Uber For Airport Rides

Reaching the airport has never been easier!

Give your customers the ease of booking trips to the airport with the click of a button while you keep making money with every booking! This Uber for Airport rides app is the simplest way for you to kick starts a business with no overheads!

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Launch within a week

Every other business might take time to start and be set up. But not with our new Uber for airport rides app. We have done the hard work for you and now all you need to do is invest in it once. A onetime investment in this app can get you happily on your way to making the big bucks. The Uber for airport app is ready and waiting for you to claim it so that we can launch it for you in the various app stores (both Android and iOS) under your brand name.

Our team works hard to be able to build and provide the ultimate solution for you. Our package includes:

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Airport Taxi App

The Seamless Workflow Of The Uber For Airport App

  • To be able to use this app the user will first have to download the app and create a profile by adding all the necessary details. If the User wants, he or she can also log in to the app through any of his social media addresses like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. The User will also be required to fill in the credit card details at this point to ensure seamless payments every time.
  • Since this is a "fixed point drop" kind of app, the User will simply have to fill in their pick up location in the Uber for Airport app when he or she desires a pick up. The app will send out a request to all the drivers that are within the range of the pickup as preset by the admin of the app.
  • Whoever accepts the job request gets the job. The Fares for the airport drop or pickup app are predefined on the basis of a particular charge per kilometer or mile. There will be additional charges for extra luggage, etc.
  • The Uber for Airport Rides app can be used in two different ways:
    • Drop to the Airport
      • This is a simple app that works more or less exactly like a simple taxi application. It will require for you to book a ride to the airport like you would from a normal taxi app. The User will enter the pickup location and the drop location will remain fixed. The estimated price will be shown based on the distance of the Pickup point from the drop location. Every driver in the area gets the request and whoever accepts it the first gets the job.
    • Pickup from the Airport
      • Pickup from the Airport
  • As the app owner or the Admin for the app, the flexibility of setting all the features will be in your hands. You can use our Geo Fencing feature which will help you set a definitive radius of operation.
  • When the ride request is made, the Driver can see all the details of the person he is supposed to pick up including address, name etc. Once the Driver accepts the ride request, the User will be able to see the driver's entire profile including name, vehicle number etc. This helps in a smooth and easy pick up.
  • When the User is dropped to the desired location (either the Airport or from the Airport to the chosen address) the payment for the trip is deducted directly from the card. In case the User does not wish to make payment through their card, they can choose to do it through cash which can be directly handed out to the driver directly or the payment can also be made using the in app wallet.
  • Both parties involved can now give each other Ratings and Reviews based on their experience.
  • Your unique Airport transport app will now allow people to not only book instant on demand rides, but also book rides and schedule them for a later time.

Feature-packed airport travel app: Your complete solution!

Every single day, there are hundreds, if not thousands of rides happening for a pick up or a drop at the airport. You can tap into the potential of this business with this one single app. This App is specifically designed to ensure that you can make maximum returns quickly and easily with the minimum amount of investment.

All you need to do is to pay up once as you buy the app and then our well designed, fully functional robust app will do the rest for you. We have a team of dedicated developers who are very passionate about technology. Our seamless solution is particularly made to ascertain your success.

We bring your financial growth to the table with the help of our seamless app. It is so designed that you keep making money without any active effort from your end. Each ride that goes in and out of the airport makes money for you!

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4 Steps to Your Product
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  • We Launch Your Apps
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The Whole Deal

We don't restrict ourselves to the giving you a simple app. We are handing over to you a very smartly built and robust business solution. It's not just an app. we give you a User app, the Airport driver app, the Admin Panel and the Website for the app.

So much at the cost of nothing! We don't just build apps. We develop them to ensure that they have real value in terms of business and commercial viability.

We have developed your application bearing in mind what the regular industry requirements are. However, in case you have other specific needs, we would be very happy to help you. Just tell us what your requirements are and we will incorporate them within your app.

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airport rides on demand app

The Uber for Airport Rides App is here to help your users avail of trips to the airport by providing them cabs whenever they need it. With easy operations and some of the most unique features, the Uber for Airport Rides promises to be a solution that promises huge commissions right from Day 1 along with ensuring that your drivers can keep track of their daily earnings in a more efficient manner and help them at the same time to earn a good income along the way.

This is how the app works:
  • User logs into the app
  • User adds their location and gets a list of the nearby rides
  • User selects the ride and makes the payment for the same
  • User books the ride and through real-time tracking method tracks the ride
  • On arrival, the user gets notified of their arrival and avails of the ride
  • In the end, the user and driver both give feedback and a review to each other

Along with the easy operation of this solution, the Uber for Airport Rides contains some unique features.

Some of the features are:
  • Ride Now or Later to ensure that the rider can book the ride either for the same day or schedule it for a later date.
  • Real-Time Tracking to track the exact location of the rider and the driver.
  • VOIP based Call Over the Internet so that the rider and driver both can seamlessly place a call to each other without the private numbers of the either getting disclosed to the either of the two.

Thus, take this solution today and see your business reaching amazing heights from Day 1 and providing your riders with amazing airport trips and helping your drivers to remain safe and earn a good income along the way!