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Uber For Services App Live Demo

Check our live working demo video for Thumbtack Clone App, an interaction between customer and service provider from starting Job request to completion of Job.

thumbtack clone script demo
latest features
  • video consulting
  • service bidding
  • get services at your place
  • get service done at provider location
  • gift certificate
  • UI/UX design

Understand the Functionality Of the Service Provider App

User App
Service Provider App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
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Benchmark Features Revered in the Industry

Creating bespoke features that focus on growing the profitability of your business while enhancing its functionality

User App
Services Provider App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
user app features
delivery driver app
provider app features
website features
admin panel
admin features

Responsive Thumbtack Clone App

With the overabundance of devices that are on hand with the people today, it is of vital importance that your Thumbtack clone app is completely responsive to ensure that it is easy to get to and functional by people using different devices like handsets, smart phones, tablets, PC or any other digital aide used over any platform whether it is iOS or Android.

Apart from this we have made utterly sure that your Uber for services app is an immediate hit the second it goes live. So, we have formed it on the pre-existing constitution of taxi app that have been used by millions of users and consequently comes pre-approved in the Google Play store as well as the Apple store.

maharah clone
Thumbtack Clone

THE GAMUT OF SuperX SP - ON DEMANDService Offerings

On-Demand Services
Online Video Consultation
Bid for Services

Uber For Services - Providing Multi Services

At The Flick Of A Button

Take a glance through the step by step flow of the on demand service app on the app of the user and the app of the service provider respectively.

App of the User
  • User logs in with their social media handle like Facebook or Google+ or create a new account by email or Phone Number.
  • User can select the Kind of Service they want like On Demand Services, Video Consultation or Bidding.
  • According to the chosen Service Type, User gets a list of all the services offered.
  • User taps on the service that they desire and the subcategory of the service that they need. User can select multiple subcategories for the service that they require.
  • User gets connected with the nearest service provider and gets a list of all the services that they provide along with their gallery and past reviews received by them.
  • User selects the service/services that they require from the service provider and taps on checkout to get redirected to the booking details which contains the details of the booking.
  • User selects the payment mode and chooses the preferred mode of payment and the location and choose the preferred location, i.e. location of user or location of the service provider, except for tow truck service.
  • User gets booking done and gets notified on confirmation of request by the service provider with the notification ‘Service Provider Accepted Job Request’ and tracks their whereabouts till they arrive via internet calls or text chats.
  • In Case of Video Consultation, User can start the Video call at the selected time slot.
  • In Case of Service Bidding, User & Service Provider can counter offer each other and avail the Service.
  • In case of Services on Demand, User gets notified of the arrival of the service provider and the start of the job by them with the notifications ‘Service Provider Arrived’ and ‘Job Started’ respectively.
  • User gets notified of the completion of service with ‘Job Completed’ and gets the invoice summary shared with them and makes the payment for the service if the payment mode was chosen as cash by them.
  • User provides review to the service provider on the on demand service app based on the experience of the service that they received along with the punctuality of the service provider.
App of the Service Provider
  • Service Provider receives job request as soon as they set their availability as online and accepts the job request containing the details of the job along with the location and mode of payment chosen by the user.
  • Service Provider taps on ‘Job Request Accepted’ to notify the user of service request acceptance.
  • In case of Bidding, Service Provider can counter offer for the Service.
  • Service Provider tracks the job location and remains connected with the user via internet calls or text chats till they arrive and on arrival taps on ‘Arrived at Job Location’ to notify the user of their arrival.
  • Service Provider taps on ‘Job Started’ to notify the user of the beginning of services and offers their services to the user and on completion taps on ‘Job Completed’ to notify the user of completion of services.
  • Service Provider generates an invoice summary on their app and shares it with the user. The invoice summary contains details of the service, location of service and the mode of payment chosen by them.
  • The service provider collects payment for the service/services that they provided and then provides a review to the user based on the experience of service that they offered to them as well as the ease that it took them to reach the location of the user.

Service Provider Pricing

Feature Rich Gateway to Maximum Profitability
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Web Panel's Included

The Ultimate Thumbtack Clone Script Package - An Interactive Website, An Effective Service Provider Panel, And The Smart Client Panel - A Unique Service Package That Makes Money For You From Every Service That You Provide

Our Uber for services app has been designed with preset services. You can add or delete or even invent a new service should you wish to for your business. Just speak to us and we will make sure that your site and app are designed exactly to your specifications, giving you the service that you are looking for that will give you the best returns.

The world revolves around the service industry. Whether it is a doctor, or a dog walker, or even a tutor, we need all these services and more to survive. We are all interdependent on each other for our livelihood and that is why your business will flourish wherever you launch it. Revolutionise the service industry by investing in Thumbtack clone script that provides services to the world.

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