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Hire PHP developer / Hire PHP programmer

eSiteWorld offers services to Hire PHP developer / Hire PHP programmer and have a skilled PHP developer to work exclusively on your desired projects. If the scale of your project is large, you can also hire a team of PHP developers/ PHP programmers to work for you. Our expert PHP developers and PHP programmers have a prolonged experience into PHP web development, PHP web application development and PHP programming for a diverse category of businesses.

Dedicated PHP developers / Dedicated PHP programmers from India are those who work on a single project at any given point of time. If you believe that your project needs this kind of concentration and dedication, you may choose to go ahead with our Hire a Dedicated Developer model of business. We have a team of PHP developers and PHP programmers with varied experience and skills for you to choose from. According to the requirement of your project and its scale, you may have a dedicated PHP developer or PHP programmer working for you.

Benefits of Hire a PHP developer / Hire a PHP programmer model

You also have the privilege of monitoring the work of your dedicated PHP developer / PHP programmer in India, remotely. You can relax in your office and still be abreast of the development of your project. Our PHP developers / PHP programmers are trained to the highest level of professionalism and they keep you updated on every detail of your project while it is being developed. Under the Hire a Dedicated Developer model, you can avail the services to hire dedicated coder, Hire ASP.Net developer, Hire Joomla developer and many more on a monthly/hourly basis.

Just a few of the categories of web applications where you may choose to go for a Hire a Dedicated Developer model:

  • Job Portals Development
  • ERP Solutions
  • Video Streaming Websites
  • Custom Content Management Systems
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Classifieds Applications

If you feel the need of a dedicated PHP developer / PHP programmer for your business, send us an inquiry and we shall get back to you within 8 hours.

Here are a few more services that are available to you for Hire a Dedicated Developer model:

  • Hire Dedicated Coder
  • Hire Dedicated Software Developers
  • Hire Offshore Dedicated Development team
  • Hire web developers
  • Hire Ruby on Rails developers
  • Hire Web designer
  • Hire Coldfusion developers
  • Hire Facebook developers
  • Hire Facebook App developers
  • Hire Facebook Fan Page App developers
  • Hire Andriod App developers
  • Hire iPhone App developers
  • Hire iPad App developers
  • Hire Mobile App developers

Hire dedicated developer is an exciting and cost-saving option available to clients for developing websites and web apps from offshore web development companies. The cost-saving factor is more important considering that it relieves clients of the torment of establishing an infrastructure, employing staff, deploying technology and equipments and saves all the huge costs related to them.

eSiteWorld offers services to hire web developers for offshore projects from any part of the world. Hiring services offer clients to seek services from India, irrespective of whichever country they're operating from. Developers can be hired for dedicated development on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis depending on the scale of the project and its deadlines. Rates for dedicated developers are usually fixed for on an hourly basis.

Dedicated web developers, mobile developers and web developers at eSiteWorld understand client's requirements completely before they take up any assignment. They also take time to outline a detailed blueprint for the task and share them with the client. We specialize in developing websites for individuals, corporates, eCommerce and other online portals, content management systems, XML Web services oriented applications and AJAX based web applications.


Q. Do I get to select a developer of my choice?
A. Certainly, you do. We do understand that your projects mean a lot to you and you would not want to put them in the hands of an amateur. So we allow you to select your own developer out of the pool of talented developers that we have here. Developers differ in their seniority, scale of work and tenure in the industry. You have the opportunity to know a developer's technology expertise, years of experience in the industry and the related field in subject and also skim through his portfolio to know on how he's been performing in his past undertakings. Should need be, we also arrange for an interview between you and the developer.

Q. Where is the dedicated developer/development team of eSiteWorld stationed?
A. The entire development team of eSiteWorld is stationed at eSiteWorld's office in India. We have a separate state-of-the-art development infrastructure within our office premises, well-equipped with all the latest technologies and equipments, for our developers. We also have adequate security systems deployed to ensure utmost safety of clients' data and information. Read more on our Information Security practices.

Q. If I'm not satisfied with the developer's work after hiring one, what is the recourse?
A. Though we're quite hopeful that these kinds of incidents would never arise, we certainly don't negate the possibility of their occurrence in future. However, we suggest our clients upfront to sufficiently check the credibility of a developer before zeroing in on the decision to hire him. Further, it is also recommended that you have regular conversations with the developer and be open and honest about your opinions and suggestions so that nothing comes as a surprise to any of the parties later during development.

Nonetheless, despite every step taken in the manner suggested, if unfortunately such an issue arises, we are open to changing the developer, should the case warrant. The change is subject to terms and conditions mutually agreed upon.

Q. Communication is an important process in offshore development. Considering different time zones across the globe how is it possible to access and communicate with the developer 24x7?
A. This is a very important concern for almost every client who seeks offshore services. As for eSiteWorld, we assure you of a seamless communication with your choicest developers. Developers can be contacted through instant messengers like GTalk, Yahoo messanger or Skype; or even through emails. Moreover, a developer's work timings are usually tweaked according to those of the clients' which is rather convenient for them. This includes a minimum of 2 hours/day in common to both parties' work timings. Additionally we also have dedicated VOIP lines that allow you to connect with us at your convenient time.

Please note that once you hire a dedicated developer, the work starts within the next 24 hours of engagement. Also, we assign a Project manager / project co-ordinator to you (without any extra costs) that oversees the entire project through its development, design, completion, testing and post-development processes.

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