The Dual Combo Of On Demand Delivery App Clone With Uber Taxi Clone

Set Up Your Own Uber Taxi And Delivery Business And Start A Revolution Like No Other

Uber Delivery Clone - smart riding and smart delivering - it cannot get any smarter!

On Demand Delivery App with Taxi Clone

Free features of our Taxiplusdelivery

That Others Charge For
  • Apps Installation

    App Installation

    We undertake the procedure of uploading, configuration, and installation of the Web Services, Code & Database on Online Web Server, Apple/iOS App store & Google/Android Play Store with no other cost.

  • Play Store Apps Approval

    Play Store Apps Approval

    Our app is of high quality in all technical fronts. This is why we give surety to you that we will make certain that your apps get approved by iTunes & Google Play Store. We take complete accountability for all technical issues and will make sure that your apps can be launched on these stores without doubt.

  • White Labeling

    White Labeling

    Another amazing free of cost service that we provide is to completely re-skin your apps with your logo and company or brand name everywhere. We finish this process of white labeling and give you an app that you can call completely yours.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    This characteristic enables you to keep a tab of every activity that is happening through the means of your apps. You can find out the exact number rides carried out successfully, the ones that have been cancelled and the kind of commission you have made apart from other minor thing.

  • Advanced Reports

    Advanced Reports

    It enables you to take a look at specifically how much money you are making and the scrupulous breakdown for the same. This enables you to take a look at which areas need more attention and which are doing just fine to ensure that your business is always doing well.

  • wallet


    This feature will ease the process of the passenger to add money into app wallet. Mobile Money is a feature that can be used to add money to the wallet or the admin of the website himself can do it if the customer has passed on the cash to him through any other means.

  • life time license

    Life Time License

    When you buy the app from us we give you the lifetime license for it. This means you will never have to renew it or pay for it in any form.

  • Licensed Code Open For Customization's

    Customizable Licensed Code

    It is entirely possible that you might want to make modifications to your app in the future. This is why we give you the licensed source code for your app that is open. This means that at any point, you can have a good developer make the changes from your end.

  • Completely Responsive Web Panels

    Completely Responsive Web Panels

    Our designers have put in a lot of effort to ensure that the web panels for the taxiplusdelivery app are totally responsive. All the components that we present to you including the main website, the user end app and the service provider end app. This app is meant o be accessible from any device ranging from Desktop, Tablet, Android smartphones, iPhone/iPad, Windows or Blackberry Phone, etc.

Ideal Script

An app is only as good as the script it is created with. We believe in delivering nothing but the best to our clients. This is why we use nothing but the latest in technology to ensure you have for yourself a perfect mobile application that helps in setting up your brand in the market as one of the best and most successful Ride plus delivery Application in the world.

To make sure that we equip you with the right things, we don’t just offer you an application; we offer you an entire start up kit. Here is what the bundle includes:

cuberideplusdelivery ideal script
Uber Delivery And Taxi Business solution

How The Smart On Demand Delivery App Clone Works

  • A perfectly synchronized dual solution, this app is designed to ride and/or deliver to bring maximum returns for your business.
  • If anyone is looking for a ride or even want a parcel delivered, they will first need to register on the app, by providing their personal details as well as details of the card that will be used to make payments.
  • Anytime they want to use the service, they will log onto the app and select ride or delivery, depending on what their requirements.
  • RIDE - If they opt for a ride, then they will be asked to select the type of car they wish to travel in, and details about where and when they want to go. Details of all available drivers in the area will come up on the app and the rider can choose the driver of their choice after reading the profile, ratings, and reviews of each.
  • The chosen driver will accept the ride, which will also make it possible for a chat and text communication between the rider and the driver. Riders can also track their vehicle in real-time, knowing its exact location at all times as it makes its way to pick him up.
  • Once the rider has reached his destination, the ride will be marked as completed on the app and the payment will automatically get deducted from the rider's card. Both the driver and rider also have the option of rating and reviewing each other.
  • DELIVERY - If you want a package or parcel delivered, then you choose that option. You then get to choose the mode of transport to be used for the delivery i.e. bicycle, foot, lorry, truck, rail, car, scooter etc depending on what you want to be delivered and where you want it delivered. The user will also need to input the details of what he wants to be delivered, where he wants it delivered and when he wants the delivery done after, he has chosen the mode of transportation. Once all these details have been fed into the app, the user will get an estimated price of what the service is going to cost him, depending on the chosen mode of transport.
  • All couriers that meet the user's criteria will appear on the screen. The profile, rating, and reviews of each courier can also be seen by clicking on the courier. Users can pick the one that best meets their criteria after which the chosen courier will be able to communicate with the user. The chosen courier will also receive a text message, showing the details of what the delivery is, the date and time of where it will be delivered.
  • At the prescheduled time, the courier will make his way to the pre-arranged pick up point. Once he has picked it up, he will update that fact on the on demand courier delivery app using Uber, by marking the delivery as "started". The receiver will receive a verification code via text message. This will enable the receiver to track the parcel as it makes its way to deliver the package.
    When the courier reaches the destination, he will give the package to the receiver. The receiver will then give the verification code to the courier, who will input it into the app, making the transaction complete on the Uber for Parcel Delivery. This will trigger the process of invoicing, with both the sender and courier receiving a copy each. The payment is deducted from the sender's payment card as soon as the "Collect Payment" is selected on the on-demand delivery app using Uber by the courier. The facility for both the courier and the sender to rate and review each other is available for both.
  • When you invest in the on demand parcel service like Uber, as the owner of the combo business, you get to earn a little commission for each and every ride and/or delivery booked through your app.

Ride plus Delivery: A Modern Miracle

It’s time to think outside of the box and take the big leap of bringing innovation right into the hands of the people. With this unique app, you are now giving your users the opportunity to download a single app for all their taxi booking requirements as well as their parcel delivery requirements.

Now, give your drivers the option of getting jobs for ride as well as for delivery quickly through a single log in! Each time someone uses the application to make a booking, you stand to make money!

Uberrush Clone On demand taxi with delivery iPhone app

Watch the Uber Taxi combined with Uber Delivery app live in action!

Want to know how your potential investment will work? Here's the complete step by step video of how the uber clone app works from logging in to giving reviews!

on demand delivery app live demo video postmates clone
Taxi with Delivery App Graphial Flow Screen
Ride plus Delivery Splash Screen
Ride plus Delivery introduction Screen
Ride plus Delivery Login & Registration Screen
Ride plus Delivery Account Verification Screen
Ride plus Delivery Application Menu Screen
Choose option Ride & Delivery Screen
Separate Flow of rider and delivery
View taxi & Delivery Flow Screen
View Taxi Flow View Delivery Flow

4 steps to your products

We follow the 4 step formula below and do the hard work so that your work becomes much easier.
  • Test It On The Road Before You Buy

    Why trust us blindly when you can try out our product? Check out the live demo of our app on road before you spend a dime on it! To try it out, first download the Cuberideplusdelivery demo app from the app stores and then take it for a live test to get a feel of the same.

  • Language & Currency Preference

    The original setting of the app offers the regular language of English. The original currency that is included is USD. However, if there is any change that you want in this, we will give you an additional language as well as currency incorporated within the app absolutely free.

  • Provide Server, Play Store & Your Logo At Your Convenience

    You can send us your Server & Play Store details anytime after you make the purchase at your convenience to help us ready the apps with your logo/brand name and upload/configure them.

  • Get Your App Launched In Your Name

    In order to make certain that you can start adding money to your bank accounts from the moment your app is launched, we launch it on the app stores completely rebranded as your with your logo and company name.

Web Panel's Included

We are focused on bringing the best possible solution to you. This is why we keep a simple application and wait for your suggestions to make it proper to suit your requirements. Just let us know how you would like for us to help you and we’ll let you know how best we can do it!

Get the best experience in managing and handling the entire operations of the application with our robust and seamless web panels. Our team of experts has carefully designed the web panels to ensure that your business can run in the smoothes way possible!

This means we set you up with a holistic system that is ready to earn for you right from the day it is launched. You thought that was all? Wait! We’ll also guarantee the launch of your app in the iTunes app store and Google Play Store.

Web Panel's Included

Core Features

  • Multicurrency/ Multilanguage Multicurrency/ Multilanguage

    We add an additional language and currency as per your requirement at no additional cost.

  • God Eye View God's Eye View

    We add an additional language and currency as per your requirement at no additional cost.

  • Use Cash, Card or eWallet Use Cash, Card or eWallet

    Your app will have the payment options of cash, card or in app wallet.

  • Real Time Tracking Real Time Tracking

    Track the rides and deliveries in real time with this feature.

  • Book Now or Schedule for Later Feature Book Now or Schedule for Later Feature

    You can give your customers the option of scheduling rides or parcel deliveries immediately or at a later time.

  • Promo Code and Referrel Promo Code and Referral

    Reward and referral programs allow you to catch the attention of more and more users towards your app.


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