food delivery app clone
UberEATS clone Our Food delivery app clone is right here to feed hungry tummies and make a whole lot of money for you!

Our strong app will facilitate you to empower your customers to order their favorite meals from your favorite restaurants whenever they want right from their smartphones. This apps like UberEATS is your key to success!

how food delivery app clone works

UberEATS Clone is the most well-organized and successful method to smoothen the food ordering process of people with an app based food booking and ordering system. It is the most user friendly application like Uber that focuses on the usability of every one that is involved! This app will surely make sure to relish the hunger of your business. Have a look at how the food delivery app clone works and get ready to be mesmerized by it!

  • Searches For Restaurants/CuisinesSearches For Restaurants/Cuisines
  • Chooses From MenuChooses From Menu
  • Places OrderPlaces Order
  • Enjoy foodEnjoy Your Food

Who should buy this apps like UberEATS?

If you are looking for a reliable, credible, safe and sure shot way to make money, then YOU should buy this UberEATS clone. This app has been designed specifically to ensure that you as the app owner have to put in the least amount of effort in your business.

Every functionality, calculation, transaction and report is handled by the app automatically. This means that once you buy clone of uber for food delivery, you only need to focus on marketing it and nothing else. Spread the word about the most seamless and user-friendly food delivery app clone that the world has seen till date!

buy apps like uberEATS

Food Delivery - White labeled apps for you

The UberEATS Clone App is meaningless if it isn’t white-labelled. Your dreams, your business and thus it deserves your name not ours!

You had the courage to have a business and thus we shall offer you your dreams in the form o UberEATS clone, your online food ordering app white labelled for you!

We shall make sure that nowhere in the app is our name or logo present.

As soon as you come to us with all the ideas you have for your app, leave the rest to us as we shall ensure to offer you a fully white labelled app with your brand name and logo as well as the language and currency of your choice to help you run your business living in any corner of the world!

User Application Features

Top Features of the User App

The User application is loaded with some of the best features that the industry can offer. If there is some feature that you think will make you succeed, chances are, we have got it!

  • Cancel an Order
  • Check order history
  • Track order on map
  • Place multiple orders
  • Personalization of menu
  • Sign up using Social Media
  • Thorough description of the menu
user app available at play store user app available at iOS store User Web Panel

Delivery Driver App

It's time to put food delivery to work for you! Make money as people enjoy getting their favorite meals delivered using your Food delivery driver app! This app is specifically built for the Delivery driver to ensure that he or she has a seamless experience in picking up the food from the restaurant and delivering it to the customer.

  • Easy navigation
  • Document submissions on the app
  • Accept or Decline Delivery requests
  • Map navigation to pickup and drop locations
  • Check how much you made on a daily basis
  • Stay online to receive requests, go Offline to close requests
delivery driver app available at play store delivery driver app available at iOS store Driver Web Panel
delivery driver app

Restaurant App

A robust and convenient app for the restaurants to manage all orders and deliver efficiently! This is the panel that will enable the restaurant to manage all orders, inventory and more. Our experts have been hard at work to ensure that this panel makes receiving orders absolutely easy so that the restaurants can focus on preparing delicious meals!

  • Manage menu
  • Manage orders
  • List all products
  • Track incoming orders
  • Manage billing and pricing
  • Easy Login and Registration
  • Check history of delivered items
  • Administer sections of the items
  • Track orders that are being processes
Restaurant app available at iOS store Restaurant app available at play store Restaurant Web Panel
Restaurants application
food delivery solution
restaurant web panel

Responsive website

Every food delivery app requires a web identity. This is why we offer you a beautiful and responsive website to compliment the app. The different kinds of mobile phones available in the market today means that every user will see the app differently on their individual devices.

In order to make sure that there is less disparity and your app works seamlessly across every platform and every device, we have ensure that you get a 100% responsive website. Your website is going to be just as strong as your food delivery app clone.

Front End
food delivery business

Administrator Panel

The administrator panel is the fundamental controlling section of your application. This panel will ensure that you can handle all the operations of the app easily and effectively. Loaded with the most essential features, you can rest assured that this is your first step to smart business decisions.

  • Access to User records
  • Details on Delivery Drivers
  • An efficient and strong dashboard
  • Detailed map view of all orders, restaurants and drivers
  • Easy and automated payment functions
  • Get detailed records on the Trips and orders placed
  • Access to Restaurants and intimation on updation/changes
admin panel
Admin panel
  • Technologies Used

    Our motto is to strive till perfection. We love technology and want to make sure that we can deliver the best products to you in the shortest turnaround time. This is why we rely on the best of technology. Take a look and decide for yourself.

  • iOS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Swift iOS
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster


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