About Us

If you thought that we were a bunch of nerds who suddenly got together with the idea of turning our tech skills into money, well, you've got it pretty accurate. We are a group of people who have spent their time working, analyzing studying and eventually falling in love with information technology. We are extremely driven to ensure that our IT skills can help us carve a name for us in the global scenario. With our roots in a parent company started in the year 2005, we came to create eSiteWorld as an interest towards the Uber clone app took over the field. We have in the past years launched close to 500 apps for both the iOS and the Android stores with an average of 2 apps being launched per day.

  • 2005
  • 60+
  • 2Apps
  • 1520
  • 99%
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Who We Are

We are a company with a team of specialised experts skilled in the app clone technology to cater to the rising demand of Uber like services apps. We know that apps are all set to take over the world and we are here to facilitae all the appreneurs achieve their dreams!
The Input
"If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results", Jack Dixon. At eSiteWorld, we have learnt to accept change and mould accordingly.

Our work is aimed at slowly but steadily transfiguring the concept of on demand service based apps using the framework of Uber kind of applications. We work relentlessly and put in all our hard work in ensuring that we don't leave any stone unturned in creating the best web, Android and iOS mobile platforms for shared, public and private transport services have earned us international fame and patrons.

The Output
We pour in as much input as we possibly can to ensure that our work is top quality. This is probably why we have been able to get such a good output as well. Once we got our hands into the on demand Uber Taxi app, we fell in love with the idea of the Uber for X. With this we started with a whole new gusto and today we offer over 52 Uber for X services.

Service apps that we have launched across many countries include (but are not limited to) Uber for beautician, Uber for carpenter, Uber for babysitter, Uber for Marijuana delivery, Uber for doctor, Uber for car wash, Uber for dating, Uber for grocery delivery, Uber for escorts etc. We also diversified a little and created advanced clones of the Taxi Hire Apps and System, Lyft apps and system, Uber App and Web System, on demand delivery and service apps.

We pride ourselves on our imaginative competency which we have added to our caps by making certain that we are capable of offering our clients the various augmentations that they need every now and again.

The Mechanism
It's not just blood and sweat that have helped form us. We aren't just an ordinary body of flesh and brains that came up with ideas and labored it into reality.

We are a machine. Every member of the team being a key part of the system making us a flawless mechanism that can deliver the best results in the shortest period of time in the most cost effective way.

We have been a Lego match for each other for all these years, through thick and through thin. A three legged work horse is now an industry mammoth. The trinity of nerds grew step by step and today we have a workforce of over 52 employees.

The Journey

Sipping coffee after hours and discussing about how there was a great future in developing apps, is how this idea was born to get into transportation business with the help of applications. However, our nerds believed in smart work rather than hard work. So, instead of building an app from scratch, eSiteWorld started with legally cloned apps. The successful model of Uber was very lucrative and they decided to take the plunge. As many new entrepreneurs approached us to build such apps for them, we took off big time.
Our hard work makes you earn easy money with the help of our seamless apps.

We Believe in Work While You Work - Play While You Play

There is no “One Size Fit” app development methods, there are no silver bullets, clients are different and so are their demands. Take a look at the snaps showcasing how we shape their dreams, get things done, committed to create Innovative On-demand App Solutions along with enjoying our moments during various celebrations and events.

International Speaker

We have labored to be the best. Our efforts have been recognized too! Considering our expertise in the Cloned app for business sector, we have been invited to some very reputable seminars and conferences to speak about the same.

If you are looking for a speaker for any business summit, conference, seminar or a talk, feel free to write to us and we will get back to you for sure!

speaker Addressing The It ConferenceGiving demo of our Sharing & Taxi Products.
conference It Experts & Young EntrepreneursLooking forward for new business ideas and startups..!

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