Uber like Taxi App Features

On Demand Taxi App Latest Features

  • Face Id and Fingerprint Login Smart Login
  • Driver Reward Driver Reward
  • New UI/UX of Signin & Signup New UI/UX of Signin and Signup
  • Back to back Trips Back-to-Back Trips
  • Facebook Pixel Support Facebook Pixel Support
  • Multiple credit card Multiple Credit Card
  • Video Call Video Call
  • Facebook Ads Facebook Ads integration
  • Google Ads Google Ads integration

Advanced - Taxi Booking App Features

  • Free Upgradation For 3 Years FREE UPGRADATION FOR 2 YEARS

    Make the most of your app with annual upgradations for three full years absolutely FREE! Now, stay abreast with the speed of the market with these amazing FREE upgrades!

  • 365 Days Bug Support 1 Year BUG Support

    Our focus is to deliver the perfect app to you. BT if you still find a bug or two, don't worry! We stand by you and offer bug support to you for a whole year! Yes! 365 days of FREE bug support is a promise that we make to ensure our customers are always happy!

  • Web Panel’s Built In Core Php Following Oops/Mvc Concepts Web Panels Built in Core Php Following OOPS/MVC Concepts

    Open Source Core PHP, which has been the backbone for many robust web based establishments is used to develop Web Panels. To build the websites and the back ends, customized handwritten PHP is used.

  • Source Code, Licensed Source Code, Licensed

    If you own the app, you should own the source code as well! So, we don’t just commit you the app, we hand over the complete clean source code to you! And that too, ABSOLUTELY FREE! This source code comes in handy for you need to make any modification to the app in future. You can get any developer from your end to do this for you! We have already gone through the trouble of licensing it for you and our products are ready to be picked off the shelf. We understand your business and so we offer you for FREE for 1 domain/brand.

  • Complete White Labelling Complete White Labelling

    This is your app; it needs to bear YOUR name and YOUR logo. So, we re-skin it completely and add your names and logos wherever required to make it completely yours. We undertake this process of white labeling at no additional cost!

  • free language integration language integration - free

    This app caters for a global need and so, we have ensured that you can launch it anywhere in the whole world. You can tell us the language of your choice based on which location you want to launch this app in and in addition to English, we will also integrate that language in your app. Regardless of whether it is Arabic (R2L), French, Italian, German or any other language, if you need it, we will add it for you. Don’t worry; this integration won’t cost you a penny!

  • Free Currency Integration Currency Integration - Free

    No matter where you wish to launch this app, it is going to work just fine! We have specially made this app for complete customer satisfaction and so we incorporate a currency EUR, GBP, JOD, CAD, MXN, SAR, BRL and AUD etc. of your choice (based on where you wish to launch it) right into the app. Now your customers can transact in their own currency. The app comes with the standard currency of USD which option will also be available.

  • Color Theme To Match With Your Logo LOGO MATCHED COLOR THEME

    Does your logo not match with the rest of the app? Leave that to us! For you, we will change the entire theme of the app such that it fits your logo and brand identity just right. The package that we offer is holistic in nature and so, we will set your preferred color setting across the 4 apps as well as the web panels.

  • Unlimited Drivers, Riders And Rides Unlimited Riders, Drivers and Rides Call masking demo video

    Anticipating a heavy traffic? Well, don’t worry! There is no cap on the number of registration of the drivers and riders. This means an unlimited number of drivers and riders can register on your app at any given point in time and have unlimited number of rides which can get you a huge amount of commission! Since there is no ceiling, there is no additional fee required no matter how many drivers or riders register!

  • Stay Local Or Go International With The Free Localization Feature! Stay Local Or Go International With The Free Localization Feature!

    Every place has different requirements. We enable you to utilize this app in order to manage operations in multiple locations using this single app. Use this app for multiple cities or multiple countries and customize the Car types like Sedan or Hatchback in different locations. You can also customize the fare for different locations apart from keeping different units of measurement like Kms or Miles for different places. This app will also allow you to keep specific requirements of documents to be submitted by the drivers based on the legal norms of the particular place.

  • Free Internal Text Chatting Between Driver & Rider Free Internal Text Chatting Between Driver & Rider

    Communication between the driver and the rider after booking the ride is very important because the map can’t always pinpoint the exact location of the pick up or drop. This is why we allow the option of a FREE text chat between the rider and the driver to ensure a happy experience for them both. This option maintains the privacy of both parties because it does not reveal their private numbers. They can chat about directions, pick up locations, drop locations etc. This is very useful for the people who do not wish to speak over the phone with their drivers directly. Usually our competitors charge heavily for the chatting features, however, we give them absolutely FREE!

  • Call Masking - Hide User’s Numbers - Advanced Privacy Hide User’s Numbers with Call Masking - Advanced Privacy Call masking demo video

    Safety for your customers is of primary importance to us. We need to make absolutely certain that your users have all the privacy that is needed by them. This is where the call masking features comes in handy. It allows the drivers and the riders to call each other exclusive of revealing their phone numbers. This will ensure that the driver can never access the personal numbers of the riders or vice versa for any future disturbance.

  • Ios App Installation On Itunes Store Ios App Installation On Itunes Store

    We have given you our app. And so, we launch and install your apps on the iTunes store. We also take responsibility for getting your apps approved on iTunes Play store.

  • Android App Installation On Google Play Store Android App Installation On Google Play Store

    We have built the app for you with a lot of care and attention. This is why we take it upon ourselves to upload, launch, install and get your apps approved on the Google Play store.

  • Launch Of Website And Admin Panel On Hosting Server Launch Of Website And Admin Panel On Hosting Server

    Our app is a comprehensive one and we believe in making sure that your customers can have access to you from any medium possible. This is why we have made it absolutely responsive. This app right here is going to be your first big step to success. We will help you launch the website and the admin panel of the hosting server and guess what? We offer it for FREE!

  • Free Manual Taxi Dispatch Panel Free Manual Taxi Dispatch PanelTaxi dispatch demo video

    This module will help you in allowing your users to book cabs just by placing a phone call to you. This feature is particularly useful while serving people who do not have smart phones or any access to the internet due to any reason. Once a phone call is placed with a request, you can manually do the booking and dispatch the taxi for your users to the pickup location. Once again this is a FREE deliverable from our end!

  • Free Accounting Web Panel Web Panel Accounting - Free

    If you need to give the rights to use Accounts related Pages, downloadable CSV/Excel Files and Reports to particular Administrative users who will be responsible for looking after only accounting, monitoring financial transaction and balance sheets of the Taxi Company, you grant this Panel only to the accountants. It prohibits everyone from accessing users ' private data, driving settings and much more, Ride settings and much more and gives it only to the people who need it.

  • Free Web Panel For Taxi Companies Web Panel Free For Taxi Companiesweb panel for taxi companies demo video

    You can facilitate minor Taxi companies to manage and run their fleet of Taxis and Drivers with the help of a portfolio that they can have on your website. You make a generous amount of commission on all the rides that happen on the fleet of that company as well, because they are using your platform. This feature for you to allow others to make use of your app as a base for their business is also being offered to you by us for FREE!

  • Wallet, Credit Card & Cash: Easiest Payment Options Easy Payment Options: Wallet, Credit Card & Cash Payment Options : Wallet demo video

    Give more power to your customers with an option of choosing which the kind of payment they are comfortable in taking. We enable you to offer payment via cash, credit card or in app wallets. The rider also has an option of topping up their wallets through their cards. We offer this feature without any additional cost.

  • Guaranteed Delivery Right On Time Guaranteed Delivery Right On Time

    We are serious about our promises. If we say we will deliver your app to you within a stipulated time, then we will. There is no way you will find a gap from our end on this. Our apps are ready for the taking. When you purchase from us, we take about 72 hours (based on the extent of customizations required) and give you a timeline to expect delivery within. Once we customize the app to your liking, we deliver it to you right away. Since our apps are already prepared, it hardly ever takes more than 3 working days to get your app launched!

  • X to Y location X to Y location X to Y location demo video

    Our Tech team brings another treat for you. We have added a brand new exciting feature into your app that allows you to create fixed price commute zones. This means you can select any two popular pick up and drop points and keep a fixed price for it. This price will remain unaffected by any other variable such as traffic, surcharges, tolls etc.

  • Taxi Rentals Taxi Rentalscar rental demo video

    We’ve made our app better, just for you! Our dedicated team of expert professionals has now added a new feature into this app. This feature will allow you to offer your customers the ability to rent taxis! Our app will now empower your users to rent taxis at an hourly basis and on the basis of the distance travelled at predefined prices. For example, 3 hours 30 kms at X amount. What’s more, these cars are chauffeured!

  • Pickup And Drop Restriction Using Geo-Fencing Pickup And Drop Restriction Using Geo-FencingGeo-Fencing demo video

    Avoid high risk or crime prone areas for pick up and drop with the help of our FREE geo fencing feature. This feature will enable you to mark areas as “out of bound” to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

  • Ride Now Or Ride Later Feature Ride Now Or Later Feature

    Give your passengers a “ride now” or “ride later” option with our automatic system which will place the request and dispatch cars whenever your customer needs it, regardless of whether it is immediately or after a while.

  • 3 Algorithms For Ride Allotment Ride Allotment 3 Algorithms

    With the help of these three algorithms, We offer the exclusive choice of deciding how to allocate rides:
    1. Closes first: This algorithm is based on proximity. Whichever driver is the closest gets the request first. If First Driver rejects it goes to next and so on.
    2. Competitive: Every driver in the given radius is given the request at the same time, whoever chooses first gets it.
    3. FIFO: First in First out technique assigns the rides to the car waiting unoccupied for the longest duration in the specified radius of area.

  • Taxi Hailing Cab HailingTaxi hailing demo video

    This is a distinctive feature that we offer FREE to you. If a passenger hasn’t booked the ride on the app but still wants to hail a taxi that is around him, he can do so because the driver of the taxi has an option of taking impromptu bookings as well, in case they do not have any ongoing ride. The driver will simply have to mark the app as a HAILED trip. This will allow the admin to be able to charge commission even on un-booked spontaneous rides.

  • Handicap Accessibility Disabled Accessibilitydisabled accessibility demo video

    This is an excellent feature that you get for FREE to facilitate your handicap users. If your Car is handicap accessible then the driver can tick the handicap friendly option in the app that will allow your customers to choose this option if they need it. This option can be turned on/off as per your requirement.

  • Animated Direction Arrow Animated Direction Arrow

    On selecting the pickup and drop location in the app, your user will see that an animated line starts joining these two points on the map just like Uber. This feature makes your app look and feel superior to others in the same segment.

  • Add Destination Later Add Drop Location LaterAdd Destination Later demo video

    This is an extremely useful feature that allows your users to add their destination after the ride has actually begun. In fact, the rider will be empowered with the flexibility to change the drop location as many times as he needs to until the driver marks the ride as completed.

  • God's Eye View God's Eye View

    App owner will be able to view all his Cars at any point on the world map. The status of the Car, i.e., busy or empty will be flashed as well with the help of the GPS tracking system. This will enable the Car companies to keep a track of the real time location of their fleet of Cars.

  • Advanced Reports Advanced Reports

    By means of our advanced reports the admin will be able to exactly how much earning is being made. You can decipher whether you need to put in some additional efforts or modify the rates to ensure a smooth growth for a successful business.

  • Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics

    The advanced analytics that is offered FREE of cost by us will allow the admin to monitor all the activities of the Drivers and Riders in the duration of the ride, apart from the commission that is being earned and the mode of payment selected by the rider.

  • Invite Friends & Earn Referral Invite Friends & Earn ReferralInvite Friends & Earn Referral demo video

    The rewards program feature will help you to reward your loyal customers by enabling them to earn referral points by inviting friends to use your app. This allows you to increase your user base while incentivizing your pre existing customers. The entire procedure is completely automated.

  • Tips To Driver TIPS YOUR DRIVER disabled accessibility demo video

    If happy with the services, the passenger is free to tip the driver. This tip too can be paid through the system. It will be recorded as a non taxable amount in the system and the app owner will not be making any commission on this value.

  • In-App Navigation In-App Navigation

    The driver can use the in app navigation to reach the user’s exact location. Even if the driver is unfamiliar with the location, he or she will be able to use the map to precisely reach the intended destination.

  • Advanced Database Backup Features Included Advanced Database Backup Features Included

    Secure back up of any database is a must! This is why we offer you just that! This security comes to you from us at no extra price!

  • Security / Sensitive Data Protection Security / Delicate Data Protection

    We already have an optimized code, but offer an additional layer of security with the SSL Certificate configured on top of it. This is an extremely important feature because this helps the users to carry out financial transactions without any hesitation.

  • Database Indexing For Fast Page Loading FAST PAGE LOADING WITH DATABASE INDEXING

    To make data fetching robust through Website and Apps, normalization has been applied in the database.

  • Secure Payments Secure Payments

    The information of the cards is stored securely in the vault of the Payment Gateway Company. Other payment related details are stored in encrypted form in the database of the secured payment process.

  • Publish Promo Code And Become Popular Publish Promo Code And Become PopularPublish Promo Code demo video

    This thrilling feature enables you to make use of diverse events and tender discounts to your users to become popular. For e.g. during Easter you can publish “EASTER20” as a promo code and let your users to get a discount. The more the people avail this discount the more popular will the app get.

  • Email & Sms Notifications SMS & EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS

    Your customers will be alerted via email or SMS for all the significant proceedings that happen through the trip, for, e.g. An invoice produced at the end of the trip, an email notice is sent across with the invoice.

  • Push Notifications Or In App Notifications IN APP NOTIFICATIONS OR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS

    Push Notifications and in-app notifications are the essential systems that communicate in app messages to the users. This is a cost-effective way to put across chief actions while ride is in progress. In-app notifications are roughly free compared to sending SMS.

  • Interactive Map Interactive Map

    Interactive Map & real time car transition on map lets you and the users to trace the real time position and progress of the Cars booked on roads. As the admin, you also get an all-inclusive tracking option made accessible via Google maps. This feature facilitates you in tracing exacting locations of the users as well as the riders.

  • Google Maps Google Maps

    To ensure your Apps are robust and accurate we use the latest API’s of Google Maps. Google Maps being most financially viable enables you to use their services devoid of any specified limit.

  • Payment Gateway Stripe Payment Gateway

    The app is already integrated with the Stripe Payment Gateway which enables you to accept payment via Credit and Debit cards right from the first day of business regardless of which country you are based in. Stripe offers easy registrations and is known to offer worldwide subscriptions for international clients as well.

  • Twilio Sms Gateway Twilio Sms Gateway

    We use the Twilio SMS gateway to verify the Phone Number of users. It serves perfectly to notify users of important events related to Rides. The best thing about Twilio SMS is that it does not suffer from any time delays and arrives very precisely on time.

  • Server Compatibility Server Compatibility

    The Web Panel versions are attuned with almost all frequently configured Linux Servers like Amazon, Hostgator, Cloud Servers, etc. We will first understand your requirements and then recommend the best plan for you.

  • Low Battery Consumption Low Battery Consumption

    We have specially created these apps such that they are extremely optimized and thus make use of less battery from the smart phones as compared to other Apps.

  • History Detail History Detail

    The Riders and Drivers have both been allocated a history page which will showcase details of their trips.

  • Integration With Social Media SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION

    To facilitate easy registration, login and sharing ride details these apps are integrated with Social Media like Facebook and Google.

  • Technical Support Technical Support

    We’ll help and direct you for registration of accounts on 3rd party sites like Server, SMS Gateway, Play Stores, etc. Our unique offer is best fitting for non-technical entrepreneurs because we handle everything for them right from the beginning till the app is launched.

  • Advanced Faq Section Advanced Faq Section

    You can have an FAQ section to address queries of your clients. These FAQs can be composed by you yourself. To facilitate easy accessibility, a category wise break down of the FAQs will be given in the uber clone app.

  • Email Templates Management Email Templates Management

    This feature allows you to utilize the email template management system to edit, manage and alter text/ email messages sent from the system through the process of email.

Advanced Features

  • Feature-1

    Ride information

  • Feature-2

    Fare Estimator Calculation

  • Feature-3

    Online (Available to accept Rides) / Offline (Rest Time)

  • Feature-4

    Accept or Reject Rides

  • Feature-5

    Estimated time for arrival of Taxi (ETA)

  • Feature-6

    Drivers get Separate Dashboard

  • Feature-7

    Favorite Locations

  • Feature-8


  • Feature-9

    Accept Booking Via Phone, Email & SM

  • Feature-10

    Export information & Data for your MIS

  • Feature-11

    Cancel Booking

  • Feature-12

    SMS Authentication

  • Feature-13

    Set Destination

  • Feature-14

    Advanced Backend/Admin Panel

  • Feature-15

    Commission Tracking Report

  • Feature-16

    Review & Rating

  • Feature-17

    Track Taxi & Driver

  • Feature-18

    Track Driver’s Rating

  • Feature-19

    Choose your Distance Metrics

  • Feature-20

    Define the Driver's range

  • Feature-21

    Rider's Feedback Analysis

Advanced BackupFeatures

Highly configured and stable is our system. Recently, we have added below 2 privacy and security features for your Business & Apps.
  • GPS signals

  • backup of database

Uber app clone functionality

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  • Apps Are User Friendly Our Apps Are User Friendly

    Since we are aware that all users of our apps may not be technically proficient we have ensured that our apps are easy to follow and all users can understand them. Our apps have rich user interaction and easy to use, from driver, passenger and admin.

  • Mobile App Development Experts Mobile App Development Experts

    Since we started developing taxi booking app in 2010, we have moved from strength to strength and are leaders in the mobile apps industry. We have mastered the unique knack of developing systems and apps related to transportation and the share economy. There is no other expert in this field apart from us.

  • Experience That Spans over a Decade Experience That Spans Over A Decade

    With over 12 years worth of experience, our leaders and managers understand what our clients’ requirements are for their business to be successful using apps and websites. This experience is what they rely on when making planned launches and smooth deliverables.

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