Uber for cuddles App

A healing on demand cuddling app

The healing power of touch is not something that is a new concept in this world. People who have been through any personal accident of grave nature can be weary of touch. There is disaster and devastation almost everywhere and the best way to cope with it is a healing touch and a deep cuddle.

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  • Advanced Analytics
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A seamless script

Producing an app takes quite a lot of proficiency. Our team has used the bare bones of the Taxi app in order to make this fantastic app so that the quality of it is always robust. This app has been specifically designed to be responsive in order to ensure that no matter what kind of handset or device your customers have, they can use it easily.

This app works very efficiently on both Android and iOS and is extremely user friendly and intuitive.

  • Main Website
  • Customer iOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Professional Cuddle Partner iOS App
  • Professional Cuddle Partner Android App
  • Professional Cuddle Partner Web Panel
  • Professional Cuddle Partner Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Professional Cuddle Partners, Customer, etc.
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Cuddle the Quenched Soul with the Uber for Cuddling App

  • We all love to be pampered and loved but finding someone who can give you that feeling is somewhat a difficult task. Thus to help those quenched souls feel loved, the Uber for Cuddling App is here that will connect your users with verified and professional cuddlers and provide convenient and confidential cuddling services to them while earning a good income along the way.
  • Excited already? With the unique workflow, you would get even more amazed as well as enthralled.
  • The user enters the application and adds their location. As soon as they perform this task, they get connected to the cuddlers nearest to them.
  • The user now chooses the services that they require from the cuddler and makes the payment for the same and books the services
  • Upon making the payment, the user is notified that the request has been sent to the cuddler and as soon as they accept the request, they shall be notified of the same.
  • The cuddler now receives the job request as soon as they set their availability online and gets the detailed information of the place where they need to provide the services and accepts the job request.
  • With the cuddler accepting the job request, the user gets notified that they have accepted the job request and shall be arriving shortly, and both, user and cuddler track each other
  • As soon as the cuddler arrives, they tap on ‘Arrived at Job Location’ in order to notify the app as well as the user of their arrival and then taps on ‘Start Job’ in order to begin the services.
  • The user and the cuddler both track the job progress and as soon as they complete the job, they tap on ‘Completed Job’ in order to notify the app and the user of job completion and an invoice summary gets generated on their screen which also gets shared with the user and the cuddler collects the payment from the user.
  • As soon as the cuddler collects the payment, the user and the cuddler both rate each other and review each other.

Not just a touch but the whole cuddle: a gamut of panels for the best results!

We do believe in hugging it out. Putting our arms around in a big loop we have included not just the app but the web panel, for the administrator, the user end panel of the app and the cuddle partner end panel of the app. This helps in seamless and smooth operation. This is done to ensure that none of our client's requirements go unheard.

Our app is very holistic but if you have any more ideas to incorporate within it, we will gladly do it for you. Let us know about your specific requirements and we will find the best possible solution. Own the noblest business that could ever be with your Uber clone for cuddlers! Call us now and get DEMO absolutely FREE!

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Multicurrency/Multilanguage cash or pay by cash
Real Time Tracking System
Web Panels Included
A clear-cut, somatic and helpful app to find dependable cuddle contacts in your areas quickly.

There is a big section of the society that fears intimacy. Some people have been through crimes like rape, or have had an abusive childhood, or are suicidal and suffering from depression because of any number of reasons and some are simply lonely. This app helps and caters to all these people by re introducing touch to them in a therapeutic manner to help them cope with their problems and evolve.

This app will allow your customers to book an appointment with cuddle partners in their areas and heal while ensuring that you make money on every booking.

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