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Roadside Assistance App Script

This digitally superior tow truck app has been designed on the bones of a very successful tried and tested taxi app, which is pre-approved in the Google play store as well as the Apple stores.

All the components of this app, including the tow truck website, the Tow Truck Driver/roadside assistant panel or the client panel are absolutely responsive.

How the Roadside Assistance Works

  • One may need help at any time. If your vehicle gets stranded or locked down, ready help is what you want.
  • With the Uber for Roadside Assistance App, users can receive quick help when they need it.
  • User logs in to the app and adds their location.
  • User gets selected to the tow truck drivers nearest to them.
  • User selects the problems that they are facing and books the service.
  • User makes the payment.
  • The tow truck driver receives the job request and accepts it.
  • The user gets notified that the tow truck driver has accepted the job request and both the tow truck driver and user can track each other.
  • The user gets notified on the arrival of the tow truck driver and receives the services.
  • Both. tow truck driver and user can track the progress of the services.
  • Finally, both the tow truck driver and the user give feedback and review to each other.

Haul in Money with Uber Roadside Assistance in Your Pocket!

Your fingers and your smart phone are the only two things you need to get this business going! Just make a quick investment in this long-term benefit reaping Uber road assistance app and leave the rest to us. Big bank notes are waiting to get towed into your bank accounts!

We have developed tow truck app with the latest technology to ensure that you can soon become the industry mammoth that you always wanted to be. Let this on demand roadside assistance app be your stepping stone to success! Starting your own business has never been so simple. Get the most advanced on demand app helping you earn money on every booking NOW!

Discovering the Tow Truck Roadside Assistance App

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Provider App
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  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • Driver app
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  • job request
  • Booking Details
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All Inclusive Deal-With The Web Panel!

A Smart Roadside Assistance App Solution On Your Fingertips - A matchless Website, An elegant Tow Trucking Panel, and The competent User Panel - Bound together for a perfect User experience.

Our Tow Truck app is the vanilla version; however, we'd love to add all your personals sprinklers on it. Let us know if you have a great idea that you want us to add to it and our efficient team of professionals would be more than happy to zing it up. Just contact us and get a FREE demo to a wonderful Uber roadside assistance app that could be yours!

Advanced Features of Roadside Assistance App

  • Select Service

    Select Service

    With this feature, the user can choose the problem that they are facing.

  • In-App Chat

    In-App Chat

    With this feature, the user and the tow truck driver, both can remain connected to each other until the latter

  • Emergency Button

    Emergency Button

    With this feature, the user can tap the emergency button to let the business know that they need quick help.

  • Manage Services and Documents

    Manage Services and Documents

    With this feature, your tow truck drivers can manage and update the services done by them and manage and update the documents that have been uploaded and submitted by them.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Real-Time Tracking

    With this feature, the user can track the exact location of the tow truck driver and know the exact time of their arrival.

  • View Nearby Driver

    View Nearby Driver

    With this feature, the user can locate the nearest tow truck driver so as to receive easy help.

Costs of Developing An On Demand Tow Truck App

Building any kind of an on demand app that works real time with features such as in app chatting and GPS tracking facility is not only an expensive affair but a very time consuming one. We have always worked towards helping our clients and therefore, instead of forcing the same app on multiple clients, we have created custom packages that you can choose from. All you need to do is pick a package that has the right features that you need so that you only end up paying for that and not for the features that you don’t want. Take a look and make your pick!

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