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Start the perfect business with this robust on demand delivery app builder of the Uber delivery clone. A simple and smart start up solution for you!

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On Demand parcel Delivery App

Advanced features of postmates clone script

That Other Charge for

  • Free Licensed Sourced Code

    Licensed Sourced Code - FREE

    In order to enable your team to do modifications to the code as per your requirement, the Licensed Source code for 1 domain per brand will be provided to you.

  • 12 Months Support - FREE

    12 Months Support - FREE

    Although we ensur that our app is meticulously tested and a hundred percent bug free, we still offer a complete 12 month FREE bug support for our Taxi App.

  • FREE 1 Upgrade

    1 Upgrade - FREE

    Need an upgrade? This on demand delivery app builder’s got it covered! You just need to ask us for your 1 free upgrade and we will send you the updated code!

  • FREE White Labeling

    White Labeling - FREE

    We respect discretion. No where on the app will you see our names. No one will know from the postmates clone script that it was originally developed by us. It wil only bear your name and logo in the apps and the web panels as well.

  • FREE NDA & Privacy Policy

    NDA & Privacy Policy - FREE

    In order to protect you, we ensure that your apps will NOT be flaunted on our portfolio. This will prevent your competition from ever knowing that your app was purchased from us, therefore thwart them from approaching us for the same.

  • FREE Language of your Choice

    Language of your Choice - FREE

    Apart from English, we will integrate any one other language in your app as per your requirement. For e.g. if you wish to launch your app in Spain, we will integrate spanish into the app. Choose the language of yoru choice like French, German, Arabic(with R2L) and it will be incorporated in the app.

  • FREE Currency of your choice

    Currency of your choice - FREE

    We will integrate the currency of your choosing (based on where you want to launch the app) absolutely free. Regardless of whether it is Euro, GBP,Franc, USD, AUD or any. Inform us of the 1 currency you wish to have on the app and we will assimilate it for FREE.

  • FREE Localization Feature Addon

    Localization Feature Addon - FREE

    This is a special add on that allows you to operate your app in multiple countries and cities. You will have the freedom of setting different kinds of cars, different rates, different documentation (per requirement), surcharges, Units in terms of KM/Miles etc. based on the location you are targeting.

  • Wallet, Credit Card & Cash

    Wallet, Credit Card & Cash

    Our advanced features enable you to offer payment options via credit cards through the Stripe Payment Gateways that is pre-incorporated within the postmates clone script.

Postmates Clone Script

On demand parcel delivery app clone is an imminent need for the present time. Our app is a specialized app that makes it possible for people to get ANY KIND of item delivered from any point A to any point B. This on demand delivery app builder offers a solution that can be used by a housewife, or an industrialist, a florist or a teacher. If you have a parcel that needs to go from point A to Point B, you can use this app. Anyone with a motorbike or a car or even a cargo truck can be the medium for delivery once they register themselves with this robust postmates clone script.

This app can be used on all kinds of digital mediums including iPhones, iPads, other tablets, PCs laptops and etc.

postmates clone script

Fast delivery App


Watch the on-demand parcel delivery app demo video for how interacting sender and a delivery boy with each other from
delivery request to completion of delivery.

delivery on demand app live demo video App demo


  • To cater to the world's obsession with speed, the on-demand revolution has changed the face of all services, including the delivery industry. Welcome to the Postmates clone script on demand delivery app builder that delivers things NOW.
  • A Sender who wants to send a parcel, package or item immediately to some place will have to create an account in the Postmates clone app by entering their personal details. Clients can be anyone - ranging from florists, pizzerias, grocers, restaurants, milliners, tailors, well anyone. For a secure and guaranteed payment system, the credit/debit card details will also need to be fed within the app at this point.
  • When any of these clients need a delivery done, they will first need to log onto the delivery on demand app, after which they will provide the item details or package details that need to be delivered. They will select the preferred mode of delivery transport i.e. foot, cycle, bike, scooter, tractor, van etc, the date and place when they want the delivery to be done. Depending on the chosen mode of delivery, fare estimation will be displayed on the Screen.
  • List of nearby Delivery Drivers will be displayed on the Screen, with their picture, profiles and star ratings on display. The sender will choose the Delivery Driver and send a Delivery request. Communication between the two parties is now open.
  • The designated Delivery Driver will be able to see the details after which he will make his way to the pick-up location at the scheduled delivery pickup time. As soon as he picks up the delivery, he will mark the task as "Started" on the app. This indication will produce a verification code, which will be sent to the receiver via an SMS/text message. On receipt of this code, the receiver is now in a position to track the courier as it makes its way to the delivery point.
  • The Delivery Driver will hand over the Delivery item/package to the recipient on arrival. The recipient, in turn, will acknowledge the receipt of the item/package by handing over the verification code to the Delivery Driver. The Delivery Driver will input this code into his app to confirm the delivery and at the same time invoice will be generated for payment purposes. The cost will automatically be deducted as soon as Delivery Driver ends the Delivery of the app, from the credit/debit card.
  • Postmates clone script allows both the Delivery Driver and the sender to review each other, whilst the owner gets a commission for the efficient service just provided.

Introduce The Power Of Technology In The Business Of Parcel Delivery

Fast lives demand efficient, smart and synchronized ways of sending deliveries for people. This technically advanced on demand delivery app builder ensures that getting your parcels delivered is just a button away.

Need to get started? Well, all you now need to do is CLICK HERE. This seamless app will open new avenues for all your business aspirations.

Try it out first and get a look and feel of your app!

Uber for Delivery On Demand Delivery iPhone App

Advanced Paid Add Ons

  • Add Ons One Call masking for internal calls between Sender & Delivery Driver

    For safety reasons, we offer a call masking facility which prevents both parties from knowing each others personal phone numbers. The sender and the delivery Driver will both be able to make calls to each other, however, their numbers will remain hidden and maintain the privacy of both parites.

  • Add Ons two Color theme to match with your LOGO

    We can customise the app to your own theme likings such that it matches and highlights your company or brand logo. This will help you in personalising the app and promoting your own brand or company. The app will look and feel seamless with your Logo used in a theme of your choice. For a nominal fee, our team will create the best looking app that you can ask for!

  • Add Ons three Multi Deliveries

    This unique option allows the sender to send out as many as 5 different orders to the same delivery person to be delivered in sequence. There is also the provision for resending more number of packages provided the 1st delivery hasn't yet commenced. This means, your customer has the advantage of sending out more number of deliveries at very low prices.

  • Add Ons four SEO Optimization

    If you want to make the most of our SEO skills, just let us know! Our industry specific SEO techniques help you to be easily searchable by everyone over the internet. Our team of highly professional and skilled professionals ensure to market your app in the best possible way helping you make maximum returns.

Step by Step Graphical Flow

Sender Application

rider app

Loading Screen

  • The Sender's side of the application will display the App's Logo for about for 2-3 Seconds. This is where your logo and App name will be shown.
  • The Driver's side of the application too will display the splash screen with your logo and App's name. This splash screen will also be visible for about 2 to 3 seconds.

Driver Application

driver app

Introduction Screen

uber clone splash screen
  • The introduction screen will enable your users to choose the currency and language of their choice from the list of currencies and languages integrated in the app. This feature will only be applicable in case your app has more than one currency and one language incorporated within the app. You must note that we offer one additional language and one additional currency along with the standard USD and English language for the app.
  • The user will also be able to view Sign-In and Sign-Up options here.

Login and Registration

rider signup and login screen
  • The app will allow the user to log in via his Email Id, Facebook or Gmail Account.
  • There is also a FORGOT PASSWORD option that allows users to retrieve passwords in case the user has forgotten it.
  • The Sender will have the choice of registering into the app through their other social accounts like their Email Id, Facebook or Gmail Account. The user will be allowed to put in information like their Mobile Number, Name, etc
  • The app will enable the Drivers to login through his Email ID, Facebook or Gmail Account.
  • The Driver too will be able to retrieve his or her password through the FORGOT PASSWORD option in the app.
  • This app will enable the Driver to register into the app through other social IDs present like his Email Id, Facebook or Gmail Account and can add their Mobile Number, Name, etc
driver signup and login screen

Account Verification

driver/rider account verification
  • The app requires the Senders & Drivers to verify their Mobile Number via OTP received via SMS.
  • The Sender and Driver will also be given an email verification link that they must verify via their personal email ID's to ensure that there are no fake registrations and spamming.
rider app menu option

Application Menu

  • The app menu allows the Senders to access all the features of the app quickly. The wallet balance will be displayed in the top corner of the page right next to the settings icon.
  • The applications menu will enable the Driver to keep a tab of his delivery Statistics, Manage Vehicles & their documents through the Driver App in user friendly way. Driver can also see his wallet Balance on top along with Settings icon.
driver app menu option

Get your Parcel Delivered

rider book a trip
Sender must now select the Pickup Location, provide Parcel details, choose the type of Delivery Vehicle, select payment mode and add a destination address to book a delivery.

Sender will type the Pickup Location or will drag & pin them on the Map by hand. The Sender can choose to put a destination also at this point or keep it for later.

The Sender will be shown the available Vehicle types from which he or she must select the one that they want based on the size of the parcel that they want to send. The Sender must also choose the payment mode now from cash, card or in app payment wallet. This will show them an estimated fare for the parcel delivery.

The Sender can now choose to send now or later by clicking on the Timer option available at the bottom right corner of the page. The option will read "Book a delivery for a Later time".

Driver gets online & starts accepting Delivery Requests

In order for the Driver to be able to accept the delivery request, he must first make himself available by going online on the app. The app will give him this option on his panel. Once available the Driver will be able to receive delivery requests that are coming from in and around his area matching his criteria (like vehicle type, etc.)

If a Driver has offered more than one type of vehicles then he will have the option of choosing which vehicle he wants to take for the particular assignment.

driver get online
rider send request

The app sends the delivery request to all the available Drivers in the area once the Sender has made the request. The range within which all the Drivers are sent request is preset by the administrator to "X" Kms or miles.

The moment a Sender makes a request; all the Drivers within the preset radius of "X" Kms or miles are sent out the request. The Drivers can accept or reject the request. At this point they will also be able to see their Pickup Location and Destination, so that they can decide to accept or reject the delivery request.

drivers receive rider request

Delivery Driver Arriving

driver see sender pickup location screen
  • The Sender will be able to see the details of the Driver as soon as the Driver accepts the delivery request. The Sender will also be able to monitor the movement of their parcel on the map.
  • Sender can communicate with the Driver via Call or SMS in order to explain exact location etc. The Sender can also share the parcel delivery details on Social networking sites or Cancel the Delivery if he wants to.
  • When the Driver accepts the delivery request, the Driver will then be able to see the Sender's pick up location. When he drives up to that location he marks on the app as "Arrived".
  • The Driver can view all the details of the Sender and can reach out to him via chat or call to enquire about directions, size of parcel, additional care information etc.
rider see driver details

Internal Chat Between Sender And Driver

The Driver and Sender can communicate with each other through chat the moment the delivery request is accepted by the Driver. However, the chat can be carried on only until the ride for delivery begins.

driver arrived to pickup location

Driver Arrived

  • When the Driver arrives at the given location, a notification is shown on the screen of the Sender stating his arrival.
  • Driver will update the app by stating that the he has "Arrived" on the pickup location.
driver arrived confirmation notification
trip started

Delivery Started-Parcel on the way

  • When the journey begins, the Sender will get a notification that "The Parcel is En Route"
  • Driver will Slide the button to mark the parcel delivery has "Started" once the parcel has been picked up and is ready for Delivery.
route navigate
call emergency option for driver

Call Emergency

  • In-case of emergency or any ill-fated event, the Driver or Sender can get in touch with police with a solo click or can click on send message button. Upon this, their exact location will be sent to their 5 contacts along with a HELP msg.
call emergency option for rider

Delivery Completed-Parcel Delivered

trip completed
  • When the delivery is successfully made, the app will display "Delivery Successful" via an in app notification to the Sender.
  • Once the delivery Driver has delivered the parcel at the destination, he will be required to slide a button to mark the parcel as "Delivered".
slide to end trip

Invoice Summary

rider-invoice detail
  • Once the delivery has been made, the invoice summary will be displayed on the Driver's screen.
  • And upon clicking on "Collect Payment" button, the money will be AUTO deducted from the Credit Card of the Sender. In-case the, the Sender chose to pay by cash; he will hand over cash to the Driver.
  • The Driver can also rate the Sender.
  • Sender sees the invoice detail on his screen with breakdown. And upon payment deduction from Sender's credit card, the Sender will see a notification that the money was deducted from his Credit Card. If he needs to pay cash, he will see a notification asking him to pay Cash.
driver invoice summary

Tip Feature

  • Sender can Tip the delivery Driver.
  • If the Sender Tip's Driver via Credit Card, he will need to enter the Tip amount and it will be processed from his Credit Card. The App Owner will not get any commission on the Tip amount. The Tip will be listed on invoice but no Tax or Commission will be levied on it.
rider can tip the driver
  • If the tip is given in Cash, it will nowhere appear on the invoice or reports.

Toll Calculation for USA (Using 3rd party Toll API)

toll calculation for usa
  • Our CubeTaxi Uber Clone App Auto calculates the Toll that may come on the route. The Toll charges gets added to the invoice of the Trip.


  • A Waybill is generated to ensure that in case any authority personnel want to get details of the items being sent (to ensure things are legal and not stolen), it can be produced to help any legal action.

Conditions to Start a Delivery

condition for rider to start a trip
  • Sender 1st needs to set the pickup location.
  • The next step is to add the destination for the delivery and the Parcel details.
  • All available vehicles in the X Km/Miles range will be displayed on the map based on the choice of the Sender as well as the vehicle type.
  • Driver will need to become Online in order to make his vehicle available and to accept delivery requests.
  • If he has more than 1 vehicles/cars, he will need to select the one that he is driving on the particular day in question.
condition for driver to start a trip

Surcharge and Ride Later Feature

  • Sender gets notified if any surcharge is going to be applied on his delivery request. Surcharge can be extra charges levied owing to instant delivery, night time delivery etc. The Administrator sets the surcharges from Admin panel.
surcharge and ride later feature
  • A Sender can book a delivery for a later time also. Let's say he wants a parcel to be delivered at midnight the next day. The sender doesn't have to remember to make a delivery booking the next day.

How to cancel a Delivery

rider cancel trip
  • Sender & Driver can cancel the booked delivery (once the Driver has accepted the delivery request and before he picks-up the parcel).
  • If a Sender cancels the delivery X minutes after booking the delivery, he will have to pay Y amount of cancellation charges. The cancellation fees will be deducted from his Credit Card.
  • Cancellation fees are optional and are set by Administrator.
driver cancel trip
Manage Vehicles

Driver can upload & manage his documents like License, NOC, form the App itself.

The Administrator will get notified when the documents are uploaded so they can be verified.

Driver's can also manage detail of their vehicles and its documents.

Add and manage vehicle screen


  • Senders can manage their Credit Card information through this screen. The card detail is NOT stored in the APP or in the App's database. It's stored in the safe vault of the Payment Gateway Company. We just call the card using token and the secure transaction happens on the App.
  • Senders can top up their wallet too.
  • Commission of Cash deliveries gets deducted from Driver's Wallet.

Your Deliveries

ride trip history
  • Sender can view all the previously sent packages (sending history) and also upcoming deliveries
  • Upon taping on the delivery list, the detail and invoice of past delivery can be viewed
  • Driver can view all his past delivery orders (delivery history) and also upcoming deliveries
  • Upon taping on date on calendar, Driver will be able to view summary of that day including Total earnings, Average Ratings, Completed deliveries). And can then tap on any Delivery trip to view it's detail and invoice
driver trip history


trip and earning statistics
  • Driver can view their delivery orders and earnings in graphical / statistical format

My Wallet

my wallet

Drivers and Sender's can top up their wallet using their Credit Card.

All transactions made through wallet and their details are displayed in the Wallet Section.

Edit Profile

All profile details can be managed through this panel. The details include Photo, Name, Email Address, and Mobile number, Preferred Language, Preferred Currency and Places. These details can be edited whenever required.

Passwords can be changed multiple times from the "change Password" screen.

driver and rider can edit their profile

Invite Friends

rider and driver can invite friends to join application
  • Senders & Drivers can invite their friends to join the application through Whatsapp, Gmail, Skype, Facebook, etc. They can easily go to this section and add click on Invite friends and send them their referral code.

Emergency / Panic Button

  • To make your app the safest delivery app available in the market we have incorporated the safety feature. The panic button helps the Driver in any situation to ensure that the delivery can be made safely.
emergency button
  • In case the Driver assesses any threat, he can simple press the panic button and an SMS will be shot across to the Police as well as the emergency contacts he has listed.
  • The app will allow the Driver to list up to 5 emergency contacts.

Heat View

heat view

Heat View Page will display the demand situation of the number of delivery Drivers in the last few hours as well as the current situation. The areas with a high amount of delivery Drivers will be shown in the map.

The Driver can use this information to place himself accordingly.

Rider & Driver feedback

driver rider feedbcak
  • Sender can provide comments for Driver for each delivery that he has made. All feedback will be listed in this section.
  • Driver can provide feedback for Sender as well based on his experience. The Driver's feedback will be listed here.

Support Menu & About Us

support menu
  • This section bears pages full of information about the app.
  • These information pages will remain editable by the admin of the application.
about us

Contact Us & Help

contact us
  • The contact us page will allow the sender and the delivery Driver to contact the admin of the app.
  • The help section will have easy FAQ's to help them with their small queries.

Web Panels Included

A Package In A Class Of Its Own - A Savvy Website, An Effective Courier Panel And The Smart Sender Panel - On demand parcel delivery App of The Millenium That Will Deliver Returns Directly Into Your Bank Account

We have designed our app such that it only offers the minimum features. However, that should not deter you from asking us to customize it to your business requirements. Please explain your vision to us and we will design that dream app for you and will get you earning in just two days.

Do away with Fedex, UPS, and DHL. You now have the very smart and efficient on demand delivery app builder doing all deliveries on demand.

Webpanels included

Technology Used

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Java
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • JS NOde
  • Apache
Color Theme

Available Color Themes

  • Blue ThemeBlueX1
  • Green ThemeGreenX2
  • Gold ThemeGoldX3
  • Yellow ThemeYellowX4
  • Indian Red ThemeIndian RedX5
  • Purple ThemePurpleX6
  • Sea Blue ThemeSea BlueX7
  • Black ThemeBlackX8
  • Tomato Red ThemeTomato RedX9
  • Violet ThemevioletX10
Color Selection


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