Massage On Demand App

Soothing, Invigorating And Uplifting - Your Massage Giving App That Earns Whilst Massaging

Get that ultimate earning experience with the massage service app, massaging away your client's tiredness. This is an app that you invest in just once and earn again and again. Everytime someone uses your app, you end up making a pretty big amount of mmoney!

Massage On Demand App
Free Features of CubeMassage
  • On Demand Massage Apps Installation
  • On Demand Massage Apps Approval on Play Stores
  • Massage Apps White Labeling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

Immaculate Script

We understand what makes an app fail or succeed in the digital market today. Any app that doesn’t have internal health can’t flourish well. This is why our app has been erected over the intrinsic skeleton of an on demand taxi app which has been tested in the market at a global level. What’s more, owing to the fact that the consumer of the app might be using various platforms like android or iOS, the app has been made a 100% responsive to ensure optimal performance across the board. We offer the massage delivery app as pre approved by the Google Play store and the Apple store for maximum advantage to the client.

For optimal usage of the app, we have bundled the following sub systems within it. The admin can manage the app with its help easily and utilise the app efficiently:

Massage delivery App Script
massage service app


  • Living life in the fast lane, both professionally and personally means a big hike in our stress levels, which have a negative impact on our health. Deliver that magical massage experience to corporates and individuals and decrease their stress levels with your spa appointment app.
  • Anyone who is looking to have that relaxing massage will first need to register on the massage on demand app. Registration involves inputting their personal details as well as the details of the card that will be used for payment purposes. Once registration is complete, he can log onto the app and select the type of massage he wants i.e. Thai, prenatal, postnatal, Swedish, sleep etc.
  • client requirement
  • Once he has selected the massage that he wants, he will select the date, time and the venue for the service. The client can also select the gender of the therapist he requires.
  • Message therapists in the vicinity who are available will come up on the screen. The customer has the facility to tap on any of the therapists and check out their qualifications, experience, profiles, reviews and ratings. The charge per hour of the therapist will also be displayed on the app. The client has the option to choose the one he feels is best suited for the services he requires. As soon as the booking is done, the massage therapist will be intimated of the same by way of a text message and email, which will give details of the client and the service requested.
  • At the designated time and date, the therapist will go to the client's premise and deliver the massage. The therapist will start the app timer before starting the massage and switch it off as soon the massage is complete. This will trigger the payment to be made automatically from the client's payment card. The payment amount will depend on the number of hours worked. At the same time, an invoice will also be generated, a copy of which is emailed to the client as well as the therapist.
  • Massage On Demand App is designed such that there is a facility for both the therapist and the client to rate and review each other.
  • You, as the app owner, benefit by earning a set amount of commission for every massage that is delivered through the massage service app. The earnings received are magnanimous compared to the investment you make on the app.


On demand massages are on the increase due to our busy and stressful lives. Everything is fast and that is why everyone wants a massage in the same way too. Invest in this app and distress your financial worries away.

The world population is asking for that ultimate distressing experience - give them what they want whilst you earn for your troubles. Start the on demand massage business in just two days and start earning by the hour.

This app will be the best way for freelance beuticians to find jobs and earn money while getting you a commission each time they get a job request from your application. The most convenient way of making money has come right in your hands!

spa appointment app On Demand Massage iPhone App
4 Steps to Our Product
  • Download our cubemasssage Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
on demand massage app Core Feature
God Eye View multi currency, multi language, god eye view, cash or pay by cash
Booking And Schedule Feature
web panel's included
Massage Web Panels
The Completely Soothing Package - An Invigorating Website, A Healing Therapist Panel, And The Discreet Client Panel - The Ultimate Relaxation Package That Spells Just That

Our spa appointment app comes with a predefined set of services. However, if you are looking to give a massaging experience like no other, then you need to discuss your vision with is and we will bring it to life.

Running a massage business is very hard work, but with our app it is made easy for anyone who is looking to start such a business as the app does all the work. Just invest in the app and we will set it up for you, leaving you to enjoy that relaxation that you will get when you see your bank balance increasing with each massage delivered through the app.

  • on demand massage app graphical flow
  • uber for massage app splash screen
  • uber for massage app introduction screen
  • client and massage therapist login/registration screen
  • client and massage therapist account verification screen
  • on demand massage app menu screen
  • client choose the massage service they want
  • client book a massage therapist
  • massage therapist get online
  • client choose payment mode
  • Client sending request to massage therapist
    massage therapist accept or reject client request
  • massage therapist accepted job request
  • internal chat between client and massage therapist
    Internal chat feature in Client and massage therapist app
  • massage therapist reaches at the job location
  • client and massage therapist job started screen
  • massage therapist job completed screen
  • on demand massage app invoice summary screen
  • client app book later option screen
  • client select best massage therapist in their area
  • upcoming and pending job request screen
  • on demand massage app job history screen
  • on demand massage app view past and upcoming jobs
  • massage therapist manage services
  • client and massage therapist payment option screen
  • massage therapist job and earnings statastics screen
  • client and massage therapist edit profile and invite friends to join app
  • emergency button for client and massage therapist
  • client and massage therapist feedback screen
  • on demand massage app support menu & about us screen
  • on demand massage app contact us & help screen
  • on demand massage app terms and conditions & privacy policy screen


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