Ready-made Uber Delivery Clone Script

Using our 10+ years of Uber connect clone app development expertise, we have crafted a perfect solution for entrepreneurs like you who want to quickly start their online business on a budget.

Our pre-built On-Demand Courier Delivery App package includes scripts for different platforms like iOS and Android apps, a website, a powerful admin panel, and more.

Here is a list of all the on-demand courier app solutions you get with the purchase of our package. And the best thing is that you can white-label each of these scripts as per your branding needs!

Uber connect clone script
uber connect clone

Futuristic Features Of Our Uber Connect Clone Solution

  • Real-time Tracking

    Real-time Tracking

    Users can track the parcel delivery partner’s live location on the map.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Multiple Online Payment Options

    The app integrates essential online payment options like an in-app wallet and a credit/debit card.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Push Notifications

    Your users receive quick updates on their deliveries via the well-illustrated notifications that appear on their phone’s lock and home screens.

  • Real-time Tracking


    We will integrate your branding components, like logos, names, color themes, etc., on the website, apps, admin panel, and all the other scripts.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Advanced Reports and Analysis

    You can access the advanced reports and analysis of your earnings and other customer activities anytime via the admin panel.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Payment and SMS Gateway Integration

    We will integrate your preferred SMS and payment gateways into the application at no extra cost.

On-Demand Courier Delivery App - Real-time Working Video

Watch the video to see our parcel delivery app in action. Learn about our on-demand app’s advanced features and functions that allow your users to quickly connect with delivery partners and send parcels from A to B locations.

delivery on demand app live demo video

Simple Workflow Of Our Parcel Delivery App

User app
  • Login/Signup: Users need to create an account to start sending/receiving parcels. To log in, users can enter valid credentials or use Face ID (iPhone) or fingerprint recognition (Android).
  • Select Service: Users can browse the parcel delivery service and choose a preferred option—food, clothing, flowers, grocery, medicines, etc. Also, they can select single/multiple delivery options along with the vehicle of their choice.
  • Book the service: To book the on-demand parcel delivery, users need to enter route and parcel details, select who is responsible for the payment, and select their preferred payment method.
  • Track the Delivery: After booking the service, users can now track the delivery in real-time on the map.
  • Rating and Review: Once the delivery is complete, users can rate & review the service.
Delivery Partner App
  • Login/Signup: The delivery driver needs to create an account to start sending/receiving parcels. To log in, they can enter valid credentials or use Face ID (iPhone) or fingerprint recognition (Android).
  • Accept Delivery Requests: Once the delivery driver goes online, they can start accepting the service requests.
  • Pick up the Delivery Item/Package: They can navigate to the user’s (sender) location and pick up the parcel.
  • Hand over the Delivery Item/Package: The delivery driver can now navigate through the optimized route and drop off the parcel at the user’s (recipient) location.
  • Get Paid: Once the delivery driver marks the service as "complete," they get paid!
  • Rate and Review: Lastly, they can provide their ratings and reviews for the completed job.

On-Demand Parcel Delivery App Screen Flow

We have designed and developed our apps using the latest technology and UI/UX. Go through the screenshots of our demo Uber delivery clone to get an idea of our workflow.

User App
Delivery Driver App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
View Step by Step Graphical Flow

The Best On-demand Courier App Package

Looking for a one-stop solution for your online parcel delivery business? Look no further! View our Pricing Page to see all the components and features available in our ProDelivery Package.

general features pricing
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Advanced Add-ons You Must Try!

  • Latest UI/UX Design

    Our new UI/UX design is interactive, easy to use, and has everything you need to deliver a great user experience. You can choose one of the three available app designs as per your liking and white-label it.

  • Gift Certificate

    The feature lets your users send and receive gift cards. Users can use the redeemed amount to book parcel delivery services and send flowers, food, clothes, construction materials, etc.

  • Live Activity

    Available for iOS apps, the features display the progress of the parcel delivery service on the lock screen. Users can see the live information without opening the application.

  • Video Call Option

    Users and delivery drivers can now also video call each other, in addition to calling and texting. This feature makes on-demand parcel delivery even more convenient than before.

Try Our Top-of-the-line Website and Admin Panel

Our experts have designed the website and the admin panel to ensure that they are easy to use. Using the latest UI/UX trends and technology, our team has also integrated some top-notch features to make business management a piece of cake for you.

The website effectively integrated multi-lingual and currency features along with a simple login/signup page, booking history, contact us page, and more. On the other hand, the robust admin panel enables you, as the super admin, to manage user profiles, view heatmaps, set commission rates, and so much more.

Glance through the screenshots of our demo website and admin panel to learn more about their features and functionalities.

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Webpanels included

A Testament Of Our High-End Products And Services

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