Make Easy Profits with Our Store Delivery App

Have you always wanted to make easy and quick money? Our online business solution is designed to help you earn money with every on-demand delivery service booked on your platform. Undoubtedly, our ready-made app is the best solution for entrepreneurs like you, as it integrates three proven methods to make money.

  • Commission from Users
    Commission from Users

    Users will pay a small fee for using their on-demand app to order online and get quick doorstep deliveries.

  • Commission from Stores
    Commission from Stores

    Stores have to pay a commission to you for using your platform to get orders online from customers.

  • In-app Advertising
    In-app Advertising

    You can make money for every single click on the third-party ad displayed on your app’s home screen.

One Delivery App for Everything!

The app integrates every on-demand delivery service for your customer’s needs. Whether they wish to buy farm-fresh groceries, order food from their favorite restaurant, get their prescription medicines, etc., with this app, they can order anything. The platform seamlessly connects users with nearby stores, helps them browse the items at the store, add them to their cart, and simply place the order. The system assigns a professional delivery driver for each of these orders who drives to the stores, picks up the package, and delivers it to the user’s location.

  • Food

    Let your users find restaurants near them, browse their menus, and order food.

  • Grocery

    Your users can order fresh groceries from stores near their location and get doorstep delivery.

  • Pharmacy

    Users can upload their prescriptions on the application and order medicines from nearby pharmacies.

  • Wine-Alcohol

    Users can also buy Wine/Alcohol from stores and get doorstep deliveries only after showing their identity proof!

  • Flower

    Users can find florists in the area, choose their preferred flowers/bouquets, and order them.

  • Bottled Water

    Let your users buy bottled water online with only a few clicks.

  • Stationery

    The on-demand delivery option lets your users buy stationery of their choice and get it delivered to their doorstep.

  • Construction Materials

    Your users can also find the best deals on construction materials and get delivery at their desired location.

  • More Categories

    You can also add several other on-demand delivery options for your users to choose from.

Cutting-edge Free Features of Our Store Delivery App


We will white-label the application by integrating your brand name, logo, preferred languages, etc. in just 1-2 weeks.

Online Payments

Your users can pay for their orders online via in-app wallets and credit/debit cards.

Real-time tracking

Your users can track their deliveries in real-time on the in-built map.

NDA and Privacy Policy

We follow strict NDA and Privacy Policies to ensure your identity’s confidentiality.

Payment & SMS gateways

We will integrate your preferred payment and SMS gateways into your app.

Licensed source code

You can get a licensed source code for the on-demand solution you purchase from us for free!

On-demand Store Delivery App Flow

Deliverall app flow

Screen Flow of Our Interactive On-demand Delivery App

Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • grocery store app
  • grocery items
  • set timings
  • store details


Place an order for their daily essentials via their Android or iOS Apps, the Website, or through a call that they place either to you that is the app admin or to the store.


Take a look into the features of the all in one food, grocery, parcel, stationery, bottled water, etc, app, the DeliverAll App which makes this app unique and different from all the other apps that you find on the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Pay by Cash/Card/Wallet

    With this feature, user can pay via multiple payment methods like cash/card/wallet for the orders booked through the respective stores or restaurants present in the DeliverAll App and thereby follow a seamless payment process.

  • My Wallet

    With the My Wallet Feature, the user and the delivery driver both can keep track of all the transactions that are made by them through the wallet.

  • Easy Registration

    With this unique feature, user and the delivery driver can register themselves or login to the DeliverAll App using their email address, phone number or their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts.

  • Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer

    With this feature, when a user books a particular order via the DeliverAll App and chooses the wallet option to make payment, the respective amount they pay via their wallet gets transferred to the wallet of the delivery driver.

  • Order Statistics

    Using the Order Statistics feature, the delivery driver can keep track of their earnings and bookings accepted by them in a graphical/statistical format.


    With the KOT Print via Bluetooth Printer Feature as soon as restaurant receives a new order, they can tap on the order and view the respective order details. The order KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) would get auto-printed via a wireless Bluetooth printer as soon as the order gets confirmed by the restaurant owner.

Real-time Working Demo of Our PedidosYa Clone

Watch the entire video to see a working demo of our on-demand delivery application.

Application Demo video
PedidosYa Clone

WHY PedidosYa Clone from eSiteWorld?

We are a holistic solution for business. Our aim is to ensure that we give you as well as your users a complete and simple solution to manage and run a delivery business seamlessly through their white label mobile app.

This Uber like app doesn’t restrict your users in terms of delivery. They can use this app across the board on any kind of a device regardless of whether it is Android or iOS. It is a smart, digital and technologically advanced app meant for anyone who dreams of being an entrepreneur.

native apps
web panels

How Much Does It Cost to Build PedidosYa Clone

Launching an on-demand all-in-one delivery app like PedidosYa may require you to spend a billion dollars if you start designing and building it from scratch! However, you can save that money by simply investing in our professionally-crafted DeliverAll Package, which includes everything you need to launch your online business! Start your store-based delivery business in 1-2 weeks and stay ahead of the competition. Check out our Pricing Page to find out more information about the features and cost of our ready-made app.

general features
More Pricing Details
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The Best All-in-one Delivery App Package

If you want to launch a store-based delivery business online, then we have the perfect solution for you! By launching our on-demand delivery app, you can go live with your own business in just 1-2 weeks. Additionally, you can start making money via commissions from day one! Our package integrates everything you need to manage your business and control all the business activities like server monitoring, managing user profiles, accessing earning reports, etc.

Our team has designed the on-demand application in a way that allows you to easily market your business, provide easy web ordering, and much more. Visit our pricing page to learn everything essential about our package. Invest in our ready-made on-demand delivery solution and make your business thrive!

Website & Admin Panel Flow

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