Free Features of Our On-Demand Beautician App

  • licensed source code
  • 1 year - free support
  • 1 year - free upgrade
  • white label
  • NDA & Privacy policy
  • Language choice
  • Currency choice
  • Localization feature
  • Website install and launch
  • iOS app install
  • Android app submission
  • Web panels accounts
  • App rejection support
  • Wallet option

Responsive On Demand Beauty Service App

An app's success can be determined only by the number of users it has been able to amass. This is why our beauty on demand app has been developed by expert professionals to be completely responsive to make absolutely certain that it can be accessed over any kind of device, regardless of whether it is a handset, or a tablet, or a laptop or even a PC. This app works absolutely seamlessly over both the Android and the iOS platform.

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on demand beauty service app

Beautician On-Demand App Screen Flow

User App
Beautician App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles

How Beautician On Demand App Works?

Take a walk through the step by step flow of the beautician on demand app.

  • Signup or Login to the Beautician On Demand using Facebook, or Google+ ID or with basic details like name, mobile number and email address.
  • Enter the application and get a list of all the services like hairstyle, makeup, massage, etc.
  • Choose one or multiple services.
  • Filter your search for finding service provider based on featured, nearby and ratings.
  • On clicking nearby beautician, you would get connected with the nearest beautician and you can take a look at the services they offer along with having a glance through their gallery as well as review.
  • You can select the beautician and can choose service/multiple services you need and then get the booking details of the same containing the service list along with the preferred mode of payment which you can choose from, i.e., cash or card and the preferred location, i.e. your location or location of beautician along with the date when they need the booking, i.e. same date or later date.
  • Upon booking getting done, the request gets sent to the nearest beautician who sets their availability as online and gets the details of the beauty service containing the location where they need to deliver the services and in turn either accept or decline the request.
  • On accepting, a notification gets sent to the user as ‘Booking Confirmed’ and presents them with the contact details of the beautician to empower them to remain connected to the beautician.
  • On arrival, the user gets notified ‘Beautician Arrived’ and the service begins with the notification being sent to the user as ‘Beauty Service Started’ .
  • Beautician can take the photo of the same.
  • On completion, the user gets notified with ‘Service Completed’ and the beautician can take a photo of the same.
  • An invoice gets generated on the screen of the beautician containing the details of the service and the mode of payment selected by the user.
  • On payment completion, the user and the beautician can leave a review for each other and rate each other based on the experience.

Watch Our Video

To See Genuine, Reliable Services in Action!

Meet Adam who wants to have his successful beautician on demand service industry and have a look at how he found us and took our support to build a successful beautician on demand app for his business. Also take a glance at the services that we render that make us second to none and support in building the trust of new businesses.

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Beautician Web Panel

Grow Your Finances with the On-Demand Beauty Service App!

As long as there are mirrors, there will be no end to the ever flourishing beauty industry. Anyone who wishes to get immediate beauty treatment can now avail such services with a few taps on the beauty on demand app.

Our team of experts has developed this app to cater to your requirements as per the industry standards. The app is ready and waiting for you to pick it up. We can launch it for you in just 3 days! If you have any other ideas that you would like to incorporate within the app, just let us know and we will integrate it. After all, it is you app and you should love it!

Steps to your product
  • 1
    download our app
  • 2
    preferred language and currency
  • 3
    provide logo and server
  • 4
    Launch your app
Beautician Web Panel

Web Panels & Admin Panels

On Demand Beauty Service App Package - A Glamorous Website, An Efficient Beautician Panel, And A Striking Client Panel - An App That Not Only Makes You Look Glam But Loads Up Your Bank Account Too

We have developed an Uber for makeup beauty booking app with a pre-set list of services. However, if you are looking for delivering a beauty experience that no one can match loaded with your personal ideas and implementations, all you need to do is discuss your idea with us and we will design the app of your dreams - an alluring app that will make your dream business successful.

Change the way beauty treatments are being delivered by investing in beauty on demand app - an online business that you can run single handedly, literally by sitting at home. On demand beauty service app is the perfect business opportunity for anyone who wants to tap into the potential of the beauty industry. Deliver beauty services and facilities and earn for it too! Business can't get any more beautiful, can it?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Hair Salon Booking App?

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Uber For Beauty

Uber for Beauty On-demand App will make it easy for you to shift your salon business online. Gradually build online reputation by offering On-demand Beauty Services to your customers. Even the established salons and spa centres are shifting their business online to attract more customers in less time.

On-demand Beauty Service App has separate panels for the Users, Beauty Service Providers and Admin so that the can manage their ends independently. With our Uber for Beauty On-demand App, you can run digital salon without investing much.

Invest in Uber for Beauty On-Demand App Now!

Busy professional find it hard to avail beauty services at their convenience. They had to make a phone call, wait at the salon for their turns. Especially, in the times like COVID where social distancing is mandatory, launching App for Beauty Services at Home can readily make salon appointments with the experts of their choice and avail of these services in the comfort of their homes.

Uber Beauty Service app connect you with the best beauty professionals near your area so that you get the quality of service that you are so used to at your favourite salons and spas and enjoy the rejuvenating experience from the comforts of your home.

Opt for Our Uber Beauty App, Skip Development!
Easy to launch

Having our Uber for beauty app will help you launch your business easily. On the other hand, if you are preparing an app right from scratch is not only time-consuming and costly.

As you need to research, strategize, plan out features and take care of everything. Thus, we save you from the hassle by offering a readymade solution.

Low capital

Developing an app can cost you a bomb. If you are a startup, this can suddenly put a hurdle in your capital. After all, a mobile app development company does not come cheap. You can ditch the expensive cost by buying a white-label readymade Beauty service app.

Better technical support

When you start a business using our Uber For On-demand Beauty Service App, you are provided with full-time technical assistance for 365 days. Our technical team is there to guide you. Whether it is technical updates, or bug support our experts are here to save your day. Hence, your App will be always up, running, and available for any of your queries.

Readymade advanced level features

It is a readymade, Custom made On-demand Beauty Clone Application comes with exclusive features that are rare to find it other clone apps. Some of them are real-time tracking, God’s Eye View Admin Panel, Multicurrency/ Multilanguage, Promo Code and Referral.

Room for customization

You can modify the scripts of the On-demand Beauty Clone App as per your needs and preferences. You get to add, modify and delete the features as how you like.

As a result, a Readymade Uber for Beauty Clone App, can gets you stand out from the crowd.

Double Business Success with Uber for Beauty On-Demand App!

With more people relying on on-demand Beauty Services App, you get the chance to expand and grow your business.

Offering prompt Beautician service, user-friendly interface, make the beauty appointment booking process even smoother.

Your business can actually enjoy the success like Uber for Beauty On-demand App with the help of our clone application. Thus, the Custom made On-demand Beauty Service App has almost all the features of Uber For Beauty On-demand.

Check out which factors can help you imitate the same success:

Easy mechanism

In just few taps, the user can confirm their beauty regime at the favourite salon. Moreover, the Beauty Service App allows the user to track the beautician on the real-time basis.

Apart from this, placing a salon appointment is super easy with Uber for beauticians. When a user clicks on the category, they will be show nearby salons and spas for the user to choose.

Furthermore, the categories will have sub-categories to assist them in placing the beauty appointment. Thus, all these factors quickly helps you to establish your online salon business easily.

Keeping app updated

Our Uber for Beauty On-demand App comes with all the advanced level features. As the user interface is similar to On-demand beauty services app, it makes it easy for people to find the kind of beauty service.

Apart from this, we always make a point to keep the app updated. Hence, it leaves you with more time to focus on bringing more productiveness to your salon business.


Our high-quality beauty app like Uber scripts solution enables to scale up your salon business easily. Thus, you can customize and adjust the salon booking appointment script as per the needs of your customers.