Uber for Beauty On Demand App

Run A Digital Salon Without Doing Anything With The On Demand Beauty service App

Offer a unique way to help people get on demand beauty services with the latest and effective beauty booking app. This Uber for makeup app helps you make money with every single booking on it!

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Free Features of CubeBeautyService App
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Responsive On Demand Beauty Service App

An app's success can be determined only by the number of users it has been able to amass. This is why our beauty on demand app has been developed by expert professionals to be completely responsive to make absolutely certain that it can be accessed over any kind of device, regardless of whether it is a handset, or a tablet, or a laptop or even a PC. This app works absolutely seamlessly over both the Android and the iOS platform.

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On demand beauty services app pricing(Shark Package is available from 1st May 2019)


  • This is a unique and seamless on demand beauty service app that helps customers book beauty services instantly through their smartphones or any other digital assistants.
  • The process to use this beauty on demand app is very simple. The user needs to first download the app and register on it by filling in personal details like name, address etc. along with the details of the credit card or debit card that will be used for payment purposes.
  • Beauty on demand app essentially offers two step selections. First the customer is supposed to choose from the main category, and then the sub categories that appear within it. The list of services that the app can offer includes treatments like waxing, hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, threading etc. Aforementioned services are just examples. You can include any category that you wish to.
  • After the primary category has been selected the user will be taken to the subcategories offered within the service. For example, if the user wants a manicure, the sub categories will list different types of manicures like herbal manicure, fish manicure, French manicure etc.
  • Once the service selection is complete, the client can then put in the time, date and venue for the service. On demand beauty service app will also give the user the option of booking the service for immediate time or for at a later time.
  • This beauty booking app will now show the all the beauty therapists who are available for the job at the given time and place. This app like Uber for makeup acts where each beautician can put in their detailed profiles. They can add their qualifications, experience, ratings and reviews etc. The client can view all these details of all the beauticians and then select the one they feel is most suited for their requirements.
  • As soon as the client books a beautician, that beauty therapist will receive details of the booking via an email and text message. The beautician will then deliver the services at the time and date requested by the client. Once the beautician has delivered the service, she will tap the app to indicate the same.
  • An invoice will be generated after this through this on demand beauty service app. The app has been created in a way which ensures that a copy of this invoice is sent to the beautician as well as the user. The payment will automatically be deducted from the card that has been selected in the beginning.
  • The beauty booking app facilitates the users in availing their required services while getting you a handsome discount with every booking done.

Grow Your Finances Continually While Getting booked with On Demand Beauty Service App

As long as there are mirrors, there will be no end to the ever flourishing beauty industry. Anyone who wishes to get immediate beauty treatment can now avail such services with a few taps on the beauty on demand app.

Our team of experts has developed this app to cater to your requirements as per the industry standards. The app is ready and waiting for you to pick it up. We can launch it for you in just 3 days! If you have any other ideas that you would like to incorporate within the app, just let us know and we will integrate it. After all, it is you app and you should love it!

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4 Steps to Your Product
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Core Features of beauty Apps
Multicurrency/Multilanguage god eye view
Real Time Tracking System
Web Panels Included
On Demand Beauty Service App Package - A Glamorous Website, An Efficient Beautician Panel, And A Striking Client Panel - An App That Not Only Makes You Look Glam But Loads Up Your Bank Account Too

We have developed an Uber for makeup beauty booking app with a pre-set list of services. However, if you are looking for delivering a beauty experience that no one can match loaded with your personal ideas and implementations, all you need to do is discuss your idea with us and we will design the app of your dreams - an alluring app that will make your dream business successful.

Change the way beauty treatments are being delivered by investing in beauty on demand app - an online business that you can run single handedly, literally by sitting at home. On demand beauty service app is the perfect business opportunity for anyone who wants to tap into the potential of the beauty industry. Deliver beauty services and facilities and earn for it too! Business can't get any more beautiful, can it?

web panels
  • beauty on demand app graphical flow
  • beauty on demand app splash screen
  • beauty on demand app introduction screen
  • customer and beautician app login/registration screen
  • customer and beautician account verification screen
  • beauty on demand app menu screen
  • customer choose beauty service they want
  • customer book a beauticiancustomer book a beautician
  • beautician get online
  • customer choose payment mode
  • Customer sending request to beautician
    beautician accept or reject customer request
  • beautician accepted job request
  • internal chat between customer and beautician
    Internal chat feature in client and beautician app
  • beautician reaches at the job location
  • customer and beautician job started screen
  • beautician job completed screen
  • beauty on demand app invoice summary screen
  • customer app book later option screen
  • customer select best beautician in their area
  • customer and beautician upcoming and pending job request screen
  • beautician job history screen
  • beautician view past and upcoming jobs
  • beautician manage services
  • customer and beautician payment option screen
  • beautician job and earnings statastics screen
  • customer and beautician edit profile and invite friends to join app
  • emergency button for customer and beautician
  • customer and beautician feedback screen
  • beauty on demand app support menu & about us screen
  • beauty on demand app contact us & help screen
  • beauty on demand app terms and conditions & privacy policy screen

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The Best Beauty On Demand Services App

The beauty industry is growing far and wide and what could be better than an app to ensure that its business is successful? With more and more people being dependent on mobile apps for all their requirements, you are now going to be amazed with everything that this Uber for makeup app can do for you.

If you are an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, you will be aware of how more and more people prefer to get beauty services delivered to their doorstep these days. It is a quick and easy way for people to get what they want immediately.

This is why our beauty on demand is the app that you definitely want when you move ahead with your business. When you place an order for the On Demand Beauty Service app, we don’t just hand over an application to you but an advanced system of operating a full fledged business.

Service Provider Application

This is the app that the Beautician will download and register into. Using this app, your beautician will be able to create their own profile, add their expertise and services which they are willing to offer and the rates and charges that they want to levy for the said services.

This app will allow beauticians to find jobs quickly and effectively without any kind of delay. It will also be able to instantly show the invoice with the price breakdown and other details right away to the service providers. What’s more the app will help the Beautician in getting access to all sorts of reports like their daily work history, their reports etc. One app will be their entire business hub!

User Application

This is the application that all the users will be able to access. The user has to download the app and then register into it to hire beauticians. The app has been specifically designed to ensure that the whole process of hiring someone is absolutely easy.

The app only requires you to select the category of service that you want and mention your address. The app will then show you a list of all the service providers in and around the area who offer the services that you have requested.

The list will also show the charges that the beauticians are asking for their services along with the rating that others have given to these beauticians based on their experience in working with them. The app is absolutely seamless and makes booking service absolutely simple.

Take a look at the FREE demo and be amazed with all the features that this wonderful Uber Clone app can offer you!

Admin Panel

This is the central node of the application. This is the panel through which the Admin can view, monitor and control their entire business. They can set parameters, offer guidelines, view reports, provide discounts and much more from right here.

The admin panel will have access to all payments, billings, reports and other major activities undertaken over the website. This is the application’s centre point that allows people to ensure that all business undertakings are happening seamlessly.

Marketing Website

Your online identity is also something that you must be very careful about. Without a website, an app is incomplete. This is why we provide you with a website that you can use for all marketing purposes. You can make it into the most attractive and informative page so that more and more people are inclined to use your services.

Your beauticians and users can register and log into their accounts using the website as well. You can also use it to promote different offers, give our information about the application and increase your user base effectively. After all, you want your brand to get global recognition.

Get Cracking NOW

This is a business opportunity that you can’t miss. Take this beauty on demand app and make it your first big step to business success NOW! Want to know exactly how the app works? Don’t hesitate to take a free trial demo of the application so that you can understand the complete flow of the app perfectly.

Have something else on your mind? Need a few changes here and there? Well, don’t worry about it! Let us know what kind of custom requirements you have and we will analyze it for you absolutely FREE! This is your best business decision and we are right here to get on board with you! Contact us NOW!