Step-wise Workflow of Our On-demand Medicine Delivery App

Medicine Delivery app flow

Earn Quick Money with Our On-demand Medicine Delivery App

We not only help you launch your on-demand application in just 1-2 weeks but also make quick and easy money. How? Our pre-built solution integrates smart revenue-generation methods, enabling you to make profits on every order placed on the platform.

Our medicine delivery app is designed to make money for you even when you’re offline, enjoying your weekend, or simply asleep!

  • Commissions from Users Commissions from Users

    Users pay a small fee as commissions for using your application to order medicines online from nearby pharmacies.

  • Commissions from Pharmacy Stores Commissions from Pharmacy Stores

    Every pharmacy store registered with your application needs to pay a set commission rate on every order they receive and fulfill.

  • In-app advertising In-app advertising

    You, as the app owner, will be able to make money from every single click on the in-app ad displayed on your platform.

Futuristic Features Of Our Medicine Delivery App

  • White-Labeling

    We will white-label your app and the website by integrating your brand name and logo, preferred languages, currencies, and more.

  • Multiple Payment Options
    Multiple Payment Options

    We have integrated multiple payment options into our solution, so your users can easily order their medicines online. Users can choose one of these methods and pay for their order - credit/debit card, in-app wallet, or cash.

  • Licensed Source Code
    Licensed Source Code

    After launching your apps and completing other necessary formalities, we will transfer the app’s ownership to you by sending you the lifetime licensed source code.

  • Live Location Tracking
    Live Location Tracking

    The feature enables your users to track their orders in real-time on the map.

  • Payment and SMS Gateway
    Payment and SMS Gateway

    We will integrate one payment and SMS gateway of your choice, based on your target region.

  • NDA & Privacy Policy
    NDA & Privacy Policy

    We adhere to non-disclosure agreements and privacy policies, wherein we promise to never claim your apps or mention them in our portfolio.

Accept Orders from Multiple Channels

Your users will be able to order their medicines from nearby pharmacies through multiple channels, including their iOS and Android apps.

  • Order via Application Order via Application

    Your users will be able to browse nearby pharmacies, upload prescriptions, and order their medicines online.

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  • Order via Website Order via Website

    Users can also order their medicines by logging into the website.

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  • Order via Calling the Pharmacy Order via Calling the Pharmacy

    Users can directly call the pharmacy registered with the application and place their order.

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  • Order via Calling the Admin Panel Order via Calling the Admin Panel

    Your users can call the admin panel and ask them to order medicines and get them delivered to their preferred address.

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What You Get in Our On-demand Pharmacy App Package?

When you buy our On-demand Pharmacy Deliver Script Package, you get more than just an ordinary iOS and Android app. We offer you a complete business solution in our package, empowering you to kickstart your online business within just 1-2 weeks!

Our script is developed and thoroughly tested by industry experts. They have made sure to pre-integrate all the essential and advanced features to help you run the business smoothly!

Here's an entire list of all the scripts you get with a single investment in our ready-made solution:

NowRX clone Script
Yodawy clone

Real-time Working Demo of Our Medicine Delivery App

Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Pharmacy Store Apps
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • user app
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • pharmacy store app
  • pharmacy items
  • set timings
  • store details

Business Models We Support

  • Stand-alone Pharmacy Store
    Stand-alone Pharmacy Store

    If you own a single pharmacy store, you can go online with the app and allow other stand-alone pharmacies to register on the platform against a set commission.

  • e-Pharmacies

    You can start an e-pharmacy by launching the iOS and Android apps in just 1-2 weeks, even without incurring a whole lot of expenses.

  • Pharmacy Chain Stores
    Pharmacy Chain Stores

    If you own a chain of pharmacies, you can easily automate your business and start online ordering and delivery by launching the app.

  • Pharmacy Marketplace
    Pharmacy Marketplace

    You can build a marketplace that connects various local pharmacies with customers on the platform. Therefore, making it easy for users to order medicines and get doorstep deliveries.


Why Buy Our Pharmacy Delivery App?

If you want to make easy money by providing your users with the convenience of ordering medicines online, you should buy our ready-made solution! We have smartly designed the application so that your users can seamlessly order their prescribed medicines from nearby pharmacies while you earn commissions on each of these orders.

Every feature integrated into the application and the admin panel is meant to make your business thrive even more. With our solution, you can easily manage your profits, access all the earning reports, edit PROMO CODES, and much more. In short, you will be able to automate your business by simply launching our apps, website, and admin panel.

White-label On-demand Medicine Delivery App in 1-2 Weeks

The white-labeling process involves re-branding the application and other modules like the website, admin panel, and other supporting panels. Every script is integrated with your brand name and logo, preferred color theme, currencies, languages, and more. We will give it a unique look and feel as per your business and branding needs! White-labeling is a critical step if you are launching an application using a ready-made solution like ours.

However, you don’t have to worry about white-labeling everything on your own. Our technical team will complete the process, submit, and launch your apps within 1-2 weeks. Simply provide us with your branding ideas and leave the rest to us! The best thing about our white-labeling service is that it comes at no additional cost with the purchase of our on-demand medicine delivery package.

White-label Medicine Delivery

Intuitive Website and Admin Panel

This section showcases the visuals of our website and admin panel. Glance through the important features, functions, and interface of our demo on-demand medicine delivery app.

Prescription Drugs

The pharmacy market requires a certain degree of caution when it comes to Prescription drugs. There are certain medicines that require a proof of doctor’s advice before sale. For those medicines, the app offers a feature which showcases an icon next to these drugs. When the user sees the icon, he or she becomes aware that they will be required to provide a prescription at the checkout window mandatorily. The user may click a picture of the prescription, upload it from their gallery or even use a pre saved image from the app. This feature prevents any sort of malicious activity to take place in your app. To get a better understanding of the functionality of this feature, take a look at this video.

More Detailsmedicine delivery app demo video

What’s the Cost of Developing a Medicine Delivery App?

Building a high-tech app for on-demand medicine delivery can be expensive, especially if you are developing it from scratch. However, if you are investing in a ready-made app like ours, you can go live on the app stores and servers without spending a lot of money. In simpler words, launching the app using a pre-built solution is much cheaper compared to a fully-tailored app developed from scratch.

pharmacy app priciing package
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