What is the Deliveroo Clone?

The concept of on demand food delivery and grocery delivery has been around for ages when people would pick up their phones and order for their favourite dishes or get their local grocery provider to deliver their needs to their doorstep. But that could not always guarantee whether you would get what you want when you want it! With the help of the Deliveroo clone, people can now take a look at a range of different restaurants available and the different options in terms of grocery delivery in the area and get their meals delivered when they want it.

This is a feature rich on demand food and grocery delivery combination application that the users can download to access all the restaurants and grocery stores registered within the application. The app allows restaurants to put in their menus, stores to put their inventory, their rates and ratings to ensure that their food is accessible to all the people in their region.

Deliveroo Clone App Flow

Deliverall app flow

What We Offer With the Deliveroo Clone App

The Deliveroo clone is an expertly built user friendly platform that brings food or groceries to the table for the customers instantly. In order to make sure that our clients can get the best bang for their buck, here’s what we offer with our Deliveroo Clone app.

  • White Labelled Source Code White Labelled Source Code

    Our team white labels the app for you with your logo and brand name. After the app launch, we also provide you with the source code of the app that is licensed to your domain name.

  • Bug Support Bug Support

    To ensure that your app continues to work seamlessly as time goes by, we offer a full year of complementary bug support post purchase of the app.

  • Multiple Languages and Currencies Multiple Languages and Currencies

    We integrate the app with the choice of your local languages and local currencies so that you can launch it across one or many regions absolutely seamlessly.

  • Booking From Mobile and Website Booking From Mobile and Website

    In addition to customers being able to place orders and get food delivered from their mobile app, we also provide you with a functional website for your brand that supports online booking directly through the site.

  • Free Upgrade Free Upgrade

    Technology continues to evolve with time. In order to make sure that your app works perfectly with modern operating system updates, we offer you a free annual upgrade to the app.

  • Much More And Much More

    We believe in offering a holistic solution for your business. This is why; we set you up with a complete app loaded with many features. Check out the app demo to find out more about everything that is on the table for you!

Glimpse of Deliveroo Clone App

  • Deliverall categories
  • Deliverall user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • food junction
  • add item
  • order picked up
  • checkout
  • order placed
  • edit cart and checkout
  • order delivered
  • delivered your order
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An app is made great because of the features that it carries. This is why; we believe in offering nothing less than the best to you. Take a look at the holistic list of all the features that you can get in various sections of the app.

general features pricing
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Businesses that Deliveroo Clone App Script Supports

Your Deliveroo clone is not just a gateway to profitable business for you but is also the best way for you to make sure that you can support a variety of local and other food businesses.

  • Single Outlet Single Outlet

    This app will allow singular restaurants or grocery shops to register into your app and make their food available for the customers.

  • Chain of Stores Chain of Stores

    Multiple restaurants from the same chain of restaurants or grocery shops too can register and benefit from your Deliveroo clone app.

  • Nearby Outlets Nearby Outlets

    For small scale or local restaurants or grocery shops, this app can be a great way to being able to utilise the digital platform to grow their sales.

Launch your own Food and Grocery Delivery app in just 2 weeks!

Starting your own on demand food and grocery delivery business has never been easier. With the help of our launch ready on demand Deliveroo clone app, you can start making money in just a matter of 2 weeks’ time.

Post purchase of the app, our team takes about 10 to 14 working days to set it up with your preferences, custom requirements and your logo and brand name over the app before launching it on the Google Play store and the iOS app store under your server credentials.

This is your chance to make it big in the on demand food and grocery delivery business instantly! So gear up and take a demo of the app so that you can get the ball rolling!

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