Slice Pizza Clone

Slice Pizza Clone App

A simple yet effective platform to connect thousands of your users with hundreds of Pizzerias

The simplest thing are often the most sustainable and effective ones. This is why our team of expert engineers have brainstormed and come up with a single unique application to enable you to fulfill your business dreams.

Free Features of Our Slice Pizza Clone App

  • apps installation
  • apps approval play store and app store
  • 365 Days Free Bug Support
  • Licensed Source Code Open for Customization
  • lifetime license
  • Advanced Analytics
  • advanced reports
  • White labeling

Great minds make an app like Debonairs Pizza

The business world today entirely relies on the genius that you can offer in everyday demands. This App is just that genius that you have been looking for. Digitization of your business at this point is very important.

Our team brings to you not just an application. We give you an entire sustainable app based business system which will help you to continue growing and making money easily. When you place an order of this application from us, we will offer you the following in a bundle:

Papa John's pizza clone
Pizza delivery clone script

Pizza Delivery App Visuals

Customer App
Driver App
Restaurant App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details
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How Papa John's Pizza Clone App works?

  • This is a pizza delivery app which might appear to be simple for ease for usage, but is a powerful solution loaded with a host of features to make the whole process of ordering a pizza not only enjoyable but also very profitable for you as well as the pizzeria.
  • To use this app, the User downloads the app and registers into it by creating a profile. The user will be required to enter their Name, Address, Phone number, Email Id, Credit Card details etc. on the app. Now, he can browse through all the different pizzerias that are registered with your app and place their orders.
  • The Delivery Driver too has to download and register into this application. The driver also will be required to create a profile with details such as Name, Phone number, Email ID and bank account details. Once this happens, the Admin must verify the documents uploaded by the driver and then enable him to receive job requests.
  • The Pizzeria will be required to set up their own profile using the web panel. They will have to put in the details of their restaurant, itemize the menu and put in the inventory that they have. Once they are done and set, they will be able to receive orders through the app.
  • The User can pick up their phone, log into the app and select the pizzeria of their choice. When they do this, they will be shown an itemized list of the entire menu. The User can select all the items one by one, choose toppings for the pizzas and other customizations and then add these items to cart.
  • Once the User has selected everything that they want to order, they can now move onto check out the items and make payment. The credit card details of the users have already been taken in the beginning, so there is no payment hassle.
  • However, the User can also choose to make payment using Cash on delivery options or using the in-app wallet. In case of Cash on delivery method, payment is made in cash to the delivery driver who comes to delivery the order.
  • After the payment is made, the request for the order is sent to the restaurant. The restaurant receives the notification including all the details of the order. Once the restaurant accepts this order, a notification is sent to the customer.
  • Once the order is accepted, the restaurant then allocates a driver for the delivery. This driver receives a notification on his device for the same. When the driver accepts the request, the restaurant is notified.
  • On collecting the order, the Driver now mentions the status on the app as “ORDER COLLECTED”. The User is also notified of the same along with the tracking details of the delivery driver.
  • Now, the driver reaches the destination and delivers the order to the customer. After this he will also mark the app stating “ORDER DELIVERED”. When the driver does this, an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the User, the Delivery Driver as well as the Restaurant.
  • All parties involved are now free to give reviews and ratings to each other.

A Pizza Delivery App to Deliver Money in your Account

This is a business platform for you to make money. Our team understands that your focus should always be in the business and you shouldn’t have to worry about the technicalities of the app. This is why we have built an app that sustains itself automatically and brings to you just profits.

This system has been developed by some of the top engineers of this field who have relentlessly worked hard to provide you with a robust system that doesn’t require any active participation from you to run. Once you invest in the app, you can just sit back and watch your wealth grow with every order placed!

The app is especially created to ensure that it can work perfectly in any country. However, if you think that you need to make a few tweaks in it to suit your exact requirements, then do not hesitate to speak to us about it! We will gladly help you out.

Delivery App to Deliver Money
4 Steps to Our Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores

Unique Features of the Pizza Delivery App

  • Multiple Payment Multiple Payment

    With the help of this feature, the user can choose from the different payment modes like cash, card, or wallet, in order to make the payment for the pizza delivery.

  • Statistics Statistics

    With the aid of this feature, the delivery drivers can keep track of all the earnings that they make.

  • Manage Store Manage Store

    With the assistance of this feature, the owner of the business can manage their pizza delivery store as well as its inventory.

  • Edit Cart Edit Cart

    With the aid of this feature, your users can update the items that were added by them during ordering the pizza.

  • Manage Vehicles Manage Vehicles

    With the assistance of this feature, your delivery drivers can manage the details related to their vehicle in a better manner.

  • Order Statistics Order Statistics

    With the aid of this feature, you can keep track of all the orders that were made by your users.

pizza delivery app package

Excited about the solution that will help you provide smooth pizza deliveries to your users and at the same time help your delivery drivers earn a good income and automate their daily operations? Then get ready to be enthralled with our Uber for Pizza Delivery that will assure you to bring hefty commissions right from Day 1!

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How We work?

Web Panel's Included

We believe in making the process of launch and development of the app absolutely simple for you. This is why we follow a very systematic procedure in order to ensure that everything is as easy at taking a bite into your favorite pizza.

The first step is for you to fill in our enquiry form with your choice of app. Once you do that, we reach out to you with all the details about the app and the demo. This Demo that we offer is a downloadable live app that you can use on your device.

We also ensure that you can take the demo for as long as you like. It is available for an unlimited duration of time to make sure that you are thorough with the app and it is exactly what you want. In case there are some changes that you are looking for we are happy to analyze and customize the app for you.

Then, you place the order and we white label the app for you with your brand name, logo, choice of language, choice of currency and launch the app for you on your approval. That’s all! Your app is ready to start making those big bucks for you! What could get better than the beautiful smell of fresh pizza and a pocket full of cash!

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