Free Features Of Our On-Demand Service App

  • Licensed Source Code Licensed Source Code

    You'll get the licensed source code for the app you buy from us at no additional cost with the purchase of our package.

  • 1-Year Bug Support 1-Year Bug Support

    We'll assist you in resolving any technical bugs you may find in our code for a year.

  • White-labeling White-labeling

    We'll add your brand name, logo, and other branding elements to your app, website, and admin panel.

  • NDA & Privacy Policy NDA & Privacy Policy

    We keep your identity and your apps confidential since we follow strict NDA and privacy policies. We will never claim your apps or use them in our portfolio.

  • Annual Updates Annual Updates

    We'll give you the latest code for the app you purchase from us after a year.

  • App Rejection Support App Rejection Support

    If the app stores reject your app for technical reasons, we'll help fix the issues and get it approved with ease.

See our Uber for Service App in Action!

Watch the video to witness our advanced and innovative Thumbtack Clone app work in real-time. Get a walkthrough of all the essential features and app screens of our platform. Also, get to understand how your users can book services and get professional assistance on demand.

thumbtack clone script demo

Latest Maharah Clone App Features

Discover our freshly integrated features for an enhanced user experience.

  • video consulting
  • service bidding
  • get services at your place
  • get service done at provider location
  • gift certificate
  • UI/UX design

On-Demand Service Provider App Screenflow

User App
Service Provider App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
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Cutting-Edge Features of Our Thumbtack Clone

Creating bespoke features that focus on growing the profitability of your business while enhancing its functionality

User App
Services Provider App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
user app features
delivery driver app
provider app features
website features
admin panel
admin features

What’s Included in Our Thumbtack Clone Script Package?

Our team of experts has crafted exceptional pre-built business solutions for entrepreneurs willing to tap into the on-demand industry. With our app, you can enjoy the convenience of a quick launch and easy money-saving. Wondering what scripts you get with the purchase of our app package? Well, we have listed everything here.

maharah clone
Thumbtack Clone

72+ On-demand Services

Let your users enjoy the convenience of booking multiple services on-demand with a single application.

On-Demand Services
Online Video Consultation
Bid for Services

How Uber For Services App Works?

Go through the simple workflow of our Thumbtack Clone app and see how it seamlessly connects users with nearby service providers!

  • User registration/login: Users can log in or sign up using Facebook, Google, or by entering their basic details like name, mobile number, and email address.
  • Service selection: They can select the on-demand services they want, such car washing, beauticians, tow trucks, online video consultations, service bidding with handymen, etc.
  • List of professionals: The system then displays a list of professionals from the chosen category. Users can sort the professionals based on their proximity, ratings, service charges, etc.
  • Details of professionals: Users can now choose the professional and explore the list of services they offer by tapping on their profile along with their ratings and gallery.
  • Booking information: To book the service, the user now needs to provide their address and select the payment method. Users can also choose to get same-day services or schedule them later.
  • Booking confirmation: The service provider receives the service request as soon as the user hits the Book Now/Later button! The user gets a service confirmation notification after the service provider accepts their request
  • Real-time Tracking: The user can start tracking the provider’s location in real-time on the map.
  • Service Starts: The booked service provider arrives at the user’s location, verifies the OTP sent to the user’s registered number, and finally starts the job.
  • Job completion: After completion, the service provider selects the 'Job Completed,' option on their app. This proceeds with the automatic invoice generation, which is shared with the user as well.
  • Review and rating: After payment completion, both the user and the service provider can give a rating and review the service based on their experience.

Cost of Building On-Demand Services App

View our pricing page to learn more about our Maharah clone app script package, features, add-ons, and more!

general features pricing
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Innovative Website and Robust Admin Panel

We don't just provide an ordinary Thumbtack Clone application; we offer entrepreneurs like you a complete business solution. With the purchase of our package, you get a user-friendly website where your users can easily handle their profiles, view past transactions, see booking history, and much more.

On the other hand, you also get to leverage a professional-built admin panel that gives you complete control of all the business activities. Using the single dashboard, you can set the commission rate, manage in-app ads, push notifications, access real-time earning reports, etc. Additionally, you get all the essential tools that will help you improve the overall productivity of your online business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Thumbtack Clone Script?

    The Thumbtack clone script forms the basis of the Thumbtack app and all of its sub-interfaces, including the user app and the service provider app. Its script includes the source code, which is the base code of the application. You can use this source code to modify features or upgrade the app yourself at any point in time once the application goes live.

  • What Are the Benefits of the Thumbtack Clone App?

    Most clone apps offer similar features and services as their original apps. However, the Thumbtack Clone app goes one step further and offers 72+ on-demand services on the platform. The original app provides much less service to its users in a single login. Also, you can quickly launch your business with fewer investments overall than you initially planned.

  • What Is the Difference between Thumbtack and Taskrabbit?

    While both apps are used to connect users with professional service providers, Thumbtack is more expansive and offers more on-demand services than TaskRabbit. In terms of numbers, Thumbstack offers 72+ services that include hiring 52+ on-demand service providers, online video consultations, and service bidding with Handyman. On the flip side, TaskRabbit offers 52+ services. You can visit both of our pages to see the comprehensive list of all services for clarification.

  • What happens after I buy the source code?

    After you have bought the source code, you will have full ownership of the Thumbtack Clone app. In other words, you can freely instruct our app developers to customize the app using the source code however you want. Moreover, you can hire your own, independent team of developers who can help you modify your Thumbtack-like application after we launch it on the App Stores and servers.

  • What kinds of customizations can I make after buying the Thumbtack Clone package?

    You can make changes to the color themes of the app and integrate the name and logo. Moreover, you can add up to 25 languages and currencies apart from English as your default language and dollars as the default currency, depending on the target market. Overall, the entire customization process takes around 1-2 weeks to complete.

  • Where can I find the demo of the Thumbtack Clone App?

    You can visit our website, where a direct link is attached to visit our iOS and Android Store pages. From the App Store, you can download a demo of our app on your iOS and Android smartphones. Additionally, you can contact our sales team if you are having any difficulties finding the demo of our Thumbtack Clone app.

  • I come from a non-technical background, but I want an on-demand business. How can you help me?

    This is understandable. In the past, we have worked with many non-technical clients and have helped them throughout the whole app development process. All we ask from your end is to share your ideas and suggestions, as well as technical questions, which we will ensure to solve passionately.

  • Is the Thumbtack Clone App native or hybrid?

    All our clone apps, including the Thumbtack Clone apps, use a native app development approach to yield the best-performing apps. Here, different codebases are used to develop separate apps for Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, the complete tech stack involves Swift for the iOS app, Java for Android, and PHP for the Admin Panel.

  • What revenue streams can leverage when launching for my on-demand business?

    The Thumbtack Clone app offers your business commission-based earnings along with subscription plans as well as in-app advertisements. All these revenue streams apply to every single on-demand service, including video consultations and bid-for services.

  • What advanced features are integrated into the admin panel for smooth business management?

    The Thumbtack clone admin panel allows the business owner to monitor servers, see total requests, manage notifications, and track earnings. Apart from this, multiple other advanced features analyze key metrics and KPIs to manage registered users as well as service providers.

  • How do I track the progress of my project?

    A project manager will be with you every step of the way to guide you through every single update and requirement of the project. You can even understand the features, workflow, and UI/UX app if you want, aside from tracking the status of the project.

  • How can I get more assistance in case of any query?

    Feel free to reach us for any queries over any communication mode, or visit us at [email protected].

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