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Google GlassApp development

Since the ever moving stream of technology has meandered with a new turn, Google Glasses have become the most spoken about thing today. Google Glass (written as "GLΛSS") is essentially a wearable computer. It has an ocular head-mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project. It is alleged that at some point in future, these glasses will be mass produced as a regular computer. Google Glass demonstrates information in a smart phone-like hands-free format, which can be in contact with the Internet by means of natural language voice commands.

What is GoogleApp development

Google glass apps development is the rising star in the realm of technology today. As the feasibility of the product has increased in the market, Google Glass Applications Development has picked up speed.

Google Glasses applications development is essentially the process of creating apps for the wearable computers. These apps can range from various interaction and social networking ones, to others with a utility angle to them like a barcode scanner or a QR reader

Why GoogleGlass development

If you are a business owner of small and medium sized business then venturing into the Google glass apps development segment would be the right call. Google glass app development is sure to take your business to newer heights.

Since creating and developing apps for the Google glasses is a sizzling hot topic these days, it can sincerely boost your revenue to a number that you probably never imagined. An app specially designed for the Google glasses will ensure that you can make the most of these fabulous devices.

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We work hard to satisfy our clients and don't rest until the results are excellent. To know more about our services and to get a free demo and quote, feel free to call us or write to us at biz@eSiteWorld.com

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Our Recently Developed App

Latest Applications Trends

  • Record what you see

    ​With Google Glass, you can record what you see without moving a finger.

  • Take a picture

    ​After you issue the order "OK Glass", you can instruct the glasses to do something specific by saying something like "take a picture". That's it. There’s no fumbling around looking for the camera icon.

  • Share what you see - live

    ​Now this is what we call serious sharing – actually sharing what you see with your friends. The privacy ramifications of this kind of sharing are mind-boggling, but tech history tends to show that privacy concerns never ultimately get in the way of a cool new experience.




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