On-demand Taxi Booking App

Explore the variety of free & paid themes and color options

Making a strong first impression on your App users is crucial, and to do that, you need to integrate the right color palette and theme that match your branding! With our customization options, you can build your dream on-demand taxi booking platform that seamlessly connects users with nearby cab drivers in just a few clicks, in addition to helping them track the ride, give their feedback, and much more. Choose from three captivating App themes that we have meticulously designed to enhance your user experience and showcase your unique branding. "Dark Tangerine," our sleek and modern default theme, comes included with the purchase of the all-in-one package.

To further customize the App, you can choose one of the vibrant color options, such as Indian Red, Blue, or Yellow, or a more sophisticated option, like Sea Blue, Black, or Purple. No matter which color or theme you pick, we'll seamlessly integrate at a modest fee! Each new theme is designed to provide users with a premium quality user experience and exclusivity! A revamped App look will make your taxi booking platform seem more advanced and leave a lasting and positive impression on every user. Try our new themes and color variations and give your Uber Clone App a new look and feel.

Taxi App ui Taxi booking App ui design

App Theme Choose an App Theme to Match Your Branding

Pick the perfect look for your taxi App from the three stunning and awesome free themes that we've built just for you. Each of the themes is built using Figma and the latest design elements. Choose the style that matches your brand, and get ready to give your users a never-forgettable service experience.

  • Yellow Taxi App Color Theme
  • Red Taxi App Color Theme
  • Blue Taxi App Color Theme

Website Theme Give a New Look to Your Taxi Booking Website

Pick a stunning theme for your website that matches your branding. We will white-label the platform in just 1-2 weeks and make your user experience even more impressive. From easy taxi booking to simple profile editing, quick signup, and login features, you can make your website even more exciting. Take a look at the different website themes we’ve designed for you.

  • Yellow Taxi Booking Website Color Theme
  • Red Taxi Booking Website Color Theme
  • Blue Taxi Booking Website Color Theme

App Features Explore our Advanced Taxi App Features

  • Track the Ride

    Your users can see the live location on the map and follow it until they reach the destination.

  • In-app calling/chatting

    Users can chat or call the taxi driver to get ride updates, explain to them the route, or inform them about the pick-up point.

  • Add multiple stops

    Users can choose to add multiple stops on their way and run a few errands.

  • Schedule the Trips

    The feature lets users book taxi rides stress-free in advance.

  • User safety features

    The App integrates an SOS button that seamlessly connects users with their emergency contacts or police.

  • Pre-calculated fare

    Here, users can see the cost of their ride before they book the cab.

  • Accurate ETAs

    Users can see the estimated time of their taxi's arrival on the application.

  • Book Rides for Others

    With this option, users can easily book rides for their friends and family members.