Uber for Laundry

The New and Smart Way Of Getting Linen Cleaned And Making Money Too For The Same

However dirty your wash, however big your laundry, whites or coloured, makes no difference to the on demand laundry app. It will just wash it with efficiency just like your everyday laundry.

Uber for Laundry
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The Perfect Script

We only believe in Perfection

This is why we lay a huge focus on ensuring that you can always find success using our apps. We are nothing if not helpful to our customers.

Our team works relentlessly to make sure that they can create the msot amazing applications for you. But that's not where we stop. We provide you a holistic solution. Our offer includes:

On Demand Laundry App Script
Laundry On Demand


  • An everyday chore that everyone hates, you can make it easy for them with the new way of doing laundry, with the on demand laundry app.
  • Any client who wishes to get their laundry done will simply download the uber for laundry app and register on it by inputting their personal details and the details of the card that they will use for payment purposes.
  • At the time they need the laundry done, users can simply log onto the app and input the details of their wash e.g. two shirts, two hand towels, 4 trousers, three skirts etc. This depends on what their service requirement is. Each item has a fixed rate.
  • client requirement
  • Once the client has input his laundry details, he will then input his preferred date and time for the laundry to be picked up. This will trigger a job request to be sent to all the laundry services in the vicinity, out of which one will pick the request. The client will then confirm their service, after which a text message and an email notification confirming the job will be sent to the Laundromat, who will then pick up the laundry at the specified time.
  • As soon as the laundry is completed and delivered, the payment will be deducted automatically from the client's payment card. An invoice will be generated, a copy of which will be sent to both the client and the laundry. The client and the laundry service provider can rate and review each other.
  • For every job booked through your app, you will get a set amount of commission. What cleaner way to earn than that?


Most people hate washing and ironing. Use this simple formula to create a generous source of income for yourself whilst helping everyone with their laundry. Make that small investment in the app and be ready to collect the revenue generated from it through every laundry service booked through the app.

An app so simple and user friendly is sure to make your customers yearn to return to it every a laundry requirement arises. This means that just by investing in this utility app once, you will continue to make money from it every single time someone uses it for a laundry booking! Take a plunge and try this uber like app out!

Don’t think this is what you were looking for? Is there something else bothering you? Does your industry have some specific requirements? Don’t hesitate to speak to us about them. We will gladly discuss your requirements and offer custom solutions for you if feasible!

Uber for Laundry On Demand Laundry iPhone App
4 Steps to Our Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
Core Features
Payment Option god eye view
Promocode And Refferal Code Optiion
web panel's included
On Demand Laundry Web Panel's Included
The Fresh Laundry Package - A Clean Website, A Fragrant Laundry Service Provider Panel, And The User Friendly Client Panel - A New Way Of Getting Your Laundry Done

We provide a set list of services with our on demand for laundry package. However that does not mean that we are not open to the ideas that you want to introduce in your laundry business. Speak to us and we will breathe life into your ideas to give you the business of your dreams.

Just a small investment will make you the proud owner of multi laundry business. Starts the laundry cleaning business is just two days. Cleans your pockets too, to fill them with the earnings generated from your app. Sit back and watch your bank balance grow with each successful wash.

  • on demand laundry app graphical flow
  • uber for laundry app splash screen
  • on demand laundry app introduction screen
  • user and laundry login registration screen
  • user and laundry account verification screen
  • on demand laundry app menu screen
  • client choose the laundry service they want
  • client book a laundry service provider
  • laundry service provider get online
  • client choose payment mode
  • User sending request
    laundry receive User request
  • job request accepted screen
  • internal chat between client and Laundry Man
    Client and Laundry Man Chat Screen
  • Laundy Man reaches at the job location
  • client and Laundy Man job started screen
  • Laundy Man job completed screen
  • on demand laundry app invoice summary screen
  • client app book later option screen
  • client select Laundry service provider in their area
  • upcoming job details
  • Later and pending job request screen
  • on demand laundry app view past and upcoming jobs
  • laundry man manage services
  • client and laundry man payment option screen
  • laundry man job and earnings statastics screen
  • client and laundry man edit profile and invite friends to join app
  • emergency button for client and laundry man
  • client and laundry man feedback screen
  • on demand laundry man support menu & about us screen
  • on demand laundry app contact us & help screen
  • on demand laundry app terms and conditions & privacy policy screen

Excited already how the on-demand laundry app clone can help your users avail of laundry services just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device and at the same time help you earn huge commissions along the way? Then avail of the Uber for Laundry and start earning huge profits from Day 1! View our price package and choose the one that suits your needs and see your laundry services earning huge profits from Day 1 today!

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