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Invest in the most successful realm of the hospitality industry with the Rendevu clone, Uber for escorts that offers whatever your clients' fantasy is just at the click of a button on their phone!

Uber for Escorts
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The Perfect Script

Uber for Escorts is a very well documented app that we have created by structuring on tried and tested bestselling Taxi Apps. These apps are pre-approved by the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores.

The Escort Website, Escort & Client Web panels that we provide are 100% responsive and will show up on all your personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers. The whole package is power packed with an amazing sub system which helps the site owner to control manage and use this fabulous app just perfectly.

uber for escorts app script

Step by Step Graphical Flow

Client Application

on demand service - user application

Loading Screen

  • The loading screen, also known as the Splash Screen is the first thing that the user sees when the app is opened. It bears the app logo and stays for about 2 to 3 seconds.
  • The Splash Screen is the first thing displayed on the Escort's side of the app as well. It will stay for about 2 to 3 seconds as the app loads and display the app's logo.

Escort Application

on demand Escort application

Introduction Screen

on demand service apps introduction screen
  • This is the broad introduction page of the app. In case you have chosen multiple currencies for your app then this is where your User as well as Escorts will be allowed to choose the currency that they prefer. With our app we offer an additional language and currency free of cost. The bottom part of the page will show the options of SIGN UP and LOG IN.

Login & Registration

user app login screen user app registration screen
  • The On Demand Escort app will allow the Client to login using their Email ID, Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account.
  • The client can also prefer to sign up with a dissimilar Id by adding his or her Phone number, name etc. to create an individual profile.
  • The app offers a "forgot Password option" in case the user forgets the password.
  • The Escort end of the application too will allow the Escorts to sign up using their Email IDs, Facebook, Twitter or any other email ID.
  • The Escorts can also choose to create a new account within the app adding their names, phone number etc.
  • In the chance that the Escort forgets his or her password, they can recreate a new password with the "forgot Password" option.
Escort app login screen escort app registration screen

Account Verification

Client and Escort account verification screen
  • In order to make certain that the account is being used by confirmed real people, the app produces an OTP. This OTP confirmation process happens for the user as well as the Escorts.
  • In order to ensure that the people using the app aren't fake making fake registration or spam, an email verification link is sent to the email id of the Escort to complete the process of registration.

Application Menu

User app menu screen
  • The application menu is the screen which allows the users to be able to access all the significant features of the app. The user can edit/update his or her profile, check wallet balance, look at prior order history and so on and so forth right from here.
  • The Escorts can manage their profiles, their income, and track of prior services rendered, availability, and adjustment regarding services willing to offer and from this panel.
Escort app menu screen

Book An Escort

user select service and location
Service and location is chosen by the client

The client chooses the kind of service required from a list of options like Male/Female, Lady Boy, and VIP girls etc.

The admin of the site will be able to manage these services.

User book Escort
Choose the Escort based on Profile

Once the user has made the preliminary choice, the client is free to decide which Escort they want to go for based on the profile displayed.

A list of all the Escorts who match the specified requirements will be shown then.

Escort job history
Choose the extra services and products needed

A list of all the service obtainable will be displayed now. The user can choose from this list. These additional options will include "Dance", "Dinner", "Going to the Derby", "BBBJ", etc.

The user can also add special requirements like, "CREAM", "LUBE", "DILDO", etc. here in.

Escort job history
Book now or schedule Later

The User can book the escort services instantly.

The user may also make an advanced booking for the service and schedule it for sometime later.

Escorts can set availability and start accepting requests

The Escorts must use a Radio button to mark themselves as available on the app in order to accept jobs. This will happen by going "ONLINE" on the app. Once the Escort does this, the app will send them requests to them if they qualify for any requirement.

This screen will display the Escorts Ongoing Jobs, Upcoming Jobs and Pending Job Requests.

Escorts can put in availability day wise, or even time slot wise right here.

Escort get online
user select service and location
Selecting Payment Mode

The User will be able to see the Payment options only after he or she has chosen the Escort he or she is interested in.

The app offers three payment methods like Cash, Card or in app wallet.

Once the user confirms the Payment options and clicks on the "BOOK NOW" button, the request is sent to the app which further sends it to the chosen Escort.

The Escort will have the choice to accept or reject the request. In case the request is accepted the user is notified of the same. In case the Escort rejects the request the User is notified and requested to make another choice. This can go on till the User finds the right person for their enjoyment.

Client sending request to Escort

Once the user finalizes the Payment options and clicks on the "BOOK NOW" button, the request is sent to the applications system ready to be shot across to a pre decided range of distance.

All Escorts within the preset distance of "x" miles or Kms, are forwarded the request along with the Address and other important specifications based on the nature of the client's selection.

The Escort can choose to Accept or Reject the request as per their convenience. Whoever accepts the request first gets the job.

Escort receive User requestTimer to accept job request

Job Request Accepted

Escort accept job request
  • When an Escort chooses to accept the request, the task is automatically added to its "ONGOING TASK" list.
  • The User can view the status of "ONGOING TASKS".
  • The Escort can track the Job location through the map.
  • The Escorts can choose to cancel the job at any time.
  • For any additional information the Escorts can contact the User via Call or Chat.
Escort track job location

Internal Chat between Client And Escorts

The app enables a two way communication between the User and the Escort through Chat and Call. This facility is on from the time that the Escort accepts the request to the time that he or she reaches the location of the task. It helps both parties to follow any important instructions for the purpose of discretion etc. carefully.

Client and Escort Chat

Escorts Reaches The Job location

user get notification for Escort arrival
  • On reaching the particular location of the service requested, the Escort will mark "ARRIVED" on the App. The Escort will then be required to slide a radio button to update the app with the status of the service as "STARTED".
  • The Client will see a push notification on the app when the Escort updates the app with the status of him or her having reached the location.
Escort arrived at job location
User see notification job completed

Job Started

  • Both parties will be able to view the progress of the job from this screen.
  • Once again, the User will be able to see a push notification the moment the task has been updated as "STARTED".
Escort slide to end job
User see notification job completed

Job Completed

  • The Escort will be required to update the status on the app as "Job Completed". After the Escort does this an invoice is produced and a copy is sent to both the User as well as the service provider. In case any additional charges are levied owing to something extra, the invoice will have a provision for addition.
  • Client can see a push notification even when the Escort marks the app status as "COMPLETED".
Escort slide to end job

Invoice Summary

invoice summary
  • The screen that is shown after the task is completed is the one bearing the Invoice.
  • The Escort can now use the "Collect Payment" button to induce an auto deduction of the amount from the card or in app wallet.
  • If the User has chosen the option of Cash Payment, then he or she will be required to hand it over directly to the Escorts.

How The Book Later Option Works

Select Escort in your area
Pick the best Escorts in your area based on availability

The client can see the status of request in three sections namely "Accepted" or "Pending" in the "YOUR JOBS" section of the apps.

The client will be able to request for specific location and time from this screen.

This screen will also show the Client whether or not the task has been accepted by the Escort he or she has chosen or not.

User see upcoming job status
  • Client can book Escorts for later time by choosing date and time.
  • The Escorts can make order selection easy by choosing time slots when they will be available to offer these services. They can select day wise time slots also with different availability on different days.
  • The app will intelligently sort the profiles and send requests only to the Escorts who have stated availability during the time requested.
Escort accept or reject job
User see upcoming job status
  • User can see upcoming Jobs.
  • This panel will also show all the pending jobs that the Escort has. The Escort will also be able to accept or reject task requests in the future from here.
Escort accept or reject job

Job History

View Past and Upcoming Jobs

This screen allows you to Accept or Reject request.

The Escort and the User can 'Cancel' the task before it begins.

One will be able Date wise history of the jobs undertaken through the app can also be viewed from here.

Escort job history
User see past and upcoming job
The Job history option enables the Escort to manage the "ongoing", "upcoming" and "pending" jobs that the Escort has already chosen.

The client will be able to view his or her order history from here. All details of the past orders as well as current orders will be visible here on the client app. The invoices of prior jobs will also be here.

The client will be able to see view the status of upcoming jobs here as well. The client will be able to see whether the task has been accepted or rejected from here itself. In case the task has been rejected, the client can resend a request to another Escort.

Manage Services

Escorts manage their Service Categories and Rates.

The escorts can choose the categories that they are willing to offer services for. This screen will list all the categories and subcategories that the Escort can check and uncheck as per their own service offerings.

Since the scope of services offered is so large, the Escorts are allowed to define their own rates from here as well.

These rates can be modified or changed at any time that they like.

Escorts manage their Service Categories and Rates
Manage Videos and Photo Gallery
Manage Videos and Photo Gallery

A dedicated video and photo gallery will be there so that the Escorts can upload their portfolios to impress and appeal to their clientele.

The Escort has complete authority to edit, remove, upload or change photos and videos that he or she has put here.

Manage Resticted Areas

  • The Escorts will have complete power in deciding and outlining the areas that they definitely do not wish to offer their services to. Their profiles will not be visible in these "RESTRICTED" zones.
user & Escort manage their card information
  • Te Escort can add new restriction with the help of map pins at any point in time.


A graphical representation will enable the escorts to understand exactly how their work portfolio has been. It will show them the number of jobs or their earnings as they like so that they can understand how much they have been able to make from the app.

Escort job and earning statistics

EDIT PROFILE & Invite Friends

User & Escort manage their profile
  • The "MY PROFILE" section will allow the Client as well as Escort to manage and update the profile details like Photos, Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Preferences etc. The Escort can also change body weight, height and other such details.
  • In case the Client forgets the Password they can change it from the Forgot Password panel.
  • The clients as well as the Escorts can invite their friends through other social media like Whatsapp, Twitter, Gmail, Skype, Insta etc. and offer promo codes and referral benefits to the invited friends. Rewards are the best way to increase your user base.
User and Escort invite friends to join app

Emergency / Panic Button

  • This app aims at ensuring the safety of the Users as well as the Escorts. This is the reason why we have put an SOS button or panic button in the app.
  • The Escort and the User can both contact their listed emergency contacts just by clicking on the SOS button. The moment one clicks on the button, a message is straight away sent to the emergency contacts with their exact locations.
emergency button for Escort and user
  • The User and the Escort can both list up to 5 emergency contacts each.

Escort can handle their personal details like height, weight, Body type etc.

They can revise the information anytime.

Escort get online

Client & Escorts Feedback

user and Escort feedback
  • User can give feedback for Escort for each Job. All feedback will be listed here.
  • Escorts too can give feedback for User for each Job. All feedback will be listed here.

Secondary Screens

Support Menu, Help and About
Support Menu, Help and About

Al l information pertaining to the apps including how it works and other details will be available in this screen.

Information on these pages can be changed anytime by the administrator.

Contact Us

The app will have a "Contact Us" option.

The administrator reserves all rights to change this information at any time.

contact us and help
Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions & Privacy policy

Terms and Conditions of the app will be listed here.

The details of the Privacy Policy will be visible on this screen.

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  • app introduction screen
  • login and registration screen
  • account verfication screen
  • application menu screen
  • client book an escort via app
  • client can choose escort based on profile
  • choose additional services
  • booking schedule
  • escort set availability
  • payment mode selection screen
  • job request process
  • job request accepted
  • internal chat between client and escort
  • escort reach at job location
  • escort job started
  • escort job completed
  • invoice summary
  • book later option works
  • escort set availability time and date
  • escort panel
  • job history
  • escort view past and upcoming job
  • escort manage their services
  • escort manage videos and photo gallery
  • manage restricted areas
  • statistics
  • edit profile and invite friends
  • emergency button
  • manage personal details
  • client and escort feedback
  • support menu and help
  • contact us
  • privacy policy
Core Feature of cubeescorts
God Eye View Feature multicurrency and multilanguage
Booking Scheduling Feature


No One Has To Be Lonely Anymore!
  • Everyone needs companionship at one point or another, be it a professional reason or a personal one. For those deepest darkest and loneliest moments, Uber for Escorts is the answer.
  • Whether someone is looking for someone to get intimate with or to simply spend some quality time to forget about all their worries, whether they don't want to end up going alone for a movie or desperately need a date to take to a wedding, all they have to do is simply log on to our app, follow the user-friendly navigation to book your escort.
  • First the user will be required to make their selection as per their taste, based on gender, category and other preferences as mentioned in the app.
  • The rates of the service providers will be mentioned in order to help the user in making his preferable choice. The total price will be calculated by the app itself based on the duration of the service as mentioned in the app at the time of starting and ending it.
  • A list of all the escorts in your area will be provided with their profiles. The user can click and choose as per their tastes and confirm the booking. On the confirmation of their booking all their details will be sent to the user via a text message or an email.
  • The user and the Escort service provider can both contact each other the moment the confirmation of the booking happens.
  • On completion of the duration or the service demanded the payment will automatically be deducted from the preset payment information as entered by the user.
  • A receipt or invoice will be sent to both parties and they are free to rate each other based on their experience.
  • While all of this is happening, you, being the app owner get a rewarding commission!
  • Uber for hookers is absolutely seamless, 100% hassle-free and totally beneficial for all the parties involved. Your escort on demand app helps people lose their loneliness while you make money!

Demo of Uber for Escorts App

Becuase of legal rules of some countries, we are not able to list demo of on demand escort app on our webpage.
Check Step-by-Step Graphical Flow of Escorts app. Contact us for Demo.

Request For Demo

Uber For Escorts -A Window To Pleasure!

Technology and digitisation of practically everything in this world has made it possible for us to enjoy a plethora of joys. As more and more people are turning to various digital means for companionship, be the first one to have an escort on demand app to make it even easier for your clients to push loneliness away and feel wanted again.

And while all the hard work is being done by your app, you can just sit back and enjoy a commission per booking! No other app can change your life so easily.

uber for strippers escort on demand App
Escorts Web panel's

Web Panel's Included

The Whole Hospitality Pandora - A Sensational Website, A Classy Escort Panel And A Discreet Client Panel - The Ideal Genie In Your Bottle!

The package that we have made already consists of a few very pleasurable preset services. However, there is no limit to how one can give and receive joy in companionship, so, if you have any spicy ideas to zing up the app, feel free to speak to us. We will surely incorporate it in the best possible way to ensure that your app and website absolutely alluring.

With this app, you can ensure that you have the best business right in your hands without having to worry about anything operational at all. Our smart Uber clone for escorts app is the first ever hottest sensation in this business with the best service offerings. Easy money and lots of it can be yours just as soon as you get this app.

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