Uber for Home Painting App

Introduce an easy way for people to color their lives while you earn money!

A robust and streamlined app to help your customers connect with the right home painters for their specific requirements is here. Each time you make a happy match, you earn a bright commission on it too!

House Painting On Demand app
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On Demand House Painting App Script

A shade for every pocket

  • This is an app that has been devised to support your customers in finding the right person who they can trust with their home painting. Each wall in your customer’s home is important for them and with your app; they will now be able to find the right resources to color their dreams into reality.
  • But this is not just a fantasy. It is a business and we are prepared to help you make the big bucks with this app right here! We offer you not just a single mobile application but an entire system that helps you run your business smoothly and effectively.
  • When you purchase this app from us, we bring to you the following all bundled up:
  • How does this colorful app work?
  • This is a very easy to use app packed with some of the most advanced features to ensure that it is a seamless experience for both the User as well as the Service Provider and helps you earn money on it too parallely.
  • The User as well as the Home painter has to download the apps on their handsets and register into it. The process of registration involves creating a profile with details such as Name, Phone Number, Email ID, etc. into the app.
  • Once the registration is done, the User can start hiring and the service provider can start accepting jobs.
  • When the User is looking for a Home Painting Professional, they can log into the app and mention the exact nature of the service that they are looking for. When they do, they will be shown a list of all the service providers in and around their area who are offering said services.
  • The User can see this either in the form of a list or on a map with a thumbnail at the location of each of these service providers. On clicking their name, the user will get to see more details such as their price, the rating others have given him or her and reviews that their previous customers have shared.
  • Based on this, the User can select their service provider and the app will automatically send a request to these people. When they do, the Service provider’s app will notify them of the same.
  • The service provider will get all the details of the job, including the requirements, address etc. right on the app. Based on this information; the service provider can accept or reject the job. In case the job request is rejected, the app User is informed of the same so that they can send out a request to someone else.
  • When the home painter accepts the job, the user is notified of that as well. The User then gets all the details of the Home Painter as well as the tracking location facility right from the app. The User can now see where the professional is and how much will they take to arrive to their destination.
  • Once the home painter arrives, he marks on the app as “Task Started” and when completes, he updates the app my marking “Task Completed”. The moment this is done, the app generates an electronic invoice and a copy of it is sent to both the User as well as the service provider.
  • After this, both parties can give each other a rating (star) and also write a review about each other. This helps future clients (and service providers) to know what to expect from them.

Holistic App for best business practices

We pride ourselves for having some of the best engineers in the market to have built this app based system. Special efforts and considerations have been made in this app to ensure that it doesn’t affect your core business at all.

The app is streamlined and easy to use because of all the robust features that have been included in it. The app is an all inclusive answer for your business. We know we have worked hard in order to bring this solution to you and therefore gladly offer a 1 year bug support for the app as well.

We have built it in a way to ensure that it can work well anywhere in the world. We add your choice of language and currency into the application to make sure that no matter where you launch it, it is an absolute joy to work with.

Uber for House Paintings On Demand House Painting iPhone App
4 Steps To Your Product
  • Download Our CubeHouse Painting Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
Core Feature of cubeHouse Painting
Multicurrrency/Multilanguage Feature cash or pay by cash
Real Time Tracking Feature

Web Panel's Included

House Painting web Panel's

Make it your Own: This is the chance!

Since this app is designed to serve anyone in the whole world, it is generic in make. However, we understand that each place has its own unique requirements and we are happy to help you! We are nothing if not helpful and accommodating to our clients.

This is why we urge you to take our FREE demo for as long as you like and get an idea of exactly how the app works. We are sure you will love it! But in case there are some changes and modifications that you feel are more appropriate for your business; feel free to discuss them with us.

Our competent team of engineers will put their heads in it to analyze the feasibility of these changes and present you with a solution that is most appropriate and supportive of your business. We bank our growth in your success. Rest assured, we will do everything to ensure that you succeed and our app plays a big role in your definitive success in this industry.

Amazed to get the solution that will help your house painters to earn a good income while providing smooth painting services to your users and assisting you in earning huge and hefty commissions along the way? Then, get ready to get amazed with our Uber for House Painting that will help you do this in an easy yet smooth manner. With some unique features, the solution promises to help you earn huge profits right from Day 1!

So, don’t wait any longer and be a titan in the race and choose from our different price packages, the one that suits your requirement and see yourself building a hugely profitable business in the shortest span of time.

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