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Open Source Taxi Booking App Development: An Ocean Of Opportunities!

The stakes have never been higher and success has never been easier to find! Take a plunge now into the vast calling of the taxi app solution and make it bigger than you ever thought was possible. With our unique taxi booking app builder get your own open source taxi booking app to help you start off your own Taxi app company.

Digital taxi hailing service: a one step solution

Our taxi booking app development company now brings to you the simple solution that can digitize the entire taxi business easily. With the taxi app source code, we enable you to have your own taxi booking business that can be managed with the help of an app.

Taxi Solution
2021 Version

2021 Version taxi appFeatures

  • Restricting the Number of Passengers

    Face Mask Verification

    CoVid 19 Safety Checklist

    Safety Ratings and Reviews

  • Safety Ratings and Reviews

    Restricting the Number of Passengers

    Restricting the Number of Passengers

One solution for all your needs.

We are one of the world's leading taxi app builder that offer holistic solutions in app building and app making. Our apps are an all inclusive solution that cater to:

User end application

This app is designed entirely to be usable with the end user or customer. The app helps riders find and book taxi rides whenever they need it.

Driver end Application

This app is focused to be absolutely easy to use by the driver. It helps the driver accept rides; know their own order history and fares, rate the riders etc.

Web panel for the admin

The app that we offer includes a web panel with which the admin of the site can manage and control the app. It will enable the admin to keep a tab on how much money is being generated, what kind of rides are being undertaken and so on and so forth.

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Taxi Driver and Rider App Demo Video

Uber App Clone Video

Who is this business for?

Expand your own taxi business to the mobile users

If you already have a taxi business, this app can be the anchor to help you expand your business to all the mobile application users. Give your pre existing taxi business the digital edge.

Start your own transport business digitally

Want to start a business on a successful pre existing model without a fleet of taxis to worry about? Well, this is your solution. Start your business by offering a platform for independent drivers and riders to make and accept bookings from and make a commission on every booking.

Government body or enterprise

Begin your own transport management business with the help of this taxi app solution. Manage, supervise and administer a business with all the taxis running in and around your area.

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taxi app source code

complete on demanduber app clone

includes Android Apps, iOS Apps & Web Panels for Pessengers & Drivers

  • 01.

    Latest swift version 3
    language used to develop
    the iOS App

  • 02.

    Highly Optimized
    iOS App

  • 03.

    XCode version 8 used
    as IDE

Taxi App screens & flow
taxi app builder
Taxi Booking App Builder

Why riders love our app?

The taxi app solution that we bring forth is a simple solution to cater to the requirements of the riders. All uses will love our application because we have added enhanced features to make taxi booking a happy experience for our riders.

Ride now or schedule for later

We offer the riders a convenient option of either booking the ride for immediate use or schedule it for a later time. The riders can easily pre book their rides as per their convenience.

Payment options

Our app allows you to offer to your riders the ability to pay through the medium of their own choice: card, cash or even in app wallet. Fast, easy and hassle free transactions make the app a quick hit amongst the users.

Rate the Driver

The app also features an option of rating the drivers to ensure that they riders can see what kind of a track record the drivers have had. IT empowers the riders to experience the best service and if not, they can mention what went wrong.

Trip cancellation

If your rider changes his or her mind or the driver is taking too long to reach them, the rider can choose to cancel the trip. This will enable them to make another booking easily.

How far is the driver?

With the advanced Pub Nub features, the rider can easily tell how far the driver is by looking at a GPS powered map that traces the movement of the car that has been allotted for the particular ride.

Promo Codes and FREE rides

The user can avail the advantages from the promo codes that you can offer from time to time to ensure that the app becomes more and more popular amongst the users.

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Why the Drivers love our app?

Chat Support for the Driver

The app offers an option of chat support for the drivers which will allow the drivers to chat with their riders after a ride has been booked in order to ensure a smooth pickup from the right destination.

Observe and monitor earnings

The driver side of the application allows the driver to keep a close check on the amount that he or she is earning per ride. It also allows them to keep a track of cancellation, how many rides have been booked and how much money per ride has been made. The driver can also view the commission given per ride.

GPS Navigation

The driver can always reach the right location easily and quickly with the help of the GPS navigation support installed in the apps. The driver side of the application has been specially created to ensure that the driver can reach pickup location or the drop location even if he or she is unfamiliar with the geography of the area.

Rate and Review the user

The app not only allows the riders to rate the drivers, but also enables the Drivers to rate the riders so that they cannot be mistreated. They will also be able to check the previous ratings of the riders before accepting the rides.

Taxi Driver and Rider App

Freebies With The App

We love our customers and so are offering a host of free features with the app. They are:

White Labeling

We white label the app for you absolutely free. No need to pay separately for adding your name and logo everywhere in the app!

Free payment options integrations

Give your users the choice of paying by card, cash or through an in app wallet at no extra cost!

Language integration

Get an additional language added and integrated within the application for no extra cost! Now you can launch the app in any country you like with their local language be it French, Spanish or even Arabic (R2L).

Currency integration

Add a currency of your choice right within the application without paying an extra penny! Launch this app anywhere in the world with the local currency put right within the application for the ease of users.

One app for every user!

Android or iOS this app is ready for all your users. The taxi app source code that we have used is an exceptionally clean code that has been optimized for usage across every platform. Regardless of whether your drivers are android users or iPhone users, they will love its user friendly interface. Regardless of whether your riders use the iOS or the Android platform, they will use your app alone!

It's time to take the big step! Check out the FREE demo of the app and take it for an on road trial for FREE, right NOW!

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