Get your own feature rich Taskrabbit Clone App for multiple services NOW

One giant app for all kinds of services is now a reality with our Taskrabbit clone! Our team of expert professionals has developed the ultimate Taskrabbit clone script that gives you the power to bring unbelievable service offers to your customers with a single app!

The Taskrabbit clone that we have developed provides the perfect platform for service providers of over 52 kinds of services to offer their skilled prowess to their customers. Anyone who needs a job done can go on to the app and order services from the best professionals around their area through your own Taskrabbit clone app that we white label for you.

Every time someone uses your application to book any of the 52 services, you make money! Don't let this amazing chance to fill your bank accounts go away! Grab this amazing opportunity NOW!

Is the Taskrabbit clone script the right choice for you?

  • Wondering if this is the right decision?
  • Should you put your money in this?
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Yes Yes And Yes!

The Taskrabbit clone script is a one stop shop for all kinds of on demand services that your customers can ever ask for. If you want to make it big in the world of business and wish to see your bank balance grow easily, then this is your chance.

Amazing Features for FREE

We love technology and innovation. This is why we are offering a host of unbelievable features along with the app absolutely FREE!

One year of free bug support

Our apps are practically flawless, but if you find a bug or two, we will give you bug support absolutely free for a whole year!

Complete Non Disclosure Policy

We respect your privacy and assure you that we will never disclose that we are the original developers of our app. It will be completely white labeled with your logo and brand name and published on the app stores under your brand name alone. We will also not include your company name or the name of the app in our portfolio.

Choice of supplementary language

We integrate an added language apart from English into the app to ensure that you can launch it wherever in the world you wish to.

Choice of supplementary currency

Enjoy the freedom and ability to launch your app in any nation with the help of local currency integration of your choice that we offer separately from the standard USD.

The best experience for users and service providers

Our experienced developers have built this app similar to Taskrabbit to ensure that both the user as well as the service provider can enjoy the best possible experience. This app works seamlessly to ascertain that more and more users can register in the app so that you can make more and more money. Favorite features of users and service providers include:

Payment options

The app allows customers to go for cashless transactions with the choice of card payment as well as in app wallet payments apart from cash payments.

Book now or schedule for later

With this app, your user will have the freedom to book any of the services for immediate assistance or schedule it for a later time as per their convenience.

Instant digital invoices

The app generates instant invoices with detailed descriptions of particulars a copy of which is sent to both the service providers as well as the users. The app owner too can view these invoices through the admin panel.

Localized feature customization

The app owner can customize features based on local preferences for services like different distance units (Kms or miles), different types of cars (sedans/ hatchbacks/ trucks), different rates for different kinds of services (higher for cities and lower for suburbs) etc.

Solve over 52 kinds of service needs of your customers with just one app!

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