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Your Financial Insecurities And Securing Them

Locksmith apps - The one stop solution for any security and locking problems - be it commercial, residential or automobiles.

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The Perfect Script

To ensure that you are successful and start making money right from the first day, our app is built on a perfect script. We offer you a holistic solution. We emphasise on creating a solution so fine that your enitre business can run on it seamlessly.

Our efforts are pointed to the direction of your complete independece. So, why should you just get the application? Yoou deserve more, and that's exactly what we are offering you.

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On Demand lock-smiths

Secure Your Finances Whilst Securing Everyone's Valuables With The On Demand Locksmith App

  • A locking and unlocking emergency can happen at any time, anywhere - it may be at your home, office or even your car. How many times have you forgotten to take your keys out of the ignition and locked your car? The wonders of auto locking technology mean you do not need your key to lock your car. It is instances like this when your Uber for locksmiths comes as a saviour to such drivers. It is not only drivers who will benefit from this app - everyone will. There is always a requirement to unlock doors, safes and repair jammed locks.
  • Whoever requires a locksmith for their locking and unlocking problems will have to download the locksmith application before they can request the services of a locksmith. Once the application has been downloaded, the user will have to register on the app. Registration is done entering personal details like name, contact email and phone number as well as details of the payment card that will be used for payment purposes.
  • Whenever the user requires the services of a locksmith, he can request one by logging on to the app. Once he logs in, he will be able to select the service type e.g. vehicle, residential, commercial etc. Once he has selected the service, he will then be taken to the next screen where he will specify the service that he needs i.e. key cutting service, safe unlocking, new lock fitting etc. So if a user requires a key to be made for his home, then he will select "residential" in the first category and "key cutting" on the subsequent screen. The rates for the service will also be displayed on the app.
  • On Demand Locksmith App
  • When all the information has been input, all the available locksmiths in the local vicinity will be displayed on the app screen. Each locksmith will have their profiles, credentials and reviews displayed too so that the user can check each one out before requesting the services of the locksmith.
  • After checking out the details of the available locksmiths, the user will put in a job request along with details of when he wants their services, now or at a later time and date. The job is automatically directed to the nearest available locksmith who has a 30 second time limit to accept or decline the job. The user will also choose his method of payment, whether he will be paying by cash, card or wallet.
  • In the event the locksmith does not accept the job, it will automatically be forwarded to the next nearest available locksmith.
  • Once the locksmith accepts the job, he will be able to chat with the user. When he starts the journey to go to the user's premises, the locksmith will indicate the same on the app. The user will be able to track the locksmith as he makes his way to do the job.
  • Once the job has been completed, the locksmith will indicate this on the app by clicking on "COMPLETED". The payment summary will then be displayed on the user's screen. In the event the user has opted to pay by a card, the payment will automatically be deducted from his card.
  • Both the user and the locksmith can now rate and review each other, should they wish to. An invoice will also be generated, a copy of which will go to the user and the other will go to the locksmith. As the owner of the app, you will benefit by getting a percentage commission for every job that is booked and delivered through the app. Get into the secure business of collecting commissions from locksmithing jobs.

Unlocking Doors, Safes Whilst Opening A Lucrative Financial Return For You

Locksmiths are required daily to sort out all sorts of locking and unlocking issues - misplaced or lost keys, cars locked, locks jammed etc. The frustration of not getting a locksmith when one is required is intense. That is where your app comes as a blessing to those who are in dire need of a locksmith. Provide a locksmith on demand by investing in the locksmith app.

With a small investment and a few customizations, you are ready to start this business in just two days.

This is an untapped industry with a very huge potential for success.

If you will to get your hands on all the money that this uber business model can get you, it is time to go for it! Try our solution now and see for yourself!

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4 Steps to Your Product
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Core Features
Credit Card or Cash Payment Features multicurrency and multilanguage
Promo code and referrel features
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Web Panel's Included
The Complete On Demand Locksmith Package - Aan Effiecint Locksmith Website, A Smart Locksmith Panel, And The Efficient Client Panel - The Perfect Package - Unlocking Your Finances And Securing Them

Out locksmith app has been designed with just the basic features. Should you have a different idea and vision for your business, do talk to us and we will design the app exactly as per your requirements. We will ensure that you get maximum returns from your app.

A necessity that one may require anytime, a locksmith is indeed a person who is there is sort out all the locking and unlocking emergencies. Invest in the on demand locksmith app and give your customers a locksmith on demand at all times.

Invest in the on demand locksmith app and secure your financial future today.


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