State-Of-The-Art Features of Our Uber for Maids App

  • Lifetime Licensed Source Code

    You will get the licensed source code once you purchase the package from us, at no additional cost.

  • 100% White-labeling

    We will rebrand your application, website, and admin panel by integrating your company name and logo and changing the color theme.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    You can integrate multiple payment methods into the system, including cash, an in-app wallet, and credit/debit cards.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Your users can use this feature to track their booked service provider’s location in real-time on the map.

  • Service Scheduling

    Users can also opt to schedule the maid’s service at a later date or time, depending on their requirements.

  • App Submission

    Once we white-label the app and get your approval, we will submit it to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

Uber for Maids Script Package

We offer entrepreneurs a complete solution, using which they can easily launch their online business in just 1-2 weeks. With our solution, it becomes easier for you to go live, get your users onboard, and start making money through commissions! From mobile applications to a website and admin panel, check out everything you get with the purchase of our package!

Maid Service App Script

How Does Uber for Maids App Work?

  • User Registration/Login: Users can register on the Maid service application or simply go ahead and log in using their Face ID and Fingerprint to start booking.
  • Service Selection: After logging into the application, users can choose the cleaning service of their choice to proceed with the booking process.
  • Browse and Select Maids: Users can browse through a list of maids available for the service near them. Now, they can sort and filter the best one out of the list depending on their profiles, experience, ratings, and service charges.
  • Service Booking and Confirmation: User can now select their preferred payment method and location and send the service request to the provider. Once the maid accepts the request, the user receives a notification confirming the job.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Users can now track the service provider's location in real-time on the map and also see their estimated time of arrival.
  • Service Completion: Once the maid arrives, completes the tasks, and marks "end the job", the user gets the notification.
  • Invoice and Payment: Once the job is marked as completed, the system generates the invoice, and the payment is processed.
  • Review and Rating: Both the maid and the user can review and rate each other!

Visuals of our Futuristic Uber for Maid Service App

Glance through the visuals of our applications to see how the interface looks, what features it integrates, and how your users can book maid services online! Also, take a look at how the service providers can use the app to accept/decline the service, manage the jobs, and get paid.

User App
Maid App
  • User App
  • User Profile Setting
  • Service Category
  • Edit Cart and Checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
Maid Web Panel

Why Choose Our Uber-like Maid Service App?

If you are wondering why our ready-made Uber-like maid service application is the best for you, then you must go through our client's testimonials! Well, besides being the most sought-after pre-built solution for launching maid services in 1-2 weeks, we also provide you with an efficient app that will boost your user's experience and maximize your profits.

Also, our app integrates the most advanced features, such as real-time tracking, in-app calling, wallet-to-wallet payments, biometrically authenticated login, and so on. We also make sure that the application matches your branding's aesthetics, so we change the app's color theme and add your company's name and logo everywhere. The best thing is that we completely white-label the solution in just 1-2 weeks! That's not all! Our apps are developed using the latest technology stack, which empowers them to work seamlessly and lets you expand your operations without a hitch.

What's the Estimated Cost to Launch an Uber Maids App?

Developing and launching an Uber-like app for maid service booking can turn out to be very expensive if you opt for the "traditional" app development method. However, if you're investing in a ready-made solution such as ours, you can kickstart your online business even under a small and strict budget! I can't believe what you just read is right. Check out our pricing page for more details on our app's features and the cost of our smart package.

Maid App general features
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Maid Web Panel

Streamline Your Business with Our Website and Admin Panel

Our professionally designed and developed website and admin panel make it super simple for you, as the admin panel, to manage and control the business. Our comprehensive app package incorporates a website with panels for your users, service providers, and registering companies. With these web panels, they can manage their profiles, view transactions, contact customer support, and much more.

With the robust admin panel, you, as the app owner, can control every business activity from a single dashboard! The dashboard integrates all the essential features and functions, like user management, server monitoring, accessing advanced reports, setting commissions, earning reports, and more.

Try our website and admin panel demo to see how they work in real-time.

Words of Appreciation from Real Entrepreneurs

We have served hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world to launch their online businesses in just 1-2 weeks! Hear our happy clients appreciate our ready-made products and professional services in these testimonials. Get to know why we are the best in the market and why you should consider trying our pre-built solutions right away!