Major Pages

Presenting you with some important pages present in CubeJekX2020 to introduce you to the different services available in it, the languages that you can select from and so on and so forth to assist you book rides, services or order a delivery smoothly and help the driver/service provider also at the same time earn a good income and perform daily tasks in an efficient manner.
  • web front panel home page
    browse all services from home page
  • Choose Your Language
    choose your services
  • Choose Your Language
    set language in apps and website
  • Book a Taxi by panel
    taxi ride booking page
  • Order Your Food by panel
    food ordering page
  • Get Things Delivered
    delivery service page
  • Book A Moto
    moto booking page
  • Book An Aircraft
    fly service page
  • Sign Up to Earn
    earning startup page
  • About Us
    about website
  • Contact Us
    customer can contact from admin panel
  • Privacy Policy
    website policy
  • How It Works
    how website works?
  • FAQ
    questions for users, orders and providers

Web Booking

This is the web booking page from where you, our valued customers can book a ride or service or order a delivery simply through some clicks.
  • Login
    user login using email or mobile number
  • Register
    user register using email or mobile number
  • Choose Taxi Types
    user choose vehicle type
  • Parcel Delivery
    user mention parcel details
  • Fly Options
    user choose fly options
  • Choose Moto Types
    user choose moto types
  • Ordering Food
    user provide location details and category
  • List Of Restaurants
    nearby restaurants
  • Choose Food Items
    user choose food items
  • Take Away
    user choose delivery type
  • Contactless Delivery
    choose delivery type
  • Choose Food Items
    grocery delivery
  • Choose Food Items
    grocery store based on location
  • Choose Food Items
    user choose grocery items
  • Choose Food Items
    wine delivery
  • Choose Food Items
    wine store based on location
  • Choose Food Items
    choose wine from selected store

Manage Account

This is a very assistive panel to support you, our customers, service providers, companies and organizations to manage as well as update your respective profiles in a considerably smooth manner.
  • Login
    Account Login
  • Register
    Account Register
  • My profile
    Account My profile
  • My trips
    Account My trips
  • My orders
    Account My orders
  • My wallet
    Account My wallet
  • Provider profile
    Account Provider profile
  • My Taxi's
    Account My Taxi's
  • Provider Services
    Account Provider Services
  • Provider Availability
    Account Provider Availability
  • Provider Trips/Jobs
    Account Provider Trips/Jobs
  • Provider Orders/Earnings
    Account Provider Orders/Earnings
  • Provider Earnings
    Account Provider Earnings
  • Provider wallet
    Account Provider wallet
  • Restaurant Profile
    Account Restaurant Profile
  • Food Categories
    Account Food Categories
  • Restaurant Items
    Account Restaurant Items
  • Processing Orders
    Account Processing Orders
  • Restaurant Earnings
    Account Restaurant Earnings
  • Restaurant Settings
    Account Restaurant Settings
  • Organization Profile
    Account Organization Profile
  • Organization Users
    Account Organization Users
  • Organization User Trips
    Account Organization User Trips
  • Organization Trip Report
    Account Organization Trip Report