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Go-Jek is Asia’s award winning app equipped with over 52+ on demand services like taxi, delivery etc., all combined into one. Are you in the quest of making huge business with your own Gojek Clone? What are you waiting for? Launch the Gojek Clone today in your country and cover the entire market to earn a hefty commission right from DAY 1!

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Gojek Clone - The best solution for you!

Gojek is an Indonesian startup born in the year 2010 in order to serve the extensive demand of services in Indonesia which were unorganized to say the least. Although it did initially start off as an app to facilitate bikers offer rides, today, the Gojek enterprise has put their hands in just about every kind of business that you can think of.

The list of services that Gojek caters to includes on demand services like hail a taxi, on demand delivery, logistics etc. It is safe to say that gojek has now turned into an all in one platform that takes care of just about any kind of service related requirement. Today, everyone relies on this app for their daily needs. It has become the Go-To app for everyone. As the importance of smartphones is increasing, so is the significance of all encompassing apps. There aren’t too many applications in the world that would let you handle every requirement from right within. This is why the Gojek clone is the best solution for you. By investing in the gojek clone script, you will be able to become the leader in this race. Now is the chance for you to beat your competition and stay ahead in the race with an all-inclusive application available in the market. Our apps are specifically designed to ensure that you can offer your customers the advantage of booking rides plus delivery plus car rental plus 52 other on demand services. This is your chance, Grab it with both hands


Add as many services as you want along with Ride and Delivery Services. Earn commission on each task/ride/delivery done through the Gojek Clone App. Add/ Manage your own Categories & Subcategories from Administrator Panel.

on demand Taxi Ride

taxi booking

on demand Moto Ride

moto booking

on demand Car Rental

rent car

on demand Moto Rental

moto rental

on demand Box (Cargo Delivery)

curier delivery

on demand Send (Small packages delivery)

delivery on demand

Food Delivery

food on demand

Grocery Delivery

grocery on demand

on demand babysitter

babysitting on demand

on demand beautician

beauty on demand

on demand car washer

car wash on demand

on demand carpenter

carpentry services

on demand cuddler

cuddling services

on demand DJ

DJ services

on demand doctor

doctor on demand

on demand dog groomer

grooming services

on demand dog walker

dog walking services

on demand electrician

electrician services

on demand escort

escort services

on demand fitness trainer

personal trainer on demand

on demand handyman

handyman services

on demand home cleaner

cleaning services

on demand home painter

house painting

on demand insurance agent

insurance services

on demand lawn mower

lawn mowing services

on demand lawyer

legal services

on demand locksmith

lock smith services

on demand maids

maid services

on demand massage

massage services

on demand pest controling

pest control services

on demand physiotherapist

on demand physio

on demand plumber

on demand plumbing

on demand real estate agent

real estate on demand

on demand security guard

security guard services

on demand snow plow

snow plow services

on demand tourist guide

tourist services

on demand tow truck driver

towing services

on demand travel agent

travel on demand

on demand tutor

tutoring on demand

on demand vet

veterinary on demand

on demand workers

workers on demand


launch your own app

Own Your Gojek App Clone Completely

Why settle with just the body when you can have the soul too? We understand that in order to grow any business, you have to keep updating and changing your application to cope with the times. This is why we hand over the entire source code of this giant application to you.

The Source code of the gojek clone is what the app is essentially built on. This means that regardless of what kind of change you want in the future with respect to the application, you can get it done absolutely easily without any dependency on us! You’ve paid the money; you deserve to own it completely.


Our team of expert professionals ensures that our app is the reason for your brand recognition and the establishment of your business. This is why, when you purchase the application from us, we put your brand name and logo everywhere on the application.

You thought that was it? We give you the solutions with your choice of language and your choice of currency so that you can launch it happily in your preferred region. Our product is a global one. This means after we white label the gojek app clone for you, you can run your business using this app from anywhere in the world!

white label solution
complete scalability

Complete Scalability

Scale this app as big as you like. We have full faith in your business acumen and we know that you are sure to make this into something huge. Our app goes right well with your ambitions. We know that you want your business to be the best and the biggest. We completely second that emotion.

This is why our Gojek Clone application allows unlimited service providers and unlimited Users to download and register into the app. The more the people using the app to get jobs and to get their service needs fulfilled, the higher will be your profits.

There’s so much we offer you for FREE!

Everyone wants to see more returns on their investments. We get that sentiment completely. We want to be absolutely sure that you are happy and successful. We would hate for you to keep pouring money into things that don’t need more money! This is why we give you a host of freebies when you purchase gojek clone that other companies charge you additionally for.

  • Free Skype Chat Support
  • Free Support Over Calls
  • Free Source Code
  • Free Bug Support for 365 days
what esiteworld offers

GoJek Clone Source Code

The all in one Gojek Clone App provides on demand services like Taxi booking, on demand delivery, massage services, cleaning services, beauty services etc. It includes all the on demand services that a new entrepreneur would require to start with. To satisfy the needs of emerging entrepreneurs, we have come up with a gojek clone script which includes the below mentioned components:

what we offer

Why Us

We are the pioneers in the technology of Gojek clone. We are the first to have built and developed the gojek clone script. You only want the best app at the best prices, right? Well, then we are the ONLY company to offer the most advanced Gojek clone app in the WORLD.

16 Experts 4 years A Whole Lot Of Money

That’s how much care and attention we took to develop this fantastic product for you. Our aim is to create and offer an application that will actually be profitable for you. We understand your hesitation. This is why we offer to you an unlimited DEMO absolutely FREE of cost. Try it to your heart’s content and only then make it your own.

Gojek Clone DEMO

Put your money only if you like what you see! This video showcases exactly how this app runs with a step by step detailed explanation from user, service provider and administrator point of view!

Gojek Clone demo Gojek app clone Video

GoJek Clone Mobile App

Free Features

feature 1

licensed source code

feature 2

free support

feature 3


feature 4

white lable

feature 12

Android app submission

feature 6


feature 7

language choice

feature 8

currency choice

feature 9


feature 10

Launch and Installation

feature 11

iOS app submission

feature 13

internal chat

feature 14

manual booking

feature 15

web panel

feature 16

ipad app rejection

feature 17

android app rejection

feature 18


guaranteed delivery

Unique paid Addons

Addons availability

  • corporate rides
  • car pool
  • VOIP based call masking
  • KIOSK booking app
  • hotel booking panel
  • company dispatch panel
  • Admin rights & roles
  • tracing ride by family & friends
  • Advertisement banners
  • scan credit card for payment
  • realtime chat with support team
  • block fraud riders/drivers
  • Shop/Stop/Eat while riding
  • Linkedin login
  • real time currency rates
  • Airport rides/surcharge
  • child seat preference
  • book ride for someone else
  • newsletter subscribe
  • news feed
why app is expensive?

Clone Gojek Script Mysteries Solved!

Understand all that there is to the app like GoJek to help set up your own booming on demand app for all services with the help of this video. Get tips on choosing the right GoJek clone for a successful business.

Give your Users 3 choicesRide or Delivery or 52 different types of services

This app like Gojek will allow you to enable your customers to book the kind of services that they want. So, for example, your user needs a taxi, they can click a button and hire a cab, they need to send a parcel, click a button and get it sent, hire an electrician, click a button and hire their services. In this system, a person can hire a taxi as in Uber Taxi clone, can get his Parcel/Cargo delivered or book a service like Electrician, Nurse, Vet, Tutor, Car Wash, Home Cleaning, Massage, Baby sitting, etc.

For Ride- The User will have to click on the Taxi option and then book a taxi for their desired destination. If you thought you can just book cars, think again! You can book motor bikes, scooters, bikes and more!

For Deliveries-Your users can get their parcels delivered by clicking on this option. Whether it is a document or a bag of cement your customers can get anything delivered from point A to point B.

Rentals- Now, your customers can click a button and rent a chauffeur driven car at predecided price packages. Don’t need a car? Well, give them the choice of booking motor bikes and scooters as well!

Services- Offer 52 different kinds of services like, Electrician, plumber, tow truck, Dog walker, Massage therapist, physiotherapist, house maid and more right from your very own app.

view gojek clone flow
payment gateway
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment Gateway
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Braintree (Paypal) Payment Gateway
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway
  • Payfort Payment Gateway
  • Payu Payment Gateway
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway
  • Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • Omise.co Payment Gateway
  • Couldn't Find Your Payment Gateway?

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The Gojek Clone App: A fine Mix of the best On Demand Services put into One

Starting a business of any kind may seem like a difficult thing to do, but our team of expert professionals is here to help you with just that. We are proud of our think tank that comprises of:


Our analysts have worked with some of the best IT companies of the world and also with financial and business organization so that they can assess and review which business can help you make most money.

Our team has worked in close cognizance with the analytical wing in order to establish the right business model and the correct app flow to generate more ease of access for your users and service providers, thereby leading to more income generation for you.


What is an app if not designed in the right way? We pay special attention to ensure that the UI and UX of the platform are absolutely seamless so that each page in the Gojek clone app is absolutely User friendly.

The design is customized with the Logo and brand name of our clients to give them brand recognition. What’s more, our designers also prepare the whole app with the color theme of your choice if requested!


With over 15 years of experience in technology, most of our developers know the app based market in and out. We don’t believe in sticking to the basics. Our core mantra of success has relied on a healthy mix of new innovation with solid experience.

Our development team is divided into two sections, one that is charged with the development and enhancement of the core product to introduce new and latest features in the Gojek clone app continuously and the other charged with the deployment and delivery of the apps purchased by the clients.

Eminent New Features of the Gojek Clone app

Ever heard of a successful incomplete business plan? Nor have we. This is why our entire focus of operations is to ensure that we prepare and launch an app for you that is completely equipped to start earning for you instantly.

We have worked very hard to bring together a single app which includes every major application in the service industry like the Taxi service, Delivery services, Food delivery service, Grocery Delivery Service, other on demand services like On Demand Massage therapist, On Demand Beautician, On Demand Electrician, On Demand Doctor etc.

This single application is your key to continue making money each time any service is hired using your app. This is a gold mine of opportunity for you. And our team has worked relentlessly to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

Payment Gateways

What many people don’t know is that having the right payment gateway is the only way you can have a simple and effective payment system for the application. You can’t simply get hold of an app with any dynamic and expect it to work magically for you. This is why we have introduced the Pick and deploy method.

In this method, you have to go through the payment regulations and requirements of your country and then just let us know what works well there. We will let you know which payment system your parameters fall into.

That’s all! Then you can choose the payment gateways based on the options and choices that we offer to you and et viola! We’ll integrate them for you in the app! We have launched over 600 mobile apps in just the last year; it is safe to say that we know what’s best when it comes to mobile app development.

Unique Features

No matter how hard you try to come up with something new in the market, there will always be some other competitor trying to one up you. But you don’t have to worry about that with us in your corner. We are here to give you some of the most unique and useful features that will help you always stay triumphant.

The latest addition to our host of over 20 new features is the Hotel Panel. This is a panel that gives you assured bookings which in turn means guaranteed growth in customers The Hotel Panel works in a very simple way.

You make associations with different hotels who book a taxi for their customers only using your app. you give them an independent booking panel which can be used to manually book taxis. The Hotel can earn a commission each time they make a booking. Such a win win offer, who can refuse!

Just like this, there are a lot of other things to discover in our apps. Take the plunge and get in touch with us NOW! Good opportunities don’t wait for too long, so don’t let your competition beat you to it! Try our Gojek Clone app for FREE NOW!