Ingenious Features of our Uber for Car Wash App

  • Licensed Source Code Licensed Source Code

    We will provide you with the lifetime source code of the package you purchase from us. The code is 100% customizable, so you can modify it whenever you want.

  • 1-Year Bug Support 1-Year Bug Support

    We offer 1-year support and help you resolve any technical bugs that may appear in our source code.

  • White-labeling White-labeling

    Our team will white-label the App, website, web panels, admin, and other supporting panels with your brand name and logo.

  • Real-time Tracking Real-time Tracking

    Your users can track the live location of the booked professionals on the map once they accept the service request.

  • Automatic Invoice Generation Automatic Invoice Generation

    The system automatically generates the invoice after the task is marked as completed and displays it on both the user’s and provider’s Apps.

  • Multiple Payment Option Multiple Payment Option

    The App integrates multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards, In-App wallet, and cash to pay for the booked Car Wash services.

Components Of Our Keno Clone Car Wash App

Our professionals have developed the most practical On-demand Car Wash App Solution to help entrepreneurs like you launch an Online Business In 1-2 Weeks.

The Ready-made Solution includes 100% Responsive and User-friendly Apps, Websites, Web Panels, and an Admin Panel that you can White-label and launch with ease. Unquestionably, we have made it easy for you to go Online with your CAR WASHING BUSINESS without spending all the Money or Wasting months!

Ready to witness the best Car Wash App Development services? Here’s what you will get with the purchase of a Pre-built Solution:

on demand Car Wash App

keno clone

On-demand Car Wash App Workflow

  • Sign up or log in: Users can create an account using their social accounts or simply log in using their FaceID, Fingerprint, or valid credentials.
  • Choose Car Wash service: Users now need to pick the type of Car Wash service they want, like cleaning, detailing, exterior waxing, etc.
  • Find nearby Car Washers: Now, users can see an entire list of Car Washers available near them. They can sort and filter the list to find the best professionals based on their preferences.
  • Compare and book Car Washers: Users can compare the profiles of different Car Washers, see which of them suits their needs, and view their ratings and gallery before finalizing them.
  • Book the services: To book the service, users need to provide their address, choose the payment method of their choice, and select Book Now / book Later.
  • Service confirmation: Once the Car Washer accepts the service request, users receive the confirmation notification.
  • Track location in real-time: The users will be able to track the Car Washer’s location in real-time on the map.
  • Service starts: The professional Car Washer arrives at the user’s location, verifies the OTP, and starts the service.
  • Service ends: After the task ends, the provider marks it as “completed”. The system generates the invoice, and the payment is processed.
  • Ratings & reviews: Now, the user and the Car Washer can provide their ratings and reviews.

On-demand Car Wash App Screen Flow Get a sneak peek at our Car Wash mobile App's user interface!

Car Owner App
Car Washer App
  • car owner App
  • Car Washer details
  • service category
  • booking details
  • Car Washer App
  • work location details
  • View requested services
  • Booking Details
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Launch your On-demand Car Wash App in a Snap

Meet Adam, an ambitious entrepreneur who is hoping to start his online Car Wash Business easily and quickly. Watch the video to witness his journey from losing his money by trusting Scammy App Development companies to finally finding eSiteWorld! Learn how we helped him white-label and launch his app in just 1-2 weeks. Also, see how our on-demand Demo Car Wash App works in real life before you make an investment decision.

Why Launch a Smart Mobile Car Wash App?

Wondering why you should take your Car Wash Service business online by launching a mobile application? Well, the first reason is that it can Boost your existing business to 10X or help your venture gain a Successful kick-off. Moreover, it offers Extreme Convenience to your customers when it comes to Booking Same-day Car Services or scheduling them.

Doorstep Car Wash Services are Cost-effective and Time-saving by all means! The professionals come equipped with all the materials and tools to provide the said service. Additionally, the Mobile Car Wash App lets business owners provide Improved Service Quality as the platform integrates Advanced Features like Ratings & Reviews, Real-time Tracking, Pre-estimated Service Costs, etc.

Furthermore, launching an On-demand Car Wash Service means that you will be able to reach more Customers and increase your Brand’s Visibility. The Futuristic Solution will also help you gather useful data about Customer Preferences and Behavior that can help you make viable Business Decisions to win the entire Market!

Mobile Car Wash App

4 Steps to Your Product

We believe in doing all the hard work and making yours easier and that is why we follow the four-step formula below.

  • 01
    download our Apps
  • 02
    preferred language and currency
  • 03
    provide logo
  • 04
    launch Apps

On-demand Car Wash App

List of Pre-integrated Advanced Features of our revolutionary Ready-made Solution.

Car Owner App
Car Washer App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
user App features
carwash App
Car Washer App features
website features
admin panel
admin panel features
responsive website
Responsive Website

We offer you a complete Business Solution, including a Powerful Website. Our Easy-to-Use Website works seamlessly, allowing your users to edit their Profiles, View Past Transactions, View Booking History, Find Contact details for the Business’s Support Team, and much more. Also, users can select and browse the Website in their Preferred Language. First-time Users can also Sign Up on the App using the Website. Check out our Website’s Interface here to understand how it works in real time.

Robust Super Admin Panel

With our Ready-made and White-labeled Super Admin Panel, you, as the App Owner, can manage all the activities from a Single Dashboard. It includes Server Monitoring, Managing Admin Groups, User Profile Management, Setting Commissions, Promocodes, etc. Want to explore what more you can do with the Admin Panel? Tap on the button to check out our Admin Panel’s Features and Functions.

What Is the Cost of Car Wash App Development?

Developing a High-Quality Car Wash App like Keno or Washe Clone takes only a fraction of what it costs to Build an App from Scratch. Explore our Pricing Page to learn more Details about all the Features we offer, along with the components of our Pre-built Package.

general features pricing
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