Uber for Doctors

A simple solution to bring

Medical help for your customers while helping you earn money.This care on demand app is the most modern medical miracle that will make sure that your customers can get medical assistance instantly whenever they need it! Let your users get access to hundreds of different doctors through their smartphones! While they get medical assistance, you make a bucket load of money!

uber clone
uber clone
Free Features Of Our CubeDoctor
  • apps installation
  • apps approval on play store
  • white labelling
  • advanced analytics
  • advanced reports
  • wallet
  • life time license
  • licensed code open for customization's
  • responsive web panel's

Source Code And Script

Source codes and scripts are the basis for a great app. Our Medical appointment app is based on the tried and tested models of Uber taxi booking application which ascertains that it comes pre approved on the Google play store as well as the iTunes store. The script is 100% secure and ready to work the instant it hits the market.

Apart from this, we also offer you the entire source code of Uber for doctors app for FREE so that you can independently make modifications to it whenever you deem fit. You do not have to be dependent on us or any other company to change the app to your specifications.

doctor clone script

doctor clone script

Invest in the Medical Appointment App

To heal your financial situation whilst curing patients across the world

Get ready to get amazed with the doctor on demand app which will not only allow the patients to get a unique care experience in the comfort of their house and your doctors to earn extra along the way but also empower you as the owner of this gigantic dream to earn huge profits for yourself. Have a look at the functioning of this app and get ready to get enthralled and amazed. Here’s how the doctor on demand app works on the app of the patient and the app of the doctor respectively.

Patient App Flow

  • Patient logs in to the doctor on demand app with their social media handles like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ or create an account with their basic details like name, mobile number and email address
  • The patient enters the application and gets a list of all the different medical experts like a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, etc and selects the medical expert they require
  • The patient selects the medical expert they need. For example, the patient chooses the medical expert , physiotherapist and then gets a list of all the different nearby physiotherapists along with their rating and map view
  • The patient selects the nearby medical expert of their choice and gets a view of the services they offer, their gallery and past reviews that they have received
  • The patient chooses the service/services they need from the medical expert and adds special instructions if any for the service/services they requested for the service
  • Patient taps on ‘Checkout’ to confirm the service/services requested by them and selects the mode of payment – cash or card, the location where they need the service and schedule the booking for the same day or a later date
  • The patient receives a notification that their booking request has been sent to the medical expert and would be accepted shortly by the medical expert.
  • The patient gets notified of the acceptance of the medical service/services by the medical expert with the notification ‘Medical Expert Has Accepted Job Request’.
  • The patient can track the location of the medical expert and remain connected with them until their arrival via internet calls and in-app chats.
  • The patient gets notified of the arrival of the medical expert with the message ‘Medical Expert Has Arrived At Job Location’ and of the starting of the medical services with ‘Medical Expert Has Started Job’.
  • On completion of services by medical expert, patient gets notified with ‘Medical Expert Has Completed Job’ and gets an invoice shared with them containing the details of the service/services availed by them.
  • The patient makes payment in case they selected cash as mode of payment or gets money deducted from their card to make the payment if they selected card as mode of payment.
  • The patient provides a review to the medical expert based on the experience of the service/services received by them from the medical expert.
Medical Expert App Flow
  • Medical Expert receives the request on their app upon setting their availability as online containing the details of the service/services selected by the patient along with the location where the medical service is required and thereby accepts the request by tapping on ‘Confirm Job Request’.
  • Medical Expert and Patient remain connected to each other via internet calls and in-app chats until they arrive and on arriving at job location they tap on ‘Arrived at Job Location’ to confirm the same.
  • Medical Expert taps on ‘Job Started’ and begins the medical service/services that are required by the patient and can track the progress of their job via their app.
  • Upon the completion of the service/services, the medical expert taps on ‘Job Completed’ to confirm the end of the medical service/services provided to the patient.
  • Medical Expert gets an invoice summary generated on their screen containing the details of the service/services selected along with the mode of payment chosen by the payment.
  • In case of the patient choosing cash as mode of payment, the medical expert taps on ‘Collect Payment’ to collect the cash from them.
  • The Medical Expert provides a review to the Patient and rates them based on the experience and nature of service/services offered by the medical expert.
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People these days lead a very unhealthy life - stress from work and long working hours, inactive lifestyle, bad eating habits, meals on the go, financial commitments - all these are adding up to be a perfect recipe for all sorts of diseases and ailments. It is therefore a necessity to have the services of medical appointment app to help everyone whose health is suffering. By investing in this app you kill two birds with one stone - you help people make healthy as well as making your financial future healthy too.

Start your own digital hospital in as little as two days and give people what they need - an instant doctor at their beck and call to soothe all their ailments away. And while people are getting healed, get rich! Our experts have put together a very specific app catering to the exact requirements that a doctor has in order to grow their business. We not only offer a single app but also a whole year of bug support to ensure that you are on your way to success!

uber clone script
4 Steps To Your Product
  • Demo test-app
  • Place the order test-app
  • Tell Us What You Want test-app
  • Succeed test-app
Core Features
  • Multicurrency/ Multilanguage
  • God Eye View
  • Cash or Pay by Cash
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Book Now Or Schedule For Later Feature
  • Promo Code and Referrel
Web Panel's Included

Web Panel's Included

Doctor app Clone Package - A Curative Website, A Healing Doctor Panel, And The Healthy Client Panel – A Package That Will Make Your Bank Account Healthy In No Time

Uber for doctors has the regular predesigned features. However, when you open your own online hospital you might want to "doctor" the features to suit your hospital and treatment plan. Talk to us and we will doctor your app exactly as you want for your business.

No recession or economic crisis will stop people falling ill. Big or small illnesses are the norm for everyone and at some point will need medical attention. Therefore this is the right time to make that investment and build your own little hospital and introduce the smart way of treating people in the comfort of their homes. The satisfaction that you get when you see your Uber for doctors Clone being used for people's health matched with the income generated from it is something you will enjoy throughout your life.

Uber For Doctors

On-Demand Doctors App on the smartphone can arrange a consultation from any time, anywhere, e.g. home, office, even a hotel room. Sometimes people do not need a checkup but, the only consultation to show their medical reports, talk to them about the improvement or make changes in the prescription. This can be arranged through an app by choosing online consultation.

Healthcare start-ups can personalize their own On-Demand Doctors App. It is a standalone app that is scalable and flexible to integrate with your existing healthcare business models.

Invest In Doctor On-demand App That Boosts Your Revenue While Curing Patients

Stressful works, long working hours, unhealthy lifestyle, irregular eating habits, and meals on the go, financial liabilities- all these adding up with people asking for medical care that doesn’t make them wait. And that’s when creating the Doctors On Demand App seems to be the perfect timing.

The Doctors On Demand App increases your business finances by helping you to serve a wide range of medical services efficiently and in a more organized manner. Thus, helping you to expand your client base rapidly.

As a matter of fact, there are lots of alternatives to On-demand Uber Doctor Script in the market. Still, our Doctors On-demand App makes it easy and quick for people:

  • Who wants to book their doctor’s appointments from an app or website
  • Show medical reports via the app
  • Offering consultancy via video calls via the app
  • Call an ambulance using the app
  • Arrange for blood work easily through the app

The signup and registration process is quick thus, making it easy for the individuals to browse the medical aiding categories to book the appointment accordingly.

Replicating The Success Of Uber For Doctors App
Focusing on the people

Health-care on-demand apps are about serving people.

Incorporating the look, features won’t give you success unless your On-Demand Doctor Script carries some meaningful, user-centric features.

Your app will be hand handled by people who might not have operated an app before, do not have a smartphone as well as elder citizens who are not used to using this technology. Hence; while designing this feature we have kept this in mind so that your app experiences more downloads and has covered all the elements responsible for the success.

Compatibility on a different device

When it comes to digital devices, people have a variety of tastes. Meaning with lots of variation your app must be compatible with all the devices.

Thus, while developing an app like Home Doctor App we made sure that it works well across all the platforms especially payment gateways. Hence, Doctors On-Demand App must stay consistent on all devices as they are critical to security and user experience.

Tailored to suit your brand

As an app development company, we are focused on delivering what you require. It means customization options are a given with us. We give you customized options to choose from. Thus, making sure that they all work well with your vision. You can be sure that all core functions will perform exceptionally well.

Earn with Online Clinic of Your Own

Doctors are willing to provide on-demand visits for patients who require medical attention. As an entrepreneur, you can earn revenue for every successful visit of a patient with the doctor. You can ensure that doctors sign up with your Uber-like app for Doctors and help in reaching patients far and wide.

Why Should You Buy Our Uber For Doctors Script Over Others?

Our Doctors On-Demand Clone Script has paved the way for those entrepreneurs who wish to enter the on-demand industry. Therefore, offering a perfect opportunity to medical professionals as well as startups and entrepreneurs to generate profits.

Our On-Demand Doctors App comes with an easy installation process. Also, it provides you a lot of advanced-level features that enable you to manage your business successfully. Using this script, you can reach thousands of people looking to book their health appointments, thus expanding your horizons is easy.