Why Choose Our Uber Clone Script

  • Our Bug Tracking Software At Your Service Our Bug Tracking Software At Your Service

    We conduct thorough live testing on the road and with various devices to eliminate all bugs. If there's an issue with the Uber clone App, log into our bug-tracking system and provide the details. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Licensed Source Code Licensed Source Code

    Upon delivery, you'll get licensed taxi app source code, ready for customization on the Website, iPhone, and Android App. Your in-house team or local firm will then be able to make changes to it.

  • Approval Of Apps On Play Store Approval Of Apps On Play Store

    We are accountable for our work and Applications. We attain swift approval on Apple/iTunes and Google Play Stores through our efficient and rigorous app design processes. We ensure swift approval and prevent technical rejections for your white label ride hailing app development.

  • Bug Support Bug Support

    We take pleasure in our work, which is why everything is of the highest quality and has been carefully tested and optimised. But, if you notice any flaws in our code, please report them and we will work on them within one working day. For the first year, this service will be supplied at no cost.

  • Linux Server Installation Linux Server Installation

    The code won't require expensive hosting as the Web Panels run smoothly on cost-effective Linux servers. Our technical staff will tell you about the server setup necessary for hosting the licenced code.

  • Open Source Database Open Source Database

    We use MySQL, which is an open source and one of the safest databases. You will also not have to pay exorbitant prices for license renewal every year.

  • Free Support For Banner Images And Changes To Text Free Support For Banner Images And Changes To Text

    Text or banner image adjustments are complimentary during the initial week upon your request.

  • White Labeling White Labeling

    Your Apps or Web Panel will not mention that we developed or maintained them.

  • 12 Months Support 12 Months Support

    You receive 12 months of product support, allowing you to raise tickets and ask questions within our support system. *Change request not covered.

Ride Hailing App Development Package

The success or failure of a business app is dependent on the complete system that makes it operate. In a complex business with a feature-rich app, we prioritize providing clients the complete system, not just the app. When you purchase our Uber Clone app, you receive a complete system to ensure your success right from day one. When you complete the purchase, have a look at all we provide, including the super clone script.

uber ride apps cloneUser Apps
  • Rider iOS App
  • Rider Android App
  • Rider Web Panel
  • Taxi Booking iWatch App (Optional)
  • Kiosk Android App (Optional)
  • iWatch App (Optional)
uber ride apps cloneWebsite & Admin Panel
  • Main Website (Marketing Responsive & Booking of Taxi)
  • Taxi Fleet Company Management Web Panel
  • Manual Taxi Dispatcher Web Panel
  • Billing Administrator Web Panel
  • Dispatcher Administrator Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps & Web Systems, Payments, Rates, Riders, Drivers, Reports, Settings, etc
uber ride apps cloneDriver Apps
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
uber ride apps cloneSupporting Panels
  • Organization Web Panel (For Corporate Rides)
  • Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel
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Clients Laud Our Diligence, Punctuality and Professionalism

At eSiteWorld, we keep pushing ourselves to exceed client expectations. Our unwavering commitment to perfection is what sets us apart from other app developers out there.

Our clients have titled us "Developers for Life" because we are Diligent, Punctual, and Professional. But don't just take our word for it. Watch numerous video testimonials from clients worldwide, including Malaysia, Turkey, the USA, the UAE, Kenya, Indonesia, and more.

Listen to our clients sharing experiences with unscrupulous companies that took their money and didn't fulfil promises.

Let our clients tell you how impressed they are with our apps and professionalism. Surprisingly, some clients have launched multiple projects with us!

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Hit the Market in 7 Days

Start your successful automated mobile-based company in just 7-10 days using our On-demand Taxi Booking App. We set up and white-label taxi application with your logo, splash screen, colour theme and design, currency and language, etc. Have a look at our Detail demo and price.

Taxi Booking With the Apple Watch App!

Expand and Automate Your Taxi Booking App Business With Our Apple Watch App!

Before recently, reserving a cab was a difficult task. Using wearable technology to book a cab has streamlined the procedure, making it easier and faster. Stay ahead in the evolving marketing landscape and save phone time with our Apple Watch App, streamlining cab reservations.

Stand out with ride hailing app development and attract more customers with our Apple Watch App, gaining a competitive edge.

Connect with us for more details.

Know more
Taxi Booking With the Apple Watch App

How Our Taxi Booking App Works!

There are several fallacies about cloned applications. Individuals may wish to enter into this but need clarification on how the taxi app works. This is why we prepared a simple and informative video that explains everything about our Uber Clone App. Watch the video to learn everything there is to know about this software!

New Advanced Features of Uber Clone Taxi Booking App

When it comes to taxi services, we know that one size doesn't fit all. That’s why ProTaxi has been made and tested using multiple taxi apps from different parts of the world. In other words, it has everything a business needs to launch and expand its taxi services. Offer an impressive array of advanced features that you can activate as per your business needs.

  • Taxi Booking like Uber Taxi Booking like Uber

    Booking a taxi should be a breeze, and that's exactly what we've designed. Your customers can input their pickup and drop-off locations, choose their preferred vehicle, and confirm their booking - a seamless Uber-like experience.

  • Bidding like inDrive Bidding like InDrive

    With our bidding system inspired by InDrive, your customers can choose the right price posted by different drivers, ensuring they get the best deal.

  • Corporate Rides Corporate Rides

    Experienced businesses know that offering convenient transportation options for their employees can be a game-changer. With our "Corporate Rides" feature, your platform can become the go-to provider of taxis for companies to manage their transportation expenses.

  • InterCity Taxi InterCity Taxi

    Attract weary travelers from our InterCity Taxi feature. Offer taxis for long-distance journeys with ease. Partner with a network of reliable drivers and watch as your business expands into new, more lucrative territories.

  • Schedule Later Ride Schedule Rides

    Flexibility is key in the fast-paced world of transportation. Customers can now book their rides a day in advance, giving them the peace of mind they deserve and ensuring your services are in high demand as well.

  • Rent a Taxi Rent a Taxi

    Why limit your revenue streams to just taxi bookings? With our innovative "Rent-a-Taxi" feature, you can offer taxicabs for rent, either by the hour or by distance, opening up new avenues for your business to thrive.

  • Uber for 2 Wheeler / Tuk-Tuk / Tricycles Uber for 2 Wheeler / Tuk-Tuk / Tricycles

    Think beyond just four-wheelers; our app seamlessly integrates with two-wheelers, tuk-tuks, and tricycles, allowing you to cater to a wider range of customers and truly stand out in the market.

  • Uber like Pool/Share Taxi Uber, like Pool/ShareTaxi

    Promoting cost-effective travel is a surefire way to win over customers. Passengers going the same route can now split the fare, and drivers can pick up multiple passengers simultaneously, benefiting everyone involved.

A Real Company With Real Clients

While there are numerous on-demand mobile app development companies online, only a few have established a noteworthy reputation. Over the past decade, we've built a respected reputation for quality in mobile app development. Kind words from our clients always help us in ensuring that we continue to march upwards. Take a look at some of the most genuine and heartfelt testimonials shared by our clients. Here, they discuss not only the app's quality but also their overall experience working with us during the project.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Driver Panel
Rider Panel

Taxi App Combos

Choose Your "Perfect Pairing" To Build a Billion-Dollar Business

Buy our Taxi App Combos and take your On-demand Business up a Notch. Uplift your Ride-hailing Business by Pairing it up with other Multiple Services, Store-Based Delivery Services, Parcel Delivery, and More. Our Tried and Tested App Solutions guarantee to outperform your rivals. Couldn’t find the Taxi Combo that you Want? Get in Touch with Us.

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Yes! Now, your user can book a taxi ride through iWatch too. It sounds surprising, but with the iWatch rider’s Uber clone app, the users...

Brand Building with Our Uber Clone Taxi App

Our Uber Clone App has transformed the idea of making money from a ridesharing / taxi booking app. We have designed this software to enable more people to utilize it. The Taxi Booking app helps customers find convenient rides while also providing more opportunities for drivers to find work.

Our Clone is a breath of new air in a market flooded with identical Uber apps. Its movement and user interface are incredibly smooth and user pleasant. Using cutting-edge technology in the taxi industry, we've developed a unique and financially sound taxi app solution for you.

The main goal in developing taxi booking software is to widen access to the Digital Wave's capabilities. Today, many aspire to entrepreneurship as the easiest and safest way to establish a decent livelihood.

Top features of the Uber Clone Script

We've sold 600+ apps worldwide and continue to grow rapidly as experts in Uber-like applications.

Have a look at the main features that distinguish our cab booking app from the rest of the market.

  • We've meticulously crafted our ride hailing app using the latest technologies.
  • Every section of the taxi application undergoes rigorous Quality Checks so that you never face an issue
  • The app is seamless and fast enabling people to search for cabs within minutes
  • Comes loaded with industry specific features which will help in making the taxi business successful
  • Completely white labelled solution within just 3 to 4 days
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost estimation provides users with the exact trip fare when booking a ride.
  • We've launched this Uber taxi clone on both Android and iOS platforms to maximize your user base.
  • The app relies on Google maps for perfect navigation. Now, drivers and riders no longer need to provide redundant directions, as the map guides them precisely to their destination.
  • We share driver details, including their star rating, with the user when they make a ride booking.
  • Multiple payment options are available including Cash, Credit card; Debit card and wallet are available.

If you've been looking for an app similar to Uber, this is your best bet! We have designed an application to help you thrive in your taxi business! Mint money quicker than you ever imagined!

What we offer that is so unique?

When starting a taxi on-demand business, the primary goal is to achieve profitability in the shortest possible time frame. We understand this sentiment and have assembled industry-leading experts to create this flawless application.

As an Uber clone, we've thoroughly tested it to deliver a seamlessly smooth experience. Our apps are powerful, robust, and truly cutting-edge!

We don’t just give you an application. We give you leverage. We give you an application that makes the most sense. We've crafted our ride hailing app to ensure that your business operates effectively and smoothly forever.

Customizable Uber clone source code

We offer you a completely open-source code. We have a fixed focus on enabling your business to grow with you. To that end, we offer you the Uber like app source code for convenient modification.

When your taxi business grows at the speed we know it will, you will have to amend your taxi booking app. Make changes to it that suit your requirement. But should you be dependent on us for it? We will help you taste the independence and complete authority of owning your own application.

Customize and modify your ride hailing app the way you want it to be whenever you want it. Why pay us again and again when you can do it yourself? Just hire your team of developers or ask your in-house team to work on it, and viola! Your Uber app clone or taxi booking script like Grab, Pathao, Arro, inDriver, Flywheel, Twende, Easy Taxi is ready.

Dynamic Admin Panel

You want to run your taxi app in multiple cities and have different rates for everywhere? Well, our app has a very dynamic admin panel that will help you set different rates for different cities, multiple kinds of vehicles for rides and much more.

Why stay limited to cars when your taxi app can do so much more? Introduce bike taxis and much more with your app. Provide users an unparalleled experience, ensuring they always turn to you for their needs.

Everytime someone takes a trip, you earn a lot of money! Your app is the single most efficient transportation application that your customers would have ever seen. We want you to succeed and make the most of this technology.

Give your drivers a never before opportunity

This is the time for you to give back to the community as well. Allow people to earn more money by using your Uber app Clone. We've designed this application to leverage technology and foster growth for both you and those around you.

Many mobile taxi apps exist, but ours stands out by welcoming bikers to join and earn. Whether your driver has a bike or a car, they are eligible to register in your app and start earning. And while they do that, you keep earning a handsome commission as well.

Technical Support

Our app's excellence in the market is affirmed by valued customers like you. Each time we launch a taxi Booking app, a happy customer pats our backs! But we don't let success go to our heads.

We may have built the best taxi booking app solution, but we stand by it, too. We will not leave you alone and let you wonder how to get help when you need it. We have a dedicated team of expert professionals working round the clock to assist you.

We have full faith in our product and we understand the significance of an operational business. This is why we offer you the right support with the urgency if and when you need it. For the most part, our clients just like to call us to say hello, but if you call us for help, we’ll stand right by you.

Technology Upgrades

Technology is like a river that is flowing continuously. We have therefore put all our muscle in Uber like app development that is not only robust but also seamless and absolutely simple to operate. However, whenever there is an update or upgrade in the technology, we will be happy to provide you with the same.

We are proud of our creation and would love to ensure that you have nothing but the latest app in your hand. We move forward with a single vision to ensure that we can pioneer in technology. We won’t leave you behind!

Why trust us?

When you make an investment for a business on a product a hundred things may run through your mind. Why trust them, what is the guarantee that they will offer me the right product and so on and so forth? We are here to put those thoughts to rest.

We understand your predicament when you buy an Uber like taxi booking software from a company. We don’t want you to move ahead in the blind. This is why, we offer you the chance to take the live demo of the application for as long as you like.

Yes! You heard us right. Download and use our Uber Clone Script for as long as you like for NO COST at all! Experience what your app will look and feel like for FREE and only when you are satisfied with the product, you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Customer satisfaction is the only way of progress. So, we won’t let you down. We will only bring smiles to your faces and money to your bank accounts. That is the zeal with which our team works on each and every project that we undertake.

No false promises

We may be the best mobile app development company making the finest Uber like taxi booking app, but we always respect limitations. We know what we can and can’t do. So, we would never take your money and make false promises.

Unlike others in the market, we stick to our word and we are a business here to stay. So, we will always ensure that we only promise you what we can offer to you. We promise to only offer you the services that we know full well. If we don’t have expertise in it, we will let you know about it right in the beginning.

Our principles have helped us grow as much as we have. We will not let them go.

Go Global

We have big aspirations for you. Our dream is to make sure that you can launch your app all over the world. This is why we help you with a taxi booking app solution that is global in nature. Yes! Our white label taxi booking app is one with the multi currency and multi language options.

You can have as many languages as you like in the application and you can have as many currencies as you like on the app. Launch in every country of the world and make a huge empire for yourself! This is the best way for you to succeed with our robust Uber app clone.

Whether it is French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic (RTL) or any other language in the world, just let us know and we will get it in the app for you. Whether it is Lira, Dirham, GBP or Real, all you need to do is tell us that you want it and we will make sure that your app has it.

Responsive design

This Uber Clone Script is meant for the masses. This is why we have made sure that everyone on any kind of platform or device can access and use your app. Our app is adaptive. It changes according to the device and the platform.

We have put some of the best minds in the industry to create a flawless and a responsive design for the application. This makes sure that whether your user is Android or iOS; they can download and access your apps. Whether your Driver has a small phone or a big one, they can start getting jobs.

The more the users, the more the rides and the more the rides, the more money will you stand to make. This is the best in class solution waiting for you to make the most of it! Take the jump now and be the king of the Taxi service business.

What you get

We offer you a complete and holistic solution. When you make a purchase from us we give you turnkey, business ready solutions unlike any of our competitors in the market. Want to know what all we offer? Take a look:

The Driver App

We offer an Android and iOS app for the driver to make sure that they can register into it and start getting jobs. These apps are the service provider end of your business.

The Rider App

We also bring the User/Rider app in both Android and iOS to make sure that every kind of user can download and register into the application and hire rides whenever needed.


We offer you a marketing website which helps in establishing the online identity for the app and your brand name. This website will be responsible in making your brand a recognizable identity all over the internet.

Web Admin Panel

This is the master key of your app. Keep a watch on exactly what is happening from right here. Add/modify commission values; add vehicle types, set fields and rules for your drivers and much more from right here.

When you say you have bought an Uber clone taxi booking app, you need all of this to run your business. We will give you all of this and that too in just 2 to 4 business days! If you have any other queries and doubts, feel free to visit our office at any time or give us a call.

We have been told we are wonderful hosts! Come to our office, watch the team work on your project and take the app with you! If you are satisfied with the demo, we are happy to assist you all the way over a call as well!