Uber For Dry Cleaning

Giving Your Laundry And Other Delicates A Perfect Dry Cleaning Service

On-demand dry cleaning app is the most cost effective and convenient way of getting all your dry cleaning done. Whatever laundry item you may have, gown or bed sheet, it will be professionally dry-cleaned for you.

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The Perfect Script

We pride ourselves of having one of the most hardworking teams in this industry.

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that their robust app can be the ultimate solution for your business requirements.

We understand that every business needs to grow right from its first day. This is why our focus rests completely on the fact that you can start making money almost instantly!

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On Demand dry-cleanings

Providing A Smart And Efficient Way Of Dry Cleaning - The Uber For Dry Cleaning App

  • Fast life, too little time with too many things on the agenda leaves us very little time to tackle all the mundane chores of our life. This includes dry cleaning too - whereby we want all our suits, dresses and delicates professionally dry cleaned but we do not have time to take them to the dry cleaners.
  • The on demand dry cleaning app has been designed just to take that specific headache away from you. Easy to use, the user needs to do is download the uber for dry cleaning app. Once downloaded, you will need to register on it with all the required personal details like name, contact number and email address and the all important payment card details.
  • Once registered, the user can use the app anytime he wants to by logging in and selecting the garment category that he wants the dry cleaning services for. This category includes garments like a skirt, shirts, blouse, suit, dinner gown, trousers, woollens, jackets etc. Once the user has selected the garment category, he will need to select the quantity that he wants to be dry cleaned. If a user requires one gown dry cleaned, he will choose "gown" in the garment category and "1" in the quantity section. Once that part is completed, he will then have to indicate the time of the pickup, either now or at a later date, depending on how urgent his requirement for the garments is.
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  • A map, showing the locations of all the available dry cleaners that are in the local vicinity will show up on the customer's screen. Their details will also be available along with their reviews and profiles so that the user can check each one should he wish to.
  • The user will now submit his request. All the dry cleaners displayed on the screen will get this request on their phones. Once they see the details on their phone, the one that accepts it first will get the job. Once the job is accepted, the user will receive a notification confirming the same. The dry cleaning service provider will make his way to the customer's address for the laundry pickup.
  • He will complete the dry cleaning and deliver it to the customer. As soon as the job is completed and has been safely delivered, the dry cleaning service provider will mark the job as "COMPLETED" on his app. The dry cleaning charges will automatically be deducted from the customer's registered payment card. The customer, as well as the service provider, will receive a copy of the invoice. For every successful dry cleaning job booked and delivered through the app, the owner of the Uber for dry cleaning will get a commission.
  • There is a rating and review facility for both the clients and the service provider should they wish to make use of this facility.

Make Your Financial Future Secure By Investing In An On Demand Dry Cleaning App

No one likes doing the laundry, washing, ironing, and taking and picking the laundry to and from the dry cleaners. Yet these are chores that need to be done. Invest in the dry cleaning app and create that perfectly seamless link between clients and dry cleaners, giving an efficient dry cleaning service to all your clients, a service that is so smart that everyone will be using it.

There is a great demand for this sort of services and what's more, you stand to make a healthy fortune too, from the commission that is generated from every successful dry cleaning job booked through your app.

We thrive on the success of our clients and therefore put in all our hard work to ensure that you get nothing but the best from us. Our elite team of engineers and analysts will provide you with a solution that is sure to make your business boom incredibly!

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The Perfect And Most Lucrative Dry Cleaning Package - A Website That Is Easy To Use, A Smart Dry Cleaning Service Provider Panel And The Efficient Client Panel - All Working Together To Deliver Dry Cleaning Services The Smart Way

Our dry cleaning app has been designed with a list of present services. Since it may not be what you have in mind, you can always discuss your ideas and business vision with us and we will make sure that you get the app exactly to your requirements and specifications, such that it gives you maximum returns.

Just initiate contact with and make that investment and you will have your own brand new on demand dry cleaning business set up and launched in just 48 hours - take that first step to make that million dollar dream come true!

The Uber for Dry Cleaning is a solution that will assure you to help your dry cleaners earn a good income while helping you earn hefty commissions right from Day 1! This solution will also assure that your users receive quick services at the comfort of their houses whenever they need it. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from our different price packages, the one that matches your needs and see yourself becoming a revenue-bearing tree in the shortest amount of time.

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