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We bring great news not only have we successfully cloned and bettered the Uber on demand taxi concept app, we have now made it available for purchase for any entrepreneur r taxi company across the globe! In this demo section of the Uber clone you can find the taxi demo app, the rider app demo and the driver app demo.

WE offer a combinative package which can culminate into a successful business for you! Our offer includes: Uber Website, Passenger iOS App, Passenger Android App, Passenger Web Panel, Driver iOS App, Driver Android App, Driver Web Panel, Company Web Panel, Admin Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Rates, Passengers, Drivers, etc. Join the digital wave and hit the mark!

We have cloned Uber On-demand Taxi Concept. And have made them available for purchase for Entrepreneurs and Taxi Companies.

The whole package consists of following : - Uber Website, Passenger iOS App, Passenger Android App, Passenger Web Panel, Driver iOS App, Driver Android App, Driver Web Panel, Company Web Panel, Admin Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Rates, Passengers, Drivers, etc.

Passenger's iOS App, Android App's & Web Panel Demo Passenger's iOS App Visuals Passenger's Android App Visuals Rider Web panel visual

Riders Ios App, Android App & Riders Web Panel Demo

  • app store

    ios/iPad Application

    Download the iOS Passenger App and go online. Request a ride to see prompt replies from Drives.

  • play store

    Android Application

    Download the Android Passenger App and go online to see drivers available to accept your ride.

  • web panel

    Passenger Web Panel

    Rider can view and manage their account and also their ride history, payment made, other detail, etc from the Web Panel

Driver's iOS App, Android App's & Web Panel Demo Driver's iOS App visuals Driver's Android Apps Visuals Driver web panel visuals

Driver Android App, Ios App & Driver Web Panel Demo

  • ios store

    ios/iPad Application

    Download Driver iOS App and check it real time working by going online to see passenger's ride requests.

  • google play store

    Android Application

    Download Driver Android App and check it real time working with google Maps on your Android Phone.

  • front panel

    Driver Web Panel

    Driver can view his past rides, earned payments and request new payments for recent rides and also view other detail apart from managing his cars and company. And also manage his account.

Uber Clone Website Front End Demo Uber Clone Admin Panel Demo

Uber Website Clone & Administrator Panel Demo

  • front end

    front end

    View the Front End of the website that will be visible to all your existing and potential members. Display your company's policies, detail, terms and conditions, etc. Drivers and Riders will be able to go to their panels through the links displayed on the website.

  • admin panel

    admin panel

    View the Admin Panel and its working. See how a site owner can easily manage the passengers, Ride History, Drivers, Payments, Commissions, Terms and Conditions, Policies, Language Settings, etc for the Websites and Apps.

Hotel Taxi Booking Kiosk - Android app for Taxi Booking

  • Your customers may be travelling all the time! Now, allow them to use the Hotel Taxi Booking Kiosk- Android App for Taxi Booking to instantly book a can ride right from their hotel’s reception. This can be a great facility that a hotel offers to customers because they will be able to hail rides easily without depending on anyone instantly!

hotel taxi booking kiosk hotel taxi booking android app hotel taxi booking for tablet

Uber Clone - Live Working Video

The Uber Clone is the perfect solution for your riders to get a ride within few simple taps. Have a look at this video to see how the rider and the driver’s app works in perfect harmony with each other in real time absolutely live and get ready to be amazed and mesmerized!

Uber App Clone Video


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