On demand maid service app

Get Into The Homely Business like Uber for Maid Service A new way of making your fortune - Cleaning service App that will provide maids to clients at the touch of a button.
Uber for Maids

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Uber for Maids script

The Best Script in the Market

We have spent a whole lot of time and a lot of intellectual energy in building this application. This is why we have been successful in creating the perfect script for this application.

We have bundled up the top things to run your business together in the app. Our package includes:

maids on demand app perfect script
maid service app script

How The Uber For Maids Makes An Efficient Process Of All The Odd Jobs

  • There is a great demand for domestic cleaning, cooking and laundry services, everywhere across the globe. Whether it is a simple sweep and mop or cooking an elaborate meal for the family, or a combination of both, your maids will deliver all that and more.
  • Any client looking for a maid will register on the cleaning service app with their personal details and their credit/debit card details for easy payment.
  • Whenever they require the services of a maid, they will simply log into the maid service app, and choose the job that needs to be done from a preset list of services, whether it is cooking, cleaning etc. They will also input details of when they want the job done i.e. date and time. Jobs can be booked on demand or in advance.
  • Once the details have been completed, all the "live" maids in the locality will appear on the screen. Users can glance into their profile, experience, ratings and reviews and the rates that each maid charges by the hour.
  • Clients can pick the one they like best and select her for the job. The maid will get a text message and an email notifying and confirming her of the job.
  • At the appointed time, the maid will go to the client's premises and start her timer when she starts doing her job. On completion, she will switch the timer off. This process triggers the invoice to be generated, a copy of which goes to both the client and the maid.
  • The payment is automatically cleared from the client's debit/credit card. Both the maid and the client can review and rate each other.

A Professional And Smart app like Uber for Maid Service - Your Own Earning Domestic Goddess

Launch a domestic service like no other - a modern way of cleaning, cooking and doing all the odd jobs that people want to be done at their homes. With this unique on demand maid service app clone with classy features, you will be the owner of a business that matches no other.

Give your customers the perfect opportunity to hire the right resource whenever they need it. What's more, you can continue to make money right from the get go. A single investment can reap you the benefits of a well established business forever.

Start earning while your maids clear, cook and clean homes, this app will provide a fantastic opportunity to make money while all your clients are happy with your services. Built on Latest technology and loaded with features, there’s hardly any way you could go wrong!

Uber For Maid Service on demand maid service app
4 Steps To Your Product
  • Download our App
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
Core Feature maids app
multilanguage/multicurrency feature in app cash or pay by cash
real time tracking & booking scheduling option features in app
Web Panel's Included
Web panel

Cleaning Service App Package - The Domesticated Website, The Maid Web Panel, And A Clean Client Web Panel For That Ultimate Service

A sophisticated web panel to pair with your website will change how your business works. We believe in offering nothing but the most comprehensive and holistic solutions to you. This is why we dont just stop at apps. We bring to you the most sophisticated and well made web panels for the Maid On Demand Application. Try now and see for yourself!

Although we give you a list of predefined services, you may have ideas of your own that you wish to implement for your business. Talk to us and we will do the implementation for you.

You are a boss in your own right, of all the maids and the system too. Get that app like Uber for maids that will earn you a fortune from this homely business.

  • carwash on demand apps graphical flow
  • House Cleaning App Splash
  • Introduction screen
  • Login & register
  • Application menu
  • verifications screens
  • Choose Service you require
  • House Cleaner gets online
  • book a House Cleaning
  • manage services
  • select the House Cleaning
  • View Galery and reviews
  • Location and payment
  • Select work location
  • Send booking request
  • Job request accepted
  • internal chat
  • Voip based call masking
  • House Cleaner reaches job location
  • upload photo before services
  • upload photo after services
  • job started
  • upload photo after services
  • job completed
  • invoice summary
  • book later option works
  • Book requested
  • wallet intigration
  • wallet to wallet money transfer
  • Money transfer success
  • membership subscription
  • Subscription Requested
  • Favorite House Cleaner
  • Set as favorite
  • edit profile
  • manage document
  • payment options
  • scan credit card for payment
  • job history
  • notification and newsfeed
  • manage notification and sounds
  • promo code
  • emergency / panic button
  • advertisement banner
  • user/House Cleaner feedback
  • invite friend
  • earning stat

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On-demand maid service

With the growing pressure of work and hectic schedule, everyone is so busy taking care of their kids, cooking food and extra-curricular activities that they don't find time to clean up the house. If your house is messed up because you don’t find enough time to clean the house or you just don’t want to clean it then you should go with a maid service.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a maid service

Household works are never-ending and time-consuming so hiring a domestic-worker can work here as it saves a great deal of time for our family. The maids also handle duties like cleaning the house, buying groceries, doing the laundries and cooking. Many families appoint maids to take proper care of their elderly, children and pets.

Carrying these and other important duties mean you can't focus on your work. So, it's better to hire a professional maid and focus on your work.

Another benefit of having a maid is that you will have enough time to perform the activity that gives you pleasure. You can also plan for an outing with your children knowing that your house is in the safe hands.

In addition to this, your maid may also act as a friend or mentor for your children and guide them in their basic learning part.

You can hire a person who is looking for cleaning jobs, but of the people don't feel safe letting strangers enter their homes. So, if you hire a professional maid from our on-demand maid-service app then you should not worry about the safety part. All the maid workers sent by us are properly authenticated before they are hired. They have to pass a different set of tests to get hired. Proper background authentication is done on the basis of their criminal records and drug tests before they are hired. They are also provided with special training program by which they learn about how to clean a home, how to behave politely etc.

You can request as many maids as you want. If you have some function at your house, then you can request maid service for 5-6 maids, if that is okay, and if you need more maids then you can request for more maids mainly depending on your requirements.

A professional maid will easily clean your house in a way that nobody else can do. So, it's better to get a professional maid service with our mind-blowing on-demand maid service app.