Grofers Clone

The Mega Solution On Demand Grocery Delivery App is Here!

Get money delivered right into your bank account while your Uber for Grocery Delivery service app delivers fresh grocery to all your customers right at their doorstep! Your one stop money making app is right here!

Enter the business of Grocery delivery without doing anything! Get your hands on this robust mobile application that will help you build your business from the ground up, instantly!

Grofers Clone
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This is not just a one sided mobile application. It is a holistic business solution that will mark the beginning of a new era of entrepreneurial success for you. This application is based on the bones of a very successful Taxi application that has been tried and tested by millions of users. This makes sure that the app is one hundred percent seamless for your customers.

Crammed up with the best industry features like Geolocation, Navigation, God’s eye view, in app payment wallet features, and much much more, you are all set up to succeed. With a responsive design and a very user friendly interface, this app is sure to become the most popular Grocery delivery service app for your customers!

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    Grocery is something no one can live without. Everyone who lives needs food. But does everyone have the time to shop for grocery? Not really. This super simple app is all set to change the game in the market of Grocery shopping. Let’s see how the app works.

  • The user has to download the app and register into it. This seamless app is designed to be very useful to the customers and cause them the least amount of effort. So, registration is possible with their pre existing social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter or even Gmail. User can also create a new profile by adding their phone number and email addresses.
  • Once the user has registered into the app, he or she can get their groceries delivered anytime! All they need to do is get on the app and add to cart all the items that they want to buy. Once that is done, they go ahead and click on the buy now option.
  • The order is immediate placed with the grocery shop that is listed in the app. the shop prepares the order and a delivery driver is assigned to pick up the parcel and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. The details of this delivery driver are shared with both, the grocery shop as well as the customer who placed the order.
  • The delivery driver gets the details regarding the pickup location, drop location, the order number, order details. This helps him to collect the right order at the right time. Once the delivery driver picks up the order, he or she marks the app as “order picked up”. Then the driver sets course to deliver the order.
  • The customer can view the movement of the delivery driver on the map. This feature is extremely useful as the customer is at all times aware about the whereabouts of his or her order. The Driver reaches the location of drop off and marks the app as “order delivered”.
  • When the order is delivered and the delivery driver marks it as such, the Grofers Clone app automatically generates and invoice. The payment is deducted for the order as well. The customer has three payment options:

    • Cash on delivery: the user directly pays the delivery driver.
    • In app Wallet:The app has a wallet option that can be recharged and used to make the payment.
    • Debit or Credit card option: The app will allow users to make a payment using their Debit cards or their credit cards.
  • In the end the User can rate his overall experience on the grocery delivery service app.

HIT THE MARKET with Grocery Delivery App Development: ARE YOU READY TO EARN SOME MONEY?

If you have ever dreamt of being successful by running an app based business, this is your chance to make it big. Jump in with the bandwagon of appreneurs with the latest, most sophisticated and high end grocery mobile app development for on demand grocery delivery. Ensure that your users have the freedom to order their grocery and get them delivered right at their doorstep whenever they want with this state of the art and robust application.

Be the first in your business to ensure continued growth and success forever. The app that you are looking for is waiting for you to grab it and be the most successful appreneur of your time. Don’t sit around and let this opportunity slip right by you. It is time for you to take the reins! Have doubts? Talk to us!

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web panel's included


The biggest hamper of a business solution: A Seamless Website, A Specialized Driver Panel, And An Intuitive Shopper Panel – An Online Grocery Business Solution That Will Fill Your Coffers To The Brim!

This is not just an app. It is everything that you will need to succeed in your business. We offer you the Delivery Driver application + the Customer application + the Grocery store application + the Admin Web panel + the Website for the app. All of this bundled up into one single package to ensure that there is no reason for you to halt your march to Victory.

On Demand Grocery Web Panel's Included
  • iOS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Swift iOS
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster

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