Uber For Medical Transport

Let your bank accounts grow healthy while offering best in class Ambulance services to your customers.

Emergency on Demand Ambulance services is all set to be your next big move in the health industry. Make technology everyone's savior by investing in this unique on demand ambulance applciation. Invest just once and reap the benefits forever!

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Unique and Effective

This app is the unique solution everyone has been looking for. With your Uber for Medical Transport, you can help your customers get immediate on demand medical assistance. This app is a 100% responsive and is made such that it can be used optimally across all platforms such as Android and iPhone.

This app is to ensure that anyone in need will be able to access medical assistance whenever they want to. We have been developing apps since the last 10 years and have used our entire expertise in ensuring that the solution that we offer to you is of the best quality.

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uber for medical transportation

Profitable medical transport for quick, easy earnings!

  • The Uber Medical Transportation Clone, the Uber for Ambulance App is here to rescue your patients from the woe of not finding an ambulance when they or their close ones need medical treatment the most!
  • See how this magnanimous app works and have a look at how it would help you in earning a great amount of profit along the way!
  • The User will need to download the app from their Play Store or App Store and log in to it or register into the app through their social media accounts or by creating a new login ID. They can use Twitter, Google+, Facebook or email ID. In case they are creating a new log in, they will have to put in their details such as name, address, phone number, email address etc.
  • The User will have the option of making payments through Cash, Card or in app Wallet. To facilitate the card payments, the User will have to put in the details of the Credit card of their choice right in the beginning. Payment will only be deducted once the services are rendered completely and not before that.
  • After the initial process of registration and log in, the User will now be able to book an ambulance at any time. The User will simply log in to the app and then mention the pickup point or the point where the accident has occurred. Then the User will have to mention which hospital, Nursing home or medical centre the ambulance will be required to drop the patient at.
  • The Ambulance reaches the location and then marks in the app as "ARRIVED" and once they have picked up the patient and begun the ride the app is marked as "STARTED". Once the patient reaches the desired destination (hospital or nursing home) the Driver of the Mobile Medical Care Unit marks the app as "REACHED".
  • On reaching, the payment is automatically deducted from the pre selected credit card of the User. The User can also pay through their in app Wallet or in Cash.
  • The User can Rate the Driver of the On Demand Ambulance, as can the driver based on their experience.

A benevolent business to help while making money

Emergency medical assistance can be needed by anyone in this world. By providing such help, you will not only be assisting people with their medical needs, but will also enable you to make a lot of money. This app will be a harbinger of good fortune for you and on demand instant medical attention for your customers.

An app for medical transportation with so many features has never been seen in the market before. We are not only offering you a new business opportunity, but one that can help you take the lead in your industry. Explore and uncover the potential of the medical transportation and get set to launch your business from the get go.

Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of this business, this app has been designed by our experts to ensure that it is absolutely easy for anyone in need to quickly book an ambulance without having to worry about any issues. This app is your biggest step to success, so take it now!

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Unique Features of the Uber for Medical Transportation App
  • Real-Time Tracking Real-Time Tracking

    With this feature, the patient can track the exact location of the ambulance.

  • Choose Ambulance Choose Ambulance

    With this feature, the patient can choose the ambulance that suits their requirement.

  • Saved Address Saved Address

    With this feature, the patient need not manually type their address. As soon as they register once, they will have the address saved thus saving their precious time.

  • Booking History Booking History

    With this feature, the user can go through the history of all the bookings made by them.

  • VOIP based Call over the Internet VOIP based Call over the Internet

    With this feature the user can remain connected with the ambulance via internet calls.

  • In-App Chat In-App Chat

    With this feature, the user can remain connected with the ambulance through the in-app chat feature.

Unlimited features for FREE

We believe in empowering our clients to make a successful business for them. This is not just an app. It is the foundation for your business. With the help of our package, you will be able to set up and establish your own business without the need of any external support.

We furnish you with an app for the User, an app like uber for the On demand Ambulance driver, a Web Panel for the admin from where the entire app can be managed and a Website representing your application on the World Wide Web.

With this application, you have a complete solution to run your business. Every app is streamlined and designed to ensure that its respective user finds it easy to use and can operate it efficiently. We know all that there is to know about apps. This is why we ensure that the app is loaded with all the features necessary. However in case you feel that there is something additional required in the app, we would be happy to incorporate it for you.

It's Time. Act NOW! Call us NOW to get a quote absolutely FREE!

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Choose As Per Your Budget

Integrated with the latest technology stacks, the Uber for Medical Transportation is sure to help you provide quick medical transportation services to your users and help them remain fit at all times and assist you at the same time to make huge profits right from Day 1! We have.

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Click now You can choose from our different packages available and see yourself making huge profits and providing the best health services to your users.

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