how food app works?

How Food Delivery App Works?

  Undoubtedly the food delivery industry has replaced the way we eat and even ponder about food. It is quick indeed. There are a lot of restaurateurs, food caterers and suppliers who have originated up to the modern lifestyles of today where meals need to match the progress of the contemporary lives. Food is basic and the most essential thing to survive. This is the main reason why we decided and then developed an unbeatable food delivery app for you.

This amazing app permits you to help your customers to order a scrumptious meal of their choice from their nearby restaurants. Our app performs on the framework of an automatic taxi app and runs competently. It is packed up with the features like easy login and registration, call masking, multiple languages, multiple currencies etc. Ordering a delicious meal anytime and anywhere is very simple with this app. Launch your own amazing food delivery app and start earning today!

graphical flow of restaurant delivery app
app login and registration
Application menu
list of restaurants
placing an order
user flow for food ordering
edit cart & checkout
choose payment method
Track your order
Total bill confirm
Assigning order to driver
food order processing
delivery driver status
last step of delivery
order delivered successfully
reviews and ratings
restaurant app menu flow
bank details and upload documents
restaurant settings
driver app menu flow
order history
card details
app support
terms and condition
contact us