On Demand Flower Delivery App

Expanding your Floral business with digital avenues

When the world is going digital, it is time for you to take the big leap and get your own On Demand Flower Delivery App for better business prospects. This app is a game changer in the market and will make your rich in no time!

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Flawless App Scripted for you

We understand the severity of investing in a new business. This is why our team of expert analysts, qualified engineers and industry specialists has crafted this app specifically to ensure that your business can bring the highest returns to you instantly!

We don’t just bring you a simple application. Instead we set you up with a full and holistic business solution in the form of a bundle. We make sure that once you place an order with us, you can forget about all the technical worries and leave that to us to focus on your core business.

Wondering what are all the things that we offer you when you make a purchase from us? Here’s the list:

flower delivery clone script
on demand flower delivery app

The working flow of this app

  • The flower delivery app is a simple rendition of how technology can make the process of buying and delivering flowers and absolute cakewalk for the users. The ultimate objective of an app is to ensure that it helps people make their lives simpler and that is exactly what this app does.
  • The first step to use this app is to download it from the respective app stores. Android users can download it from Google Play Stores while iOS users can download it from the Apple App Store.
  • The User will have to download the app meant for the Users and the Flower delivery drivers have to download their particular app. There is a third application that is meant for the florist which he will have to download and register.
  • The florist will now have to create a profile and upload a “menu” of the different items that are available at his shop. He can upload images of the same to the app so that the customers can choose from whichever they like.
  • Meanwhile, the customers as well as the Delivery drivers too have to create their profiles by entering their names, addresses, phone numbers, email IDs etc. Once this is done their profiles are ready and they can start using the app.
  • Whenever the customer wants to buy a flower arrangement or a bouquet, they can simply open the app; go to the florist they like and select the items that they want to buy. They will be able to add these items to their cart one by one.
  • Once that is done, the customer can now go to the checkout page and buy these items. The payment will be deducted automatically from the app with the credit card details entered by the user right in the beginning.
  • Alternately, the customer can also choose to make payment using Cash On Delivery. In that case, the payment will be made directly to the delivery driver in cash at the time of the delivery.
  • Once the order is placed the florist is notified on his app about the order. As the florist confirms it, he then allots a Driver with the pickup of the order. When this is done, the User gets a notification of the same.
  • The User can now trace the Delivery driver as he comes to make the delivery. On delivering the Order, the Driver updates the app with the status by stating “Order Delivered”.
  • The moment the app is updated, the app generates a digital invoice a copy of which is sent out to all the parties involved.

Let the sweet scent of flowers flourish reflect in your bank balance as well!

This app is a bundled business solution. We are here to offer you a much awaited digital platform in shaping your business in the best possible way. A single one time investment will enable you to bring to your customer a range of benefits.

You are not only helping your customers! You are also here to give florists a bigger chance at selling their goods and delivery drivers an ample opportunity to earn. With this app bridging the demand and supply gap, you are now equipped with the perfect tool to make money while the app works its charms.

The app will enable you to get a handsome commission each time someone uses it to buy anything from the florists registered in your application. If you thought that that was all, well, you are in for a big surprise! This app not only lets you earn a commission on each delivery, it also ensures that you decide how much commission you want to make from it!

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Core Features
Multicurrency/MultiLanguage Feature payment option
Real Time tracking feature

Don’t see what you want?

web panels

We have built this app based on our experience in the industry. However, we do understand that each location has different requirements and each business has its own axis. So, if you don’t find the flow of the app to your liking or want a bud or two changed from here and there, just speak to us about it.

We have a whole panel of analysts who would be happy to work out a solution for you and customise the application as per the feasibility. We are nothing if not helpful and accommodating to our customers. After all, our success lies in the success of your business using our apps.

Don’t forget to take a FREE trial demo of the application. This will allow you to get the actual experience of the app so that you can identify what you like and what you’d like altered. And don’t worry! There is no expiry to our demo! Try it for as long as you like and get back to us only when you are a hundred percent satisfied. We are right here for you!


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