To begin your journey as an entrepreneur, you will have to really weigh out your options carefully. But do you have options? Yes, you do! We value our customers and understand that every size of business has a different need. This is why, instead of forcing you to buy a single option available with us, we offer you two valuable options that you can choose from which caters to your exact nature of requirement.

Standard Version:

If starting a simple business and feeling the water before you actually go ahead with advanced version is what you think is best for you right now then this is the perfect thing for you! It comes all laden with the best features to kick start a business at the most economic price in the market!

Enterprise Version:

This one is for the biggies! If you want to enter the market with pomp and passion, then this is the right choice for you. With the most advanced features and the latest in technology, this version of the uber clone app puts you straight ahead with the market dominators.

Shark Package:

Want to become the next shark eating your competitors with panache? Then the Shark Package is what you should choose. With innumerable features this package will be your clear cut road towards a profitable business. Come and take the plunge into a revenue-bearing on demand service industry with the Shark Package today!


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