Step by Step Graphical Flow

Loading Screen

Sender Application

sender app
  • The Sender's side of the application will display the App's Logo for about for 2-3 Seconds. This is where your logo and App name will be shown.
  • The Driver's side of the application too will display the splash screen with your logo and App's name. This splash screen will also be visible for about 2 to 3 seconds.

Driver Application

delivery driver app

introduction screen

language and currency of the choice in app
  • When the User opens the app, he is met with this introduction screen. He can select the language and currency of his choice and then Login or Register, to start using the app.
  • The Delivery Driver will see this introduction page when he opens the app. He will then be given the options of Language and Currency to choose from. After this, the driver can Login to the app and Register in it as well.
introduction page


sender login & registration
  • The app will allow the user to log in via his Email Id, Social Networking Account.
  • There is also a FORGOT PASSWORD option that allows users to retrieve passwords in case the user has forgotten it.
  • The Sender will have the choice of registering into the app through their other social accounts like their Email Id, Facebook, linkedin or Gmail Account. The user will be allowed to put in information like their Mobile Number, Name, etc
  • The app will enable the Drivers to login through his Email ID, Facebook, linkedin or Gmail Account.
  • The Driver too will be able to retrieve his or her password through the FORGOT PASSWORD option in the app.
  • This app will enable the Driver to register into the app through other social IDs present like his Email Id, Facebook, linkedin or Gmail Account and can add their Mobile Number, Name, etc
delivery driver login & registration


Account Verification

This screen presents the Users with a verification toggle. Here they need to enter their Mobile Number upon which they shall receive a verification code to verify and ensure zero spam.

Users & Provider will need to verify their Mobile Number via OTP received via SMS. And also verify the email account via verification link sent to user's email account. This step is set to avoid fake registrations & spammings.

Application Menu / Profile

sender app menu option
  • The App has bottom Menu and Profile Screen. From where you can access all the features of the App quickly. The User can also Manage the Wallet from here.
  • The App has bottom Menu and Profile Screen. From where Driver can access all the features of the App quickly. The Driver can also Manage the Wallet from here.
delivery driver app menu option
multi delivery Loading Screen

Users can enjoy sending any kind of parcel using this app. Whether it is sending one item form one place to the other or getting multiple items delviered tat multiple locations, this app has got it all!

single delivery send and box multi delivery send and box
Common Delivery
Single Delivery (Send)

This option can be used by the User when they are willing to send across a relatively smaller item such as an envelope, some files etc. from point A to point B.

Deliver All
Single Delivery (Box)

This option is best for the User when the items to be sent across are bigger in size. For example, the User can use the Box option to send Bags of cement, home furniture etc. from point A to point B.

Select services
Multiple Deliveries (Send)

User can send across multiple files, multiple letters, and multiple items of smaller sizes in a single booking from one pick up location to multiple places.

Taxi and Rental Part
Multiple Deliveries (Box)

This is a great option for the Users who wish to send large and bulky items from one place to multiple places for example, sending across multiple Cement bags from the factory to multiple construction sites.

Single Delivery

Multi delivery more than item to more than place
Provide Parcel Pickup location, choose Delivery Vehicle (Single Delivery)

User needs to add their location first so as to get connected with the nearest Parcel Delivery Drivers.

Upon completing this step, they need to select the Delivery Vehicle like Scooter, Cargo Car, Truck etc..

User can choose the payment option as Cash, Card or Wallet.

delivery details

Add Parcel Details

User can add Parcel details like Receiver name, Package type, details etc.

User can provide their Special Delivery instructions if any.

sender send request

The moment a Sender makes a request; all the Drivers within the preset radius of "X" Kms or miles are sent out the request. The Drivers can accept or reject the request. At this point they will also be able to see their Pickup Location and Destination, so that they can decide to accept or reject the delivery request.

The app sends the delivery request to all the available Drivers in the area once the Sender has made the request. The range within which all the Drivers are sent request is preset by the administrator to "X" Kms or miles.

drivers receive sender request

Delivery Driver Arriving

driver accept sender request
  • When the Driver accepts the delivery request, the Driver will then be able to see the Sender's pick up location. When he drives up to that location he marks on the app as "Arrived".
  • The Driver can view all the details of the Sender and can reach out to him via chat or call to enquire about directions, size of parcel, additional care information etc.
  • The Sender will be able to see the details of the Driver as soon as the Driver accepts the delivery request. The Sender will also be able to monitor the movement of their parcel on the map.
  • Sender can communicate with the Driver via Call or SMS in order to explain exact location etc. The Sender can also share the parcel delivery details on Social networking sites or Cancel the Delivery if he wants to.
sender see driver details

Internal Chat Between Sender And Driver

The Driver and Sender can communicate with each other through chat the moment the delivery request is accepted by the Driver. However, the chat can be carried on only until the ride for delivery begins.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or Call Masking

This section allows the Driver and the User to remain connected with each other via internet calls. This feature prevents the private numbers of both, the Delivery Driver as well as the User from getting revealed to each other.

Driver Arrived

driver arrived to pickup location
  • Driver will update the app by stating that the he has "Arrived" on the pickup location.
  • When the Driver arrives at the given location, a notification is shown on the screen of the Sender stating his arrival.
driver arrived confirmation notification

Delivery Started-Parcel on the way

trip started
  • When the journey begins, the Sender will get a notification that "The Parcel is En Route"
  • Driver will Slide the button to mark the parcel delivery has "Started" once the parcel has been picked up and is ready for Delivery.
route navigate

Call Emergency

call emergency option for driver
  • In-case of emergency or any ill-fated event, the Driver or Sender can get in touch with police with a click on send message button. Based on, their location will be sent to their 5 contacts along with a HELP msg.
call emergency option for sender

Delivery Completed-Parcel Delivered

trip completed
  • Once the delivery Driver has delivered the parcel at the destination, he will be required to slide a button to mark the parcel as "Delivered" and can enter the Delivery Confirmation Code.
  • When the delivery is successfully made, the app will display "Delivery Successful" via an in app notification to the Sender.
slide to end trip

Invoice Summary

sender invoice detail
  • Once the delivery has been made, the invoice will be shown on driver's screen.
  • And money will be deducted from the credi card when sender clicked "Collect Payment" button. In-case the, the Sender chose to pay by cash; he will hand over cash to the Driver.
  • The Driver can also rate the Sender.
  • Sender sees the details of invoice. And upon payment deduction from Sender's credit card, the Sender will see a notification of money deduction. If he has to pay cash, will see a notification to pay Cash.
delivery driver invoice summary

Multi delivery

Multi delivery more than item to more than place

In case the User wants to send more than one items to more than one place, he can choose this option. In order to use this feature, the User has to first select the vehicle type that will be required for said delivery

The next step is to mention the pickup address for the items and then adding the delivery address. This will be shown in the map as well. The User will now be required to add all the required information regarding the parcel.

delivery details

Once the User has put in the address, the next screen prompted will require for him to fill in all the details pertaining to the items being sent.

He will have to add details like Receiver’s name, contact number, any special instructions, item details such as “electronic/fragile” etc. and details of the package size.

After the User has put in all this information, he has to select the “Deliver Now” option. In case there are some changes or errors, the user can click on the “Reset” option and re enter all the information.

Add new addresses

Once this is done, the User will have to select on the “Add Delivery” option shown in the bottom right hand side corner of the app.

When the User clicks on this option, he or she will have to put in the new address of the 2nd delivery. The user will have to fill in all the details as he or she did with the first item.

The User can continue adding this delivery station by the same method. Then the map on the screen will show the route of all these deliveries to be made.

When the User then clicks on “Next” option on the bottom of the screen, he will then be taken to a screen that shows the pricing.

The User will be able to see the options of the Payment mode, such as Cash or Card. The User will also get an option of selecting who will be making the payment, the Sender or the receiver.

sender send request

Once all of this information is filled in, the app sends out a request to all the delivery drivers in and around that area which match the requirement sent out by the User.

The User’s screen will show that the request has been sent out, while the Driver’s screen will show the details of the request including payment mode, total distance and a timer to accept the request.

drivers receive sender request
on going jobs panel

Once this request is accepted, the User gets a notification of the same. He is also given all the details of the delivery Driver, including his or her name, vehicle type, star rating shared by other users as well as current location.

The User can choose to either “live track” the driver or simply “view details” in the On Going jobs panel.

In Case the User chooses to “Live Track” they can see the location of the driver on a map. It will also show the time that the driver will take to arrive at their location.

process of delivery started
  • Once the Driver picks up the parcels, the User will be notified on the app stating that the User has started the process of delivery.
  • In order to start the job, the Delivery driver will have to slide a button on the bottom of the screen. This will ensure that the app registers the delivery as started.
  • The driver will also be shown a screen that prompts that they have arrived. IT will show them the status of the items such as “Delivering to recipient 1 out of 3”.
The Parcel is En Route
delivery has started
  • The User will be able to trace the movement of the driver on the app and thereby be apprised of the status of the delivery. It will continue to display the location on the map.
  • The User too will have an SOS option in case he notices something’s amiss or if there is any other serious problem during the delivery of the product.
  • The Driver can now be on the way to make the delivery. Their screen will show exactly how much time they will take to make this delivery and what is the distance.
  • The screen also features other options such as SOS etc. in case the delivery driver needs it.
slide to end delivery
delivery status detail
  • The Delivery Driver can get an entire view of the address from and to at this page.
  • If the User clicks on the view details page, they will be able to see the Delivery Status of the packages involved in the form of a list. They will be able to see at what time the delivery driver has arrived at which location and so on and so forth.
driver invoice summary
notification package delivered
  • Once the delivery is made, the Driver will be shown a screen where he can collect the signature of the person he delivers the package to. On signing, the Driver has to click the “Submit” button.
  • When the Driver does this, the User is flashed a notification on the screen that says that the package was delivered to the recipient by the delivery driver/carrier of the parcel.
signature of the person
receipt on the app
  • Now that the package has been delivered, the driver gets to see a screen with the details of the invoice along with the breakdown of price, amount collectable, and the time taken to deliver it.
  • If everything is in order, the delivery driver must click on the Confirm delivery button to get to the next screen.
  • The next screen allows the delivery driver to give a rating to the receiver. The Driver can write a feedback or even give them a star rating.
  • At the same time, the User will also be shown a receipt on the app. This receipt will have all the details such as distance, time taken the base fare, the total price etc.
  • The User can also rate the Driver on the same screen. The User may provide a star rating or even give a feedback for the same.
payment summary

Other Features

Restricting Delivery Driver’s Fraud

Multi delivery more than item to more than place

This feature will not allow the Delivery Driver to mark status of Pick up as “Confirm” unless he is in X Meters / Feet distance from the Store Pickup Location.

As soon as Driver taps on the "Confirm" button, a message will be displayed on the screen.

Location Wise Push Notifications throughout the System

Multi delivery more than item to more than place

App Owner will be able to send Push Notification to all Users of selected Location.

Location Wise Promo Code

Multi delivery more than item to more than place

App Owner can set the Promo codes location wise. These Promocodes are manageable from Admin and can set as on / off.

This section offers users with a coupon that they can apply for the next service that they book and empowers them to choose from any one of them.

Using Firebase For Mobile Number Verification

Multi delivery more than item to more than place

Firebase Authentication provides backend Services to authenticate users by verifying their phone number. Using this technology, you can avoid verification of User's Phone Number that uses expensive 3rd party SMS.

User can enter his phone number and verify.


An OTP will be sent to user on his number for verification.



A Waybill is generated to ensure that in case any authority personnel want to get details of the items being sent (to ensure things are legal and not stolen), it can be produced to help any legal action.

Conditions to Start a Delivery

condition for sender to start a trip
  • Sender 1st needs to set the pickup location.
  • The next step is to add the destination for the delivery and the Parcel details.
  • All available vehicles in the predefined X Km/Miles range will be shown on the map.
  • Driver need to be Online in to accept delivery requests.
  • In case there are more than 1 vehicles/cars that he uses, he must choose which one he is offering today.
condition for driver to start a trip

Surcharge and Ride Later Feature


Sender gets notified if any surcharge is going to be applied on his delivery request. Surcharge can be extra charges levied owing to instant delivery, night time delivery etc. From admin panel, Administrator sets the surcharges.

How to cancel a Delivery

sender cancel delivery
  • Sender & Driver can cancel the booked delivery (once the Driver has accepted the delivery request and before he picks-up the parcel).
  • If a Sender cancels the delivery X minutes after booking the delivery, he will have to pay Y amount of cancellation charges. The cancellation fees will be deducted from his Credit Card.
  • Cancellation fees are optional and are set by Administrator.
driver cancel trip
Manage Vehicles

The App allows the Driver can upload & manage his documents like License, NOC.

The Administrator will get notification when the documents are uploaded in order to verify them

Drivers can also manage the details of their vehicles and its respective documents.

Add and manage vehicle screen


Multi delivery more than item to more than place

This screen will allow the Sender & Drivers to manage their Credit Card information. The card details are NOT stored in the APP or in the App's database. It is safely stored in the safe vault of the Payment Gateway Company. We simply ask for the payment using a token and a completely secure transaction takes place on the uber clone App.

Senders can top up their wallet too.

Commission of Cash deliveries gets deducted from Driver's Wallet.

Your Deliveries

ride trip history
  • Sender can view all the previously sent packages (sending history) and also upcoming deliveries
  • Upon taping on the delivery list, the detail and invoice of past delivery can be viewed
  • Driver can view all his past delivery orders (delivery history) and also upcoming deliveries
  • Upon taping date on calendar, Driver able to view day summary including Average Ratings, Total earnings, Completed deliveries). Then tap on any Delivery trip to view it's detail and invoice
driver trip history


trip and earning statistics
  • Driver can view their delivery orders and earnings in graphical / statistical format


Multi delivery more than item to more than place

Admin can define the Membership plan for Service Provider / Drivers like 2 months subscription and 1-week subscription plan.

Service Provider / Drivers can subscribe for the Plans and can provide the Services.

Multi delivery more than item to more than place

The unique feature that will ensure that no service provider is able to provide their services until they have subscribed to the subscription plans present on the Membership Subscription Plan.

All that the service provider needs to do is enter their application, i.e., the CubeX2020 application for the service provider and then tap on My Subscriptions.

My Wallet

my wallet

Drivers and Sender's can top up their wallet using their Credit Card.

All transactions made through wallet and their details are displayed in the Wallet Section.

Edit Profile

condition for sender to start a trip
  • The User can Update and Edit their profile whenever they like.
  • The Service provider can update and edit their profile whenever they need to.
condition for driver to start a trip

Invite Friends

sender and driver can invite friends to join application
  • Senders & Drivers can invite their friends to join the application through Whatsapp, Gmail, Skype, Facebook, etc. They can easily go to this section and add click on Invite friends and send them their referral code.


heat view

User can view list of Notifications added by the Administrator of the App.

Advertisement Banner

heat view

Showcase your offers and promotions on the Home screen of the App. When the users open the App, they can see your advertisement.

You can keep advertisement, promotional content and any kind of information that you want to highlight about the App right here.

Emergency / Panic Button

To make your app the safest delivery app available in the market we have incorporated the safety feature. The panic button helps the Driver in any situation to ensure that the delivery can be made safely.

In case the Driver assesses any threat, he can simple press the panic button and an SMS will be shot across to the Police as well as the emergency contacts he has listed.

The app will allow the Driver to list up to 5 emergency contacts.

driver and sender can edit their profile

Heat View

heat view

Heat View Page will display the demand situation of the number of Delivery Drivers in the last few hours as well as the current situation. The areas with a high amount of delivery Drivers will be shown in the map.

The Driver can use this information to place himself accordingly.

Sender & Driver feedback

heat view

Sender can provide comments for Driver for each delivery that he has made. All feedback will be listed in this section.

Driver can provide feedback for Sender as well based on his experience. The Driver's feedback will be listed here.

Support Menu & About Us

support menu
  • This section bears pages full of information about the app.
  • These information pages will remain editable by the admin of the application.
about us

Contact Us & Help

contact us
  • The contact us page will allow the sender and the delivery Driver to contact the admin of the app.
  • The help section will have easy FAQ's to help them with their small queries.
manage notification

Manage Notification Sounds and Ringtones

Using this unique feature, you the owner of this Delivery App can manage the notification sounds and respective ringtones of the Driver and the Users respectively.

The notification sounds may include the request sound for the Driver and User, notification sound for the Driver including the message and notifications, notification sound for the user including the message and notification, finally, the VOIP based (voice over internet protocol) call.

All these sounds are already present in the solution itself. However, other sounds may be downloaded from the admin panel.