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Google Glasses Resources Updates & Advantages

Google Glass Resources

The advent of the wearable computer technology has surely taken the world by surprise. No matter how prepared you are for the next big thing, it will always find ways to surprise you. Because this technology is really in its first stages, developers find it a little difficult to cope with the Google Glass technology.

For any other device, it is easy to find hundreds of threads or forums of the developer community however the biggest hurdle with Google glass happens to be the absence of the right resource links for the developers to learn from.

Nevertheless, we offer you a comprehensive list of Google Glass resources where you can get a complete idea about how the things with Google glass apps development work.

Top Resources:

upcoming Launch's

  • 2014

    Google Glass is Coming
    in Market in early 2014

  • 2014

    App Store For AR Lens
    To Be Launched in mid 2014

  • 2014

    More updates coming soon..

what's new

  • Price Point Estimated
    At $200-500 for Google Glass
    in USA & Europe Markets

  • Hardware makers will make
    Glass the centerpiece
    of an ecosystem

  • Google 'bans' facial
    recognition Apps but
    developers persist Apps

Tweet with a Blink..

Twitter has come up with an app that allows you to share photos taken by Glass. It does however allow you to compose tweets & reply to people whom you follow.

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  • http://glass-apps.org/google-glass-application-list
    This is a great site for you to download all the amazing apps for Google Glass. Just go into the site and check the list of apps and their features. You can simply click on the install button to download and install these apps for your Google Glass.

Google Glass Tips

The realms of Google glass are as confusing as they are creative. One has to be very careful while he ventures into developing apps for the Google glass bearing in mind the exact nature and purpose of the app apart from the general expectation of the users. We bring to you some sensible and practical Google Glass tips that will help you in creating some of the best apps for Google Glass!


The best way to show the people what it is like to look through the Google glass is to use the vignette option in the Google Glass camera. Essentially this option allows you to click a picture with a small screenshot of the Google glass interface on the top right corner of the image. To apply the Vignette effect to a photo, turn the screen on the Glass to on position. After this, click the picture with the physical button instead of the voice command. When you do this the screen will change to camera and you will hear a shutter sound. Now, tap on the touchpad to bring up the menu. The first option will be Vignette. Choose it and the vignette effect will be applied on your picture.


Google likes to call the apps that run on Goggle Glass as Glassware. You can get glassware from many websites but ideally it is best for you to check out Google's site. You can easily activate glassware using the MyGlass website. Post this, go through the abundance of options to settle on the ones you'd like to use.


Using Gmail can prove to be a little difficult on glass. This is not because the app isn't efficient, but because it has been made in a way that it only allows for the mails marked as important to reach your glass. Therefore, in case you are having difficulty in receiving or checking any email, ensure that you have marked them as important even if Google hasn't done it by itself. You can easily do that by accessing you email from a desktop or a laptop and mark the thread as important. Whatever follows will op directly to the Glass.

Android and iOS

If you are an iPhone user, it is best that you download the Google Now app that will allow you to access all the instant newsflashes and updates. However, if you are an Android user, you must have the MyGlass companion. It will allow you to access features that iPhone users cannot.

Google Glass Advantages

Google glass has the potential to reinvent the entire system in which we operate. It can change the way we think and look at things and also enable us to identify our own limitations and work upon them. Google Glasses advantages are many, but we enlist the top few advantages that the Google glass will ensure that the world has.

Safety /Security check

The most important thing that people worry about today is ensuring the security of their employees. Any construction firm or manufacturing unit has any number of accidents all because the human eye missed to spot something important. This is where the Google glasses can help in a huge way. It will be able to identify true cause and effect of any accident and also ensure that by seeing it, people can rectify it reducing any more chances of similar hazards.

Apart from this, if Police officers, Watchmen, Doormen and Valets were all equipped with Google Glasses the level of security would naturally be much higher. One would be able to identify and stop people with evil intentions before the crime strikes. Almost like the movie 'Minority Report'!

Minutes of meeting

Many major companies carry out business worth billions of dollars over business meetings. The only way to know what happened in which meeting is to rely on the minutes of meeting put together by the stenographer or the secretary. However, with the Google glass, everything is a digital copy. This means there will never be any data lost.

Health and medicine

Every minute in a surgery is important. Doctors lose a lot of time in turning around multiple times to get all the data that is relevant to the operation. Powered with the Google Glass, the surgeon will no longer have to look in every direction while trying to figure out the vital stats of a patient in surgery. It can also prove to be a great tool for learning for budding doctors as they can closely follow a surgery live without even having to be there, from the point of view of the surgeon himself.

Of course, there is some sort of an advantage of using Glass in any field; however, these were the most life saving Google Glass Advantages.

Google Glassware

Google Glassware essentially refers to the apps that are usable on the Google Glass. Earlier there was a saying that any device is only as good as its operating system. Today that saying has changed slightly and the new one reads, a device is only as good as its apps. This is because one performs all functional tasks only with the help of apps today.

With a device like the Google glass where its features offer an unprecedented number of possibilities to be developed, you will find developers all over the globe working hard towards providing genuine and practical Google Glassware.

Initial version of the Google Glass

Initially the glass was a glassless frame with a simple chip attached to the right corner of the eye. It seemed to have certain operational problems and so the latest version has rectified them all. One can now even wear the glass with prescription glasses to avoid any vision problems.

Latest on Google Glassware

There are abundant apps all made to ensure that the usability of the Google glass increases tenfold. Here's a list of some of the best apps of Google Glass:

Google maps

This happens to be one of the most loved apps of all times. Its look and feel through the Google glass has also proven to be its USP. It essentially allows you to store your place of work and home so that it can give you the shortest route avoiding busy roads.


Doubtless is the fact that the best feature of the Google Glass is to be able to click pictures from the point of view. It allows people to take pictures and record videos absolutely hands free ensuring no shaky outcome.

Facial recognition App

This app allows you to recognise people who are present in your social circles like Google +, Facebook and Twitter while you are out. So, if you happen to go for a movie and your glass spots a face that is in your friend's list, it will intimate you immediately!

Bar code Scanner

Buying products has become so much simpler with the help of Google Glassware. You can scan the barcode of a product with your Google Glass and get a list of nearby shops selling the same product at a lower rate in the vicinity.

These are just a few apps that have become really popular amongst the explorers. However, with the thrust towards developing Google Glassware, it is certain that you will be amazed at the kind of apps that will be made in the times to come.