick peek at the comparative analysis, you should be able to make an informed conclusion here.

Option A: Buy Pre-Built Gojek-Like Super App

eSiteWorld is a pioneer in the development of mobile on-demand service solutions. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by launching your app in 1-2 weeks. Let us investigate several aspects of this option.

1. What's our definition of an on-demand app?

The basic thread that binds the on-demand service business is a demand that requires immediate fulfilment in return for money. An on-demand app is analogous to an ironed, ready-to-wear shirt that is neatly put in the closet. It is anxious to be taken up and tried on. That is precisely what entrepreneurs must do. Choose the features of a pre-built mobile application, customise it, and deploy it in a matter of days.

A licensed white-label company creates a clone of the existing popular mobile application and rebrands it. And this is how on-demand service mobile applications are created.

2. How to build your super app with best Gojek Clone?

Every entrepreneur works hard to carve out a market niche for himself/herself, but only a few make it big and cash in billions of dollars. What distinguishes them from the competition is a fresh inventive feature that becomes their Unique Selling Point, and this is exactly what makes or ruins their commercial aspirations.

A licensed white-label firm offers a variety of dynamic features in various bundles to entrepreneurs like you. We exclusively sell Shark Packages, which are far more technologically sophisticated and feature-rich than the Basic Package. Basic Packages should be regarded as the bare-minimum required for the existence of the firm. So it all comes down to the bundle you pick and whether it fits inside your budget. Running a mobile-based on-demand service should be an asset creation for you rather than a burden.

Another advantage of hiring us to develop an all-in-one multi-service mobile app is that we supply licensed Gojek clone source code at no additional charge. When you purchase our Shark Package, you will receive Licensed Source Code in addition to other services. It is important to recognise that Licensed Source Code is the backbone of the on-demand service mobile app market. The mobile app may be periodically updated for smoother operation by making changes to the source code.

3. Time to launch a pre-built on-demand app?

The task is completed in only four business days by an App Development Company! Yep, you read that correctly. You don't have to wait years for your app developers to construct a mobile application based on your specifications. Simply contact us and we will get your app up and running in a matter of days. It is possible for us to do so since the apps you are seeking for have already been produced and are waiting for you in cold storage.

This clone app is built by copying Gojek’s app script and then it has been enhanced by adding few new features and modifying the existing features in the original app. It is because it has been built after the highly-prosperous first decacorn of the South-East Asia, it is believed to be successful. No need to spend extra money on research and mass-surveys.

After you have purchased our Shark Package, we’ll move onto the stage of white-labelling. It is here we will rebrand your newly purchased app with your company’s name and logo. We will even change the colour-theme of your app to match with your logo’s colour contrast. And it is because of this rebranding only that we take 1-2 weeks to launch.

Once company’s look is given a make-over, the mobile application is then sent to the client for his/her approval. And once the client feels the app is exactly how it was intended, we move onto the next stage of the process – launching the app on Google Play Store and iOS app store. This part could be tricky even for white-labelling companies like us because at the end of the day we are launching a clone app into the app store that already has the original version of the app.

It is vital to let us handle the app launch on the app platform because there have been instances wherein clone apps have been rejected. But fear not, we have a technical team of highly-experienced professionals who’ll get your app approved come what may.

4. How to find the right white-labelling company for you?

You have found it already in us! eSiteWorld has designed and instituted 1200 plus mobile applications in last two years alone. Although, we do accept that we have competitors who are creating cloned apps and launching it into the app store but we are different because we deliver well within the set timeframe. And because there are so many app cloning companies in the world out there, you might scratch your head a hundred times before deciding onto which one to go ahead with. Let me give you two criteria to help you make an informed choice.

First, do a little background dig-up and know how many years of experience the white-labelling company has. The industry standard says the company should be in the business transacting in such domain for at least five years. You got to ensure that these companies are actively launching clone apps daily.

Second, are these companies charging you for the demo app? If yes, move to the one that’s offering free demo links like us. When you can test-drive a car for free before buying it or you might decide not to buy it at all, the same liberty should be enjoyed by our entrepreneurs who want to test-drive our demo app before buying the Shark Package.


Budding entrepreneurs are of the faith that when you yourself code a mobile application from ground up, you exercise complete-control over the designing aspect of the app including features and the varied nuances of the industry-specific service you are offering. But before you dive right in, you have got to have crystal clarity about the roadmap to launching the map and the challenges you might face for doing everything on your own.

1. First decide what kind of service you want to offer?

There are many categories of on-demand services such as taxi booking, food and Grocery Delivery, medicine delivery and Doctor’s appointment, parcel delivery and even dog walking. It is extremely crucial to understand what service or services you want to include in your mobile application. Based on the service chosen, you as an entrepreneur then have to decide who’ll be the target audience and which region is in the highest need of the service you have chosen. By shortlisting all of these factors, you are ensuring higher chances of sales and business growth.

You are not restricted to choose just one service at a time, you can grow into a giant success like that of the Gojek app that offers 101 plus services on its platform with single login.

And if you aspire to expand your business portfolio like the Gojek app and without the help from a licensed white-labelling company like us then have a very carefully scroll through their business model and imitate it blindly. Remember, your mobile application should have a smooth user interface.

2. What should be your budget?

More the merrier! I think such a phrase has been used for the first time in this context! But the blunt reality is that young entrepreneurs face the threat of cash crunch! They are already low on cash and building an app from scratch would easily deplete all of their finances because app building puts tremendous monetary pressure on the entrepreneur. You not only need the essential components to ensure smooth functionality of the on-demand mobile application but also trained workforce to operate them. These essential app development components include User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App (come in handy for food and grocery delivery services), Website (to enable the customer to book the services online without installing the app in their smartphones, and the entrepreneur can even use it for promoting brand and its services) and Admin Panel (It is through this window that the app owner can manage and coordinate the entire app). Now these were just the components, here is the list of professionals you need to hire. They are Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, a Data Base Analyst, a Content Writer, a Quality Assessment Expert and a Project Manager. Once you hire manpower, you got to support them financially in terms of paying salaries regularly, awarding incentives for extraordinary work ethic and even contribute towards their Provident Fund.

But unfortunately that is not all! The incurred costs keeps piling on because you got to provide them a proper infrastructure to work in and the latest software to work with for them to produce their absolute best results.

It is easily going to cost you at least quarter of a million to build an app from scratch but if you do it right it’s going to be worth it. There are three essential sub-categories of manpower to be hired for the purpose of mobile app development


Our analysts do in-depth research of the market trends and helps the client with valuable inputs that would propel them in the right direction. Our analysts have decades of experience in working with the IT sector, and some of the giants in the field of finance and business. And therefore, they are well-versed with the nuances of this industry and can guide entrepreneurs like you in a right way.


Designers makes the app look pretty and also makes its interface easy flowing. What’s the point of spending big bucks on an app if that is not even user-friendly. Smooth User Experience is of prime importance for an app owner. They work hard to ensure that the Gojek Clone app interface is flawless and hassle-free.

It is they who will rebrand the app with your company’s logo and name. They will also change the colour-combination of the app to match your logo.


Our developers reserve the credit for the successful launch of 1200 plus mobile applications in past two years. They have over 15 years of experience and are highly capable and efficient people.

3. Realistic timeframe for a Multiservice App development?

When a young entrepreneur like you is setting out to create an app from ground up, then the industry experts predict that these entrepreneurs will need at least 12-18 months. Once an app is created, it is compulsory to test how seamless its User Interface is and that itself takes months. Add to list, six additional months for beta testing and then comes the ultimate market test. So, give or take you will need at least two years before you can launch your app in the market.


The information that I have provided you now is all that you need to make an informed choice. Either way, you got to put in your blood and sweat in making your dream become reality.


Our team of developers, analysts and designers have put in their heart and soul into creating App’s clone by ensuring that all the essential primary services are rooted into the coding. The Multiservice app is a one-stop solution to all of your on-demand service requests. The single login app offers its customers 101 plus services online on one single platform. And what’s the icing on the cake? This jumbo multi services app is feather-light and does not occupy much space in your mobile phone.

The app owner earns commission every single time any service is provided on its platform. You reap in huge profits with minimal investment.


If your customers are unable to pay in their local currency while rendering services through your Gojek Clone, then it becomes a pain point for them. Such payment option deficiency repels local customers from using your app. And hence to eliminate this problem, We use the Pick and Deploy method.

It enable the entrepreneurs to recognise national currency prevalent in their native country and integrate that into the payment gateway system of the app using our help. This means your customers can not only pay in their local currency but browse content in their lingua franca.

What's the newest feature in the Gojek-style multi-services app?

We have recently added 20 new features to our Multi Services App. One of the most prominent ones include the Hotel Panel feature. Tourists staying in hotels abroad can simply go to the Reception area to book a taxi ride and the Receptionist in turn uses your on demand app to make the booking. You as an entrepreneur have to first strike a deal with the Hotel management wherein you give them a certain percentage of the bill amount as commission every time a ride is booked using your Multi Services App.
Contact us right away to launch a successful Gojek Clone App of yours. As I have said earlier, we are your genie! Whatever feature you wish for, we’ll design it for you!