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Each country of the world today has seen the wrath of the corona virus pandemic lockdown. To make matters worse, more and more people are being stuck in the confines of their homes. However, our app is designed to help people overcome this very hurdle. Take a look at this video, where our client from Istanbul, Mr. Hani explicitly talks about how the pandemic affected areas of his country could benefit from our app.

HE makes it very clear in the video that this app has helped him help his customers while ensuring that business goes on smoothly. He also goes on to speak about the co operation that he received from our team. He explains how each member of our team was ready and always available to assist him even after the purchase of the app to provide any kind of enhancement that he needed. Hear him out!

online pharmacy business during corona crisis
pharmacy delivery clone
client review
online pharmacy business during corona crisis

Flow of Yodawy Clone App

Medicine Delivery app flow
Business Model
  • app registration place your order
  • pharmacy store pharmacy store your city
  • chain of pharmacy store pharmacy delivery business

Absolutely Free Features Available with

Our Pharmacy Delivery App
  • Free License
  • Language Integration
  • Currency Integration
  • White labeling
  • Free upgradation
  • Bug support
  • white labeling time
  • contact less delivery

Make your Business easy to get to! Facilitate your customers to place orders any way they like! Android App, iOS Apps, Website,
Phone Call to the Admin
Phone Call to the Pharmacy

Get Your Business Ready for the Market!

This is not just an application. The Medicine delivery app is your first step to succeed in a business venture without breaking a sweat. With this application, you can ensure that your customers using Android or iOS can both order medicines online and get them delivered to their doorstep instantly.

With a responsive design, this Go-Med Clone app is all prepared to work on multiple devices like handsets, tablets, PCs, and laptops too. This app has been created on the frame of a very successful taxi application model, which means that it is flawless owing to the fact that it has been used by millions of users already. No more bugs there for you!

NowRX clone Script
Yodawy clone

Get a Total Explanation of our NowRX clone app

Take a look at each of the functionalities of the app in detail. Just click on the part you want information on and see how the app works.
Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Pharmacy Store Apps
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • pharmacy store app
  • pharmacy items
  • set timings
  • store details

Graphical Flow of the On Demand Pharmacy Delivery App

This app is a very complex and multifaceted. There are many aspects to it. Therefore, to assist you in getting a clearer picture of exactly how each cog in this giant machinery works, our team has put together a step by step graphical flow of the app. This flowchart will explain each screen in detail. Take a look.

Pharmacy Delivery app flow View Step by Step Graphical Flow

Indulge in the Bouquet of Features of our

On Demand Pharmacy Delivery App
  • Web and Mobiles Apps
  • Pickup or Take Away
  • contactless delivery
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Sigle store delivery
  • Multiple store delivery
  • Live Tracking

Prescription Drugs

The pharmacy market requires a certain degree of caution when it comes to Prescription drugs. There are certain medicines that require a proof of doctor’s advice before sale. For those medicines, the app offers a feature which showcases an icon next to these drugs. When the user sees the icon, he or she becomes aware that they will be required to provide a prescription at the checkout window mandatorily. The user may click a picture of the prescription, upload it from their gallery or even use a pre saved image from the app. This feature prevents any sort of malicious activity to take place in your app. To get a better understanding of the functionality of this feature, take a look at this video. medicine delivery app demo video

Intuitive Front End/ Website of the On Demand Medicine Delivery App

We don’t just set you up with an app but also offer you a fully functional website for marketing purposes as well as to enable your customers to place orders from the front end. Take a look at the visuals of the website. It is loaded with multiple pages for which you can furnish information such as the Home Page, About US, Contact Us and much more.

prescription delivery app
Admin Panel - Management

How Does your Admin Panel Look?

Take a walk through the interactive admin panel that will support you in the daily operations of your Pharmacy Delivery business in a smooth and efficient manner.

Industry Coveted Features

The best ones that you need for a successful business
It is an obvious fact that the biggest contributor to the success of an application is its wealth of features. While any business can survive with the most basic features, to stay a cut above your competition, you will need something that is loaded and better than the rest. Here is a selection of some of the most advanced features coveted in the industry. Indulge!
Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Pharmacy Store App
Admin Panel
prescription delivery during covid-19
customer app of pharmacy delivery app
delivery driver app
driver app of pharmacy delivery app
Pharmacy store app
store app of pharmacy delivery app
web panel of Pharmacy Delivery app
web panel app of pharmacy delivery app
admin panel of Pharmacy Delivery app
admin panel of pharmacy delivery app

How Much Will It Cost To Build This App?

Of course, when you are planning to start your own businesses, one of the chief questions is regarding the budget. How much will you have to spend, what are the overheads to be expected, how much money will each aspect of the business entail and so on and so forth. Building an app will take a king’s share of your total budget.

It is imperative to compare and application like an artwork. The amount of time and patience that a developer, like an artist dedicates to the project, the more beautiful it turns out to be. To make sure that the app is practically usable by hundreds or thousands of your expected customers, the app has to be developed with utmost care and precision. Starting a scale of app development like an on demand delivery app can take as long as up to 2 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But that doesn’t have to bother you. You’re lucky; we’ve already built the app for you. When you purchase the app from us, we take a little under a week (4 to 5 business days) to white label the app with your logo and brand name and re skin it with your choice of colour theme to make the app launch ready! We also understand that you might not require all the features of the app. So, we have built package bundles just for you. Just pick the one most suitable and you’re all set!

pharmacy app priciing package
View Features & Pricing

Client Reviews for eSiteWorld

eSiteWorld has been a respected company for over 8 years having launched more than a thousand on demand apps. We pride ourselves on the relationship that we harbour with our clients. Despite our Non Disclosure Agreement, most of our clients choose to step forth to give us their reviews. Take a look at what some of our beloved clients have to say about us!

Go For the Entire On Demand Delivery Market

There is more to the on demand delivery sector than just the pharmacy delivery. Why not expand into other delivery models with the help of our apps! Wondering where to get started? Well, right here. Take a look at all the other on demand delivery apps that we have built and get in depth details on them all. Indulge! Just click on the ones that you want and get all the information. We understand that your scope of business is unique to your region, so we can integrate just the ones that you want with your pharmacy delivery app or even get you the whole on demand delivery app. Take a look and speak to us for more details!
We Use the Best Technology!
The skeleton of the app is technology. The stronger the bones, the better is the app. Our team of skilled resources have utilised nothing but the most advanced technology stack and developed this app for you in our state of the art development centre. Here’s a list of all the technologies that we use to make sure your app is the best in the market.
  • ios
  • java
  • php
  • bootstrap
  • swift
  • android
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster