Step by Step Graphical Flow

Taxi with Delivery App Graphial Flow Screen
loading screen
introduction screen
login and registration
account verification
applicatio menu
choose the service
book taxi using app
manage availability
selecting taxi types
taxi driver arriving
internal chat
call masking
taxi driver arrived
trip started
ongoing trip
trip completed
invoice summary
how to send parcel
single delivery
add parcel details
searching for a carrier
delivery driver arriving
delivery driver arrived
parcel delivery started
call emergency
parcel delivered successfully
delivery confirmation
invoice summary
multi delivery
vehicle type
add delivery option
delivery request
users gets a notification
slide to begin delivery
slide to end delivery
delivery details
verifiation details
payment summary
corporate rides
profile setup
request now
tip feature
car rentals
rent a taxi
rental ride request
taxi hailing
multiple stopover points
add source and destination
car pooling
book a ride
shop while riding
trip has resumed
airport rides
add surcharge value
how to cancel trip
X to Y location
favorite driver
rate the trip
end of the day trip
start trip to destination
toll calculation for USA
user preference
manage vehicles
your trips
promo code
my wallet
edit profile
invite friends
emergency button
heat view
advertisement banners
support menu
contact us