Uber Roadside Assistance App

Tow in the right money with your new Roadside assistance app with the advanced tow truck app built on the latest technology.

Invest once in the Tow truck app and help anyone that is stranded while making oodles of money. Provide the right kind of assistance to people when they are stuck somewhere and become the industry mammoth.

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  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

Roadside Assistance App Script

This digitally superior tow truck app has been designed on the bones of a very successful tried and tested taxi app, which is pre-approved in the Google play store as well as the Apple stores.

All the components of this app, including the tow truck website, the Tow Truck Driver/roadside assistant panel or the client panel are absolutely responsive.

tow truck app script
Uber Roadside Assistance App

Step By Step Guide To How The Uber Roadside Assistance App Works

  • Make this compact and powerful road assistance app your shortest ladder to success. All you need to do is make an initial investment for this roadside assistance app and reap the benefits.
  • To use tow truck app, your customer will first have to download it in their device and then fill in all the necessary details to create a profile including credit/debit card details. Now this User is completely equipped to help himself in any roadside trouble.
  • If your User gets trapped, abandoned, stuck or in the need of vehicular assistance due to any reason, he can simply log on to the clone of Uber for roadside assistance, choose the kind of tow truck he requires and mention the service which will be needed.
  • There is a list of all the services offered by the app including flat tire assistance, lost key assistance and many more. The User can choose from these listed services and select the one that he needs most.
  • After the desired service is chosen, User can mention the pickup location and the vehicle drop location. Profiles of all the truck drivers around his area will be shown to him. He can make a final selection on the basis of previous reviews and rating, prices etc.
  • On accepting the request for the Job, the Roadside Rescuer suggested by your app will be able to communicate with the User through chat or call. What's more, the User will be able to track the movement of the tow truck in real time.
  • The payment for the towing Job will be automatically deducted by the tow truck app from the pre-fed information of card details, once the vehicle reaches its destination, or the kind of assistance required has been met. The rate can be set on the basis of kilometers or miles, or a fixed per hour rate or both by the admin.
  • Being the sole owner and admin of the app, you will be able to set and manage the prices for all these services. You will have the freedom to set categories and prices you want to charge for the same. You can also give the rights to choose price to the vendors directly.
  • Once the whole operation is concluded, the Roadside Rescuer and the User can give reviews about each other and rate each other.

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Your fingers and your smart phone are the only two things you need to get this business going! Just make a quick investment in this long-term benefit reaping Uber road assistance app and leave the rest to us. Big bank notes are waiting to get towed into your bank accounts!

We have developed tow truck app with the latest technology to ensure that you can soon become the industry mammoth that you always wanted to be. Let this on demand roadside assistance app be your stepping stone to success! Starting your own business has never been so simple. Get the most advanced on demand app helping you earn money on every booking NOW!

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4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps
core features of tow truck app
Multicurrency/Multilanguage god eye view
Real Time Tracking System
All Inclusive Deal-With The Web Panel!
A Smart Roadside Assistance App Solution On Your Fingertips - A matchless Website, An elegant Tow Trucking Panel, and The competent User Panel - Bound together for a perfect User experience

Our Tow Truck app is the vanilla version; however, we'd love to add all your personals sprinklers on it. Let us know if you have a great idea that you want us to add to it and our efficient team of professionals would be more than happy to zing it up.

Just contact us and get a FREE demo to a wonderful Uber roadside assistance app that could be yours!

Roadside Assistance app web panels

Step by Step Graphical Flow

Car Owner

Tow Truck App user screen

Loading Screen

  • The splash screen for the Car Owner's side of the application will bear your logo and name. This screen will hold for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • The splash screen for the Tow Truck Driver Roadside Rescuer side of the application will bear your logo and name. This screen will hold for 2 to 3 seconds.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant application

Tow Truck App Driver Screen

Introduction Screen

Tow Truck app introduction screen
  • In case you have more than one language in the app, this screen will enable your User to choose the preferred language. Same goes for currency. This will be the screen which will allow your Users to choose the currency as well
  • Sign in or register options too will be flashed here itself.

Login & Registration

user app login and registration screen
  • The User of the app gets the option of registering via his Email Id, Facebook or Gmail Account.
  • The app also offers a "Forgot password" option n case the User has forgotten the password and wishes to retrieve it.
  • The app will enable the User to set other personal information in case of new registrations such as their name and phone number etc.
  • The app will give the Tow Truck Driver / Roadside Rescuer the ability to login through his personal social accounts like email id, Face book, Gmail account.
  • He can also register as a new User by entering important details like name and phone number.
  • In case the Roadside Rescuer has forgotten the password he can retrieve it through the Roadside Rescuer option.
Driver login and registration screen


tow truck driver and user Account verification
  • In order to successfully register in the application, both the Car Owners & Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will have to verify their Mobile Number via OTP that they will receive via SMS.
  • This is a very important step which helps in linking the User's email to the app. It also ensures that the registration is not fake and is not any kind of spamming.
User app menu screen

Application Menu

  • This page gives the User's/Car Owners a quick and easy access to the functionalities of the app. They can also look at their Profile Photo & Wallet Balance right on top along with the settings option.
  • A Tow Truck Driver will have the facility to manage his services, his availability, Jobs, Bank details, Documents etc. through the on demand Tow Truck App efficiently and easily. Driver can also see his wallet Balance on top along with Settings icon..
Tow Truck App Driver menu screen

Choose the Service you want

user select service and location
User / Car Owners will choose the service they need from the categories listed here.

From a list of different services offered through the app the Car Owner will have to select the services that he needs, for example, Flat Tire, Key Lockout, Out of Fuel, Towing etc.

The Admin will have the freedom of setting the particulars of these Categories & Subcategories.

Book a Tow Truck Driver / Roadside Assistant

User book tow truck driver
User / Car Owner will need to select the Subcategory after the main Category is chosen. The location for the service too will be provided here as well as any special instruction.

User / Car Owner will then need to opt for the Subcategory of the service they wish for in the selected Category. They can also select the size of requirement. Ex: If the category is a flat tire, user will select Subcategory of single tire or 2 tires. User can select the number of Cars User wants to get help for as well.

Once User has selected the category/subcategory, he can add the address at which the service is required. User can save the address and use it as a Favorite for other instances as well or add new Address. The next screen will now showcase the exact requirements chosen, the amount chargeable for said service and there will be a field for special instructions.

User can book the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer for now or schedule the service for sometime in the near future.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer get online, sets his availability & starts accepting Requests from Users/Car Owners.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will have to slide the radio button to Online on the Tow Truck on demand Apps to be able to receive Job Requests. Once he is Online, the System will be able to send him Job Requests made by the Users in his range which he can accept.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will be shown his pending tasks and upcoming Jobs on this screen. This screen will also enable him to set a radius for his work area range.

The next screen will allow the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer to set his availability day wise. He will be able to choose time slots when he wants to receive requests for each weekday.

Tow Truck Driver get online
user select payment mode
Choose your Payment mode and Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer on this screen

User/Car Owner will first have to choose the Payment mode as Cash or Online Payment. In case of online payment the card details that have been fed during the registration will be shown. The User will have the freedom to add another card at this point ad change the details given before.

Based on selected categories of services that the User has chosen, all Tow Truck Drivers/Roadside Rescuers offering said services within the preset radius will be shown in Map view and list view.

User can select any Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer from the options given to see detailed profile and to send a Job request.

User sending request

Once book now button is clicked, a request will be sent to selected Tow truck Driver.

The selected Tow Truck Driver will receive a notification on their mobile with countdown screen. They will have option to Accept/Decline the incoming JOb request. They can also see the Job details before accepting the request.

Tow Truck Driver receive User request

Job request accepted

Tow Truck Driver accept job request
  • Once the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer accepts the Job it gets automatically added to their "Ongoing Jobs"list.
  • The User can monitor the status of ongoing Job anytime.
  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will have the facility of tracking the Job location in Map.
  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will have the freedom to cancel the Job. He will also be able to call or text the User at any point. Special instructions too will be accessible to him.
Tow Truck Driver track job location

Internal Chat between Car Owner and Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant

The Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer and User will be able to communicate with each other through chat once the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer accepts the request. This chat however will only be possible till the time the Job begins.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant reaches the Job location

user get notification for driver arrival
  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will state it on the app as "Arrived" once he has arrived at Job location and use the Slide button to start the Job once the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer is ready to start the Job.
  • User/Car Owner will get a notification which will state that the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer has reached to Job location.
Tow Truck Driver arrived at job location

Job Started

user receive notification for job started
  • When the Job is marked as "STARTED" in the app, the User/Car Owner will receive a notification which will inform him that he Job has begun.
  • The progress of the Job will be observable through this screen on both the User end and the Roadside Rescuer end.
Driver & user track job progress
User see notification job completed

Job Completed

  • Once the Job has completed, the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will use the Slide button to mark the end of the Job. In case there are any additional charges, the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer can add it now.
  • An in app notification will be flashed on the User screen so that the User/Car Owner can see that the Job is completed.
Tow Truck Driver slide to end job

Invoice Summary

invoice summary
  • An invoice summary will now be displayed on the screen of the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer.
  • It will have a "Collect Payment" button on clicking which the money for the Job will be AUTO deducted from the Credit Card of the User. In-case the, the User has chosen to pay by cash; he will have to hand over cash to the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer now. The User & Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will be able to rate the each other.
User app choose booking date

How the Book Later option works

  • User/Car Owner can select the location for the Job and the date & time for when he wants the Job undertaken.
  • ow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer can also set the time slot of his availability from his Tow Truck Apps.
Tow Truck Driver set his avaibility
Select Tow Truck Driver in your area
Select best Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer in your area.

The list of Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will include all the service providers who have enlisted themselves within the time slot requested for the particular area.

The User can go through their individual profiles and make an informed choice about who they want to choose.

The Job request will be sent to selected Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer. User can see the Status (Job is accepted by Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer or not) of his Job in "Your Jobs" section.

User see upcoming job status
  • This screen will show the User the status of his forthcoming Job. It will display whether the request has been accepted by the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer or not.
  • A Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will be able to see the pending Jobs and can accept or decline any Job request. As soon as Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer accepts or rejects the Job, an email and SMS will be sent to User.
Tow Truck Driver accept or reject job

Job History

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer manages his Pending, Upcoming and Past Jobs.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will be allowed to handle pending Jobs by accepting it or declining.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will be able to manage Upcoming Jobs and start Job or can cancel it before it starts.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer will be able to see his Job history date wise.

Tow Truck Driver job history
User see past and upcoming job
View Past and Upcoming Jobs.

Past Jobs and its Invoice details can be viewed by the User / Car Owner.

The status of all Upcoming Jobs will be visible to the User. In case the request has been declined by the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer then User will be able to send the request to another Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer.

Manage Services and personal documents from Application.

All service offering can be managed individually by the Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer. He will also be able to define the rates for the services he is providing.

Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer can also upload his Experience Certificate or any document he has pertaining to the service offered.

Tow Truck Driver manage services

Payment Options

  • User & Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer can manage their Credit Card information through this screen. The app is made to ensure security of the clients and therefore NONE of the card details are stored on the app. This data is only saved in the safe vault of the Payment Gateway Company. During payment on our app, we only use a token to call the card and a secure transaction happens on the app.
user & Tow Truck Driver manage their card information
  • The in app wallet can be topped up by the User & Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer whenever they want to. This wallet can also be used to make payment.
  • Commission for the Jobs paid in cash gets deducted from Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer's Wallet.


Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer can view their Jobs and earnings in graphical / statistical format.

Tow Truck Driver job and earning statistics

EDIT PROFILE & Invite Friends

User & Tow Truck Driver manage their profile
  • User & Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer can alter and update their profile details like Photo, Name, Email Address, Mobile number, Preferred Language, Preferred Currency and Places from their My Profile Screen.
  • Change Password Screen will allow them to change their password whenever the need be.
  • The app allows Users & Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer to invite their friends to join the on demand service apps. There will be an Invite Friends button which will send a Referral Code along with invitation message will be sent to their selected contacts through Whatsapp, Gmail, Skype, Facebook, etc.
User and Tow Truck Driver invite friends to join app

Emergency / Panic Button

  • The app is designed to ensure that there is no compromise on safety. This is why there is a Panic/Emergency Button in the Tow Truck on demand App. Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer & User/Car Owner can just click on the panic icon on the screen in case the ever feel any impending danger.
emergency button for Tow Truck Driver and user
  • A message with the exact location will be sent to the listed emergency contacts. If you wish, even the local police station can be notified with the click of a button.
  • Upto 5 emergency contacts can be added to your list

User & Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant Feedback

user and Tow Truck Driver feedback
  • User/Car Owner can provide feedback for Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer for each Job. Any feedback given will be displayed in this section.
  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Rescuer can provide feedback for User for each Job. Any feedback given will be displayed in this section.

Secondary Screens

support menu and about us

This screen will bear all information on the Apps.

The information posted on the Information pages will be editable by the Admin from the back end.


The app will bear a page on Help and Contact Pages on the Apps.

The Contact information too can be edited from the back end by the Admin.

contact us and help
Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions & Privacy policy

Tow Truck on demand App will have a page on Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy policy.

These Terms and conditions and privacy policy will be subject to change and can be modified and updated from time to time.


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