Free Uber for Doctors App Features

  • App Submission and Approvals

    we take on the responsibility of submitting your Apps to the iOS and Android App stores and getting them approved.

  • White-Labeling

    we will rebrand your app and other modules with your company's name and logo. Also, we will integrate your preferred languages, currencies, payment gateways, and so on.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    using the feature, your users will be able to live track their deliveries!

  • Multiple Payment Options

    we have integrated multiple payment options, including cash, in-app wallets, and credit/debit cards.

  • In-App Calls/messages

    with this feature, users can place a VoIP-based voice call and even send messages to the service providers via the application.

  • Licensed Source Code

    once we launch the App and complete all the other formalities, we will zip and send the licensed source code of the App you purchased from us.

Doctor On-demand App Package

We provide you with a complete solution that lets you start your app-based business quickly without wasting a whole lot of money and time. Our professionally crafted clone App script package incorporates all the essential modules to connect users and doctors, pharmacies, and nearby ambulance drivers. You also get a fully-fledged admin panel from where you can manage and control your entire business and a website where users can order their prescribed medicines, manage their profile, contact the support team, and so on!

Doctor Clone Script

Doctor Clone Script

Uber for Doctor App Workflow

  • Sign up/Log in: Patients and doctors can register on the App using their social media accounts, email, or phone number. They can log into their App using Face ID or fingerprints to book a healthcare service of their choice.
  • Find experts: Patients can check the entire list of doctors available near them. they can also check the professional's previous ratings and reviews, distance from their current location, charges, etc.
  • Choose services: Patients can now go ahead and select the services they want from the chosen doctor's service catalog and also add special instructions.
  • Book service: After selecting the services, users now need to pick the location they want the doctor to visit or click on "at doctor's location" to book an appointment. Additionally, patients have to select the payment method of their choice and choose "Book Now" for instant service booking or "Book Later" for scheduling it.
  • Service confirmation: Patients receive the notification for service confirmation once the doctor accepts their request.
  • Live tracking: Patients can also track the doctor's location in real-time once they accept the service request and mark them as "on the way" to the service's address.
  • Service starts: The doctor reaches the patient's location and starts the job at the agreed-upon date and time.
  • Service completion: The doctor marks the job as 'complete,' to end the job.
  • Invoice and payment: An invoice is generated as soon as the doctor marks the service as complete, and the payment is then processed from the user's end.
  • Ratings and reviews: Patients and the doctor can then share their ratings and reviews based on their experience.

Screen Flow Visuals of Our Robust Doctor on-Demand App

Go through the visuals of our stunning on-demand healthcare application's workflow and see how it works in real time.

Patient App
Doctor App
  • User App
  • User Profile Setting
  • Service Category
  • Edit Cart and Checkout
  • Delivery Driver App
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Delivery Driver Profile
  • Manage Vehicles

Why Choose Our Pre-Built On-Demand Doctor App?

We provide our clients with top-notch On-Demand Doctor App solutions that are pre-integrated with advanced features, user-friendly design, and a simple workflow. We're experts in the field and have already white-labeled hundreds of On-Demand Apps and launched them for our clients.

Besides free and quick white-labeling, we provide the following perks as well:

  • Earn Excellent Commissions: Launching an On-Demand App lets your users easily book medical services, while you get to make more money on every service booking.
  • Stay a Curve Ahead of Your Competitors: Our Doctor On-Demand App integrates amazing features and functions, allowing you to personalize your user's experience and move a curve ahead of your competitors.
  • Gain More Users: You will be able to capture a bigger market easily by launching a mobile App and keeping your users happy.
uber clone script

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Doctor on-Demand App?

Check out the list of features and services you get with the purchase of our pre-built package.

Web Panel's Included

User-friendly Website and Easy-to-use Admin Panel

Experience owning and launching a high-quality On-Demand Doctor App that is ready to compete with big names in the industry! Our pre-built App integrates a super user-friendly interface, tons of advanced features, and the capability of scaling up with ease. With our robust website, your users can effortlessly check out all the doctors' services available on-demand, along with other healthcare facilities like medicine delivery, appointment booking, and ambulance booking. Also, they can view bookings, manage their profiles, and do so much more with just a few clicks.

Our robust admin panel, on the other hand, lets you easily manage and control your business without any hassles. The admin dashboard allows you to monitor the server and view the status of booked, called, or scheduled jobs in one go. Besides, you can use the panel to access earning reports, set commissions, manage your third-party ads, and boost your overall business productivity.

View Graphical Flow

Real Entrepreneurs Trust eSiteWorld!

Watch over a hundred video testimonials to see why entrepreneurs from around the world trust us and invest in our on-demand doctor’s app.

Uber For Doctors

Our "Doctor On-Demand App" is the most seamless way to bridge the connectivity gap between patients and doctors in a location. The platform lets patients find, book, schedule appointments, and even video chat with their preferred psychologists, physiotherapists, general physicians, dieticians, and many other doctors.

Besides getting medical advice and help from doctors, you can also integrate other healthcare services on the App, such as:

  • Medicine Delivery
  • Ambulance Booking
  • Appointment Booking with vet

In short, this pre-built App makes it easy for users in your operating region to get healthcare help when they need it, especially for non-emergency issues! The "on-demand" facility means App users can use the service whenever they want, making healthcare more flexible and accessible.

Owning an On-demand Doctor App: Amazing Advantages

Running an online business providing on-demand doctor and healthcare services through a smart App comes with a ton of benefits. Here are a few of the most interesting advantages that you should definitely know as an App owner!

Meeting your user's demands:

the App provides a convenient and quick platform for users to find and book doctor's services, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction!

Cost savings:

shifting operations online will save much of the cost that you may have to spend on hiring staff, renting a clinic, and so on.

Larger market operations:

with a mobile App, you will be able to spread more awareness of your business and, finally, get to operate in a larger market with ease.

Maintain transparency:

with the help of advanced features like real-time tracking, online payments, In-App calling, automatic invoice generation, etc., you will be able to make your on-demand service more transparent and more trustworthy.

Access to valuable data:

digitizing your on-demand business will enable you to gather valuable customer insights and use them to make further improvements.

Quickly Build and Launch your Doctor On-demand App

Invest in a ready-made solution like our Uber for Doctors App to quickly go live in the market and start earning profits! White-label Apps are proven and one of the most trusted business solutions among aspiring entrepreneurs. Business people across the world are aggressively going digital and promoting online bookings and doorstep services.

So, if you too want to grab this business opportunity, get our ready-made App and launch your App-based businesses in just 1-2 weeks. With eSiteWorld, you can easily say no to larger investment requirements and a long App development process.

Benefits of choosing our advanced doctor on-demand App:

  • Quick white-labeling in 7-10 days.
  • Integration of your brand name and logo
  • Our package includes ready-made scripts for the website, admin panel, and iOS and Android Apps.
  • You can leverage our part-payment options.
  • Free features and advanced add-ons are available to make your app even better!
  • You get complete ownership of the App.
  • We will send you the lifetime licensed source code so you can modify your App whenever you want.

For more details, visit our website or contact us. What are you waiting for? Start your business in under two weeks with our market-ready solutions.