Uber for Alcohol Delivery Service App

Bringing sips to your sofas!

The best way to drink wines is to sit comfortably on your sofas and curl up with a book. But what do you do when you run out of wine? Get up and go out? Not a chance! Invest in the boozy new app that brings wines and more right to your customer's doorstep whenever they ask for it! This amazing booze delivery app can be yours that has shifted the genies from bottles to smartphones that can grant any tipsy wish right away!

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Free Features of our Cubewines
  • wines on demand Apps Installation
  • on demand wines Apps Approval on Play Stores
  • wines apps White Labeling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

Alcohol Delivery Service App Script

Whoever said that an amateur app can succeed easily must have been drunk. In order to ensure that an Alcohol Delivery App app succeeds, one has to be absolutely certain that the app itself is based on a very secure model of a previous version. This is why we have based this trippy new app on the bones of a very commercially successful taxi hire app.

The design is seamless and has been developed to be absolutely responsive. It performs excellently over various platforms and different handsets.

Uber Alcohol Delivery
Alcohol Delivery App


    Walk through the functioning of the Wine Delivery Service App to get an overview of how it would refresh the mood of your users, help your delivery drivers in earning a good income and support you in building a successful wine delivery industry.

  • When one is happy or is low, a glass of wine by their side is what can refresh and rejuvenate them. But getting it on your demand at your doorstep as per your convenience is the biggest question. Thus, to help your users get wine whenever they need with a few taps on their device the wine delivery service app is here.
  • The user and the delivery driver need to login or create an account with their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google ID or with their name, mobile number and email address.
  • As soon as the user completes this step, they are presented with a list of all the nearby wine stores along with their past ratings, their minimum order value and the time taken for delivery
  • Upon viewing the wine stores, the user taps on the wine store of their choice and gets presented with a list of the wines they have in store along with their value
  • The user now taps on the wine/wines of their choice along with the volume in litres or millilitres that they need and adds them to the cart
  • The user now gets presented with the cart summary that they can edit as per their choice and then confirm the wine purchase
  • The user gets presented with a booking summary containing the wine/wines selected by them and they need to select the mode of payment that they would like to use for the purchase, i.e., cash/card or wallet and the location where they want the wine to be delivered
  • The order gets placed and the user gets notified with ‘Order Placed and Will be Delivered Soon’ and the store receives the request for the delivery which they can accept or decline
  • As soon as the store accepts, the user gets notified with ‘Wine Store Accepted Order’ and the store taps on ‘Assign Driver’ to assign a delivery driver for the wine delivery
  • The request for the delivery gets sent to the driver and they need to accept it within the time set in the timer as failure to do so would lead to the wine delivery request getting sent to the next driver
  • The driver on accepting gets the details of the wine store where they need to collect the wine from and reaches the store and picks up the order and takes a photograph to confirm the same which in turn gets notified on the app of the user with ‘Order Picked Up and Out for Delivery’
  • User and store can track the progress of delivery driver and the wine delivery via internet calls
  • The delivery driver reaches the location of the user and presents the wine to the user and the user gets notified with ‘Wine Delivered’ which is also shared with the wine store who in turn place a call to the user to get confirmation of delivery and the feedback
  • The user leaves a review for the delivery driver and the delivery driver leaves a review for the User based on the experience.

Be an Entrepreneur with the Help of Alcohol delivery service app

Your boozy business is ready and waiting for you to pick up! Here's how you can do it. Call us now and get a FREE demo of how you can revolutionize on demand Uber for Alcohol delivery app. Offering a service which allows your customers to satisfy their booze cravings while every drink makes you money, this app is your new best friend! Our team has built and set this app up just fine.

This is your chance to make a mark in the industry. With the most advanced features in the industry you are sure to succeed. We have developed this uber for alcohol delivery app to ensure that you can make the most of it as soon as possible. Our alcohol delivery service app is ready for you! Give us 2 days and you will have your own business bringing in the molasses for you!

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4 Steps to Your Product
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Core Features
Credit Card or Cash Payment Features multi currency, multi language, god eye view, cash or pay by cash
Promo code and referrel features
Cube wines Web Panel
Web Panel's Included
Every wine aficionado's Fantasy app: a dreamy web panel, an intoxicating user app and a boozy driver app - the quickest way to success with your uber for alcohol delivery app!

We've built our app quite well. But when it comes to booze, the customisations are limitless. If you have any particular requirement for customisation of the app, we will be super happy to do it for you. Just let us know what you visualise and we'll make it happen!

Our team of professionals love their booze and so have put in a lot of affection in making this drink delivery app. It's not just the user panel, but with this app you get the complete set of a web panel for the store, a user panel for the customer and driver panel for the delivery mechanism. If you like your money and your booze, this uber for booze app is for YOU!


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Uber for Booze
Satisfy your customer’s alcohol craving with Uber for wine

The best way to enjoy alcohol is when you sit comfortably with your circle and enjoy its sip. But what if your wine runs out of stock? Get up and score? Not a chance! Invest in the bombed new app that brings alcohol for your customer at their doorstep. This amazing boozing app can be yours that can easily attract the drinkers.

Elements of wine on demand app
  • Language and currency: You will get language and currency of your choice.
  • Real time tracking: We provide you the feature of real time tracking.
  • Referral points and promo codes: This feature helps you for marketing and developing good relations with your customers
  • Pay by cash or with card: This feature helps the customer to pay by cash or with the credit cards. Mode of payment with the card is totally secure
  • Easy to access: This app is very easy to handle. There are no complications to use this app.
  • Demo Test: One can take a pre-demo app test before developing wine on demand app from us.
Our Unique Features

App approval: We give you guarantee of application approval on app store & play store. Our team develop the applications ethically.

White label: You will get your app white labelled.

Fresh Reports: Using this modern and advanced app, you can easily check how much you are earning.

Lifetime Free license: For one year, you will get free lifetime license for this software.

Wallet: App is available with wallet option with this your customer can easily pay the amount. They can recharge Wallets by debit or credit cards.

Modish work: There is special feature to track customer and wine delivery driver activities.

Beer delivery app is based on the bones of a very economically successful taxi hire app. The design is flawless and has been developed to be absolutely responsive. The package that we provide also includes the following attributes

  • Delivery Driver android App
  • Delivery Driver iOS App
  • Delivery Driver Web Panel
  • Customer Android App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage all – Commissions, Payments, Wine Stores etc.
  • Wine Store Web Panel for managing orders, deliveries, Wines and their categories
  • eSiteWorld is a team of people of professionals who have worked in top IT companies of the world and are specialised and confident in their skills and driven to achieve something great.If you want to build up your own app like wine on demand app ,you can directly enquire on our website i.e www.esiteworld.com.