DeliverAll: A delivery solution

No matter what kind of an item your customers need to get delivered, they will only think of you! Regardless of whether your customers get food delivered or send across their documents, each time something is sent through your app, you end up making a boat load of money.

It is your time to be the ONLY solution people can think of when they want something delivered. Gone are the days of walking to the courier. You app is a modern revolution in the delivery services industry that allows people to send and receive any kind of items just with a few taps on their smartphones!

Give your customers access to hundreds of different restaurants and their cuisines right from your app!

No time to buy vegetables? Help your customers get their staples delivered to their homes right from this app.

If a hit of pot is what your customers need then your app can deliver that as well! The app will help your customers to find the best deal on marijuana and order it online. Whether it is recreational or medicinal, if they want it, your app can get it.

Give yoru users the chance to make their loved ones feel special with a quick tap on their smartphones! The app is a one step solution to get flowers delivered from a list of florists around your user’s area!

Why depend on unhygienic water when your users have your app? This app can be the simplest and the most modern technology to ensure the customers get access to bottled water instantly!

Hot deliveries straight from the oven! With your delivery app, now your customers can enjoy home delivered bakery items!

Don't let your customers worry about their bed time ice cream cravings! Empower them with the facility to order their favorite ice-creams instantly.

Delivery boy app

Why DeliverAll from eSiteWorld?

We are a holistic solution for business. Our aim is to ensure that we give you as well as your users a complete and simple solution to manage and run a delivery business seamlessly through their mobile apps.

This app doesn’t restrict your users in terms of delivery. They can use this app across the board on any kind of a device regardless of whether it is Android or iOS. It is a smart, digital and technologically advanced app meant for anyone who dreams of being an entrepreneur.

delivery app script

important features

  • Application installation
  • Play/App store approval
  • White labeling
  • Licensed source code
  • Advanced reports
  • Wallet
web panel

A total “All in One” business Package!

If you thought we’d stop at giving you just an app, think again! We are here to offer you the ultimate solution in your business. Our package is to make sure that you can start your business from day 1! Our package includes just about everything that will be required to run your business smoothly.

We bring to you a Delivery driver app and a user app. All the parties involved get their own web panels. What’s more, we also provide you with a superior admin dashboard that can control the whole app.

But that’s not all. Our team of expert professionals bring to you a marketing website as well that can take care of your online presence instantly. In your satisfaction, lies our success!

Take the big step and proceed to be the biggest mammoth in the delivery business!