Our Roadside Assistance App’s Advanced Free Features

  • Real-time tracking
    Real-time tracking

    your users can track the service providers on the map in real-time.

  • In-app calling/messaging
    In-app calling/messaging

    users and service providers can place in-app calls (VOIP-based) or send messages through the application.

  • White-labeling

    we will white-label the application by integrating your brand’s logo, name, preferred language, currencies, and other elements in just 1-2 weeks!

  • App rejection support
    App rejection support

    we provide app rejection support and ensure all the technical issues are fixed in no time.

  • In-app wallet
    In-app wallet

    we provide in-app wallet options in users’ and providers’ applications to ensure that they can send or receive payments easily!

  • Annual updates
    Annual updates

    we offer an updated code for the package you purchase from us after a year.

  • Select Service
    Select Service

    With this feature, the user can choose the problem that they are facing.

  • In-App Chat
    In-App Chat

    With this feature, the user and the tow truck driver, both can remain connected to each other until the latter

  • Emergency Button
    Emergency Button

    With this feature, the user can tap the emergency button to let the business know that they need quic help.

  • Manage Services and Documents
    Manage Services and Documents

    With this feature, your tow truck drivers can manage and update the services done by them and manage and update the documents that have been uploaded and submitted by them.

  • Real-Time Tracking
    Real-Time Tracking

    With this feature, the user can track the exact location of the tow truck driver and know the exact time of their arrival.

  • View Nearby Driver
    View Nearby Driver

    With this feature, the user can locate the nearest tow truck driver so as to receive easy help.

What’s Included in Our Roadside Assistance App Script?

Our ready-made clone app script package includes everything you need to quickly set up your business online! From iOS and Android mobile applications to websites, admin panels, and other web panels, our script package is a complete solution for you.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

How Uber for Roadside Assistance App Works?

  • Register/Login: Your users can log into their Uber for Roadside Assistance App account or register if they haven't already! After successful login/signup, users can get quick towing service when they want.
  • Select the service: Users can now select their desired service in order to move forward with their booking.
  • Choose the nearest service provider: Users can now select the nearest tow truck driver and compare their profiles.
  • Select the payment mode: To book the service, users need to select the payment method of their choice along with their location!
  • Driver accepts/declines service: The tow truck driver now accepts/declines the service requests as per their availability.
  • Real-time tracking: Users can now track the service provider's location in real-time on the app's in-built map.
  • Invoice and payment: Once the service is completed, the system generates the invoice, and the payment is processed!
  • Rate & Review: Users and the roadside assistance driver can now rate and review one another!

Screen Flow of Our Robust On-demand Roadside Assistance App

User App
Provider App
  • User App
  • User Profile Setting
  • Service Category
  • Edit Cart and Checkout
  • Driver app
  • Work Location
  • Job Request
  • Booking Details
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Why Choose Our Uber Roadside Assistance Solution?

Thinking about launching your own towing and roadside assistance app like Uber? We have built just the right solution for you! Choosing our ready-made app for your online business will help you get a curve ahead of your competitors real quick.

  • Our white-labeling services are quick: we re-brand the app and make it unique for your business in 1-2 weeks.
  • We’ve used the latest app development technologies: our Uber-like tow truck app technology stack incorporates PHP, Swift, Java, MySQL, and other essential technologies too!
  • Our app integrates advanced features: the app incorporates real-time tracking, in-app calling, online payments, third-party ad integrations, and much more!
  • It’s affordable: since our solutions are ready-made, they are pocket-friendly and require only a fraction of the cost it takes to build the same app from scratch.
Why Choose Our Uber Roadside Assistance Solution

What’s the Cost of Building an Uber Roadside Assistance App?

Building an on-demand app from scratch will cost you a fortune. However, with a one-time investment in a pre-built solution like ours, you can save all that money! We have worked with several clients who can vouch for making a healthy investment in ready-made solutions. Visit our pricing page to learn more about our on-demand truck app features and cost!

General Features Pricing
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Web Panel

Check out Our Robust Admin Panel and Website

With the purchase of our pre-built Uber for roadside assistance app package, you do not just get a simple iOS and Android app. We also provide you with a well-designed and professionally developed website and admin panel. Our website includes panels for your users, service providers, and companies (tow trucks) that will be registering on your platform to get gigs!

Our powerful admin panel consists of multiple features that allow you, as the app owner, to manage the user’s profile, view earning reports, set up commission rates, and much more. Additionally, there’s a single dashboard where you can monitor your servers, get site statistics, view job statistics, and much more.

Client Testimonials

Hundreds of entrepreneurs from the UK, the USA, the Middle East, Southeast Asian countries, Africa, and several other places have trusted us and invested in our pre-built apps. Watch them share their experiences and explain why we are the best clone app developers in the market!