Uber for Alcohol Delivery Service App

Bringing sips to your sofas!

The best way to drink wines is to sit comfortably on your sofas and curl up with a book. But what do you do when you run out of wine? Get up and go out? Not a chance! Invest in the boozy new app that brings wines and more right to your customer's doorstep whenever they ask for it! This amazing booze delivery app can be yours that has shifted the genies from bottles to smartphones that can grant any tipsy wish right away!

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Free Features of our Cubewines
  • wines on demand Apps Installation
  • on demand wines Apps Approval on Play Stores
  • wines apps White Labeling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

Alcohol Delivery Service App Script

Whoever said that an amateur app can succeed easily must have been drunk. In order to ensure that an Alcohol Delivery App app succeeds, one has to be absolutely certain that the app itself is based on a very secure model of a previous version. This is why we have based this trippy new app on the bones of a very commercially successful taxi hire app.

The design is seamless and has been developed to be absolutely responsive. It performs excellently over various platforms and different handsets.

Uber Alcohol Delivery
Alcohol Delivery App


    Booze delivery app is a dream of convenience that allows people to get as high as they want without worries of driving or looking for the nearest gas station that can offer a pint of beer. This app allows your customers to choose from a variety of wines and other spirits, so that they don't have to settle for whatever the nearest shop was offering. Regardless of what kind of what kind of mood your clients are in, they will find something to ease with just with the help of your app.

    Dynamics of the deal

  • To begin with, every customer is required to download this liquor delivery app. After it is downloaded a standard profile page is built for the client with the help of all the information that he puts into it. This profile includes personal details as well as details regarding credit card for seamless payment transaction whenever a purchase is made.
  • After setting up a basic profile, the customer can choose from a list of all the wine and spirits shop in the nearby areas. These shops will also have categories of liquor such as wines, whiskey, beer and so on and so forth.
  • When a choice is made, all the delivery drivers in the area are notified. Whoever chooses it gets the job. This works almost exactly how a taxi app works. However, if there aren't any drivers in the area, the customer will not be allowed to make any purchase at all to avoid any inconvenience.
  • On confirmation by the driver, the shop gets details of the driver on their web panel. Parallel, the driver is notified of the order number and the address of the shop as well as the drop destination. He will also be informed of the items in the order.
  • Pick up can happen easily with the help of order number confirmation.
  • Instead of just a drink delivery app, the shop is given a web panel which will help them understand and manage their orders and track their deliveries. Other issues like categories of wines and other stuff will also be manageable from here.
  • The moment the driver picks up the order, the customer is charged on his credit card that he has chosen to fill in at the beginning of the task. The driver will pick the items up and deliver it to the destination.
  • After pick up, the customer can track the movement of the delivery vehicle on his map. After delivery, the driver can mark his consignment as 'Delivered'.
  • Finally, after the transaction, both parties are free to review each other and submit ratings based on their experience.

Be an Entrepreneur with the Help of Alcohol delivery service app

Your boozy business is ready and waiting for you to pick up! Here's how you can do it. Call us now and get a FREE demo of how you can revolutionize on demand Uber for Alcohol delivery app. Offering a service which allows your customers to satisfy their booze cravings while every drink makes you money, this app is your new best friend! Our team has built and set this app up just fine.

This is your chance to make a mark in the industry. With the most advanced features in the industry you are sure to succeed. We have developed this uber for alcohol delivery app to ensure that you can make the most of it as soon as possible. Our alcohol delivery service app is ready for you! Give us 2 days and you will have your own business bringing in the molasses for you!

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4 Steps to Your Product
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Core Features
Credit Card or Cash Payment Features multi currency, multi language, god eye view, cash or pay by cash
Promo code and referrel features
Cube wines Web Panel
Web Panel's Included
Every wine aficionado's Fantasy app: a dreamy web panel, an intoxicating user app and a boozy driver app - the quickest way to success with your uber for alcohol delivery app!

We've built our app quite well. But when it comes to booze, the customisations are limitless. If you have any particular requirement for customisation of the app, we will be super happy to do it for you. Just let us know what you visualise and we'll make it happen!

Our team of professionals love their booze and so have put in a lot of affection in making this drink delivery app. It's not just the user panel, but with this app you get the complete set of a web panel for the store, a user panel for the customer and driver panel for the delivery mechanism. If you like your money and your booze, this uber for booze app is for YOU!


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Uber for Booze
Satisfy your customer’s alcohol craving with Uber for wine

The best way to enjoy alcohol is when you sit comfortably with your circle and enjoy its sip. But what if your wine runs out of stock? Get up and score? Not a chance! Invest in the bombed new app that brings alcohol for your customer at their doorstep. This amazing boozing app can be yours that can easily attract the drinkers.

Elements of wine on demand app
  • Language and currency of your choice: We provide local language along with the currency.
  • Real time tracking: We provide you the feature of real time tracking.
  • Referral points and promo codes: This feature helps you to get more and more customers in a short period of time. It is also a good way for marketing and developing relations with common people.
  • Pay by cash or with card: This feature helps the customer to pay by cash or with the credit cards. Mode of payment with the card is totally secure
  • Easy to access: This app is very easy to handle. There are no complications to use this app.
  • Demo Test: If one wants to develop an app like wine on demand app, he/she can take a pre-demo app test from our end.
Our Unique Features

Guaranteed approval on play stores: We take full guarantee of app approval on play stores. We the team of professionals follow ethical and optimized methods to develop the applications. So, all our apps easily get approved by the Google play store and Apple play store (iOS).

White labelling: We will white label our apps and will make and design it according to your customer’s requirements.

Fresh Reports: Using this modern and advanced app, you can easily check how much you are earning.

Free license for lifetime: Our software comes free lifetime license with no additional charges every year. One has not to pay any extra charges regarding the license.

Wallet: We also provide wallet option in the application by which customer can easily pay the amount. Wallets can be recharged with the debit or credit cards which is secure mode of payment.

Modish work: We also provide a special feature by which one can keep an eye on customer’s and service provider’s activities. Number of services books, commission earned, how customer is willing to pay and many more things with the help of our modish work feature.

Beer delivery app is based on the bones of a very economically successful taxi hire app. The design is flawless and has been developed to be absolutely responsive. The package that we provide also includes the following attributes

  • Delivery Driver android App
  • Delivery Driver iOS App
  • Delivery Driver Web Panel
  • Customer Android App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage all – Commissions, Payments, Wine Stores etc.
  • Wine Store Web Panel for managing orders, deliveries, Wines and their categories
  • eSiteWorld is a team of people of professionals who have worked in top IT companies of the world and are specialised and confident in their skills and driven to achieve something great.If you want to build up your own app like wine on demand app ,you can directly enquire on our website i.e www.esiteworld.com.