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Why Choose Our Gojek Clone App?

While there are other mobile applications that claim to offer multiple services, they all require multiple log ins and downloads. Ours is a powerful app that only expects users to download and log in once. This means that the user does not have to log in each time someone wants to hire a professional.

Apart from this, our team of expert professionals has specifically designed the multi service app like gojek to be such that it offers a clean navigational experience. With an intuitive landing page that enables people to select the type of service that they want from taxi booking, to parcel delivery, to food or grocery delivery or hiring service professionals.

Each service has internal categories that make the process of booking service a lot more convenient and informed. Gone are the days of haggling over price! Everything in the app like gojek makes it more transparent and empowers service providers to earn safely while also ensuring that you keep rowing your own bank balance!

The single most important thing when making a decision about which app you are going to purchase for your business is ‘value for money’. Instead of thinking ‘how inexpensive can my app be?’, it is time to think ‘how much more can I get for the money that I spend?’ That is exactly what our team offers to do for you.

With the sole aim of ensuring that once you purchase your Gojek Clone app from us, your journey towards achieving your entrepreneurial dreams is absolutely smooth, our team works towards creating holistic yet specific packages that will suit your business requirements both in terms of features as well as budget.

We understand that getting more value at the initial stages of business is key to finding profitability soon. This is why; we have put together different packages that you can select from to ensure that you can forget about your budget worries and only focus on paying for things that you truly need for your business.

Need more clarity about the app and our deliverables? Well, what are you waiting for! Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with all the replies to your questions!

What does our Gojek Clone App Package Include?

on demand multi service app

Multiple On Demand Services On Single Gojek Clone Super App

We understand that a business is a dynamic constitution. It has to evolve with the market demands, change its shape as per the requirements that present themselves in the market. This is why; we have made sure that you can add or hide services within the gojek clone script as per your own requirement. Note – Our Gojek Clone has limited services and is not a 100% clone of Go-Jek.

  • Taxi Ride App Taxi booking
  • Moto Ride App taxi bike booking
  • Car Rental App car rental booking
  • Moto Rental App taxi bike rental booking
  • Small packages delivery App package delivery service
  • Fly air booking
  • Food Delivery food delivery app
  • Grocery Delivery grocery delivery app
  • Cargo Delivery App cargo delivery service
  • Stationary Delivery Stationary Delivery app
  • Pharmacy Delivery medicine delivery app
  • Wine Delivery alcohol delivery app
  • Wine Delivery Delivery Genie
  • Wine Delivery Delivery Runner
  • Babysitting App babysitter on demand
  • Beauty Service App beautician on demand
  • Car Wash App car wash on demand
  • Carpenter App carpenter on demand
  • Cuddling App cuddler on demand
  • DJ App DJ on demand
  • sanitization services sanitization services
  • Disinfecting Services Disinfecting Services
  • Doctor App doctor on demand
  • Dog Grooming App dog groomer on demand
  • Dog Walking App dog walker on demand
  • Electrician App electrician on demand
  • Fitness Coach App fitness trainer on demand
  • Home Cleaning App cleaning service on demand
  • Home Painting Service App home painting on demand
  • Insurance Agent App insurance on demand
  • lawyer app lawyer serice on demand
  • Lock smith app lock smith on demand
  • Maids App maids service on demand
  • Massage App massage therapist on demand
  • Pest Control App pest control on demand
  • Physiotheraphy App physio on demand
  • Plumber App plumber on demand
  • Real Estate Agent App real estate agent on demand
  • Security Guard App security guard on demand
  • Snow Plows App snow plow on demand
  • Tour Guide App tour guide on demand
  • Tow Truck App towing on demand
  • Travel Agent App travel agent on demand
  • Tutor App tutoring on demand
  • Vet App vet on demand
  • Worker App workers on demand
  • Barber App barber on demand
  • Car repair App car repair service on demand
  • Carpet Repairer App carpet service on demand
  • Computer Repairer App computer repairing on demand
  • Fire Fighters App fire fighter services on demand
  • Helpers App Helpers on demand
  • Mechanic App mechanic on demand
  • Mobile Technician App mobile repair on demand
  • Office Cleaning App office cleaning on demand
  • Party Cleaning App party cleaning on demand
  • Lawn Care lawn care app
  • Language Tutor language tutor on demand app
  • psychologist psychologyst on demand app
  • Sofa Repair Sofa Repair app
  • Translator Translator on demand app
  • TV Repair TV Repair on demand app
  • Yoga yoga instructor on demand app
  • Spa spa on demand app
  • Interior Design Interior Designer
  • Road Assistance Road Assistance app

Advanced features of Our Gojek Clone App

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App
  • Restricting Driver’s Fraud in Taxi Components Carpooling app video
  • Re-Assign Delivery Driver for Store Orders Re-Assign Delivery Driver video
  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings in Food Components
  • One Store under several categories (i.e XYZ store can be under Food and Grocery also) in DeliverAll Components
  • Free Delivery Promo Codes for Specific Delivery Stores Free Delivery Promo Codes
  • Advanced Rating Flow for Food Items and Delivery Drivers Free Delivery Promo Codes
  • Location Wise Banners throughout the System Location Wise Banners
  • Location Wise Push Notifications throughout the System Location Wise Push Notifications
  • Advanced and detailed Service Search in Service Provider Components Location Wise Push Notifications
  • Cookie Consent Popup throughout the System
  • Using Firebase For Mobile Number Verification through the System
  • SKU Code For Store Delivery Items
  • Restricted Passengers Limit - Corona Related Feature Restricted passengers limit
  • Face Mask Verification - Corona Related Feature Face mask verification
  • Safety Checklist - Corona Related FeatureSafety checklist
  • Restricted Passengers Limit - Corona Related Feature Restricted passengers limit
  • Face Mask Verification - Corona Related Feature Face mask verification
  • Safety Checklist - Corona Related FeatureSafety checklist
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews - Corona Related Feature
  • Ride Cancellation - Corona Related Feature
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually - For Taxi Module
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models - Fixed model and Incremental Model
  • Store Wise Commission - For DeliverAll Module
  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots - For DeliverAll Module
  • Item Name Searching - For DeliverAll Module
  • 18+ Age Confirmation - For DeliverAll Module
  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him
  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens
  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification

What do we offer with Our Gojek Clone app?

Gojek clone script

The purpose of our team to provide you with this app is not just to close a sale, but to walk with you in the initial stages towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial aspirations. To meet this end, we work closely with our research analysts and business studies team to create a flawless product that is a practical market solution having been create after careful analysis of consumer patterns and requirements.

Our commitment towards making your business and absolute success is pure and therefore, we offer you the following absolutely free!

Licensed Source Code of the Application

Unlike other players in the market, we don’t charge you separately for the licensed copy of the source code of the app. Once you purchase the app from us, we believe that it is only fair for us to furnish you with the source code so that it belongs to you in its entirety.

One Update to your App

Apps keep getting updated because of the ever changing and evolving technology behind it. To keep you abreast with the app and to make sure that you are in sync with the developments in technology, our team offers you one update for your app to be redeemed within the year of purchase absolutely FREE!

White Labeling Services

White labeling is the process with which we completely remove all signs of our logo and brand name from the app and add yours as per your specifications. We also re skin the color scheme of the apps designs based on your company logos on request. Since the app belongs to you, we make sure that it looks like it is yours!

What to Expect When you Purchase the Gojek Clone App from us?

We believe in being your white label on demand mobile app development partners rather than just a company who sells you a product and then hides in oblivion. We make sure that our project manager stands side by side with you to understand you exact requirements form the business and then even launch the app for you. Take a look at what to expect when you purchase the app from us:

  • Free Skype Chat Support
  • Free Support Over Calls
  • Free Licenced Source Code
  • Free Bug Support for 365 days
multi service app like gojek

The Bundle You Get with Gojek Clone Script

An app such as the on demand multi services app like Gojek is so complex and sophisticated that while the users and the service providers only get to see the front end of their respective apps, there is a world of magic happening on the back end.

To help you understand the way this app works and what are the various components associated with it that you get when you purchase it, we have put down an elaborate list of everything you can expect. This is not just a gojek clone app but a bundle of different apps put together just for you.

gojek clone script package

LIVE GoJek Clone Demo

We are very proud of the technological masterpiece that we have been able to build. In order to ensure that we can share our enthusiasm with you and to empower you to understand exactly how the app works, we have arranged for a Free Demo for you. This video shows a step by step usage of the application along with every screen that you will see and the functionality of the gojek clone app.

gojek clone demo

Top FREE features of the Gojek Clone App 2021

  • Web Site WebSite

    We don’t just offer you an app but an entire system and identity for this business. With our website to go alongside the application, your customers can now make direct bookings off the website!

  • single download and login Single Download and Log in

    Unlike other apps in the market that claim to be multi service but require incessant in app downloads, this app is completely based off of a single system. This means that your users and service providers need to download and log in to the app just once!

  • Login through social media Log in through social media

    Protect your clients against lengthy and tedious forms with the help of our Gojek Clone app that facilitates all users and service providers to log in to the app simply by using their social media handles.

  • white labeling White Labelling

    Our team white labels the app with your logo and brand name apart from adding your colour theme to the entire app. We also add minor custom requests such as integration of the language and currency of choice.

  • wallet In App Wallet

    We integrate in app wallets to ensure that a seamless transaction can occur between customer and service provider without the hassles of sifting through cash.

  • in app chat and call In app chat and call

    The app facilitates calling and chatting between the service providers such the drivers and the users in order to make their service absolutely smooth.

Free Features Of Gojek Clone 2021

  • Lifetime License
  • ios App Submission
  • Android Application Submission
  • Up-Gradation
  • White Labelling
  • Additional Languages and Currencies
  • Color Theme
  • Payment Gateways
  • Booking From Web and App
  • Support
  • Categories
  • Wallet Integration
  • Notification Sounds
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Schedule Bookings
  • Availability Toggle
  • Privacy
  • VOIP Call Masking
  • Admin Rights & Roles
  • Earning Statistics
  • Manage Services (On / Off)

Gojek Clone App 2021: Stand Ahead In The Competition

In order to make sure that your business can leave your competitors struggling behind to catch up with you, we have added some of the best features unlike any other in the market after analyzing demands and trends. Take a look:

Delivery Genie Your Handy Delivery Assistant for Anything!

Don’t force your customers to stop at placing online orders to get things delivered! Now, with the power of the Delivery Genie, our apps will empower your customers to get anything delivered to their doorstep instantly! They need to click on the delivery genie option and let them know what needs to be bought. Whether it is a packet of gum or a caseload of soft drinks, your Delivery Genie will manage it for your customers. Find out more about this feature NOW!

Cheaper Google Maps Alternatives

The GPS tracking feature of on demand app like gojek is one of its most important ones. That is why; it was essential to integrate the Google Map’s API within the app. However, as it has become trendy in the last few years, it has proved extremely expensive. It proves to have increased 2 to 3 times what it initially used to be. As our clients began to explain their problems with expenditure, our team found the best Google Maps API alternative. Today, we have successfully integrated cheaper options that work just as well and cost very less.
*This is a paid add on. Please get in touch for more details.

Web and Phone Booking

If being an app development company has taught us something, it is the fact that no one can be forced to download and use apps. Some people find it better to simple place a call and hire services and others would much instead use a website to make a booking. We always want what’s best for our customers. Therefore, we have ensured that when you purchase our Gojek clone Script, you aren’t just paying for a smartphone app but a whole on-demand service booking system that can be operated via its website well as by placing phone calls. Find more details of how this works on the app’s flow.

Single App 70+ Services

No one wants to clutter their devices with multiple apps. This CubejekX 2020 app is loaded with the finest apps combined into one. The best thing about this app is that your customer has to download this app once and register into it earlier. After that, they can access the power of over 70 services just with the tap of a few buttons.

Safe, Secure, and Hygienic Shopping experience

The world is traumatized with the whole CoVid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic and everyone is looking for safe and hygienic options. With your app's help, your customers will be able to experience a clean and secure shopping experience due to the inclusion of safety features such as Safety Badge for restaurants and stores, Contactless Deliveries, and more.

why esiteworld is better?
other companies

Cheaper Offers Luring You?

Don’t fall for that trap. Take a look at what makes us better than our competitors.


  • We built the app from scratch with a team of 16 developers in 4 years.
  • Our app is thoroughly tested and ready for deployment.
  • We have already launched over 1000 apps in the world.
  • Since the app is in ready condition, we charge you only a one-time price.
  • We can launch the app for you in just five working days.

Other Companies

  • They sell you an idea and not an app because their apps are in the development stage rather than completed.
  • Their final app isn’t ready, but a prototype is.
  • Since it is a prototype, the entire process of QA and Testing is ambiguous at best.
  • Their app launch timeline can vary from a few weeks to a few months, during which time your business will continue to suffer.
  • What may seem to be cheap initially can be loaded with many hidden, undisclosed charges you may have to bear once you are halfway through it.

An Inside Look of The Gojek Clone App 2021

An app so complicated can be intimidating. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! This is a video from the core experts of the Gojek Clone Script development team that break everything down to simple and understandable Gojek Clone business practices. Here, you will find out all there is about the app, its scope, the business model and much more. Dive right in and explore NOW!

gojek clone app development

Feel Your App Before You Buy It

Why should you dump all your money in a place where you have no idea what to expect? We have built a reputation for ourselves in the market based on the fact that we always put our customer’s needs ahead of us. That is why; we empower you to take a live demo of the app that you plan to do your business before spending even a single dime on it. What’s more, this demo can be taken on multiple devices across different platforms and for as long as you want. Buy only if you like after trying it even 100 times!



  • gojek app clone
    Landing screen of the App

    This is the main Landing screen of the App from where you can choose the service you want. This Screen will show up all the services available in the App.

  • rent taxi
    Taxi On Demand

    User can booking a Taxi / Moto by choosing the Taxi Service. User can enter the destination address and book the nearby Taxi/Moto and track his trip on the Map

  • user choose vehicle for delivery
    Delivery Services On Demand

    This section will show all the Delivery Services option like Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Parcel Delivery etc.

  • car wash service
    Services On Demand

    This Section will show all the rest of the Services like Car Wash, Tow Truck, Beautician, Home Cleaning, Massage etc.

Watch this Video to Believe in Our Genuineness

Meet Adam, who wants to build his on demand multi service app like gojek industry but had difficulty finding the support he needed and watching his journey towards finding us and taking our help in making a successful Gojek Clone App for him combined with the booming on-demand service industry for him.

gojek like app

Choose the Payment Gateway of Your Choice

  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment Gateway
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Braintree (Paypal) Payment Gateway
  • Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • m-pesa
  • Payfort Payment Gateway
  • Payu Payment Gateway
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway
  • More Payment Gateway

Gojek Clone App FAQ'S

  • What is the Gojek Clone App?
    The Gojek Clone is one of the largest service provider apps having an incorporation of over 52+ on demand services and on demand deliveries which includes food delivery, grocery delivery, beautician on demand service, massage on demand service, taxi booking service, moto on demand service, etc, to name a few. This app allows the user to book services and order deliveries for themselves and enables the driver/delivery driver and service provider to earn along the way.
  • Where can i get the Product demo?
    Kindly send us a mail on [email protected] and we will assist you with the same.
  • Why should I purchase the Gojek Clone?
    The Gojek Clone App is a prototype of the Gojek App, offering a combination of services like taxi, rental, delivery and over 52+ services like beautician, massage, etc. It is one of our best selling product that is ready to be launched on the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store, is fully working, fully customized and white-labeled and tested, thus making the price of the same a one-time investment. The icing on the cake is that the app is delivered to you in a matter of 5 working days only! So if you want to be a titan in the race of successful on demand service businesses, the Gojek Clone is what you should choose.
  • How many services are provided in the Multi Services App?
    The Gojek Clone is one of the biggest and one of the largest service provider app which promises to take the on demand service industry of budding entrepreneurs and those looking to digitize their business towards great heights altogether. It contains the following on demand services like taxi ride service, moto ride, car rental, moto rental, standard deliveries, babysitting service, beauty service, carpenter service, etc. along with other 52+ on demand services.
  • Can i have a specific number of services in the Gojek Clone App?
    Yes. The services that are offered by the Gojek Clone are dynamic, which means that they can be modified or removed as per the choice of the business owner and thus if you want to have limited services in your Gojek Clone App, you can. All you have to do is send us a mail at [email protected] and let us know the services you wish to provide your customers and we will add/modify the benefits for you.
  • Do you launch the Gojek Clone App for me?
    Yes. Holding over a long term experience in launching apps for the Android and iOS Playstore and App Store respectively, we will make sure that as soon as you come to us with the idea of having a Gojek Clone App for your business, we get it launched for you on both these stores upon receiving your server details as well as your credentials for the respective stores (iOS and Android).
  • Will you provide licenced source code on purchase of Gojek clone script?
    Yes, with all purchases of Gojek clones we will provide licenced Gojek clone source code. For more details about "licenced gojek clone source code", please discuss with our Sales team.
  • Will you do a complete white labeling for my multi service app like gojek?
    If you purchase a Gojek clone script, we will provide a complete white labeling solution.
  • Do you have any gojek clone source code repository available on github?
    No, we do not provide our source code through github due to security reasons. We provide licenced source code on purchase of gojek clone app. Delivery team will provide you licenced source code after successful delivery of the project.

our Client Reviews to Believe in Our Commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction

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Gojek Clone Script: The Top Choice Of Entreprenuers

Gojek Clone App: A fine Mix of the best On Demand Services put into One

Starting a business of any kind may seem like a difficult thing to do, but our team of expert professionals is here to help you with just that. We are proud of our think tank that comprises of.

When it comes to starting your mobile app based on demand business, most entrepreneurs' first and foremost question is whether to go for a readymade demand app solution or build one from the ground up. We understand that starting any business can be a difficult and arduous task. Top it up with fundamental questions about taking the first step and dreams could quickly come to seem to crumble.

Seeing as this is a question that most entrepreneurs face, our team put together a comparative analysis of both options so that you can see which one suits your business goals and requirements.

Building your own On Demand Mobile application from the ground up

Most of the time, entrepreneurs believe that building their own on demand mobile based app solution is the best choice because they can custom create it to suit the exact measure and nature of their business. To this effect, one must understand that before you indulge in building your app, you have first to outline and delineate your business goals. Here's a step by step guide on how to approach the subject.

A. Outlining the type of service you want to offer

Today, the scope of on demand ser ices is unlimited. Whether it is a taxi service, a food delivery one, an on demand plumber, or an on-demand beautician, the options are endless. The first step to identifying your app requirements is to outline your business. What type of services do you plan to offer, what is the region you think your business is best suited and your target audience.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you should get an idea of the perfect service or services you would like to offer. Yes! That is correct. I did say services. Your app does not have to be limited to a single kind of service. You can create something that has a little bit for everyone.

Take the example of the app like Gojek. It is an app that offers rides and parcel delivery and extends to other on demand services such as food delivery, grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, and on demand plumber, on demand electrician, on demand beautician on demand doctor and so on.

If that is what you plan, you already have a foundation for what you will need in your app. If you plan to build your app from scratch, it will be our suggestion to thoroughly research the Gojek app. Try it out; go through its entire menu, the various features that it offers and its interface. It will go a long way in deciding the kind of flow and interface you want for your application.

B. Setting your budget for the app

It might not be the most pleasant news and we hate to break it to you, but building an app from scratch is a very VERY expensive affair. I was hoping you wouldn't believe me, well, let me give you some perspective on it. So, any kind of an on demand service app has multiple components to it. These components include: - User Android App - User iOS App - Service Provider Android App - Service Provider iOS App - Store App (in case of services such as on demand food delivery, grocery delivery and more) - Website (Typically used to allow customers to make bookings without having to download the app or it could also be used for marketing purposes and to share more information about the brand or company) - Admin Panel (Where the entire app will be managed and controlled from) Now that you know how many parts make an on demand app system, you know how many resources you will have to hire to get the job done. If not, let me outline it for you: - An Android Developer - An iOS Developer - A PHP Expert - A Systems Analyst - A Data Base Analyst - A Content Writer - A Quality Assessment Expert - A Project Manager So, there you have it. Cat’s out of the bag. Hiring so many people comes with its own set of costs. You will have to get them on the pay roll, give them their salaries and of course the perks that come with employment.

But unfortunately, there are other costs. Building an app requires a state of the art development center with all the new gadgets, toys, etc. You will have to bear the value of the development center's infrastructure and pay for any of the technology stacks that will be required to get going.

Well, if you ask us, the whole thing is going to cost you a pretty penny, but if you genuinely want to build your app with full new flow and a custom build, then it will be money well spent.


Our analysts have worked with some of the world's best IT companies and with the financial and business organization so that they can assess and review which business can help you make the most money.

Our team has worked in immediate cognizance with the analytical wing to establish the right business model and the correct app flow to generate more ease of access for your users and service providers, thereby leading to more income generation for you.


What is an app if not designed in the right way? We pay special attention to ensure that the UI and UX of the platform are seamless so that each page in the Gojek clone Script is absolutely User friendly.

The design is customized with the logo and brand name of our clients to give them brand recognition. What's more, our designers also prepare the whole app with your choice's color theme if requested!


With over 15 years of technology experience, most of our developers know the app-based market in and out. We don't believe in sticking to the basics. Our core mantra of success has relied on a healthy mix of innovation with substantial experience.

Our development team is divided into two sections, one charged with the development and enhancement of the core product to introduce new and latest features in the Gojek clone app Vietnam continuously and the other accused with the deployment and delivery of the apps purchased by the clients.

C. Understanding the timeline for building your multi service app like gojek

Building an app takes time. Yeah, that's the simple truth. On-demand apps are very complicated. There are too many components to get into, as we've already discussed. Now, each of these components has to be tested and retested against different scenarios.

What's more, even after meticulous testing, you won't ensure that the app is genuinely seamless until it is out in the market and your users start using it. The desk to market time for an app like the on demand mobile solution could take anywhere between 12 to 18 months to be built properly. Give or take another six months in beta tested and then market test. So, essentially you are looking at least two years for the app to be a full scale and in a ready condition. Now, now! Don't be disappointed. If you genuinely want your app to be successful and just the way you would like for it to be, then it should be worth the wait..

Getting a Readymade on demand app like gojek

So, we’ve discussed what goes on in building your app from the ground up. Now, let’s move on to the other option that is very popular and gaining a lot of momentum these days: Getting a Ready Made On Demand App Solution.

a. What is An Demand App?

A ready-made on demand app solution is pre-built on the model of an existing app in the similar domain. For example, Uber is popular on demand taxi application. A white label mobile app development company would clone the Uber app's script and then build their version of the app by making amendments and enhancements. The entire structure of the app is in a ready condition. When you purchase it, you can quickly get it through hiring resources, building infrastructure, or even paying up for the technology stacks.

b. Get your Readymade on demand app like gojek

Typically, each business has a different requirement. We're not saying that an On Demand Taxi App is different from an On Demand Food Delivery App. We're saying that two other demand taxi apps have entirely different objectives, budgets, agendas and more. Therefore, these apps are sold in various bundles.

It means that the app development company bundles many features and calls it the basic package, adds some other enhancements, calls it the standard package, and adds even more enhancements and calls it the shark package. As per the features included in the package gojek clone price may vary.

Based on your requirements and budget, you can choose whichever feature bundle you like from the package options. It will help you make a suitable investment when you need it rather than pour all your money all at once.

Another important thing is that when a reputed and reliable white-label mobile app development company sells these on demand mobile app solutions, they would also offer the licensed gojek clone source code along with it.

The licensed source code of an app is the very soul of it. If there are any kinds of enhancements or changes and modifications that you need to make in the app, you can’t do it without the licensed source code. That is why; it is critical to have licensed source code. Otherwise, if you need any help with the app in the future, you will have to resort to going back to the company that developed the app for you and paying whatever price they quote to make the needed changes.

c. What is the desk to market time for such ready-made on demand apps?

That’s easy! Since these apps are in ready condition, they can be launched in the market in just 4 to 5 business days. Yeah, yeah. We know it sounds too good to be accurate, but hey, since the app is already in a built state and ready condition, there is no problem in launching the app in just 4 to 5 working days.

Essentially, the Gojek Clone Script is modeled after an already successful on demand app. Therefore, it eliminates the need for research and beta testing. Once you purchase the app, the white-label mobile app development company takes about four days to ingrate your details on the app. It includes putting your brand name and logo on the app and re-skinning it with the color theme of the brand you are.

After this is done, the app is shown to you for approval and once you approve of its design and look and feel, the white-label mobile app development company will go ahead and launch the app for you on the Google Play Store and iOS app store. Please note that it is essential to allow the white label app development company to launch the app for you because getting Google Play Store and iOS app store approval is not easy.

If they launch the app for you, they can make sure that your app is not rejected owing to any technical reason. And that’s all. Your app hits the market and you can start monetizing it almost instantly!

d. How do you find the right white label on demand mobile app development company?

Since this option has become so popular in the recent past, many different developers worldwide have started building their own cloned apps and selling them. It can become slightly overwhelming for the entrepreneurs to pick the right option from amongst the crowd.

There is a simple way to determine which is the best white label on demand mobile app development company. There are two things that you need to look for:

- Experience: The company you are about to choose should at least have half a decade worth's experience in this field. You want to make sure that the white label on demand mobile app development company launches these apps daily.

- Free Demo: It is an essential aspect of making your selections. Before you decide to invest any money in the app, make sure you take a free demo of the application. A reputed white label on demand mobile app development company should have no problem setting you up with your ID for the free demo. You get to download the app and use it as you would. Take a thorough trial so that you can get a complete idea of exactly what you should expect with the app when you get it.


That's all, guys. That is all the information you might need to decide how you should secure your app. Would you like to build your app from scratch? Or would you instead simply opt to get a ready-made on demand app solution? Whatever your choice is, hold your ground and make sure that you power through this business.

Eminent New Features of the Gojek Clone app

Have we ever heard of a successful incomplete business plan? Nor have we. That is why our entire focus of operations is to ensure that we prepare and launch an app for you that is completely equipped to start earning instantly.

We have worked very hard to bring together a single app which includes every primary application in the service industry like the Taxi service, Delivery services, Food delivery service, Grocery Delivery Service, other on demand services like On Demand Massage therapist, On Demand Beautician, On Demand Electrician, On Demand Doctor, etc.

This single application is your key to continue making money each time any service is hired using your app. It is a gold mine of opportunity for you. And our team has worked relentlessly to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

Payment Gateways

Many people don't know that having the right payment gateway is the only way you can have a simple and effective payment system for the application. You can't merely get hold of an app with any dynamic and expect it to work magically for you. That is why we have introduced the Pick and deploy method.

In this method, you have to go through your country's payment regulations and requirements and then just let us know what works well there. We will let you know which payment system your parameters fall into.

That’s all! Then you can choose the payment gateways based on the options and choices that we offer to you and et viola! We’ll integrate them for you in the app! We have launched over 1200 mobile apps in just the last year; it is safe to say that we know what's best for mobile app development.

Unique Features of our Gojek Clone Script

No matter how hard you try to develop something new in the market, there will always be some other competitor trying to one-up you. But you don’t have to worry about that with us in your corner. We are here to give you some of the most unique and useful features that will help you always stay triumphant.

The latest addition to our host of over 20 new features is the Hotel Panel. It is a panel that gives you assured bookings, which in turn means guaranteed growth in customers. The Hotel Panel works straightforwardly.

You make associations with different hotels who book a taxi for their customers only using your app. you give them an independent booking panel, which can be used to book taxis manually. The Hotel can earn a commission each time they make a booking. Such a win-win offer, who can refuse!

Just like this, there are a lot of other things to discover in our apps. Take the plunge and get in touch with us NOW! Good opportunities don’t wait for too long, so don’t let your competition beat you to it! Try our Gojek Clone app Indonesia for FREE NOW!