Uber for Doctors

A simple solution to bring

medical help for your customers while helping you earn money.

This care on demand app is the most modern medical miracle that will make sure that your customers can get medical assistance instantly whenever they need it! Let your users get access to hundreds of different doctors through their smartphones! While they get medical assistance, you make a bucket load of money!

medical appointment app
Free Features of our CubeDoctor
  • doctor on demand Apps Installation
  • on demand doctor Apps Approval on Play Stores
  • doctor apps White Labeling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

Source Code And Script

Source codes and scripts are the basis for a great app. Our Medical appointment app is based on the tried and tested models of Uber taxi booking application which ascertains that it comes pre approved on the Google play store as well as the iTunes store. The script is 100% secure and ready to work the instant it hits the market.

Apart from this, we also offer you the entire source code of Uber for doctors app for FREE so that you can independently make modifications to it whenever you deem fit. You do not have to be dependent on us or any other company to change the app to your specifications.

urgent care app

doctor appointment booking app


  • Any healthy person can become ill in seconds without any sort of prior indication. In such instances medical assistance is required on an urgent basis. The local casualty may be too far, and the wait horrendous. Solve this international problem by investing in the Uber for doctors Clone and open your own online hospital.
  • All people need to register on the Uber for doctors app by completing their personal details as well as those of their debit/credit card. When a person is ill, all he will need to do is log onto the app and select his ailment e.g. headache, fever, vomiting, nausea, diabetes, backache etc. Once that is done, he will need to select the date, time and venue for the treatment to be administered since he could be anywhere when he falls ill. He will also specify if he/she requires a male or female doctor at the time of booking.
  • All medical practitioners who specialize in your ailment will appear on the screen. The patient can check out each doctor's credentials, profile, reviews and ratings and details of his practice before deciding which one to choose for the treatment.
  • The selected doctor will receive details of the patient via a text message and email. He will then make his way to the patient's premises to treat him at the appointed date and time. Once the treatment has been given, the doctor will indicate the same on the app and an invoice will be generated. Both parties will receive a copy of the invoice and payment will be deducted from the patient's payment card. Both the doctor and the patient have the facility to rate and review each other.
  • The owner of the digital hospital earns from the commission that he gets for every patient that seeks and receives treatment using the app.

Uber For Doctors App - Healing Patients And Your Financial Problems

People these days lead a very unhealthy life - stress from work and long working hours, inactive lifestyle, bad eating habits, meals on the go, financial commitments - all these are adding up to be a perfect recipe for all sorts of diseases and ailments. It is therefore a necessity to have the services of medical appointment app to help everyone whose health is suffering. By investing in this app you kill two birds with one stone - you help people make healthy as well as making your financial future healthy too.

Start your own digital hospital in as little as two days and give people what they need - an instant doctor at their beck and call to soothe all their ailments away. And while people are getting healed, get rich! Our experts have put together a very specific app catering to the exact requirements that a doctor has in order to grow their business. We not only offer a single app but also a whole year of bug support to ensure that you are on your way to success!

Care On Demand iphone app Uber for doctors
4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download Our Apps & Test in Real Enviroment
  • Tell Us Your preferred Language & Currency
  • Provide Service, Play Store & Your logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
Core Features
Credit Card or Cash Payment Features
Promo code and referrel features
Cube Doctor Web Panel
Web Panel's Included
The Complete Health Package - A Medicinal Website, A Treating Doctor Panel, And The Glowing Client Panel - A Package That Cures All Illness, Including The One Caused By Financial Worries

Uber for doctors has the regular predesigned features. However, when you open your own online hospital you might want to "doctor" the features to suit your hospital and treatment plan. Talk to us and we will doctor your app exactly as you want for your business.

No recession or economic crisis will stop people falling ill. Big or small illnesses are the norm for everyone and at some point will need medical attention. Therefore this is the right time to make that investment and build your own little hospital and introduce the smart way of treating people in the comfort of their homes. The satisfaction that you get when you see your Uber for doctors Clone being used for people's health matched with the income generated from it is something you will enjoy throughout your life.

  • uber for doctors graphical flow
  • on demand doctor app splash screen
  • on demand doctor app introduction screen
  • patient and doctor app login/register screen
  • patient and doctor app account verification screen
  • patient and doctor app menu screen
  • patient choose the category
  • patient book a doctor
  • doctor gets online
  • patient choose payment mode
  • patient sending request to doctor
    docor accept or reject request
  • doctor accepted job request screen
  • internal chat between patient and doctor
    Internal Chat Feature
  • doctor reached at patient location
  • patient and doctor app job started screen
  • patient and doctor app job completed screen
  • on demand doctor app invoice summary screen
  • patient app book later option screen
  • patient select best doctor in their area
  • upcoming and pending jobs
  • on demand doctor app job history screen
  • patient can view past and upcoming jobs
  • doctor manage services screen
  • patient and doctor app payment option screen
  • doctor app view job and earnings screen
  • patient and doctor edit profile & invite friends to join app
  • emergency button for patient and doctor
  • patient and doctor app feedback screen
  • on demand docotr app support menu & about us screen
  • on demand doctor app contact us & help screen
  • terms and conditions & privacy policy screen


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Grow Your On Demand Doctor Business Now!

This On demand Doctors app solution is your key to success. At eSiteWorld, we have a team of some of the fastest and most accurate minds in the realms of technology who have helped in bringing all the possible features into a single app.

We pride ourselves on having a holistic team that is aimed at building your business with the help of this platform instantly. Take a look at our work force that is working relentlessly at developing better apps for you:


These are the guys that make everything happen. The magic that their codes have make your app behave the way it does. You will be happy to know that our developers and coders have a cumulative experience of over 20 years.

They know what they are doing and they’re better at doing it than anyone else. We’ve tested the waters and seen the market. We don’t mean to be snobbish, but you know when you’re doing alright!

Project Managers

Considering the diversity of the clients that we deal with, it is obvious that we need to have some experts who are good at handling the whole project from the start to the end. We understand how you want things done and so, we offer a Project manager to each client.

When the project begins our managers have a detailed discussion with you to understand your requirements and then explain to you exactly how we work. They get all the necessary information from you and assist you at every step.

These Project Managers are your torch bearers throughout the process of delivery. They will make sure that your app is launched in the exact way that you want. They will also be responsible for communicating your requirements to the coders and developers.


What’s an app that doesn’t look good? There are a thousand things associated with the design of an app that a lot of people ignore. But don’t worry! Leave all the headaches with respect to designing to us. We will take care of you.

Our designers are well versed with customer behavior when it comes to the on demand market. This is why our designers ensure that they provide with the best UI/ UX for the on Demand doctor app. The designers are also responsible for adding your logo and brand name to the app wherever you like.

Try before you buy

A business investment is a big deal and we totally get that. We encourage people to test our apps before they place an order with us. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and is also one of the best ways to help us grow.

So, download the app on multiple devices and try it in every scenario and situation that you can think of! And there’s really no rush about it. After all this is your own Doctors on demand app and you should be able to know everything about it.

So try it for as long as you like and once you have all the information that you need, you can proceed onto building your own business on this wonderful On Demand Doctors app. Have more questions regarding this Uber for Doctors app? Get in touch with us now!