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Uber for weed - Quick,easy home delivery for marijuana!

A fast, seamless and dependable means to help your customers get Weed delivered to their homes just with the click of a button!

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Made for the masses

Uber for weed delivery app is specifically designed to ensure maximum profitability and high business for you. This is why we have ensured that the app is completely responsive and works flawlessly over different platforms like the iOS and the Android. The weed on demand app empowers its users to order marijuana from their smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs or any other digital assistant. This is your ticket to fast track success. Make the most of this chance and watch as your bank balance grows by leaps and bounds!

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Weed delivery App


  • Gone are the days when marijuana is a taboo drug. It is quickly becoming a legal substance in many regions owing to its medicinal value. It helps in treating many diseases like Aids, Crohn's disease, Multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc.
  • In order to use your on demand weed delivery app and get weed delivered from it, the user must first download the app and log in on it. The user can log in via their social media accounts like Twitter, Face book etc. or their Gmail or any other email id. They can also register and create a new profile by adding necessary information after clicking on the "Register" button.
  • After this initial registration, the user is free to order weed whenever he or she wants! The uber for weed delivery app will just require for him to choose from the main category like Sativa, Indica or Ruderalis. After the main category is selected, the user will now have to choose from the sub category. These sub categories can be like the form of cannabis needed, which is, edible, smokable etc.
  • Once the user puts in his or her requirements, the app checks its list of all Marijuana providers and lists one that specifically supplies the one that the User needs and present it on a screen. The user can go through the list, choose the item and place an order.
  • Once the order is placed the delivery personnel is informed that such an order has been placed with details about the pickup location and the delivery address. When the driver accepts this request, the Marijuana store is notified of the same. The marijuana store readies the order by the time the delivery person comes to collect it.
  • The delivery person collects the order and as he does so, the user is informed of the same. Now the user can track the delivery driver all the way till the destination. Once the delivery driver hands over the marijuana, he marks the item as "Delivered".
  • The Customer can now rate his experience with the Driver as well as the store. The Marijuana provider as well and the driver too can rate each other and the customer.
  • The payment to the drivers is made by the admin. The admin is solely responsible in deciding how much money the driver will be getting per delivery (on a preset % model or a fixed price model).
  • On every order and delivery placed through the uber for weed on demand app, the app owner makes a handsome commission. The value of the commission too is decided by the admin.
  • For any of your customer who does not wish to be seen buying weed, this is a Go-to app. Users will love it, sellers will love it and Drivers will get paid on every delivery! Can you ask for anything more!


Many people who are suffering from one ailment or another require Marijuana but don't want to be seen buying it. This uber for weed delivery app is the best solution that you can offer to them. Completely legal, this application will give your users to make informed choices on where to buy from based on the customer feedback as well as the prices. Compare and contrast will also keep the rates competitive.

And while your users get their preferred items delivered to their doorstep, you enjoy the benefits of providing the app as a platform. Get continued commissions each time the on demand weed delivery app is used to place an order for marijuana. A onetime investment is soon to turn you into a millionaire.

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Uber for Weed Delivery App Package Deal: User Friendly Customer App, Easy To Handle Delivery Driver App, Efficient Weed Store App, Seamless Admin Panel And A Beautiful Website. What More Could You Want!

Weed on Demand App designed by us has all the necessary characteristics that will pave the way for your success. But, in the end it is your app. If you have an idea that you want for your app to definitely have, just give us a shout. We will help you embody your dream. This app is not just your ladder to success. It is a hand of friendship and lifelong commitment that our team extends to you.

Marijuana is no longer something that red necks get stoned on. It is an herb that is increasingly used in medical sciences. Marijuana can successfully treat multiple sclerosis, can create an appetite in anorexic people and can also help epileptic children. With so many benefits to this magic herb, it is soon sure to become a legal herb globally.

This uber like app weed is the first big step that you can take on the road to success. We offer the best in industry rates to ensure that you can make the maximum returns on minimum investments! The time is now! A great game's afoot, and this could be your ticket to success!

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