Just Eat Clone - Food Delivery App

A cure for hunger that makes money!

The best ever way to make money has now come looking for you with the Uber for food delivery Deliveroo clone. This app is going to be the reason for your quick success. Grubhub clone is a simple user-friendly app for food delivery across whichever area that you want to set it for.

deliveroo clone
food delivery app free features
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  • app approval on play stores
  • app white labeling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

Foolproof Script

The script of this Grubhub clone app is based on the successful models of the cab and taxi apps which have proved extremely successful in the past. What's more, our web and app designers ensure that the design of your new restaurant delivery app is created in such a fashion that is a 100% responsive and therefore works perfectly in every platform that your customers want, regardless of whether it is an iPhone or any other type of smartphone. If your clients are hungry, they'll get their food by just tapping a few times on their mobile screens.

GrubHub Clone script
just eat clone script

Grubhub Clone Food Delivery App: No More Hunger Pangs Unanswered!

This is a very simple food delivery app. Deliveroo Clone will help in answering all those hunger calls without any hassles. This app essentially allows your customers to place an order for food in their favourite restaurant and a driver available in that area will pick it up and deliver it right to your door step.

Don't want to eat Chinese, but the Chinese restaurant is the only one in the area that offers home delivery? No problem anymore. With your app, your client can choose whatever they want to eat and someone will deliver it to them.

Wondering how it works?

  • Your client will download the app and register all the details in it including the credit card details.
  • After this preliminary step, the customers will get a choice of various categories detailed with what kind of food they are in the mood for. After this selection, the app will filter all the places with that kind of food on their menu.
  • In case there aren't any delivery drivers within a preset distance, the customer will not be able to place an order to avoid any confusion or disappointment. In case the request is processed, all the drivers within the deliverable distance will get a notification with details of the customers address and the address of the restaurant. Whoever accepts the request gets the job.
  • Your app will now send the details to the restaurant about the process being done and the details of the driver who will come to pick the order. The app works in a way that allows the restaurant to see the driver's details including their license plate number and the name of the driver.
  • The driver will not be notified of the contents of the order or the cost of the items orders. He will simply be notified of the restaurant and the order number.
  • The restaurant does not however, have an app, but a web panel, which will allow them to track if the order request has been processed. When it is, they can begin preparing your order and keep it ready for the person to pick it up. The restaurant will be able to administer Orders, Deliveries, Food Items & their categories by means of website. The restaurant will also be able to finalise the order in their web panel and receive an email and sms notification for the particular order.
  • The money for the order will be debited directly from the card details that the customer has pre-fed in the Just Eat clone app. The customer will be provided with an invoice copy.
  • On delivery the customer can rate and share reviews about the restaurant and its order. The restaurants will be able to monitor the drivers and will pay them for their delivers regularly. The cost of the drivers will be deducted based on the distance travelled. All this information will be available for you in the forms of reports.

Start your own business in just 48 hours!

What could be better than to feed people and make money at the same time? Life has become very fast and that gives people little or no time to prepare food, or even go out to buy food, let alone fine dine on a working day. This Deliveroo clone can be users and up and be running in just 48 hours!

web panel
GrubHub Clone on demand food delivery iPhone app
4 Steps to Your Product
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  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps
core features of food delivery app
Multicurrency/Multilanguage multicurrancy and multilanguage
Real Time Tracking System
Web Panels Included
The full foodie package: A mouth-watering website, a luscious eatery panel, a smooth driver panel, and an inviting user panel all set to fill up of your bank in a tick!

Our professionals have made this website to cater to every need in this food industry which is sure to flourish come hail or high water. But, since, it's going to be your website; you are most welcome to suggest anything to make this website even tastier than it already is. With this Just Eat clone, you will be the proud owner of a service that makes eating easier for the people around you while making oodles of money!

food delivery app web panel
User Application
  • food delivery apps splash screen
  • customer app near by available restaurants screen
  • customer app restaurant menu screen
  • customer app food item selection screen
  • customer app toppings selection screen
  • customer app number of items added in basket screen
  • customer app order check out process screen
  • customer app delivery type selection screen
  • customer app choose delivery address screen
  • customer app add new address screen
  • customer app payment method selection screen
  • customer app order details screen
Delivery Boy Application
  • food delivery app splash screen
  • food delivery app login screen
  • food delivery app register screen
  • food delivery app menu screen
  • food delivery app online/offline status screen
  • food delivery app view food order request from user screen
  • food delivery app view order details screen
  • food delivery app arrived at restaurant screen
  • food delivery app start to deliver food parcel
  • food delivery app parcel delivered screen
  • food delivery app trip summary screen
  • food delivery app rating screen


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