Navigate through the Front End

It always helps to get a clear picture of exactly how the front end of the website works. Here’s a detailed description of all the different components included in the website so that you can get a complete and total picture of what your customers will be able to view from your website.
  • front end panel
    home dashboard
  • signup dashboard
    login dashboard
  • edit profile dashboard
    user profile
  • deliveries update
    search deliveries by date
  • my wallet
    total balance in wallet
  • withdraw request
    send withdraw request
  • delivery options
    manual booking delivery option
  • select vehicle options
    manual booking select vehicle
  • select your pickup type
    pickup now or later
  • about us
    get anything delivered at your doorstep
  • Get in touch
    contact us
  • FAQ
    Questions Answers
  • privacy policy
  • driver edit profile
    driver profile
  • add vehicle
    driver vehicle
  • add vehicle details
    add vehicle types
  • driver deliveries
    driver search by date
  • delivey details
    delivery invoice
  • driver earnings
    recent deliveries
  • driver wallet
    total balance of driver
  • required documents
    company profile
  • driver vehicle status
    delivery driver add vehicle
  • delivery later bookings
    booking entries
  • my vehicles
    delivery - my vehicles
  • deliveries
    uber deliveries

Admin Panel: The Nucleus of your Delivery App

The Admin Panel is possibly the most important and powerful section of an on demand application system. This is the key that allows you (the app owner) to manage and modify the app and its particulars as you please. Take a look at what the Delivery app admin panel looks like and how you can work with it.
  • admin - dashboard
  • admin – site statistics
    site statistics
  • admin - groups
  • admin - company
  • admin – delivery drivers
     delivery drivers
  •  admin - senders
  • admin – delivery driver vehicles
    delivery driver vehicles
  • admin – vehicle type
    vehicle type
  • admin sub vehicle category
    vehicle category
  • admin – manual booking
     manual booking
  • admin – delivery later bookings
    delivery later bookings
  • admin- deliveries
  • admin – promo code
    promo code
  • admin- god’s view
    god’s view
  • admin – heat view
    heat view
  • admin - reviews
  • admin – advertisement banners
    advertisement banners
  • admin – cancelled deliveries alert
    cancelled deliveries alert
  • admin – payment report
    payment report
  • admin – geo fence locations
    geo fence locations
  • admin – general settings
     general settings
  • admin - country
    admin - country