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Doing All The Odd Jobs For You The Uber Way

There are a thousand things around the house or office that needs doing, but people hate to do them! Here's an app that will make their lives a lot easier. Introducing the handy clone Handyman services app that will help in making the world of handyman services a breeze. Enable Handymen all over your region to get requests instantly for jobs. Increase their avenues of making money, and earn instantly! The application is a unique way of helping you earn money quickly and instantly without having to do anything!

The power of this application is defined by the fact that it not only ensures that handymen can register into the app to find more local jobs to get you more revenues, but also lies in the fact that users can instantly find experts to do chores around their homes and offices at the best possible rates. The app has been loaded with features that empower users as well as handymen to make the most of this digital platform.

Some of the most loved features of this app include instant search facility, local searches within specified radius, quick online payments using payment gateways and in app wallet, cash options, GPS tracking and a whole lot more. Explore the nuances of this app for more details.

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Impeccable Script

Uber for handyman app is based on a very successful and tried and tested model of on-demand apps. For any app to do perfectly well, one has to ensure that the structure on which it has been laid is very robust. Having been used by a global population whose numbers run in millions, this app works absolutely seamlessly and is pre approved by the Google play store as well as the Apple store. It is responsive and therefore works effectively over all digital assistants like iPhones, android smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

These subsystems are offered within the app to ascertain that you can use and manage the handyman app like uber easily and to its utmost capacity:

handyman app like uber

One Master App for Over 72 Services: The Handyman App

The potential of earning through multiple streams is right here for you! The latest feature rich and robust Handyman app allows you to make money from over 72 different services. Innovative and practical new features such as login using Face ID and fingerprint recognition, video calling to delivery drivers, tip for delivery drivers, multiple card management for the users and much more, tis is the best solution in the market for. The app gives access to users like never before! Check out the various services listed within this section of the app NOW!

Online Video Consultation
Bid for Services
On-Demand Services

Uber for Handyman Services - A One Click Solution To All Chores

  • Household chores are one of the most tedious thing for most people. People either don’t find the time to address a pending odd job, or is it physically more daunting for them. This provides a perfect opportunity for an on demand Uber like business for Handyman jobs.
  • Whenever a person requires an odd job done, may be to fix a leaking tap, or fixing broken tiles in the bathroom, or even unclogging a blocked drain, they will turn to this app, their one stop solution for all the odd jobs that need doing. To use the services provided by the app, they first have to download it, and then register their personal details on the handyman services app. Details like name, address, contact number and email address along with the details of their payment card are a must.
  • Once registration is complete, they are now ready to use the handy clone app and request the service of their choice. Now they simply have to log onto the app and select the service that they require i.e. electrician, gardener, plumber, carpenter etc. Once they select the service, they will be taken to a sub category screen where they will input further details on why exactly they need that particular handyman. Let's say, for example, they have requested for a gardener's services, and then they will be taken to the next screen whereby they will select what they require a gardener's services for. E.g. hedge trimming, tree cutting, watering the plants etc. They will also input details on when they need the job done, i.e. the date and time.
  • As soon as all the information has been entered by the user, he will now be able to view all the handymen who are available in the local vicinity. The credentials, profiles and reviews of each handyman can be checked out before the user puts in a job request.
  • The user will indicate on when he needs the job done, i.e. later or now. If he wants it done later, then he will need to input details of date and time of when he wants the job done. The nearest handyman to the user's location will get the job. The user will also choose the mode of payment he wants to use i.e. card, cash or wallet.
  • A 30-second window is available for the handyman to accept or decline the job. In the event that he declines the job, it will automatically be passed onto the handyman who is now nearest to the user.
  • Once the handyman accepts the job, he will be able to chat with the user. When the handyman reaches his designated location to deliver the service, he will indicate the job as "STARTED" on the handy clone app. This will now allow the user to track the handyman as he makes his way to the destination.
  • Once the handyman has completed the job, he will indicate that it is "COMPLETED". This will now allow the user to view the payment summary on the screen. If the user has decided to pay via card that the payment amount will automatically be deducted from his credit/debit card.
  • Both the user and handyman can rate and review one another. An invoice will be generated too, a copy of which will get emailed to the handyman as well as the client. Since you are the owner of the app, you stand to make a nice little amount of commission for each and every job that is booked and delivered via your app. The earnings will be reflected on the bank balance sheet at the end of each day, showing how much income your app is generating.

Complementary Features with the Handyman App

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  • handyman apps White Labeling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

Revolutionary Features of the Handyman App

Video Consulting
Service Bidding
Video Consulting
Service Bidding

A Demo Video for Uber for Handyman Services App

Take a live on road trial of this robust handyman services app and find out how it really works! Why buy if you don’t like it?

handy clone demo

Flow of the Handyman App

User App
Service Provider App
  • user app
  • Video Consulting
  • Service Bidding
  • Video Call
  • delivery driver app
  • Receive Request
  • Service Provider Bookings
  • Service mark arrive
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Uber For Handyman

A New And Smart Way Of Getting All Your Odd Jobs Done

This business is sure to stay for as long as people continue to exist. With every house comes a long list of tasks that need to be handled. With your uber for handyman services app, your customers will be able to use their smartphones to locate and hire the best people for the job at hand.

Our team loves technology and bringing unique solutions to the ground is their forte. This handy clone is just an example of the perfect way you can earn money without having to do anything at all. No matter what kind of chore it is, there is always a handyman to help your customers with it. While your customers enjoy easy access to the right kind of service providers, you will continue to make a commission every time your app is used to make a booking a service.

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Packages and Features of the Handyman App

Why spend money on features that you don’t want? With the latest feature additions like new design of the app, multiple card management and much more, you don’t have to worry about a thing! We have devised various packages to make sure that you can make the most of your investment. Check out the various features within our Handyman App packages to know more.

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A power packed handyman app package: the All Inclusive app for you!

Web Panel's Included

The Full Handy Clone Package - A Handy Website, An User Friendly Provider Panel, And An Interactive Client Panel - Earn For Every Job You Deliver With The Uber for Handyman Services Package

Our predesigned Uber for handyman app comes with a preset list of services. However, if our list does not meet your requirements, all you need to do is talk to us and we will do the necessary changes to make the app exclusively yours, ensuring that your app helps you in getting maximum returns throughout the year.

Begin earning quickly and easily with your own handyman services app NOW! This app is ripe and ready for taking. Join the digital wave with this fantastic, user friendly and robust app that will ensure that you get maximum returns at minimum investments!

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Lets Deliver you the best Apps!

Top On-Demand Handyman Apps

Who doesn’t prefer quick help when they need it the most and when they get it in the form of an app that offers them professional help then nothing like it!

Courtesy the digitization of all the major services in the world with the presence of a mobile app, it is now possible for anyone and everyone to receive quick help just at the tip of their fingers!

One of the major service industries to have specially witnessed a revolution with the help of an application and the digitization of its services is the handyman service industry.

With the presence of the on-demand handyman apps, now anyone and everyone can receive quick professional help for their houses whenever they need it the most! So, first of all, what do we mean by handyman service?

Handyman service can basically be defined as those services where the freelance labour gets connected to the local demands and helps the latter in return in meeting or addressing them in the best possible manner.

However, it is a very difficult task as stated earlier to receive quick help. Thus to make it easier, the on-demand handyman apps stepped into the limelight to make it easier for the local demands to receive quick help when they needed it the most.

So, below we have listed the top eight on-demand handyman apps that have made life reasonably easier for humans all over the world.

Top 8 Handyman On-Demand Apps

HouseCall is a popular handyman on-demand app that mostly serves its customers living in the United States of America. With the help of this solution, the people living there can get assistance in services like carpet cleaning, home cleaning, plumbing, window cleaning, and so on and so forth just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone devices.


BIZZBY is a popular handyman on-demand solution serving customers living mostly in the United Kingdom. It helps customers in the services like domestic and professional cleaning, rubbish removal, furniture repair, and so on and so forth just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone devices.


After the European subcontinent, Asia is a place where one comes across the busy professionals. ServisHero is thus an application that helps the local demands mostly living in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, to name a few to get connected to freelance labour nearest to them and receive quick help when they need it the most. The services that customers can receive from this solution include – photography and videography service, personal training service, copywriting service and so on and so forth just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone devices.


A popular handyman service provider solution popular in over twenty cities in North America, Canada and UK, the solution helps customers to receive quick help at their fingertips. Some of the services that the customers can avail of through this solution include – home and office cleaning, plumbing, light fixtures, and so on and so forth.


Popular in Australia and the United Kingdom, Airtasker helps people living there to receive quick help by getting them connected to the service providers nearest to them all at the tips of their fingers. Some of the services provided by the solution include – tradesmen service, gardening service, photography service, blog support, and so on and so forth.


Popular in Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, etc., to name a few, SERVIZ helps customers to receive handyman on-demand services just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone devices. Some of the services that the solution offers include – pest control service, drain cleaning service, painting service, window cleaning service, etc. to name a few.


Serving in places like Birmingham, Massachusetts, South Carolina, etc. to name a few, TakI is a popular on-demand handyman app reputed for offering same day help for close to 400 services like assembling, junk removal, moving, pet care, delivery and courier, housekeeping, and so on and so forth.


Popular among customers living in places like Brussels, Belgium, etc., Listminut is an on-demand handyman on-demand app that helps them receive quick help. It is mostly popular for the following reasons, fully legal, confidential and safe. In other words, the solution has been approved by the government thus providing the service providers the benefits of a favourable tax regime, the service providers are personally met, and the payment methods are secure, and covered by insurance. Some of the services provided by the solution include, pet care service, gardening service, data processing service, and so on and so forth.

So, concluding, these are the top on-demand handyman apps that help the local demands receive quick help at the tip of their fingers and have brought about immense revenues to the handyman service industry.