Uber for Private Jets

Now let your customers book a Private jet just as easily as a Taxi.

It's your turn to make it big in the luxury transport services business. With a minimum investment you can now make hundreds of thousands of dollars quickly and easily! You don't need a fleet of air crafts to start this business. All you need is our Uber for Private Jets app and you can keep piling on bank notes!

uber for private jets app
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A holistic Business Solution

An app can't take you very far in business. To do well you need the whole package with the User app, the Pilot App, the Admin panel of the app and a website to represent it. The User app is the end of the application that will enable your customer to make a booking for the private jet. The Pilot's app will help him accept or reject the request as per availability and requirement. The Admin panel is from where the entire app is managed. The Admin (you) can set your fields as per your preference in the app. You can set the fields of your choice, get reports, know how much money you are making all at once from right here!

Here's a list of everything that we offer in our package:

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private jet app package

Get ready to be amazed by the Uber for Jets workflow

  • Who doesn’t like a private jet experience? We all do. However, private jet services until now were mostly for the rich. But with the Uber for Jets, anyone and everyone can avail of the private jets.
  • With the easy operations of the Uber for Jets, receiving a private jet is no longer blocked only for the rich..
  • The user needs to add their location. As soon as they add their location, they would get connected to the nearest pickup spot..
  • The user now adds their drop point where they wish to be dropped.
  • The user books the private jet and makes the payment.
  • The pilot gets notified of the rider’s request and accepts it.
  • The pilot and the user remain connected to each other via in-app chats and call over the internet .
  • The user gets notified on the arrival of the private jet and travels to their desired location.
  • At the end both, pilot and rider provide feedback and a review to each other.

A Unique Luxury Business To Bring You Money As Well As Fame

Make a mark in the luxury transport industry with the best possible business solution in the app world. With a one-time investment in this state of the art application, you can make a fortune. Keep piling on your profits in just one shot.

An Uber clone for helicopter business is not only unique but the fastest way to make money. It is a classy, elite and profitable business opportunity waiting for you to pick it up! Our team of professional app developers has crammed this app with the best possible features that you could ever want. Invest now for a lifetime of profits.

Our app has been made in a most generic way to suit the requirement of any country in the whole world. However, if there are certain things that you need changed or added in this application, feel free to talk to us about it!

on demand private jet iPhone app uber for charter flights
4 Steps to Your Product
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  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps
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An end to end Luxury transport application solution

If you want to succeed in any field, you have to make sure that you have covered all bases. With this Uber for Private jets app, you don't have to worry about anything at all! We create an ultimate solution for you to just step forth and launch your business headstrong.

Our app is ready and waiting for you! Once you make the payment, you can give us your logo and brand name so that we can white label the app for you! We will launch this profitable app for you in the Google play store as well as the iTunes app store.

Live a life of classy luxury with this robust, hands-on, low investment application NOW!

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