Before you start a business with someone, it is also important to know who you are doing business with and the infrastructure of the organization. Take a glimpse into our infrastructure to observe who you would be doing business with and know how our team works! Starting from our amazing sitting area for others to relax and share a comfortable together-time with fellow colleagues to our comfortable entrance and reception, we also have our core product development centre where we bring your dreams to reality along with the delivery and deployment centre to make sure that we deliver nothing but the BEST!

Our operations department which includes our amazing sales, marketing and content production and multimedia team have the best of the best at their disposal in order to ensure that they have the highest efficiency while at work. Also have a glimpse into our Fun Area where our strong team can relax after a long day at work along with the client area where you can come and visit us. Don’t forget to take a glance into our other areas like the interview and recruitment area, the manager and director’s cabin, the rest and relaxation area where you as our client can stay in case you do not have a big budget or our force can stay over if they have to deliver the app on time.

office space
our office location
old office Entrance
old office reception
new office entrance and reception
core product development center
development team
delivery center
Deployment Centre
delivery and deployment
our sales team
our marketing team
Our meeting room
Deployment Centre
office lounge room
Our Gaming room
fun time
Our Client area
client discussion space
client welcoming space
informal space
Recreation Area
informal space
Interview & Recruitment Area
formal environment
Manager cabin
Directors cabin
thought and action
rest and relax room
chilled space