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Go-Jek is Asia's award winning App that has Taxi, Delivery and All on-demand 52 plus Services combined in 1 App. Launch your own GoJek Clone in your country and cover whole market to earn huge commissions easily from the day one.

Gojek Clone


Add as many services as you want along with Ride and Delivery Services. Earn commission on each task/ride/delivery done through the Gojek Clone App. Add/ Manage your own Categories & Subcategories from Administrator Panel..

on demand taxi


on demand delivery driver


on demand babysitter

Baby Sitting

on demand beautician

Beauty Service

on demand car washer

Car Wash

on demand carpenter


on demand cuddler


on demand DJ


on demand doctor


on demand dog groomer

Dog Grooming

on demand dog walker

Dog Walking

on demand electrician


on demand escort


on demand fitness trainer

Fitness Coach

on demand handyman

Handy Man

on demand home cleaner

Home Cleaning

on demand home painter

Home Painting Service

on demand insurance agent

Insurance Agent

on demand lawn mower

Lawn Moving

on demand lawyer


on demand locksmith

Lock Smith

on demand maids


on demand massage


on demand packers movers

Packer Movers

on demand pest controling

Pest Control

on demand physiotherapist


on demand plumber


on demand real estate agent

Real Estate Agent

on demand security guard

Security Guard

on demand snow plow

Snow Plows

on demand tourist guide

Tour Guide

on demand tow truck driver

Tow Truck

on demand travel agent

Travel Agent

on demand tutor


on demand vet


on demand workers


What we offer

All in one / Gojek Clone App provides on demand services like Taxi booking, on demand delivery, Massage services, Cleaning services, Beauty Services etc. It includes all the on demand Services that a New entrepreneur wants to start with. To satisfy the needs of emerging Entrepreneur, we have come up with a Gojek clone which include below components:

what we offer


Put your money only if you like what you see! This video showcases exactly how this app runs with a step by step detailed explanation from user, service provider and administrator point of view!

Gojek Clone demo Gojek Clone Video

GoJek Clone - Mobile App Source Code

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guaranteed delivery

​​GoJek clone mysteries solved!

Understand all that there is to the GoJek clone app to help set up your own booming on demand app for all services with the help of this video. Get tips on choosing the right GoJek clone for a successful business.

The User Gets 3 Choices HereRide, Delivery Or Other Services

In this system, a person can hire a taxi as in Uber Taxi, can get his Parcel/Cargo delivered or book a service like Electrician, Nurse, Vet, Tutor, Car Wash, Home Cleaning, Massage, Baby sitting, etc.

- Rides will happen like Standard Uber on-demand Taxi System.

- If Delivery is chosen, he will see delivery options. The Senders of delivery can be anyone who wants anything taken from one place to another, regardless of whether it is an envelope or a restaurant wanting to undertake Food Parcel Delivery immediately or a Cement factory who wants its cement bags to be delivered to a construction site. Carriers/Driver's can be anyone who is ready to deliver parcels/cargo for these Senders. They can have a bike, motorbike, Car, Cargo Truck, or anything that can carry Parcels/Cargo. Anyone with the intent of delivering parcels of any size or structure can make themselves available to accept such Parcels/ Cargo delivery requests as Professional Drivers.

- In Service, all services will show up and can be booked immediately of for a later time.

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